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Save 20% when you redeem your Avios for wine

Links on Head for Points may pay us an affiliate commission. A list of partners is here. has a range of wine, beer, champagne and spirits redemptions available, if you have more Avios than you can realistically use for flights.

At the high end, you can redeem 48,500 Avios for six bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne.   If you are really pushing the boat out, 27,500 Avios will get you a bottle of Krug whilst 21,500 Avios will get you a bottle of Dom Perignon.

That said, I thought a more interesting one was spending 23,000 Avios for a pack of three different NV champagnes – Bollinger, Veuve Clicquot and Laurent Perrier.

Whilst prices for these brands move around a lot, you seem to be getting around 0.55p per Avios.

This isn’t great.  I would want to be getting double that for a flight redemption if possible.

However, at the moment, there is a special offer.

Via this page, is offering a 20% discount on various wine packages.  Here is what you can get:

12 mixed bottles of rose – 12,500 Avios

6 mixed bottles of prosecco – 9,000 Avios

12 mixed bottles of prosecco – 19,000 Avios (not a typo)

6 mixed bottles of merlot – 8,500 Avios

12 ‘elite’ New Zealand sauvignon blancs – 15,500 Avios

12 mixed bottles of shiraz – 14,000 Avios

12 mixed ‘mature reds of Spain’ – 14,000 Avios

6 mixed ‘deluxe’ whites and reds – 8,000 Avios

12 mixed ‘deluxe’ whites and red – 14,000 Avios

6 mixed bottles of malbec – 10,000 Avios

All orders are fulfilled by Laithwaites.  Prices include delivery.

Even with a 20% discount on the usual number of Avios required, this is not going to be a great value redemption.  However, if you have an Avios account – perhaps with a family member – with a small balance then this is a decent way of using it up.

The 20% discount applies to orders placed by 9th November.   The page to order is here.

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Comments (8)

  • Genghis says:

    I thought the way to use up family members’ avios is to add them to your HHA and then when you go to make a redemption, move your avios to leaving the exact number of points needed in the HHA?

    • Rob says:

      Also works! Bit of a faff for your average person though.

      • Worzel says:

        “Average” person Rob! Are you attempting to extend your readership? 🙂 .

      • TripRep says:

        G +1, done this a few times.

        Rob, sure you really know the average person ignores websites like this, they can’t be bothered with any faff to hack value from their travel other than booking in a travel agents sale in January.for their European summer package hols.

      • Genghis says:

        Given the price of these wines in avios and the fact that many people seem to go to great lengths to add the 500 avios offer or whatever to their Amex accounts, I don’t think it’s a great hardship.

    • Gavin says:

      Useful tip Genghis, thanks!

      • Peter K says:

        Yeah. I don’t know why I never thought of it before! I’ll do that next time.

        Just enjoying Barbados at the moment. First ever time flying business long haul and it certainly beats economy!

        Thanks Rob. Before this site I thought I had a lot of Avios with 10k ha ha 😀

  • David P says:

    I think your valuation of 0.55 p per avios for the champagnes is a little optimistic. Sainsburys are currently selling 6 bottles of veuve cliquot for £144 which is probably what it’s actually worth, rather than the artificially inflated price of £40ish per bottle. That makes the avios deal 0.3 p per avios. The mixed three pack of NV champagne is probably worth around £75 giving a value of 0.33 p per avios. The Krug and Dom are a little better but still around 0.45 p per avios based on current shop prices.

    I’m sure the other wines are similarly poor value but without knowing what they are it’s really difficult to judge.