2,000 free Avios for Christmas BA travel now posted – check your account

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Just a quick note to say that the 2,000 bonus Avios for booking Christmas travel on British Airways have posted overnight.

You may want to take a look at your account and see what is there.  They are marked as ‘Special Promotion’.

BA will be emailing members today. Here are the criteria:

2000 Bonus Avios will be automatically awarded to all Executive Club Members booked to travel with British Airways over the period 22 December – 27 December 2017 as at 14 Dec. 2000 Bonus Avios can be used to pay for food and drinks from our M&S on board menu in our Euro Traveller cabin to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Please be sure to download the BA app, or update your app to the latest version before you fly. The Avios credited to your account can also be used towards for a range of rewards including upgrades, reward flights and money off flights. Standard Avios Expiration rules apply

Weirdly my wife has them, despite having no travel booked! I did book an Avios flight from her account for her parents, however, so that must have caused it. The parents did not receive anything.

You WILL still get the bonus if you have not yet booked a Christmas flight but will be doing so.  BA will do another sweep later on.

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  1. Stingy and Overly Generous says:

    Why does BA shift from being stingy to generous? Examples being 1 guest being uplifted to 5 guests per BA Gold cardholder. I suppose on the upside it will keep the children away from Galleries First, but I’d be a bit cross if I was a silver card holder. And 2 years of comped gold status earlier in the year due to a minor inconvenience. And bloomin’ free seats for children – again – on domestics for a quarter of the year. Are there two elves working at BA – one called Stingy and one called Overly Generous?!! Stingy being responsible for the absolutely dreadful BoB operation?!

    • Lady London says:

      Don’t worry there are hardly ever any seats spare in the Galleries Club Lounge at Heathrow already. It would be hard for a party of 6 coming into there to even find seats together at any peak time anyway. So Silver card holders that don’t have children don’t need to worry – the parties of 6 that have just been “invited” down from Galleries First by BA;s Christmas largesse won’t be able to sit down in the Galleries Club lounge already.

    • “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

      • the real harry1 says:

        nice one – cock-up before conspiracy 🙂

        anybody who does a City presentation with a ‘Show me the f***ing money’ slide is hardly going to endear himself to consumers

        I do honestly resent BoB – as for RFS redemption users, it was a clear loss of snack + 3x G&Ts etc

        for revenue passengers, I can see there were benefits in fare price

        • Except, BA doesn’t actually publish LCC-level fares to/from LHR

          I flew to LGW last week. Base fare was 2 Euros (round-trip!), plus taxes, fees and charges. Came to just over 70 Euros all-in.

          *All through January* there are twice-daily Ryanair flights for a very similar route, for 43 Euros round-trip (including taxes, fees and charges).

          So BA is twice the price of Ryanair.

          I have no idea what BA offers on short-haul that’s better than Ryanair.

          Worse on-time performance? Much more chance of being cancelled “to protect long-haul” if a few flakes of snow fall?

        • the real harry1 says:


        • the real harry1 says:

          oh wow – courtesy FT – we’re getting free tea, coffee or water in ET again

          not as good as 3x G&Ts but I’ll take it

  2. Bit of an annoyance, flew out on Wednesday, returning 31st!

  3. OT (no bits): How do I go about activating a Hilton Diamond status challenge? I understand it’s usually 8 stays required in 90 days, will pre booked stays count?

    • Yes they count. As do reward stays. There is an online registration page, it may be on our Hotel Promos page – if not, search HFP.

  4. the real harry1 says:

    O/T – hmm – 6/12 Exit seats left empty on tomorrow’s flight – not going to pay £23 and therefore wish me luck @ self check-in machines at LHR 🙂

    not that bothered as we (4) are sitting comfortably – there seemed excellent seat availability when check-in opened up though some fast-fingered beggar beat me by a few seconds when I tried to move the kids up to 7 – we have checked luggage to retrieve anyway so not a biggy

    • the real harry1 says:

      btw managed to get another free iPad this year which will be a wee gift for them to share (that makes 3 iPads I got free!)

      currently sitting in my carry-on bag in a black plastic bag – what is my best strategy to keep it secret? I presume go through last & whisper to the security agent? I had to do the same before & hit the gold mine with a truly brilliant agent but you can’t count on that, I don’t want the big reveal on 16th December! nor do I want to put it in checked luggage

      • How’d you get the free iPads, TRH1?

        • the real harry1 says:

          Nescafe promotion once & my eldest son has an ASD disability twice —> I researched a charity that helps him with his communication issues, they seem to have loadsamoney

          nice PC set-up & touchscreen last year as well

  5. the real harry1 says:

    O/T that’s Shop Small over for me this year, then – got the lads a half price set of cod & chips

    not been a stellar Shop Small 2017 for me, I was going to go today & get some half price steaks from another decent butcher a few miles away but gave in to time pressure too easily

    probably only got about £100 statement credits total, bit rubbish so apolllo logies 🙂

    • Went to a shop today in Farringdon to top up my six oysters with six Amexes. The guy said he did 46 top ups with 46 Amexes with one customer the other day. A HfP reader?

      • That is truly impressive.
        I only has 18 this year; must try harder next!

      • How can one customer possibly have 46 Amex cards? What am I missing here?

        • His n hers and additional supps for each Amex card type amount to 6 (just if two people), x Plat, BA, SPG, Nectar etc, add in a few Lloyd’s and MBNA cards plus supps and very possible.

        • Apparently Mayhews newsagents in Belgravia (for those who live round there, just opposite Waitrose) had someone turn up with 40 to do Oyster top-ups.

      • ok I’ll bite why on earth have you got 6 oyster cards?

        • Erm. I think that’s tiny compared to what others are doing. Now all topped up though after today’s walk around west end.

      • It seems to me most likely that he was acting as errand boy for friends.

  6. Hi there. Can someone in the HfP community kindly give me a more specific pointer to where I can find this promotion in my BA account ….’You may want to take a look at your account and see what is there. They are marked as ‘Special Promotion’.’ Thank you

  7. @Genghis I am about to book an outward flight on Dec 27 (with a return on Dec 29), so does that mean the Special Promotion displays in my BA Exec Account when I have actually booked?

    • There will be another sweep in a week or so and they will post then.

      • Nathan J says:

        Does this only go to the person who actually booked or all travellers? My other half got the 2,000 avois and made the booking, but we are on the same flight and I did not get the promo avios – time to contact BAEC?

        • Goes to the booker, it seems. My wife got it (Avios booking made for her parents) and Anika got it (Avios booking made for her boyfriend). None of the travellers got it.

  8. Jordan Dias says:

    Ridiculous. Flying on the 21st for Christmas (landing on the 22nd) and nothing …

  9. Got mine! Booked on AA codeshare 22nd back on BA on Boxing Day

  10. Arrgghhhh flying on the 28th! I always miss this by the skin of my teeth!

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