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British Airways launches new route to Kefalonia – Avios seats now bookable

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British Airways announced a new Summer 2018 Heathrow route to Kefalonia in Greece yesterday.  Seats are now bookable at for cash and Avios.

(EDIT: is currently showing Keflavik, Iceland when you search under ‘EFL’ for airport code! – try later on if you have issues bringing it up.)

Kefalonia is apparently home to some of Greece’s best beaches and the setting for Louis de Bernieres’ novel-turned-film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Here are the key facts:

Services will run from 15th May until 6th October

Departures will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Services will operate from Heathrow Terminal 5

It should be 80 tier points each way in Club Europe, due to the distance, but this is not confirmed

British Airways has been stepping up its Summer services for next year.  The model appears to be to run a Saturday flight (presumably dropping a rotation from a more business focused route where weekend demand is low) and a second midweek flight.  Other recent route announcements have included Figari (Corsica) and Almeria in Spain.

As usual with new routes, BA has loaded at least two Club Europe seats and four Euro Traveller seats for every Kefalonia flight.  This gives you an excellent opportunity – if you book today – to pick up peak season holiday flights at a time when other routes may have limited Avios availability remaining.

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Comments (48)

  • MD says:

    Would be useful to state the flight times as well as the days of operation.

    • A says:

      You’re welcome.

      Yes, times might be useful, but if you’re interested in the route, you could always look up the times yourself.

    • Mike says:

      Rob – thanks for alerting us to this. If i need any more information I will consult for the fine detail.

    • RTS says:

      Lol… How dare he not state flight times or provide a flight booking concierge service !!!!!! Travesty.

  • David. says:

    Flying from which cities please?

    I assume LGW.

  • James A says:

    Odd article that doesn’t mention departure airport. Sort of important fact missing no?

    • Mike says:

      It does appear to be listed under key facts “Services will operate from Heathrow Terminal 5”

      • Gill says:

        slightly OT but is there a list of destinations from LHR, LGW & LCY anywhere? Starting from MAN its only practical to do short breaks from Heathrow.

        • Rob says:

          It must exist but I am not sure where ….

        • Anna says:

          I know, it’s a real pain they cancelled the Gatwick shuttle, I had thought that by now BA would be feeling the reduction of Northerners booking to go to the Caribbean and other holiday destinations with them!

          What I do is look at my preferred destinations on the Timetables page of the BA website; all flights are listed together with their departure airports.

        • Steven Partridge says:

          Sometimes it’s easiest to just go to the Wikipedia page for the airport and scroll down to ‘Airlines and Destinations’.

        • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

          The wikipedia pages have pretty good lists.

        • pauldb says:

          Wikipedia is pretty accurate, though not the easiest presentation (Kefalonia missing for now, but up to date for Almeria and Figari).

        • Cate says:

          If you want it from the horses mouth so to speak just go to an airport’s arrivals/departures page and see what’s flying with times on the days you want to fly.

        • Mark says:

          I normally go to Interactive Network Map

          Hit destinations, type MAN, choose British Airways, untick Include connections, tick Non-Stop flights only.

          It’s a pain in the wotsits to casually find out schedule details for each of the routes but it is possible.

        • Mark says:

          Actually, probably tick “Include Connections”, I think that’s what you’re after :-).

  • Jack says:

    Sort of OT: can you only book Avios reward tix for people who appear in your household account? I Can’t book a Avios reward for my parents (HH account already has the max number of people). Thanks!

    • Kilburnflyer says:

      No, you can add them to your “Friends & Family list” instead, once you have done that it will then be possible to book them tickets using your avios

  • Michael C says:

    Very bizarrely, I’ve never been to Greece: recommendations for a 4-5 day trip in May for hubbies’ 40th? preferably with direct flights from LON? (Kef. seems to fit the bill and looks lovely, but I was wondering if there’s a “…but it’s nowhere near as nice as…”!!). Cheers!

    • Aspirational Flyer says:

      It’s stunning. It was a stop on a Med Cruise I did in September. I would happily have spent a week there. It’s often easy to ‘Island hop’ in Greece on various ferries – have you thought about a multi centre holiday?

    • Peter K says:

      I’ve never been to Kefalonia so as to make a comparison but Rhodes has everything. History, shopping, amazing beaches, a castle etc. One of the few places I’ve been back to twice!

    • pauldb says:

      Greece, especially over to Rhodes, is quite a long way for 4-5 days. You probably lose your first day travelling, whereas to Provence or Tuscany (MRS/NCE/PSA/BLQ) you’ll be there for lunch.

      • Anna says:

        Agreed, a 4+ hour flight is too long for anything less than a week IMO!

        • roberto says:

          I did three days in Costa Rica once on a BA business mistake fare. A change is as good as a rest sometimes.

        • Gavin says:

          I did several 30 hr weekends in Cyprus last year to visit Mrs Gavin when she was working there, 7am flight to LCA on Saturday morning, arrive at 2pm, quick swim in the Med and dinner in Limassol in the evening. Lazy Sunday and then back on the 7:30pm evening flight, home by midnight UK time.

      • @mkcol says:

        You’ll have hated my 2 nights in Vancouver 17 years ago (next week) for £99 return then 😉

        • Anna says:

          Just the thought of it makes me feel faint! Though if you have pressing business or personal reasons for short trips, that’s different.

        • EvilGazebo says:

          Years ago we had some expiring free tickets so went to Rio for the weekend. In Varig economy mind. Not something I would repeat in middle age……

      • Michael C says:

        All great ideas, thanks! Just did PSA/BLQ, and yes, perfect. NCE looks ideal.

        • pauldb says:

          Don’t ignore MRS – I found it a more interesting city than Nice or Cannes, and you have Aix, Avignon, Cassis and the Luberon nearby which trump most of the places further east for me.

    • Brian says:

      You have hubbies? I thought you were only allowed one in this country… 🙂

    • Tim Millea says:

      I first went to Greece in 1976 and seem to have spent half my life there, sleeping on beaches, renting rooms at £5/night from the ferry etc.. I now have a house there! I have visited a couple of hundred of the ‘2,000’ islands sailing by yacht.

      For BA routes, I would fly to Kalamata and venture an hour south into the Mani: Stoupa or Kardamyli as a base.

      The more obvious destinations including Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Kefalonia have been terribly commercialised for decades. They are very ‘bucket and spade’ by comparison.

      Greece has an inner depth and beauty but it requires some effort to find now.

      • Roger I* says:

        Oh, yes, Tim. Greece as it used to be!

        We never managed 200 islands (eek!) but managed several smaller islands in the 70s and 80s. I’d love to get back to small islands, simple accommodation, great food, unspoilt beaches, but guess we’d stick out like a sore thumb these days.

        Do I get brownie points for visiting Kavos (Corfu) on my scooter – really unspoilt, well before the 18-30s found it?

        • Tim Millea says:

          Ah Kavos, yes points for that. I visited Kavos from Benitses before there was a road there – the only way was by boat and it was just a beach with a few seasonal shacks. I was horrified to see the ‘Kavos’ TV series showing that there is now a hospital there to deal with all the alcohol-related incidents.

          I went back years later, also by scooter. Never again!

    • mark2 says:

      Very unbizarrely I have never been there either.

      • the real harry1 says:

        you’ve missed out – Greece can be absolutely fantastic & the food is so delicious in situ

        a very different experience to much of the rest of Europe

    • Cate says:

      Cobalt also fly to LCA now from LGW if you want to try an alternative island 🙂

    • Leo says:

      I’ve been going to Greece since 1985. Love it – including Athens. However after a week on Kefalonia 4 years ago I felt like finding Captain Correlli’s mandolin and disemboweling myself with it. Manages to be dull and overly touristic at the same time. Not a fan. I did rather like Ithaca which is just off the Kefalonian coast. Small but beautiful. Beaches on both are pebble not sand.

  • Roger I* says:

    short trips? This is when Mrs Roger (i) realised I was bonkers and (ii) recognised the benefits of strategic travel.

    November weekends on the 5th/10th (?) anniversary of *A:
    Sat to EWR with UA o/n in airport hotel
    Sun back to LHR
    Mon-Fri work

    Next weekend
    Sat to YYZ with AC, o/n in airport hotel
    Sun back to LHR
    Mon+ work

    All in Y with manageable jetlag. I needed to fly on each of the original Star Alliance members and had already got credits on LH, SQ and TG. I now qualified for 2 tix on each of the original *A airlines. We got to Oz, NZ, the US, Canada, Peru and Bangkok and Vietnam. IIRC no taxes or fees.

    For me the greatest promo ever. Not for nothing was *A my favourite alliance until the demise of BD. Oh, and Mrs Roger trusts me when I want to book. 😀

  • flyforfun says:

    Kefalonia is a lovely Ionian island that doesn’t have the same heavy tourism that some of the other Aegean get. There are some very nice villages (Friskado in the north for example) that have a very traditional village feel with a few mod cons. There are some more touristy strips near the airport beaches, and loads of villas through out the isle to hire if you don’t want a hotel experience.

    Next to Kefalonia is the historic Ithaca, home to the story of Odysseus of the trojan horse fame. It can be accessed by a ferry service from Sami that takes about 30 mins. There are a few services every day, but the current BA arrival time doesn’t tie in with the current timetable, nor the ones likely to be around in Summer. It’s about 2 hours from landing to Sami by a taxi (€60) drive. Sami has plenty of waterside cafes where you can wait for the ferry. There are day trips from Kefalonia to Ithaka if you fancy a change from Kef. Ithaka is much more relaxed as it’s only 14km long and about 2 klm at it’s widest point.

    Kefalonia airport isn’t a luxury small airport. Last time I was there just after the bank holiday weekend 3 flights were leaving to the UK about the same time, 2 charter flight and Easyjet. It was standing room only once you passed security. It only has 3 gates. No lounges I believe.

    Charter flight pax are made to queue outside until their flight is ready to start the check in process. I’ve flown Easyjet, Ryanair (once only!) and BMI (operating as a charter, but selling surplus seats) and generally these airlines check in queues aren’t too long, unlike the full on charter airlines. There are a couple of hotels with restaurants attached with views of the water and terminal where people go either after check in or before depending on how much time they have. One has a pool if you still have your bags handy!

    All in all, a good move by BA, but a shame it’s not earlier in the day as you loose a day trying to get there and possibly useless for the connection to Ithaca. Coming back it may be ok.

    • Graham says:

      Yes, I’d echo this – Kefalonia Airport is basic to say the least! When I went 2 years ago, they would only let you airside 45 mins before departure as there simply isn’t enough room – and even then it was standing room only. Just grab a beer and stand outside the front of the terminal!

      I believe the current terminal was built in the 1980s though you would be forgiven to think it was built in the 1950s.

      Quite a long and interesting walk from the terminal to your aircraft too. No buses!

      Nevertheless, a welcome addition to
      BA’s route network and a really beautiful island if you get off the beaten track.

  • dicksbits says:

    The BA website is showing June not May on it’s front page.