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FINAL WEEK: Exclusive Billhop discount for HfP readers – pay (almost) any bill with your Amex card

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Back in September we first wrote about Billhop, a Swedish company that lets you pay almost ANY bill with a credit or charge card – including American Express cards.

You can probably imagine how this situation could be useful in your points collecting ….

If you were interested in the Billhop concept but didn’t give it a go yet, Billhop has been offered Head for Points readers an exclusive discount on their transaction charge.

This week is your final week to take advantage of the reduced transaction charge – the offer closes on 14th January.

About Billhop

Billhop was founded in Stockholm in 2012 – where it has proven very popular with the frequent flyer community – and launched in the UK earlier this year with plans to extend further in Europe.

The company is fully regulated in Sweden (which, under EU passporting rules, means they are regulated here as well).  In any event, your money is fully protected because all payments are handled by an established bank.  Billhop never has access to your funds, apart from the fee.

Billhop pay bills on a credit card

The most interesting part about Billhop is that you can pay almost any bill or invoice with any Amex, Visa or MasterCard card, have it treated as a purchase and earn reward points.

More importantly to HFP readers, payments made via Billhop will also count towards spend targets on American Express cards, either for a sign-up bonus or a spending bonus such as the British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher.

Registration with Billhop is freesee here – so you have nothing to lose by signing up and seeing how it works.

The only major exception is that you cannot use Billhop to pay instalments on loans, mortgages or credit card bills, ie anything paid to a financial services business.  Tax paments to HMRC are OK and this has proven to be very popular with HFP readers.  I expect it to become even more popular when HMRC stops accepting personal Visa and MasterCard payments on 13th January.

Payments to private individuals are not permitted unless you are invoicing for a service – see below for more on this.

Too good to be true?

If this sounds too good to be true, there is a catch – the service is not free.  There is a 2.95% charge on every payment you make, i.e. if you pay a bill of £100, you will pay £102.95 in total.

(As you will see below, there is currently a special discounted fee available to Head for Points readers until the end of the week.)

This means that, unless you also want the cashflow benefits of putting your bills onto a credit or charge card, this is an expensive way of earning miles or points.  It is something that you may find useful if you are struggling to hit the ‘£2000 spend in 90 days for 20000 bonus points’ target on a new American Express Gold card for example.

Remember that if you run your own business and are paying company expenses, the Billhop fee is fully tax deductible.

How it works

If you’ve never used Billhop before, you need to create an online account on the Billhop website here.

Once you are signed up, you can pay almost any bill using any credit or charge card.

I explained the whole process of signing up and transferring money in this article.

In the example I transferred money into Rob’s account as neither one of us had any bills to pay at that time.  Billhop has, however, changed its rules when it comes to paying a private person.  You can now only send money to an individual if there is an invoice provided for a service rendered – so it would be OK if I was teaching his kids German and sent him a bill afterwards.

Exclusive HfP offer

For a short period Billhop has been offering Head for Points readers a discount on their transaction fee. Instead of 2.95% you will only pay 2.25%.

This offer is for both existing and new customers.  We didn’t want anyone who signed up after our earlier article to lose out.

Existing customers can enter the promo code H4P2017 under ‘Settings’ whilst new customers can enter the same promo code in the registration process under the ‘How did you find out about Billhop’ section.

This offer is only valid until next Sunday, 14th January 2018.

You can sign up for Billhop, and find out more about how they operate, on their website here.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Really only useful if you are needing to hit a bonus spend…we used it last year to get our 241 voucher sooner. Still very high fee tho. If they had made it 1.95% for this offer, l would have used it for many more bills in this timeframe. But a useful option definitely for quick spend targets. Maybe next offer they make could be more attractive. Just an idea…would have put my entire council to bill through early if the % was better.

  2. I was a bit disappointed that they asked for a scan of my passport or driving license to validate the payment, which I wasn’t comfortable with, especially as the email I received asking for them didn’t look 100% genuine! Ended up cancelling the payment as they wouldn’t accept any other form of ID. If they’d explained the situation from the start, it could have been better, but to have an email out the blue asking for your passport information is never a good sign!

  3. Very impressed, just used my Amex Plat to pay £10K to HMRC. Received “Your invoice is paid” confirmation within 5 seconds & no request for proof of ID. So 10K Avios, with the Billhop fee tax deductible 🙂

    • Genghis says:

      Doesn’t look like a good deal to me. Assuming you’re a 45% tax payer (non-incorporated), I still make that (2.25*55/100) 1.3p per avios (unless I’m missing something?), using the HFP discount.

  4. Looks interesting. How does credit card protection work with this service?

    • As I understand it, if the total bill is between £100 and £30000 (regardless of the amount paid by credit card or other payment methods), then the credit card companies are jointly liable with Billhop for making sure your bill gets paid.

      • Genghis says:

        Even though Billhop is effectively an intermediary?

        • If Billhop don’t pay the bill as promised then a claim against Billhop would be valid IMO, if you are buying a product and the product then becomes faulty then that is different until the law changes so that intermediaries are held accountable, not sure when or if this is happening.

  5. Hi Guys

    I recently flew Jet Airways from Bangkok to London Via New Delhi . (Terrible) anyway they keep emailing asking me to claim my points. I doubt I will ever fly with them but is it worth claiming them. JPmiles didn’t really do anything with one world or virgin do they?

  6. Which company is this?

  7. RussellH says:

    Billhop appear to make some use of Stripe too, since when my one test billhop was liosted on my Amex a/c as ‘Pending’, it was makrked as Stripe rather than Billhop.

  8. RussellH says:

    Billhop at the 2.25% rate works for me, but only because I am getting double points on my SPG Amex as a present for not cancelling it.

    Interestingly, comparing paying my tax bill with my Marriott M/card as I did last year with Billhop now, the cost per Marriott point is almost identical. 0.374p for 1 Marriott point, or 2.25p for 2 SPG points = 6 Marriott points = 0.375p per Marriott point.

    I am still trying to work out whether I want to spend less cash, or ‘buy’ more points.

    • With travel packages Marriott points can be worth 1p each. So a good return there.

  9. Which firm?

  10. Get yourself an iZettle or Sumup machine, they only charge 1.69-1.79% for using a Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Charge yourself a service, get the cash and pay the bill.

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