IMPORTANT: No new articles on Saturday due to IT server migration

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EDIT: This is the new site! If you can read this, then your computer is pointing to the right place.  If you do not see this line on any other device, it has not yet caught up.

Head for Points is moving to a new hosting package on Friday / Saturday.  This will hopefully stop the increasingly frequent ‘503’ errors that many of you have been getting in recent weeks, for which we apologise.

If it was annoying for you, trust me when we say that it was even worse for us since we got the same errors when trying to write articles into the site.  The site got too big for the existing hosting company to handle – to be honest, it was a minor miracle it had worked for as long as it did.

The new arrangement will also have substantially improved security which should help prevent further malware issues.  It will also have an SSL certificate so the ‘Not Secure’ warning in your browser bar will disappear, although this will take an extra few days.

We have also done substantial work behind the scenes.  Six years of adding bits of code and deleting bits of code (which never really gets properly deleted) had led to a messy database which was also impacting performance.  Instead of simply copying the existing site to the new server, it has been rebuilt from the ground up with the old articles, comments and images slotted in at the end.

Let me explain how the server move works (I think!) and how it will impact HFP on Friday and Saturday.

How HFP looked back in the old days ….

When you change your server, it takes 24-48 hours for the news to spread around the internet.  During this period, you may or may not get the new version of the site depending on whether your computer has caught up.  One device may take you to the old site, one device may send you to the new one.

On Sunday, we will pin a message to the top of the old site telling you that you are on it.  There will also be no new articles from Sunday on the old site, only on the new version.  If you see this message, you may need to reboot your internet router or fully clear your browser cache before you will be sent to the new site.  Note that HFP will look identical – there are no design changes.

Some comments made during Friday and Saturday will be lost.  I apologise for this but, as there will be two versions of HFP running in parallel for 24-48 hours, it can’t be helped.

Thanks again for your patience whilst we got these issues fixed.  The next step is to give the site a minor face lift, primarily to improve the mobile experience, although that will not go live until early next year.

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  1. Aeronaut says:

    What dimension am I in?

  2. Mohammed says:


    My sister had an Amex gold card which she cancelled after first year. However, there was a refund on the card after she cancelled which has resulted in her getting statements for the card although the card was cancelled. Can she churn again now that it’s been 6 months or is that not possible because of the fact that she has a credit balance so the account hasn’t really been cancelled fully?

  3. I am on the new site – when I refresh the page I revert back to the old site – I am confused !

  4. LoopyLou says:

    Looking good from here – seems your IT people are better than bA’s 🙂

  5. Mikeact says:

    Had to read the paper this morning…..really missed my main read of the day ! Thanks for all your hard work behind-the-scenes though.

  6. OT about a week ago in comments someone mentioned that Accor Happy Mondays was back. I forgot to revisit the page on Monday or Tuesday to see if it was actually working. Diff anyone else manage to confirm?

  7. OT, did anyone get the emails this morning?

  8. Yes it’s great and the sluggishness has gone. Excellent development all those involved.

  9. czechoslovakia says:

    Much improved response on the server Rob & co. Job very well done, i`d say – and thanks. Was getting as painful to change pages as it is to transfer from T5 to T3. Not sure about it being 50% faster though…. i`d genuinely say at least 5x faster compared with the last few months. Only problem here being having to read the BBCs Brexit news with my morning coffee as opposed to something interesting on HfP.

  10. the real harry1 says:

    O/T used my BP £5 off £45 today – followed plan & filled up with Ultimate Diesel @ £136.9p/ litre – ouch! 17p dearer than my local Morrisons (and you get a nice £5 off voucher with Morrisons every few fill-ups…

    so I put in 44.41 litres, already had a quarter tank left but won’t get the chance to fill up before 31st Dec as offski next Saturday – ie extra cost was £7.55 vs Morrisons

    comparing apples with pears of course

    even though not running on 100% Ultimate Diesel (with its cleaners), my car is purring like a very happy cat 🙂

  11. Just discovered The Grumpy Goat (independent ale and cheese place in Reading) takes Amex so a few bottles of Xmas beer cost £5 less thanks to shop small. Works out nicely with the post office credit for stamps earlier this afternoon

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