It’s back – buy Avios for 1p via a French deals website

I have covered a few of the Iberia / Groupon ‘buy Avios’ deals recently – the current one is here.

The French equivalent of this deal has now returned for the third time.  The big difference between this deal and the Groupon / Iberia one is that the French one is very efficient, administratively.  Some people who tried to buy via the Groupon / Iberia deal found out the hard way that having two companies with shambolic IT systems work together is not a recipe for happiness.

You can find full details of the French offer here on the vente-privee website.


The first thing to note is that the deal is only on the French site, and the French site only operates in French.  You will therefore need to rely on Google Translate if you use Chrome, or something similar if you don’t.

You will also need to give a false five digit French postcode when you register as UK postcodes are not accepted.  It doesn’t ask for your address, only your postcode.

Here is the pricing:

2,000 Avios for €21 (0.93p)
8,000 Avios for €99 (1.10p)
20,000 Avios for €229 (1.01p)
35,000 Avios for €399 (1.01p)

The pricing is the same as it was previously although the weakening of the € means it is a little cheaper in Sterling terms.   Don’t forget to add on 3% to the £ price if you don’t have a 0% FX fees credit or debit card.  There are fewer options this time as the options to buy 4,000 or 12,000 Avios have gone.

What makes this deal easier to administer than the Groupon one is that Avios is providing the back-end redemption.

Once you are emailed your voucher by vente-privee, you go to this page of the Avios website (which is in English) and input your code number.

You will see that the Avios can be dropped into either a BA, Iberia, or AerClub account, although as you can move them around via ‘Combine My Avios’ it doesn’t make much difference.

You can buy up to 100,000 points.  The maximum you can buy of any particular quantity is 3, so you’d logically start with 3 x 2,000, before juggling the other pricier options to get to your target.

In reality you can almost certainly buy more than 100,000.  Even if the redemption website kept track, which I doubt it would, you could send 100,000 to an Iberia account, 100,000 to a BA account etc.

Is this worth it?

I won’t be buying via vente-privee at this price.  0.75p tends to be my ceiling price, as I’ve said before.  Over the last four years I’ve averaged 1.2p per Avios point redeemed so I’m not willing to pay 1.0p to buy them given that I wouldn’t be spending them for a couple of years.

That said, you may well get a higher value from your redemptions than I do.  You may also just be looking for a way of topping up your account quickly.  If you are, this may be a good way of doing it.  It is a decent price given that you don’t have to go to much effort to earn the points.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. the real harry1 says:

    EUR10 discount for new customers makes it a bit cheaper (discount is found in MON COMPTE – MES BONS D’ACHAT, you must apply it to your purchase)

    Indeed, about 0.7p for small amounts

  2. Genghis says:

    What’s the difference between “Personally, I would be targetting somewhere closer to 0.66p before I would be a speculative buyer” ( and “0.75p tends to be my floor price”?

    • General Mahem says:

      Sounds pretty straightforward to me. If I have got this right Rob is saying

      He has a lot of avios points so any he buys are unlikey to be used for a couple of years.

      But he may be tempted at 0.66p (speculative price)

      He would not pay more that 0.75p (floor price)

      So i cannot see any inconsistency here.

      • Genghis says:

        If you had lots of avios, as Rob does, all avios purchases would be “speculative” as you would not use the avios directly for a specific redemption. Therefore a speculative buyer price and a ceiling price would be the same, no?

    • Maybe/probably meant ceiling price?

    • Lady London says:


      • 0.09p 🙂

        I generally use 0.75p as my ceiling / floor price (delete as applicable) but it is the sentiment rather than the actual number which is important.

        • You can have mine for that!

        • LOL @Sold! There is a lot of avios poker, smoke and mirrors around 🙂 Who are the players, who is too tight to play, and who has the best poker-face?

      • the real harry1 says:

        I presume Lady London managed to get some for 0.9p

        Not as good as the 0.8p method posted recently when you get a RFS economy redemption etc – but fair dinkum

  3. The 2000 Avios option is now sold out.
    Have just bought 8000 for 89 Euros using the 10 Euro welcome voucher. Pretty good deal considering 7750 Avios is a Club Europe o/w between for example Nice and London which would cost about twice as much to buy as a cash ticket.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      True, but Easyjet take me both ways for about €90.

      • 90euro return with easy jet maybe. Try walking up to the counter with Max Club baggage allowance and then do the maths.

    • Don’t forget the “taxes & charges” that you need to pay to redeem. I know they are capped for short haul but should still be considered in working out how much you would be saving overall.

      • Notional o/w NCE-LHR in Club is about 230 euros for random spring departures at the moment. With Avios it is 30 euros in fees plus 7750 points. Therefore I value the 7750 Avios at about 200 Euros. I buy them at 89. This is a win in my book. Easyjet does not enter into my consideration as I would never use them.

        • Genghis says:

          The use of avios might make sense in such a situation.

          But paying such prices to buy the avios might not (depending on how many you have and how savvy you are at picking up very cheap avios).

        • With this kind of logic, BA should raise the price of NCE flights to €500, then you would value your 7750 avios at €470…

    • Sachin Punn says:

      Can some direct me how they have purchased on this website as I have registered but doesn’t seem to direct anything towards purchasing Avios points?

      • Deal is now over, it seems, and they simply removed the page rather than leave a note to that effect.

  4. Concerto says:

    You need to move quick with these things. I just can’t get my head around the fact that so many people want to pay money to buy Avios these days. I mean, have you seen what the taxes and surcharges are on award tickets?

    • Concerto, it is often cheaper to buy avios and pay the taxes and surcharges than traditional tickets on peak routes/dates.

    • Concerto – RFS can be decent value + many folks find use for Avios on other airlines with much lower surcharges, eg Aer Lingus/Qantas

  5. I use my Avios for hotels now.

    • which hotels? iberostar?

      • On the Avios website (and BAEC) you can use Avios to book hotels paying with Avios with or without flights. The rate is about 0.5p per Avios last time I looked.

  6. Clearly a storm is a coming in 2018… an Avios devaluation storm!!! Probably at the same time as the next BOB menu is revised… 1,000 Avios for a Kit-Kat anyone? you mean the 1,000 Avios I bought from a French website for £10?

    • Genghis says:

      I think this could make an interesting thought leadership piece from Rob.
      More avios in the avios economy increases demand (more people have the currency to spend and want to use it).
      If the supply remains constant, something has to give. What do avios do to relieve the ‘economy’? Would they contact revenue management at BA and ask them to open up more seats?

      • Avios tells me that they have little influence over BA RevMan – they are genuinely run separately.

      • The Economist did an article on how airmiles are like over-run money printing presses a few years ago.

  7. Richard says:

    >>the French site only operates in French. You will therefore need to rely on Google Translate if you use Chrome, or something similar if you don’t.

    There is actually another alternative: knowing french. Some people do understand more than one language .. even in the UK some people know more than just English.
    Also it’s not that hard to guess other languages which are using the same alphabet. If the page was in chinese, japanese or arabic then it would be much harder.

    • Genghis says:

      True – I think my Japanese is still better than my French though

    • When spending money, better safe than sorry I find …..

    • Someone made the same point last time!

      And, erm, some of us do speak/read Chinese and Japanese (and there must be some HFPers who know Arabic).

  8. When choosing the available options left (ie 2,000 is sold out) you get the following error:

    ‘Une erreur est survenue, veuillez reessayer plus tard’

    In other words: an error occurred please try again later

    Anyone else has this problem?

    Also how do you apply the €10 coupon?

  9. Mud Island Mlungu says:

    How long does it take for the email confirmation to come through?

  10. I’ve received the confirmation ‘votre commande’ with an Avios no but when I go to the uk site it asks for a ‘unique code’. When I input the ‘votre commande’ avios no it won’t accept it. Anyone else had this problem?

  11. How are people adding a billing address for your Credit Card. Does not appear to accept uk post code.

    • CayoCoco says:

      I used only the numbers from my postcode followed by zeroes up to 5 digits. It pulled up an actual French town so now I live in Perigueux