Now Iberia launches ‘triple Avios with Hilton’ – a better deal than BA

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The main Hilton Honors promotion this Autumn, ‘Double Points’ (click here to register), offers you double Hilton Honors points on every stay you make before 31st December.

I wrote about ‘Double Points’ in detail here.

To give credit to Hilton, it is very straightforward.  All hotels are taking part and there is no minimum stay requirement.

Last week I wrote about a new British Airways Executive Club and Hilton Honors mileage deal for the Autumn which works on top of this.

The BA / Hilton promotion details can be found here.  You will receive triple Avios (3 per $1) on every stay until the 30th January 2018.

Iberia Plus has now launched its own ‘triple Avios’ promotion – click here for details.  And, because of the bizarre way Hilton works with BA and Iberia, it is 50% more generous.


A bit of background

For historical reasons, stretching back to before Avios points were introduced, Hilton Honors has different earnings rates for British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus.

When you stay at a Hilton Family property, you have two options.  You can take either ‘points and miles’ (10 Hilton Honors points per $1 plus some airline miles) or ‘points and points’ (10 Hilton Honors points plus an additional 5 Hilton Honors points per $1).

The rates for receiving airline miles under the ‘points and miles’ option can be found here.

If you click on European airline partners, you will see the following rates:

British Airways Executive Club – 1 Avios per $1

Iberia Plus – 15 Avios per $10

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that – if there are no specific BA or Iberia promos running – you should be crediting your Avios points from Hilton stays to Iberia Plus and then moving them across to British Airways Executive Club via ‘Combine My Avios’.  You will be earning 50% more Avios!

Earn triple Avios with Iberia Plus

Via this link (click) you can register to earn triple Avios in Iberia Plus on all stays until 31st January.

As long as you are also already registered for ‘double points’ (click here to do that) then your stays will earn, as long as you select ‘points and miles’:

20 Hilton Honors base points per $1 spent (due to ‘double points) and

45 Iberia Plus Avios per $10 spent (due to ‘Iberia triple Avios’)

Under the alternative British Airways Avios offer, you would receive 3 BA Avios per $1 spent.  The Iberia deal is 50% more generous.

Beware, however, the main snag with Hilton and Iberia

There is a catch in the Iberia Plus earning rates.

You are capped at earning 1,000 Avios points per stay if you take Iberia miles.  The British Airways cap is 10,000 Avios.

You won’t find this cap mentioned on the airline partners page I linked above. 

You won’t find this cap mentioned on the Hilton page at 

However, tucked away in the terms and conditions of the Hilton Honors programme is this paragraph:

Members may only accrue up to 10,000 airline miles per stay (or the equivalent currency of the airline Marketing Partner), except with respect to Home2 Suites by Hilton® and Tru by Hilton™ which limits accrual to 100 airlines miles per stay (or the equivalent currency of the airline Marketing Partner) and except with respect to the following airline carriers: Aeromexico – up to 20,000 Premier Points; AIR MILES Canada – up to 1,000 reward miles; El Al Israel Airlines – up to 250 airline Points; Iberia – up to 1,000 airline Points; LAN – up to 20,000 kilometers; Virgin Atlantic Airways – up to 20,000 miles; and Air New Zealand- up to 30,000 Airpoints dollars.

It isn’t clear if the 1,000 Avios cap applies to just your base points, or to your base points AND your bonus points.

If it is the latter, then you will hit the cap with a stay of just (1,000 / 4.5 per $1) $222 excluding taxes, which is £168.

If Hilton does not include the bonus in the 1,000 Avios cap with Iberia, you are OK to spend up to $666 per stay.

Just to be safe, I would only credit stays of under £168 excluding taxes (so, in the UK, £200 including VAT) to Iberia Plus.

The registration page also mentions a cap of 10,000 Avios earned under this promotion, but this is not explained anywhere!  It is another reason to only credit Iberia Plus with shorter, cheaper stays.

Remember to register for BOTH offers

Remember that you MUST register for these offers.

You can register for the new triple Avios Iberia Plus promotion here.

If you haven’t already registered for it, the registration link for the main ‘Double Points’ promotion is here.

If you have already registered for the BA offer, it isn’t a problem.  You can still register for the Iberia Plus version too, then switch your airline partner in your Hilton Honors account to Iberia Plus.

If you don’t already have an Iberia Plus account, you can quickly open one at  Once the account is 90 days old, you can use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move the Avios from the Hilton offer over to BA or

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Cool, my one nighter in a few weeks will now goto Iberia+ a/c, I guess its also a good way of keeping up activity on it too.

  2. Last week , I had issues transferring Iberia Avios to Normal Avios the Iberia web site seemed to imply you could only transfer one way , ie into Iberia – is that correct ? or is there a hidden button I did not click?

  3. I am at Hilton now. Spent €624 and set to Iberia as I thought I will earn more. Is it too late to change? Looks like this will only give me 1000 avios.
    Check out is 27/10.

    • Suggest you speak with reception, should still stand a chance changing earning prefs before checkout.

      • Sididdly says:

        I changed my earning preference to BA Executive club last week mid-stay. I went to hotel reception and got them to change on their system. All posted correctly on double points and treble BA Miles.

        • Yep key bit was speaking to reception. Changing partner on website does nothing for existing stays, although can change earning preferences (p+p vs p+m) up until 23:59 MST on day of checkout.

    • David S says:

      Hi Boi
      I had a similar issue last July but apparently what setting you had on your account at the time of booking is what you will get. So lost about 1500 Avios but both the front desk and customer service would not budge.

      • Definitely able to be changed by front desk during stay but not all know how to do it. I’ve had success post stay in sorting things via combination of contacting hotel and Diamond Desk, but was quite a hassle.

  4. Via this link (click) you can register to earn triple Avios in Iberia Plus on all stays until 31st January.

    This link goes to the BA offer, not IB.

    • +1 and The link under “You can register for the new triple Avios Iberia Plus promotion here.” in the last section also goes to the BAEC version of the offer instead (but “Iberia Plus has now launched its own ‘triple Avios’ promotion – click here for details” earlier on works ok).

  5. Sorry to be pendantic

    surely you can still go up to $333 net on the iberia credit and it will still cap put at 1000 Avios

    $330 net credited to BAEC only gets you 990 avios

    • That is true. My long old article on this did explain it in this way but I thought it would make this one too complex.

  6. What's the Point says:

    I keep trying to switch back my earning choice to BA Avios but the Hilton site site keeps coming up with this error message – even though its saved in my profile and has worked plenty of times of before in similar promotions:

    The member number entered is invalid for the selected partner

    • Michele says:

      If you contact Honors on the instant messaging they should sort it out. I had the same problem with my BA one a while ago.

  7. I have a stay coming up with multiple consecutive stays (2 nights each) one after another after another. The hotel has agreed I dont need to “check out” after each 2 nights, can stay in the same room, and settle the bill at the end. Any ideas if the points will collect under this promotion as each individual 2 night stay or as one long stay?

    • Lady London says:

      one long stay.
      All the hotel programs now seem to have terms making any consecutive nights part of the one stay regardless of whether you check out or not.

      You might find it more beneficial to do each alternate 2-night stay in a different hotel. Or even each night swapping between hotels. You can decide based on whether the reward you want is given according to nights, or according to stays. If you care about points, that is. If you don’t then go for the comfort option as you have now.

      The only other way I can think of to get the points for each stay having it continuous as you have now, is to have your wife book each alternate stay in her name even if you both continue to stay in the same room across all of the stays.

  8. I can confirm that, although the rules say new bookings from 15th October to 30th January and stays between 15th October and 30th January, it does seem to work for existing bookings. A booking I made in August for a stay at the end of October has generated the triple Avios. I earned a total of 1,299 Avios and feared they wouldn’t post. But they have posted as 433 base + 866 bonus Avios.

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