Get 2,000 Avios points with ANY hotel booking, however cheap, via our offer

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All through March we are highlighting a special promotion we are running with hotel booking site, the booking site which awards Avios points with every hotel you book.

If you spend over £700 on hotels at before midnight on Saturday 31st March, across one or numerous bookings, you will receive 8,000 bonus Avios.  These points are in addition to the everyday benefit of 5 – 10 Avios per £1 spent you will receive for every booking all year round.

This offer is open to both new and existing customers.  Full details are in this HFP article.

However ….

There is a second part to our exclusive promotion which I think is getting overlooked because it is a little tricky to push two different marketing messages at once.

If you are a new customer and have never before booked a hotel on before, you will earn an additional 2,000 Avios with your first booking of any value.

You have until 31st March to book but your stay can be at any point in 2018.

For clarity ….

You don’t need to make £700-worth of bookings to receive the 2,000 bonus Avios for being a new customer.

Any hotel, anywhere, will do the trick (as long as you turn up and check in!) if you have never booked via before.

Even a very cheap one night stay somewhere – perhaps £30-£40 – will trigger the 2,000 bonus Avios plus the base Avios for your stay.

You must register

You MUST register before you book at this special HFP promotional website in order to receive the bonus.

As usual with such promotions, you need to check your pricing before you book. is not always the cheapest place to book – it depends on the property. However, when you factor in the value of the 2,000 bonus Avios points – plus the base Avios you earn from your stay – on a potentially low cost one-night stay they should be looking pretty good indeed.

Remember that you will usually not earn points for your room spend in any hotel loyalty programme linked to the property you book if you use (or indeed any third-party hotel booking site). Depending on the hotel, you may receive status benefits or points for your food and drink spend.


Even if you have no intention of spending £700 with by 31st March in order to earn 8,000 bonus Avios, you should – if you have never booked with them before – seriously think about putting one night their way in order to earn the 2,000 bonus Avios as a first-time booker.

Remember that you MUST register in advance via this page on the website.

It is fair to say that’s customer service is excellent – their representatives even pop up on social media to answer queries – so you should have no concerns at all about your bonus posting properly.  The company is also very punctual at posting your Avios posts once you have checked out.

Thanks to the team at for making this exclusive deal available to Head for Points readers.

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  1. Would only ever use this for small independent hotels. Booking direct will often give you much better service as the hotel is not paying commission.

    I will always join the loyalty scheme for any hotel, and book direct.

    • Personally I don’t see a lot of value in hotel loyalty schemes, because I generally pick a hotel based on specific factors like location and price, so I end up staying at different brands all the time, therefore having no real loyalty. works for me because you can book almost all hotels through them AND you effectively get 10% off because you get a free night every ten nights. Plus they have regular deals where you get double night credits. It’s simple and don’t limit me by brand.

      • Genghis says:

        I stay in lots of different hotel brands and generally select hotels on location but it doesn’t stop me being a member of the different schemes and playing the game.

  2. Can anyone suggest any £30-£40 hotels as I can’t seem to find any…

  3. O/T but no bits today. Stayed in a UK Holiday Inn on Friday night on a prepaid, breakfast inclusive rate. Woke on Saturday morning to find no water at all in the whole hotel. So there were no showers, a single toilet flush and nowhere to wash your hands. In the end I had to walk to the local supermarket to do my business (!) and we never got our showers.

    The issue was with the supply within the hotel, not to the hotel.

    The hotel offered bottled water and comp’ing of the car park (£5). There were other people arguing at reception for the room to comp’d or substantial deductions from the bill. The reception staff had limited authority and the general manager was not available/only works Monday to Friday.

    Given the abuse the staff were receiving and the fact we had prepaid everything, I asked for the GMs contact details so I could follow up next week. What would people look for here:

    Full refund? (Note that I need this night to count for accelerate)

    Points? To the value the hotel charges for a night (25k)?

    A free night at that hotel in the future?

    Would be interested if anyone has had this problem and what comp they received.

    • Travel Yoda says:

      Had a issue recently with a lack of hot water at a HIE in US rather than UK. Got 50% refund on that nights rate without even asking. I only enquired if they had an idea when it might be getting turned back on to see it was worth checking out later rather than early morning.

      • Genghis says:

        Something similar happened to us on a semi mattress run at a HIX for Accelerate last year (we were getting our bathroom renovated and so the stay was welcomed). There was no hot water when I went to have my shower in the morning. I complained and was told it would be sorted. We then had to check out so I endured a cold shower. 50% off the bill was offered (IIRC paid c.£40 for the stay) but we agreed on an additional 10k IHG points.

        I’d push for 25k points or if not start a chargeback on the credit card.

        • Has something similar just a few weeks ago at the doubletree Chelsea harbour bridge. No hot water…the hotel didn’t seem to think this warranted any compensation at all, but the Hilton Diamond line refunded me 20k points (the stay was about £110)

          • Did you go to the Gambado soft play centre next door?! Spent many smelly sweaty weekend afternoons in there ….

        • We got upgraded to a suite at the HIX in Atlanta last year. Think we were the only people on the floor. After a day of sightseeing we came back and our room hadn’t been cleaned and had to go ask for more coffee and tea. We got 10K for our trouble.

        • Thanks for the thoughts. Will wait for the stay to post and see what the GM has to offer!

    • So having spoken to the GM we were offered option (1) a full refund or (3) a comp night at the same property in the future, without any argument which I thought was fair.

  4. Cate ⛱️ says:

    Shame this has just been highlighted as I’ve made six bookings with HIX for contractors. They wouldn’t have hit the £700 target so went with

    • Genghis says:

      It’s been around a while and highlighted a couple of weeks ago when they did the HfP deal

      • Cate ⛱️ says:

        Agree however this bit wasn’t clear – ‘you will earn an additional 2,000 Avios with your first booking [of any value].’ My bookings came to £620ish so thought not eligible. Not a problem, stuff happens.

      • … but a bit hidden, hence the separate article today.

  5. Does it work for pre-paid no shows?
    I am thinking of booking a non-refundable $40 hotel in Thailand,
    its showing 4,200 avios points for one night,
    Thats worth $40
    I have no intention of going to Thailand,
    will it work???

    • Historically hasn’t worked. I think I tried this with a cheap hotel in India via a promo a few years ago. Although, in that case, I think the room was £4, so very little to lose if it doesn’t pay off!

    • Worth a shot if you can find a really cheap hotel some place.

      I once took advantage of an Expedia uk promo where if you referred someone they got £20 off a stay and the referrer got a £40 voucher. I tried it with a £18 single room Blackpool guesthouse, room was free and I got a voucher for £40 no one stayed at the guesthouse. Needless to say the place was booked solid for weeks with “friends” of mine. Those £40 vouchers were one of my many highlights of this hobby.

    • Probably not. If the hotel flags you as a no-show you don’t get. I have done this a couple of time with to trigger free nights – sometimes it works, sometimes not. If a hotel checks in one person you can assume they will check in everyone else.

  6. HotelBooker says:

    Is it worth spending an extra 65 GBP on Kaligo versus (as I get 10 % discount, so 723 GBP vs 658 GBP) to earn 13.700 Avios? I seem to find different valuations for Avios, so I am not sure whether it will be worth the extra 65 GBP.
    Any ideas?

    • Yes, I think most of us would see that as a good deal. You’re ‘paying’ 0.5p per Avios and you should be able to get 1p+ without any trouble when redeeming.

  7. Charlie says:

    Has anyone ever found a hotel that’s good value on Kaligo? I’ve booked dozens of nights over the last couple of years, and have never found Kaligo to be even close to competitive on price compared to what I can get elsewhere – even when factoring in the cost of Avios! Am I doing something wrong?

  8. Eugene says:

    Just booked a hotel in Vigo for 3 night with them spending £703, just breasting the required spend.. Once you factor in my BAPP points too I got 14,500 avios which was about £50 nightly off even Expedia/ rate. So yes a worthwhile exercise

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