BOOK NOW: 200 IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks hotels (some decent!) bookable for just 5,000 to 15,000 points

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IHG Rewards Club (the Holiday Inn, HI Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc group) published the new list of PointBreaks redemptions last night.

These hotels can be booked for stays until 30th April.

These hotels are now bookable via  Popular hotels will use up their allocation of reduced price rooms quickly, so book now if you are interested.  As with all IHG Rewards Club reward nights, you can cancel without penalty at any point and get your points back.

PointBreaks is changing …..

Historically all PointBreaks rooms cost a flat 5,000 IHG Rewards Club points per night.

This was a great deal, except for the teeny tiny fact that the selection of hotels had been getting progressively worse for the last couple of years.  If you were looking for a good deal in a major tourist centre then you were going to be disappointed – although it was handy if you wanted a weekend break in Doncaster.

This has now changed.

The 200 hotels on the list below are priced at between 5,000 and 15,000 IHG Rewards Club points per night.

Looking at the list, the majority of HFP readers will be better off.  You won’t be saving quite as many points as before but you WILL be able to book hotels in places where you are likely to want to visit.  We are talking about good quality hotels in Helsinki, Kiev, Newark, Belgrade, Rome, Calgary, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin and (the edge of) London.

If you want a weekend break closer to home, the Crowne Plaza Five Lakes Resort near Colchester is worth a look.

The Holiday Inn Express London Wandsworth is virtually Central London, although the location leaves a LOT to be desired.  It is opposite the municipal tip for a start!  It is also nowhere near a tube station although a mainline station is only a couple of minutes away (across a monstrous road).

PointBreaks availability is very limited so book ASAP if you are interested.

You can book via the IHG PointBreaks page here or via the standard booking page here.

You will be able to book these hotels for dates up to 30th April.

If you are short of points, you can currently buy them with a bonus of up to 75% via this link.

InterContinental Kiev

You allowed a maximum of two bookings per individual hotel. Each booking can be for as many nights as you want.

Remember that if you attempt to amend your booking later by dropping a night or two the whole booking may reprice at the full rate.

Click through the link to learn more about any specific hotel:

(The hotel list has been deleted as many links are now dead)

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  1. Given that all pointbreaks used to be 5000 points, the relatively small number of 5000 point properties on this new list is notable.

  2. Paul Giddings says:

    My partner and I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Five Lakes last summer and it was, quite frankly, a dump. So much so in fact that my partner and I checked out the same day we arrived. No wonder it’s only 10,000 points per night.

  3. Snapped up 2 nights at Crowne Plaza Vientiane. Already had a reward booking so saves some points!

    Looks like the nicest Crowne Plaza in the world. Almost IC standard rooms judging by the photos.

  4. The Hammersmith HIX is arguably better than Wandsworth if you want to be “in London”. Bit of a drag to the tube, particularly with bags – but then you’ve got 3 lines, including to Heathrow, once you are there. Buzzier neighbourhood as well.
    Felbridge Crowne Plaza is worth looking at if flying from Gatwick. It’s on the north west edge of East Grinstead. If you don’t drive then you’re looking at a taxi to/from East Grinstead station (1hr from Victoria) and to/from the airport.

    • The issue is 15k points.
      Even with point inflation I would still value these at £60 minimum.

      On most days that has got to be beatable by cash, potentially in a better location.

      • Michael Jennings says:

        Yeah, the advantage of everything in a sale being 5000 points is that this is so cheap that any hotel in the sale you can make work for you is a bargain – pretty much always. At 15,000 you are going to want to check cash prices, and alternative hotels, etc etc, except in a few cases. (Those three hotels in Helsinki are undoubtedly bargains, for instance).

      • £60 has to be beatable to be cash? On most days? In central London, and in a better location?

        As someone who stays in London often, this doesn’t sound plausible.

        • Lady London says:

          With reach of Central London in reasonable locations without too long a journey, Yes you’d definitely check cash options against 15,000 points. IHG isn’t the only chain out there and many of their hotels are fine for cash most of the time. So are other people’s hotels.

          If you’re looking for something during the Easter holidays or other peak period though, yes 15,000 points is worth considering.

        • For this level of ‘central’ London (I wouldn’t call it central London, but it’s not Heathrow either) yes I’d say so – beatable with cash.

          If you are willing to go off chain, unquestionably.

  5. I’ve said some unkind things about the Holiday Inn Express Wandsworth in my time but never that it’s “opposite the municipal tip” because it isn’t. The recycling site is 100 metres up the road. It’s actually between the B&Q car park and the BP petrol station, which has an M&S mini food store BTW, opposite Homebase on the other side of the Old York Road bypass, and 100 metres or so from the 24h Mcdonalds on the Wandsworth Bridge roundabout. The nearest tube station is Fulham Broadway, a 10 minute bus ride away on a good day, 40 minutes or more on a bad day, and the number 44 bus will take you all the way into Central London if you want to take the scenic route. Alternatively take the train 4 stops to Waterloo from Wandsworth Town Station just across the road, or 3 stops to Victoria, changing at Clapham Junction.

    • Also Wandsworth Town is one of those small village like areas in London that have become an estate agents dream. Decent restaurant choices and a good Young’s pub.

      • Agreed, although only been through it once despite my many tip and Roche Bobois trips (and a mattress run to the HIX once).

  6. Crowne Plaza Venice East – Quarto D’Altino is not in Venice or even very near.

    • It’s in la città metropolitana di Venezia which is in la provincia di Venezia, just like the Newbury Park one is in London.

    • But its right next to the train station and you can park.

  7. TBH I find this a devaluation of the Pointbreaks offer, and while there might be a couple of decent properties, there really is nothing to get excited about, and most of them now require more points than before.

  8. Ed Chrome says:

    I had never used points break before but the attraction of a UK hotel break with a pool etc. for 5,000 points a night was enough to make me take out the IHG premium card.

    Shame these have disappeared for the UK.

  9. wetboy1uk says:

    Some decent hotels! – someone like to point out where? I always like to loo on headforpoints to see what offers are out there but I must agree with some peoples previous posts – there never seems to be a bad word said against IHG even when they devalue and their offers are poor as opposed to BA where they get slagged off quite often

    • Not sure what you were expected? IC Park Lane for 15,000 points? IHG is basically selling you a Central London HIX for £60 a night, pretty much any night you want it between now and the end of April. If that isn’t a good deal I’m not sure what is, assuming you’re happy with a HIX.

      • Would you pick at HIX at £60 over – say – a Premier Inn at £40?

        Especially if the HIX is opposite the tip, I’m not sure that I would!

        • No £40 Premier Inns in Central London!

        • Rob, try searching!

          I found Premier Inn London Clapham at £42.50 on 5 March

          To save time, next post you’ll point out it’s not very central. After that I’ll then point out that neither is the HIX! 🙂

        • Charlie says:

          The problem with this low pricing at Premier Inn, is that it’s usually only for 1 night, like a Sunday. The Saturday or Monday, or any other day that week is often double.

          Yes, if you are staying in London on exactly Sunday 5th March for 1 night only, then of course take the Premier Inn. But any stay outside these parameters and your point in invalid.

    • The alternative of course is to have no points break offers. While they may be relatively obscure I think we should be grateful for the choice they present. Hilton, for example, don’t offer points break offers ever – for that alone IHG deserves some credit.

      • Michael Jennings says:

        Hilton do have hotels that are 5,000 points all the time, though.

      • Well I’m not sure grateful is the best term after all we are paying for a product from a service provider. IHG haven’t released these properties out of the goodness of their hearts but because they don’t think they’ll get enough paying customers through the door. They are selling you something at a reduced price because they can’t shift them just like a shop sells off stuff at a reduced price at the end of the day. Now If they released space at a top IC’s like Hong Kong or IC Madrid then I would consider them in a better light but they won’t because they know in this quater they can probably can fill them with cash paying customers.

        As for Hilton well they often release 5000, 10000 and 15,000 point properties which, with your diamond status, include breakfast and executive lounge access.

      • william merrett says:

        Agree that the hilton 5k properties are outstanding value, especially if you are gold/diamond on a 5 for 4.

        For balance though there are lots and lots of IHG’s at 10k points all year round, no black out dates and if you choose the right option when you renew ambassador you get a 10% rebate on all points stays up to 100k rebate per year. Plus IHG points are incredibly easy to buy ad hoc.

        Add in points breaks and I personally think they can be a fantastic deal. It depends on your travel patterns but last year I had 4 separate stays in IHG hotels where an event was on at the location and paid at most 1/3 in points what the advance cash rate was, and that was valuing the points at what they can be purchased for.

        For reference an excellent resource (I assume its accurate but not checked):

    • I’d say the Holiday Inn Nice is decent. Hard to find chain hotels there, so it’s a bargain at 15K points. When I stayed there once, they upgraded me to the suite at the top, and this was on a points booking. Likewise Crowne Plaza in Berlin – also worth staying at for that price.

      Remember also that points bookings can be cancelled for free, so the cash rate you compare with should be the flexible one.

    • @Rob I’m not seeing the Hilton Taba anymore on their site. It keeps trying to sell me Aqaba. Has it been removed from Hilton?

  10. OT – Any initial thoughts on Curve? Has anyone received the card yet?

    • still sitting at 4927 people ahead of me, applied 2 weeks ago….and invited friends to join to jump the queue lol

      • The queue seems to be moving slowly these days!

        • I got in initially when there were about 50k people ahead of me just over two weeks ago. I didn’t refer anyone and jumped about 40k places mid-January. I think I read that they’re sending out a batch of cards mid-February so hopefully we’ll all be in that batch.

  11. OT – has anyone booked an open jaw flight with BA for cash (e.g. into New York, home from Miami)? Does BA charge a huge premium for this like with one way tickets?

    • I’ve bookedinto New Orleans and out of New York in CW and that seemed to be the same price as a normal return (and definitely not the crazy one-way pricing).

    • Anna, in my experience BA usually seem to charge the average of the return prices for the two different routes when you book an open jaw, at least in economy.

      • Thanks both of you, did you have to call them to do this?

        • No, online should work fine. Just choose the multi-city option and put the two flights in with their dates. You can check dates for the best prices ahead of time by pretending to book separate returns to the two places. Then just halve them for each one way and add the two together and this is what it should cost.

        • ????

    • For a normal open-jaw, typically this would be priced up as two half round trip fares, not two one-way fares.

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