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My review of Aer Lingus Business Class from Dublin to Boston and back (it’s good!) – Part 1

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This is my review of Aer Lingus business class between Dublin and Boston, on its A330 aircraft.

It is the fourth part of my series on how you can redeem Avios on Aer Lingus for long haul flights to the US and Canada.  With far lower taxes and charges than redeeming for British Airways flights, and with a superior Business Class seat, it is something that all Head for Points readers should be considering if heading to North America.

The first three parts of the series are here and here and here.  As a reminder, Aer Lingus gave us our flight for nothing but Head for Points paid for all of its other expenses except for my hotel in Boston, which was donated by Hilton.

The previous parts of the story had taken me from the Aer Lingus Heathrow lounge, my connecting flight to Dublin, US customs and immigration clearance and the preclearance lounge at Dublin Airport.

The flights

Aer Lingus operates an Airbus 330-200 with two cabins on the majority of their US flights from Dublin.

There are 23 Business Class seats and as you can see on the Seat Guru image below you need to do your homework before choosing your seat as there are a lot of different options.

Aer Lingus Business to Boston

All the A seats are window seats with no seat neighbour – two rows have the seat directly next to the window, the other three rows have the seat directly next to the aisle.

The D and G centre seats are pairs, both with aisle access. K seats are window seats and three of the K seats have a H seat with aisle access next to them.

If you travel alone any of the A seats is good.  On the other side of the plane, 3K and 5K are even more attractive due to tables to the left as well as the right – they are called ‘throne seats’ by some people – which makes them the seats with most privacy.

Couples should book D + G seats or 2 H + K, 4 H + K or 6 H + K.

That said, I found that – with no Aer Lingus status – not all seats were available for selection after booking.

On my way out I was only able to choose between two centre D and G seats as well as 6K. However, at the gate I was given a new boarding pass for 5A.

On my way out I chose 6K as nothing else was available online.  Once I boarded the plane a flight attendant asked me if I would mind sitting in 4A – not at all!

Due to a change of seats on the return I was able to snap pictures of three different options across both legs of the trip.

Comparing the seats

Below is the 5A seat from my outbound flight. I liked the amount of storage including a small cupboard next to the seat and space for magazines further down the console.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

This is a picture of 6H and K. Whoever sits on K will have to climb over the passenger in H when going to the bathroom. These two seats also looked like they had less storage than the single seats.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

This is seat 5K – one of the throne seats and according to Seat Guru the best seat on the plane. 5K has a lot of storage and two fairly large tables to either side.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

This was my final seat on the inbound flight, 4A. It wasn’t much different to 5A, however it did have the table to the left which I preferred as you’re (or I was) less likely to knock drinks over.

Aer Lingus Business to Boston

The on board entertainment was good with a range of movies and TV shows ranging from classics to new releases. The screen itself, however, was a slight disappointment. It was fully integrated in the back of the seat in front of you and not adjustable.  This in itself wouldn’t have been a problem but the screen had a rather small viewing angle which made it impossible to watch anything when leaning too far back.

On the bright side, the headphones were comfortable and had a good sound.  They were stored underneath the screen in a pocket which I used to store my phone during the flight.

In addition to the IFE Aer Lingus offers wifi on its transatlantic flights. Business Class passengers get access for free which is very unusual – most airlines like to charge, even in First Class.  Shortly after take off the flight attendants handed out cards with unique passwords to use 400MB of on board wi-fi.

I was quite impressed with the quality – I was able to upload images to Instagram and make video calls on Facebook Messenger.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

As you can see in the picture below legroom was fine and there was further storage space in the form of a basket.

That said, as I mentioned above storage at my 5A seat on my inbound flight was even better.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

The panel to operate the seat had the usual buttons to change the seat from upright to relaxed and fully flat as well as a massage button (!) which was an interesting extra.

The seats in Business (according to Seat Guru, I didn’t bring a measuring tape) had a 58′ pitch and 21′ width. Coming home overnight it was comfortable and easy to change from upright to fully flat. The seat was comfortable and the duvet not too thick or too thin, although these are obviously personal preferences.

A mattress topper would have been great, but these are still fairly rare in business class – BA is hoping to roll out one in Club World by May.  I managed to sleep well for a couple of hours, which on such a short flight (just under 3000 miles) is the best I was expecting.

Next to the panel was the socket, a USB charging port and the headphone jack.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

At the front was one toilet.  Handwash and moisturizer were the only toiletries to be found.

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

The wash bag had socks, a sleeping mask, earplugs, a toothbrush with toothpaste as well as hand cream, a lip balm and mouthwash by Voya inside. I had never heard of this brand before, but I liked that the mouthwash wasn’t too strong and the hand cream was good. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the lip balm as it was a liquid balm in a tube and due to the cabin pressure everything came out at once after I took the lid off …..

Aer Lingus business class review A330 Dublin to Boston

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My review of Aer Lingus Business Class from Dublin to Boston and back - Part 2

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  1. Lewis Watson says:

    Bit off topic. Has BA changed its rules for seat selection. I was able to book exit seats without paying extra. It’s also possible it’s a Gatwick thing I usually use Heathrow. Or a BA holiday thing this is first time I booked through them.

    • the real harry1 says:

      have you got status? what (exactly) class of fare were you flying on? & to where?

      • Lewis Watson says:

        Silver flying to marrakesh in economy non flexible don’t have fare code to hand

        • Prins Polo says:

          Silver has always been entitled to free seat selection since time of booking. There used to be a glitch in the website so sometime you had to call though.

    • If you have status (even bronze 7 days out) you can pick any seat other than long haul exit rows and row 1 i believe.

      • Lewis Watson says:

        That’s what I thought but let me pick exit row for free 3 weeks out. Before always wanted money let pick anything apart from exit rows.

        • Lewis Watson says:

          Phrased that wrong wanted money for an exit row free for anything else

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Marrakech is a European flight and as far as I know exit seat has always been free in ET

        • Lewis Watson says:

          Marrakesh is in Morocco isn’t it? Or have I screwed up and booked the wrong thing?

  2. Great review so far Anika but for some reason I’m unable to view your 2nd part of the review?! Server issues???

  3. Unless I’m going mad/blind, there’s nothing in these two reviews about the bed.
    Wide enough?
    Process for making it?
    Foot coffin?
    Did you sleep well?

    That’s what I really want to know.

    • I imagine it was “good”, or possibly “fine”

      • Let me tell you what happened. This was written as a review of the outbound only, so no bed. At the last minute I decided that we should do both flights together because the seating section would make no sense otherwise. However, the sleeping bits never got merged in.

        Will be fixed!

  4. I’d be annoyed if I’d paid cash for a business class seat and got lumbered with the window seat with the seat partner if it was with a stranger. Looks quite claustrophobic too.

    How wide are the seats? Seems strange that with the same plane, Iberia don’t have these extra seat pairs l

    • Agree 100%. It’s bad enough having loud mouths on the phones in the business lounge without calls during the actual flight. And I imagine a video call would be even noisier due too the fact the microphone is further from the mouth so people will be shouting even louder.

    • Agree 100%. It’s bad enough having loud mouths on the phones in the business lounge without calls during the actual flight. And I imagine a video call would be even noisier due to the fact the microphone is further from the mouth so people will be shouting even louder.

  5. “I was quite impressed with the quality – I was able to … make video calls on Facebook Messenger.”
    Oh, god. I hope they begin to offer a quiet carriage.

    • Totally agree VS although Aer Lingus’ own web site states they do not allow voice calls in the cabin. It sounds as if their IT folks have failed to block the ports that Messenger uses.

      • Well, I didn’t think that it would actually work 🙂 It was during the day flight though and everyone else had their noise cancelling headphones on so I hope it didn’t bother anyone – plus I kept the call short.

  6. Thanks, Anika. What’s the legroom like? I was caught out previously when flying Swiss. I opted for the throne seat and found the ‘foot cubby’ space dreadful – couldn’t even turn over, feet could only stay pointing up, felt a bit claustrophobic!

  7. Cabin layout and seating are not that ‘superior’ from the looks of it. I was under the impression the deal breaker in business class these days was aisle free access to all.
    I much prefer the Iberia business class to this.

  8. Despite the constant ‘better than BA’, it seems to me exactly the same, inconsistent. Good seats and bad, and what you get will determine your view.

  9. This is the only advantage the terrible screens in BA CW has over F – they can rotate on an axis so you watch lying down…

  10. using seat guru as a reliable source as seat maps ?!?!

    Making a video call – NO NO NO!

    BA does have mattress toppers on the LHR-JFK route

    • Presumably Seat Guru is the easiest way of illustrating what Anika actually witnessed when on the plane.

    • We know it has mattress toppers on LHR-JFK!

      • What a snippy reply! Not everyone knows that. Don’t assume that everyone knows things like that.

        Not sure your ‘reporter’ knows that as she doesn’t mention it only that BA ‘are hoping to roll out …’ which isn’t helpful.

        TBH this is a poorly written review and not of the usual high quality normally seen on this website.

        • The issue with it is that we decided late in the day to switch from 2 x one-way flight reviews to 1 x 2-part combined review. In retrospect I should have moved it from Monday to today so we could have looked at it again together in the office yesterday.

  11. Nathan J says:

    “Below is the 4A seat from my outbound flight” – from the config chart and your comment before that…wouldn’t the photo be 5A?

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