New Heathrow Rewards transfer bonus to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles launched

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Heathrow Rewards has launched a new transfer bonus exclusively for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members.

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent in Heathrow (1 per £10 on foreign exchange) or on Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only). Once you’ve earned 250 points you can exchange them for miles or shopping vouchers.

Premium members of Heathrow Rewards (who spend £750 in a year) will receive a 50% bonus on all transfers to KrisFlyer made before 31st May.

Standard members will receive a 25% bonus.

Heathrow Rewards KrisFlyer transfer bonus

Heathrow Rewards is also running a bonus on purchases of Apple products until 30th April.  You will receive:

  • Double points when you spend £350 – £699
  • Triple points when you spend £700 – £999
  • Quadruple points when you spend £1,000 or more
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  1. Stu N says:

    OT: starting to put together a SE Asia holiday for next spring. We 9 full days to play with; flying into HK and out of SIN. Have been to HK a couple of times so we are planning to spend a couple of days there and then move on. I’m not sure I want to do a full week in Singapore – any suggestions for 2-3 days, maybe somewhere beach/ rural in contrast to the cities at either end? We have enough Avios to get pretty much anywhere in SE Asia on Cathay and availability is excellent at the moment. Can always pick up a cash fare to SIN if it comes to it. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Phuket is probably the obvious option if you’re flying in early Spring, I’d be tempted to head outside to a quieter area though (e.g. Khao Lak). Penang doesn’t really tick the ‘rural’ box, but Georgetown is charming and has great food and there are some beachy options to the north of the island. Chiang Mai worth a look if want the rural without the beach.

      All three should have direct flights to HKG and SIN.

    • Darren says:

      Depending on the month Hoi An/Danang, later is better.

      I’d second Khao Lak and has easier access to Similans if you want to dive or snorkel.

      Chiang Rai is rural and quieter than Chiang Mai.

    • JamesB says:

      Plus for Phuket is there is plenty around to see and do if you get bored at the beach. Some of beaches on Phuket are both lovely and quuet, worth hiring a car to explore them and the mainland too. I would not spend much time in Singapore, most boring place in se Asia IMO but sorth it for a transit tour. Check out Kota Kinabalu and surroundings for something different.

      • Stu N says:

        Thanks all, will look into those ideas. Other vague idea was Bali – Cathay Dragon is 75k Avios in business for 2 and could get back to SIN quite easily from there too. Any suggestions on that?

        • I’d take Phuket over Bali any day. Spring weather in Bali isn’t great. We went last March and it was very variable – when it rains it tips it down. I think Bali is overpriced massively compared to Thailand and Phuket’s beaches are far better IMHO. Our niece is getting married in Bali next year and we’re not going back! We stayed at the IC (nice enough), in Ubud (The Alila best thing about the whole trip) and in Seminyak which I would avoid unless you want the kind of tourism you can get at Pattong. Phuket is a very easy flight to SIN. It’s about 5 hours HKG to Bali – we flew Cathay J. Actually the airport in Bali is quite good now it’s been done up. Haven’t been to Chiang Mai for 30 years so hopefully that’s improved!

        • Darren says:

          The weather can be a problem, which month are you travelling.

          A couple a questions may help, have you been anywhere in the region before apart from HKG. Which type of accommodation are you looking for? Points or pounds?

        • Stu N says:

          Thanks all for your help so far. Travelling in March. Sounds like Phuket is a more sensible option than Bali for many reasons. Of Far East destinations we have only been to Hong Kong and Tokyo so far – in HK we enjoyed both the city and outlying islands.

          Probably looking at decent hotels, not super-luxury. Also not too fussed about points vs. cash as no way we will be able to do the whole thing on points – basically getting best value for points and cash for the rest. We have some Hilton and SPG points plus a sizeable stash of Amex MRs that could go to either program. I plan to focus on gathering MRs over next six months and hopefully slot in an SPG Amex as well. We have Gold for Marriott, Starwood and Hilton via Amex Plat so tend to favour those chains everything else being equal.

        • Darren says:

          For a first time trip to Thailand Phuket is a good option, lots of different accommodation choices.
          Samui has historically better weather in March than Phuket but flight options are less.

        • JamesB says:

          @Stu, if you opt for Phuket then consider ditching Singapore nights for a couple in Bangkok, it will be much more interesting. HKG-BKK is just 15k avios pp on a CX regional wide body. Just get a cheap 1hr flight on Air Asia to Phuket, opting for a hot seat. If you can afoard the time and want to see Thai countryside consider taking a daytime VIP bus to Phuket instead of flying, the last third of the journey is scenic, driving down into Phuket as the sun sets.

        • I like SIN and BKK – I don’t agree that one is more interesting than the other, they are just very different that’s all – BKK probably has cheaper posh hotels than SIN. I’ve flown to Phuket from both and I don’t think one is easier that the other (as in they are both easy) despite BKK being the capital of Thailand obviously. I do agree that using AirAsia for short hops is a good idea (flew Sin to HKT) and I also agree about the hot seats. It’s nice to have the choice. My partner says “You’re either a Hong Kong or a Singapore person”. I guess I am more for Singapore but Bangkok is good fun. Northern Phuket might suit you – there are a couple of Marriotts up there.

        • Genghis says:

          Different strokes for different folks. I’d take Bali over Phuket but I do know others that didn’t rave about Bali as much as us.

        • Darren says:

          @Leo, that’s a good point re BKK hotels, some very good properties for reasonable cash.

          But I also like SIN, although I do struggle to pick a comparable hotel to what you get in either of the other cities.

          I haven’t been to Bali for quite a few years but I did like Ubud.

        • Stu – out of interest is there a reason why fly in to HKG and out of SIN?
          Can I also ask what airline and if you are using any redemptions?

          We are planning similar – but i was trying to do MLE for a few nights then SIN (family there) and then HKT – but back via HKG to benefit from the low taxes.

          Getting to SIN from MLE is £100 one way on Scoot. Asia is easy. But getting to MLE is a challenge so far (economically).

        • I’d be tempted to fly out of HKG rather than SIN. Zero surcharges, so will be £35 on either BA or CX in J. If you are going off peak, only 75k Avios, rather than 90k on CX.

        • Stu N says:

          This is brilliant, thanks all. Plenty of ideas to work through; leaning towards Hong Kong – Phuket – Singapore. We probably don’t have time to add in Bangkok if we want to have a reasonable amount of time in each of those three.

          Tom1/ GB74 – it’s an Amex 2 for 1 voucher redemption in F so unfortunately we wouldn’t see the benefit of zero surcharges out of HKG on long haul as you have to book it as a return. We are saving 221k Avios though so not all bad…

  2. So, about that Sunday Times direct debit problem: I am fairly certain I called them up, after not being able to find an email address to cancel – but obviously there is no record of that. What are the next steps?

    • TigerTanaka says:

      We can have “administrative problems” just as much as they can!

      I cancelled my direct debit and emailed them saying that I cancelled the subscription over 6 months ago.

  3. Chris says:

    Re: krisflyer bonus. Is the 25% bonus for regular members a good deal or should I hold out for a better one? I’m working towards a redemption for them in the next couple of years so I do not need them desperately right now.

    • Heathrow Rewards is now committed to offering split deals between Premium and non-premium to encourage people to strive for Premium. That’s all I can say.

      • Chris says:

        Cheers Rob. May just convert then, I’ll never make it to Premium level and I’m only sitting on a few thousand points from the last rocketmiles promo. Thanks for the extensive VM card articles by the way.

  4. Graham says:

    On the Hilton £250 bonus it says ” •Offer excludes online payments and is only valid on checkout spend.”

    does that mean if I book and pay online at and not with my card at the hotel it doesn’t account?

    • In theory yes. In practice it will almost certainly be OK because the hotel processes advance bookings directly anyway, so same name on your statement either way.

      • I booked a Hilton in Jan under the last deal and then saw this condition after booking but sure enough I recieved the cash back.

    • Crafty says:

      It will almost certainly be fine

  5. Luthar says:

    OT – I need to cancel an avios booking on BAEC. Can I do this online or do I need to call BA?

    • Darren says:

      Depends, if it was booked online you can cancel online in most cases. Open Jaw flights require a call.

      • Stu N says:

        Even if you can do it online, if you need the Avios back quickly then you’re probably better off calling them.

    • Online, if it was done on

  6. Hsergio10 says:

    Quick Question
    I have 5k accords points
    If i take advantage of the Economist offer i.e 12000 points, would i be eligible to get platinum status? (12k+5=14k>14k)

  7. Larl13 says:

    OT: Tier or status points (Not Avios, I think I have this one understood!) please can someone clarify if I can get the tier points, say with BA (assuming BA or partner flight) if the flight is booked:
    1. via a travel agent
    2. via a site such as Expedia
    3. as part or a package holiday
    Seems I am having trouble finding out the answer. I believe that for 1 above I need to supply my membership number on booking. Is it the same for 2 & 3?

    • Yes, You should be able to. As long as you know the booking reference you can add it via manage my booking (For BA flights this works easily for some partners I have had dificulty – for example LATAM will not allow you to add a non LATAM number after booking.)
      In any case you can claim the points after the flight via (the same applies for Tier points as for Avios)

    • Yes to all 3. You can add your number via Manage My Booking if you have the 6-character booking reference, or at check-in as a last resort.

  8. OT – brain picking. I’ve miss-timed my current 2 4 1 and will have to use it for a short haul trip next Spring. OH doesn’t fancy Moscow. Another option would be the Madrid flight with the flat beds. Anyone got any tips on getting really good value out of it? Thinking also about Rome/Vienna. Would Sicily be an option? We’ve done all the zone 1 places e.g. Paris, Prague, and need to fly from LHR as connecting from MAN.

    • JamesB says:

      Cairo? Awesome city 🙂

      • Stu N says:

        Madrid could work, there is a regular daily 777/787 rotation so you get Club World seats. IIRC it gets back into LHR pretty late though so you may struggle to connect to MAN that evening. I don’t think you can use the 2-4-1 on the Iberia A330/340 rotation that is a bit earlier but that might be worth checking. For Spain, Seville is brilliant too but it’s an LGW flight – train from Madrid is superb so you could do MAN-LHR-LGW-SVQ, train to MAD and back MAD-LHR-MAN.

        Otherwise there are the eastern Mediterranean destinations – Cyprus, Beirut and Tel Aviv might appeal if JamesB’s idea of Cairo doesn’t appeal.

        Or go somewhere proper wintry – HEL or TLL, both wonderful cities – in my view TLL edges it but weather could be brutal rather than charmingly wintery.

        • Genghis says:

          I wouldn’t focus on getting the “best value”, rather somewhere you actually want to go. Went to Israel last year and thought it was great (apart from the interrogation and full hand baggage search on leaving the country due to me visiting many Muslim countries)

        • Stu N says:

          But then you might find somewhere you love – we only went to Tallinn on the cheap Finnair codeshare deal and can’t wait to go back. Friends similar with Tel Aviv…

      • I would but OH not keen.

    • Istanbul?

      • Thanks – OH is extremely risk averse so it’ll have to be Europe (yes I know Europe isn’t that safe these days but there’s no arguing with him!) We’ll only have 3/4 days so don’t want to change airports too often. I’m thinking possibly Lisbon or Athens?

        • Both are great. Lisbon flies from T3 so you could do the lounge hopping thing!

        • JamesB says:

          What about 4 days in an Eastern North American city? Montreal and use one day to visit Qubec City. Not unusual for people to go to the likes of NYC or Boston for a weekend.

        • Tilly says:

          Absolutely love Athens! The city will keep you very busy for 3 or 4 days and the food is just delicious!

        • Tilly says:

          What about Toronto? Boston is lovely too!

  9. Andrew-a says:

    O/T advice required.
    I am planning a trip next June, EDI to JFK in F for 3 people, using a 2 for 1 and avios for the third person. I intend to make this open jaw with flights back from MIA or MCO in J. Am I able to book just the two people back using the 2 for 1 and make the third booking separately with a Lloyds upgrade voucher? Basically what I mean is can we all travel out on the one booking but only two come back on it?
    Thanks in advance

    • If using the Lloyds voucher it will need to be 2 bookings as one is via and the other

    • Genghis says:

      Note cannot use Lloyds voucher for F

      • Andrew-a says:

        Thanks Genghis I realised that. I was going to use avios on the way out for F and only use the Lloyds voucher on the way back for J, although David ( see below) reckons you need to use the Lloyds from the UK.

        • I’m not sure about that. I used one Lloyds voucher for 2 one-way flights to IAD, then called to use a 2nd voucher for the return from BOS. In the end they made them into 2 upgraded return flights as this made the taxes lower, but there was no suggestion that I couldn’t use the voucher just to get us back from BOS.

        • No problem using a Lloyd’s voucher commencing outside the UK – either EU-LHR-XXX to lower taxes or XXX-UK to get back home from somewhere. So much more flexible than BA 241’s (if you aren’t flying F).

        • JamesB says:

          If both the Lloyds voucher and 241 is in your name then you have a problem because yoo would need to be on the booking for both I think? Or can the 241 voucher holder book for any two others? Lloyds voucher holder definitely needs to fly when it is used for 2x one way.

        • Andrew-a says:

          Thanks all. The 2 for 1 is in my wife’s name so she will book for her and our daughter. The Lloyds voucher is in my name so should work out ok, fingers crossed. It’s a while away but want to make sure I know what I’m doing.

  10. Andrew-a says:

    Thanks Rob,
    I assume then I would make a 2 for 1 open jaw booking, a separate F booking one way all on then a single booking for one return leg of the journey ( therefore only using half of the upgrade voucher)?

    • David says:

      I believe the Lloyds voucher needs to be used departing from UK

      • JamesB says:

        No, not the case.

        • David says:

          indeed – it would appear so.

          I believe it used to say otherwise. And I think, there were – at least initially – reports exUK was enforced.

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