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Fly for just £1009 in BA Club World business class to Beijing or Shanghai

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British Airways has launched its own Chinese New Year event, and it is a very attractive one.

As long as two people travel together, you can fly from Heathrow to Beijing or Shanghai in Club World for just £1009 each (£2018 for two).

There is even a way of getting the price below £1000 each as I show below.

Here are the travel dates where you will find the fare.  As you see, April, May and June are your best bets:

  • 1st April to 30th April
  • 14th May to 31st May
  • 1st June to 7th July
  • 24th September to 4th October
  • 15th October to 31st October
  • 12th November to 6th December

In typical BA style, this deal is not being shown on the home page or the special offers page.  Neither have they emailed the public or trade partners like us about it.  The fare is definitely there though!

Remember to search for TWO Club World passengers.

A Saturday night stay is required.

Last year you may remember I wrote about our own visit to Beijing at Easter.  We did not require a Visa to get in because we were technically in transit – we flew in from Tokyo and flew out again, three days later, to London.  You DO still require a Visa if you fly into China and it is your final destination.

My review of the impressive Waldorf Astoria Beijing is here.  It is a very smart hotel and, importantly, only a few minutes walk from the Forbidden City.  That said, if it is a toss-up between Beijing and Shanghai then I think the latter is more interesting.

These British Airways Club World deals need to be booked by Wednesday 21st.

Don’t forget the BA Holidays booking option

You can also book these deals via BA Holidays via this page.

Search for ‘flight and hotel’ and various options for two people for a similar price as the flights (£2018) or even less will appear.

For example, for a 3-night stay from 16th to 19th June, I can book 2 x Club World flights to Shanghai PLUS three nights in the Rayfont Hotel South Bund (3-star, admittedly) for just £983 per person!

BA Holidays bookings earn Avios and tier points as usual on the flights, although they do not earn credit in the BA On Business small business loyalty scheme.

Don’t forget the other benefits of booking via BA Holidays:

You only need to pay a deposit of £300 per couple now, with the balance due 5 weeks before travel

You earn an extra 1 bonus Avios per £1 spent

It is worth playing around on the BA Holidays site to see what comes up.

To maximise your miles when paying, your best bet is the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card which earns double Avios (3 per £1) when you book at or via BA Holidays.  You do not get double Avios if you book with the free British Airways American Express card.  Another option is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold which offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Comments (83)

  • David says:

    I have attempted to book one of these trips including a hotel, however, the deposit option just isn’t there and requires full payment at time of booking.

  • JamesB says:

    Great deal, I was getting ready to cancel our BKK/HKG redemptions for PVG until I realised most of September was out.

  • Leo says:

    Just to be clear – it’s ok to fly Shangai – HKG – Shanghai and back to LHR w/o a vis isn’t it? Hong Kong counts as international destination for leaving and re-entering China?

    • Rob says:

      I think you should take your own advice on that rather than risking anything based on our advice!

    • JamesR says:

      Id be careful… I think it is regarded as international in terms of how the airport sees it but immigration might not agree. If you cant get a solid answer and your not flying for a while I would just send off for the Visa anyway. it lasts 2 years. Cant put a price on peace of mind!

    • Leo says:

      Hmmm site says:

      “If you visit Hong Kong from the mainland of China and wish to return to the mainland, you’ll need a visa that allows you to make a second entry into China.”

      Not so obvious an option for me then.

    • The_real_a says:

      Yes i have done this several times in the last 12 months. Hong Kong, macau and taiwan are all counted as “differnt countries” for the various visa free stamps.

      • The_real_a says:

        Air travel only btw

      • Leo says:

        Have you gone from China to HKG and then back to China before flying to another country?

        • The_real_a says:

          No you are not allowed to return to your point of origin. Its for transit in the strictest terms.

          HKG – CHINA – BKK (or anywhere not HKG) is permitted.
          HKG – CHINA – HKG is against the rules. The only exception is if you are in transit via hong kong, i did HKG -PEK-TPE(transit in HKG).

        • The_real_a says:

          I misread the question. I have not done this route – except via transit airside in hkg with cathay.

        • Lumma says:

          You’re allowed to transit without visa in both directions from Hong Kong.

          If someone wants to visit China from Hong Kong and return back to HK (by air to one of the cities participating in the TWOV), they wouldn’t be allowed. They could book the return to Macao and that would be fine.

    • Will says:

      I have flown lhr-pvg-hkg-lhr and can confirm hkg counts as international for qualifying for the free transit visa. Just be aware the visa is only valid for staying in Shanghai, you’ll struggle to check into a hotel outside of shanghai city limits.

      • Leo says:

        Sure but the point is you have to have a return to Shanghai for this deal.

      • Concerto says:

        Having done this a couple of times there’s no problem with this sort of TWOV. HOWEVER, the onward flight must be one segment only, no further transfers allowed within China. Important for someone like me trying to do segment runs on Chinese SkyTeam airlines.

    • Sean says:

      We travelled to Shanghai this month, with onward flight to Tokyo booked, but returning back to Shanghai for our flight home. Went to transit visa desk, had no issues. On our way back 24 hours later, went back to transit visa desk and they seemed more interested in the various stamps in my passport than anything else. Bit of a delay, but no issues getting back in the country

    • Bariummeal says:

      Nope – don’t risk this. HKG is not considered international when you land in the mainland and speak to the immigration officers. My colleague did this, booked through a travel agent who said it was ok. It wasn’t and she enjoyed a deportation.

      • the_real_a says:

        This is totally incorrect. The rules are very clear that HKG, Taiwan and Macau are separate administrative zones. As you can see above myself and several others have actually flown these itineraries without issue.

  • Helen says:

    Greta offer, can see the flights but can’t book the hotels as the page doesn’t go through & says not available!

    • Rob says:

      I just tried it on the Regal International in Shanghai and it was fine – went through to payment, £300 deposit option offered.

    • Wayne says:

      I had the same issue when booking the BA hotels on any Apple device using a Safari browser, when I used the Google Chrome browser it was fine, It may be your issue?

  • KevMc says:

    Does anybody have any experience of getting hotel status benefits when booking via BA holidays? I’m assuming they’re all ‘No benefits recognised st all’, but thought I’d ask…

    • Allan says:

      I had full Ambassador benefits at IC Boston recently.

      • KevMc says:

        I have gone for a 6 day trip to Shanghai in May half term, staying at the Waldorf, in the hope they recognise my Diamond benefits. Although for the price we’ve paid in the school hols (£3k all in for the two of us), I wouldn’t be overly bothered if they didn’t.

        Thanks for highlighting this great sale, guys.

  • luckyneil says:

    72 hour transit to HKG should be ok according to the visa site:
    2-hour visa-free transit
    If you meet the criteria, you can transit for up to 72 hours in selected cities without a Chinese visa. You can visit the city at your leisure and book a hotel, etc. Unlike the 24-hour exemption, this one has more stringent criteria.

    This longer TWOV exemption is available when transiting in the following cities in China: Beijing (PEK), Chengdu (CTU), Chongqing (CKG), Dalian (DLC), Guangzhou (CAN). Guilin (KWL), Qingdao (TAO); Shenyang (SHE); Tianjin (TSN); Xiamen (XMN) and Xi’An (XIY). Wuhan (WUH), Harbin (HRB) and Kunming (KWL).

    The conditions are the following:

    – You must be in transit to a third country (you may not return to the same country as the one that you came from);

    – Your transit time is no more than 72 hours (see below how this is calculated)

    – You have confirmed plane tickets to a third country (for immigration purposes, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are not considered part of China). Flights between mainland China and any of these places are considered International and they are deemed to be different countries;

    • Lumma says:

      Hong Kong is fine. Technically Chinese immigration would allow you to do, for example, London–Beijing-Paris. The issue would be convincing the check in staff on departure that you’re transmitting China on a trip from London to France

  • Andy says:

    Excellent deal and I was about to book a week in October holidays to PVG for my wife and our 2 children when I thought I’d double check Visa fees. Pleased I did as it is £700 for the four of us – resulted in me not clicking the ‘book now’ button as I think that this diminishes the value somewhat!

    Sure this will work out a good deal for some nonetheless!

    • Lady London says:

      I think Shanghai visa-free transit is due to be increased very soon from 72 hours to one week. I was one of the first people to arrive in Shanghai expecting to use it just after it was increased from 24 hours. The immigration officer took a while and a bit of checking with someone else before he admitted me as he hadn’t been aware it had been increased to 72 hours apparently.

      Provided your routing makes your visit a transit and not a “to and from” you might be OK. I’m sorry I can;t recall the source but I’m very sure I remember about the increase. It;s not just Shanghai other cities were listed for the increase as well.

      So far I think I;ve crossed India, Russia and China off my list of places to visit for quite a while, due to visa fees….!!!!

  • Wayne says:

    Have a look at the same BA Club World flights via Expedia, with 3 nights in the Waldorf Astoria April £1245 pp, lots of other 4/5* hotels even cheaper