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Get 2,000 Avios with ANY hotel booking, however short or cheap, with our current Kaligo offer

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Between 10th August and 10th September we are running an exclusive promotion with hotel booking site, the booking site which awards Avios points with every hotel you book.

If you spend over £700 on hotels at before midnight on 10th September, across one or numerous bookings, you will receive 8,000 bonus Avios.  These points are in addition to the everyday benefit of 5 – 10 Avios per £1 spent you will receive for every booking all year round.

This offer is open to both new and existing customers and is valid for stays until 28th February 2021.  Full details of our Kaligo offer are in this HFP article.

However ….

There is a second part to our exclusive promotion which I think is getting overlooked because it is a little tricky to push two different marketing messages at once.

If you are a new customer and have never before booked a hotel on before, you will earn an additional 2,000 Avios with your first booking of any value.

You have until 10th September to book but your stay can be at any point up to 28th February 2021.

For clarity ….

You DON’T need to make £700-worth of bookings to receive the 2,000 bonus Avios for being a new customer.

Any hotel, anywhere, will do the trick (as long as you turn up and check in!) if you have never booked via before.

Even a very cheap one night stay somewhere – perhaps £30-£40 – will trigger the 2,000 bonus Avios plus the base Avios for your stay.

You must register

You MUST book at this special HFP promotional website in order to receive the bonus.

As usual with such promotions, you need to check your pricing before you book. is not always the cheapest place to book – it depends on the property. However, when you factor in the value of the 2,000 bonus Avios points – plus the base Avios you earn from your stay – on a potentially low cost one-night stay they should be looking pretty good indeed.

Remember that you will usually not earn points for your room spend in any hotel loyalty programme linked to the property you book if you use (or indeed any third-party hotel booking site). Depending on the hotel, you may receive status benefits or points for your food and drink spend.

Kaligo Head for Points bonus Avios offer


Even if you have no intention of spending £700 with by 10th September in order to earn 8,000 bonus Avios, you should – if you have never booked with them before – seriously think about putting one night their way in order to earn the 2,000 bonus Avios as a first-time booker.

Remember that you MUST book via this page on the website.

It is fair to say that’s customer service is excellent – their representatives even pop up on social media to answer queries – so you should have no concerns at all about your bonus posting properly.  The company is also very punctual at posting your Avios posts once you have checked out.  If you do have any issues, we can send you directly to the right people.

Thanks to the team at for making this exclusive deal available to Head for Points readers.

Comments (19)

  • Pablo says:

    How come kaligo sells Hamptons and HI Express at a room only rate without breakfast? I thought those 2 chains have breakfast included for everyone.

    • Doug M says:

      That would make no sense at almost all the ones I’ve visited. The breakfast space is frequently just open access with no attempt, or possibility, to check guests.

      • John says:

        Been to several HIX which did check… waste of everyone’s time IMO.

        • Doug M says:

          Staffing a check on someone getting about £2 worth of carbs seems very odd, especially given the frequent layout means approaching people at their table to ask for room number.

        • the_real_a says:

          A couple of years ago i witnessed a scene with a group of builders enjoying breakfast – with no room the previous night. They just walked in, sat down and began eating… They thought it was very amusing. The staff less so.

        • Pat the Postie says:

          Yeah must be hungry to do that!

    • Kai says:

      It’s not uncommon for them to offer room-only rates to travel agencies, whether/how it can be enforced is a different story.

    • john says:

      Don’t they do things like that so price match guarantees can’t be applied? I therefore doubt the hotel would care if you had breakfast, but it’s the chain not wanting to payout on any price matches!

    • John says:

      Are they cheaper than booking direct? Can’t imagine so if they are also giving out avios

  • Vit says:

    So as long as you’re making your booking within time frame above, you get 2000 avios bonus and if you’re a first timer booking on kaligo, you will get additional 2000 avios. That’s 4000 avios on top of a normal few hundred from your booking?

  • D.C. says:

    Hilton Garden Inn Terminal 3 Does not appear on the list?

  • Paul says:

    Plenty of hotels in Vietnam offering 2500 avios for £21. I did similar with Rocketmiles recently and got 6000 Avios for £40 – only a few quid relatively to shell out and sure the hoteliers will be happy to get the funds. I even warned them in advance that I was not coming and not to cancel the booking just to save them the hassle of waiting for me to arrive and check-in.

  • Patrick says:

    So new customers enjoy a 4000 avios + the base points? Please clarify

    • Rob says:

      2000 plus base points on first booking.

      And another 8000 if your cumulative spend hits £700 over the offer period.