Bits: first UK Radisson RED opens in Glasgow, Emirates to launch Edinburgh, Allen & Jain

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News in brief:

First UK Radisson RED opens in Glasgow

Radisson RED has opened its first UK hotel in Glasgow.  This new brand is located in Glasgow’s West End close to music venues, The Hydro and the city centre.

This is only the second Radisson RED in Europe and the fifth in the world. Radisson RED is Radisson’s newish brand marketed at millennials with a focus on technology and music.  The Glasgow hotel scene is generally not well regarded so this could be an interesting option.

As the token millennial in the HFP office, I have been invited to Glasgow next month to take a look at the Radisson RED brand and what it has to offer.  Keep an eye out for my review.

The hotel website is here if you want to find out more.

Stays earn points in the Radisson Rewards scheme, and if you have an American Express Platinum charge card you receive automatic Gold status in the programme.  You can also top up any points you earn from your stay with a transfer from American Express Membership Rewards at the generous rate of 1:3.

Radisson Red Glasgow launched

Emirates to launch Edinburgh

Emirates has announced a new route between Edinburgh and Dubai.  This will replace the Etihad service to Abu Dhabi which is being withdrawn at the end of September.

From 1st October there will be a daily overnight departure at 8.15 pm which lands in Dubai at 6.40 am.  It returns from Dubai at 9.55 am landing at 2.50 pm.

Timings appear to move about, however.  In November, it is showing a 6.30 pm departure from Edinburgh, landing at 5.55 am.  The return leaves at 10 am, landing at 2.15 pm.

The Boeing 777-300ER will have eight First Class suites, 42 Business seats and 304 Economy seats.

Hubert Frach, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, West, said about the new route:

“We’re increasing our capacity to Scotland to meet growing demand, and by introducing a daily flight to Edinburgh, it will complement our current double daily flights between Dubai and Glasgow.”

Emirates launches Edinburgh

Allen & Jain

You may have noticed some ads across the site this week from Allen & Jain.

This is an educational consultancy run by a Head for Points reader based in London.  The company specialises in helping parents get their children into Oxbridge or Ivy League colleges by helping with the entire preparation, application and interview process.  HFP readers can have a free, no-obligation consultation.

You can find out more on their website here.

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  1. Seat54 says:

    The description for EK first class and that picture are inconsistent.
    Image is from the cabin where there is only 6 in First

  2. “It returns from Dubai at 9.55 am landing at 2.50 pm the next day.”
    That’s a seriously long Dubai-UK flight. Might be best flying back to Glasgow, which is about 24hours shorter! 😉

  3. Yes Adam, I think Rob means departing DXB at 9:55pm rather than AM.

    • Sorry Adam, my brain is not working correctly yet – and I see that it’s the reference to next day that’s incorrect – it’s 2:50 the same day! As ever, I’m sure that Rob will edit the text.

    • RussellH says:

      You mean 2155. Forget the am/pm stuff – it is just not clear enough. Airlines in this country have used 24 hour clock for their TTs as long as I can remember, and IIRC, I was only in my teens when the railways here joined the rest of the world (apart from the USA, of course).

  4. callum says:

    Is a plane spending 5 hours on the ground really that unusual?

    And it now makes much more sense why I was continually getting that weird Oxbridge advert!

  5. ChrisC says:

    It’s not that usual for a plane to be sat on the tarmac for 5 hours at some airports

    BA planes spend upwards of 12 hours at JNB for example and I think South African do it at LHR due to the flight timings.

    And there are those BA planes that sit overnight at eg JFK and BOS that then operate the day flight back.

    And not forgetting all the ones that overnight in European airports so there can be an early morning flight to the UK as well as those that overnight in the UK so we can have an early flight out.

    Perhaps they will have maintenance work done at EDI

    • David C says:

      There’s only a 3h15m turnaround at EDI. The “5 hours on the ground” seemingly happens at DXB – except, that likely won’t happen as the aircraft that returns from EDI will be sent off to a different destination sooner than that, and another (later) inbound aircraft will then be dispatched to EDI. It’s very rare for a single frame to be dedicated to a single route when you have a fleet the size of Emirates’.

      • The times seem to change. In October it is a 5-hour gap. In November, now I have looked further forward, it changes and turns into the more reasonable 3.15 you mention.

      • ChrisC says:

        Read the sentence again. There is a 5 hour + time on the ground at EDI as per the figures in the article.

        Arrives EDI – 2.50 PM
        Departs EDI – 8.15 PM

        There was also a sentence that it was ‘curious to have a new plane on the ground for so long’ (or words to that effect). That is what generated my post about such layover times being common and not ‘curious’

        That sentence in the article has since been DELETED.

        I do not recall the sentence that is there now about November being there when I initially commented on the article either.

        • ChrisC says:

          “From 1st October there will be a daily overnight departure at 8.15 pm which lands in Dubai at 6.40 am. It returns from Dubai at 9.55 am landing at 2.50 pm”

        • I changed it. Dave clearly looked at sample November dates which is a 3-hour layover. I was looking at October dates with a 5-hour layover. I added it in.

  6. I wasn’t aware that the “Glasgow hotel scene is generally not well regarded” as I always stay there very comfortably. Both the Novotel and particularly the Premier Inn (right on Sauchiehall Street) offer comfortable accommodation at very reasonable prices. I pay out of my own pocket so this is important. They’re generally quite peaceful too, so this “music focused” hotel certainly won’t interest me!

    • Yes, Doubletree also has a decent lounge by UK standards and free parking for diamonds.

      • Agree DoubleTree is excellent – I’ve been upgraded to Exec floor as Diamond every time and decent spread of food. Breakfast buffet downstairs also decent.

    • Was also surprised by the statement that the “Glasgow hotel scene is generally not well regarded”.

      Most, if not all, the main brands are there plus some nice boutique hotels. Would be interesting to know where Anika got this opinion.

      • I wrote that line based on a discussion with a friend of mine who goes there a lot.

      • Andrew says:

        In the not so recent past, most of the central Glasgow hotels were in the middle of the red light district. It left a distinctly poor impression on visitors.

        It’s not anywhere near as bad as it was, but I still have the “stay safe” talk with female colleagues and make it clear that I will sign off any Hackney Carriage expenses claim. (I also remind the guys to be careful of IONAs in the hotel bars.)

        • Lady London says:

          @Andrew IONA? can you explain please?

        • Lady London says:

          …. Er… or have I led too sheltered a life? 🙂

        • Andrew, do you ever consider what your colleagues think of you?

        • Good of him to pay taxi expenses incurred by his staff whilst doing their job, I thought 🙂

          I once led a karaoke session for five under-employed Russian prostitutes in a hotel bar in St Petersburg …..

        • Andrew says:


          One of my colleagues was dragged into one of the lanes off Wellington Street and brutally raped. Don’t get me started on wallets, ID badges, laptops, mobiles and IONAs.

    • Chris says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as say it’s not well regarded, however I would definitely say it’s not inspiring.

      There are some nice priorities that are solid, however there is nothing there that I would say really stands out or is “Great”.

      I also think Glasgow is nearing saturation levels with hotels. As someone who stays there regularly I’d say rates are between 15% to 30% lower than they were two years ago. If there is something big on at the SECC or the The Hydro rates are higher but even then aren’t as high as they once were during events. Great for us though I suppose.

      Re the Rad Red my cousin has stayed there last weekend as he was at something at The Hydro. He ticks all the boxes for the target audience. Young, trendy, outgoing etc etc and his response was it’s “Ikea on steroids” and reckons within eighteen months it will look “Pretty old”.

  7. The Radisson Red is certainly not in the West End. It is located in a nondescript area with very little around other than the SSE Hydro as the article suggests.

    • Although to be fair to the writer, that is what they state on their website.

    • Relaxo says:

      It’s not in the middle of nowhere. Finnieston 5 mins away has loads of bars/restaurants. It’s right next to a business complex that many SMEs are based in & the west end is only 15-20 mins walk away.

  8. I learnt to have a good food fight in Beckington. I spent three years climbing the walls in Queens Lane after that. The City taught me less. But I prospered. And I learn much from this site about keeping BA Gold whilst running a small cafe on a relatively modest income. Getting into Oxford or Cambridge is not a level playing field. And because of prejudiced opinions, it’s skewed in favour of the state educated sector. If people want to pay a bit to level the field, then why not hey? Though in my day we just got a two E offer. After a lot of hard work.

  9. Gerry says:

    Re Emirates and Edinburgh: This is a bonus for EDI after the loss of the Etihad service around the same time. I know there was talk of low sales on the AUD-EDI flight, but my impression of a full Business and 4/5 full Economy in March last year made me think this flight was working, along with the Qatar link Edinburgh also has.
    But it throws up a couple of questions re the Emirates service.
    Etihad and Qatar do not have lounges in Edinburgh and you have to use the BA lounge (nice, but a bit boring) or No.1 Lounge. I flew DUB-AUD last year and the Etihad lounge in Dublin is fab, all for one flight a day. Will Emirates have their own Business/First Lounge at EDI like there is in GLA? To my knowledge Emirates have the only First Class out of EDI. A friend from Edinburgh that uses the GLA Emirates flight regularly says he’ll continue to use that flight if there’s not a suitable lounge available at EDI. He would continue to use the chauffeur car from Edinburgh to GLA. Which then poses the question, will Emirates still allow their chauffeur drive cars to extend to Edinburgh or will this be withdrawn to help promote the EDI flight?
    Overall a good addition to Edinburgh’s flights, with Hainan coming on board shortly. We just need a much bigger airport….!

  10. Genghis says:

    Oxbridge certainly isn’t that stuffy anymore and whilst I wouldn’t say it’s easy to get in, they let me as a rough northerner in. I’d be willing to offer some advice for free (but not to rich SW7 types)

  11. Stephen says:

    OT: are there any deals for getting points with car tyres at the moment? The blackcircle offer from a few years ago is no longer valid, but I have a full set to replace, so would nice to be able to get a few points for it.

  12. Richard Kenyon says:

    If the Emirates flight is 8 F class seats as per article, then this won’t be the new F. The new F class B777 only has 6 F as far as I know.

  13. have enjoyed reading the comments in this article. For a change they are almost all ON TOPIC and 80% of them don’t begin with “OT (no bits today)”.
    an enjoyable read.

  14. Derek says:

    Re Emirates Lounge @ EDI. THERE’s a big expansion in construction at the moment to add more gates and airside space, so there’s a possibility Emirates have negotiated some new Lounge facilities as No1 Lounge can get a little busy, and I suspect Emirates will take up residence around Gate 11, which is a common gate for Qatar and Etihad

  15. Londoner says:

    I am considering buying a WTP ticket from CPH to LAX with a return in CW both paid in cash. If I upgrade both of those tickets (subject to availability) which tax difference will I have to pay?

    Total tax on a return ticket from CPH to LAX with WTP outbound and CW inbound is 282 GBP, but 330 GBP for CW + F.
    Total tax on a return ticket from LHR to LAX with WTP outboind and CW inbound is 526,61 GBP (and does not include tax on the CPH-LHR leg both directions), but 576,61 GBP for CW + F.

    Would I have to pay the difference (around 50 GBP) or the difference between the tax I paid (282) and the tax payable for that leg (576,6), which would be almost 300 GBP?

    Any ideas?

  16. If Glasgow is the second RR hotel in Europe, where is the first one? This things need to be mentioned (ideally)

    • Brussels.

    • Peter K says:

      I was looking on the RR site a couple of weeks ago for a friend and it lists the hotels there.
      They allow dogs for those that impacts on.

  17. JamesB says:

    They have historically received a subsidy along with their teaching grant to help cover the extra costs of their collegiate structure and associated student perks. This subsidy has been reduced over the years by central government as it was seen to be unfair to other universities and their students. The subsidy may already have been eliminated entirely or replaced by some other funding to some degree, I have no idea, I left the sector a decade ago. I should also stress that tbe collegiate structure was never entirely supported by central government, the colleges themselves partly funded the perks through other sources of income. This is all independent of research funding except that an element of overheads from that too may have supported college perks.

  18. Loads of v good stays at Glasgow Hilton, upgraded to exec lounge loads of times, v happy with friendly genuine service from local staff.

    • Is that the same Exec Lounge in the basement with no windows? Might actually be ground floor but it still has no windows.

      It’s pretty basic and uninviting…surely you’d have to agree?

  19. johnny_c-l says:

    The (IMO ghastly) full wall mural would put me off staying at the Radisson RED despite the probably fantastic views. Reminds me of the Park Plaza Riverside that has rooms with the creepy full wall image of a shining-esque girl/doll/whatever it’s supposed to be.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah the mural puts me off and also reminds me of Marriotts Moxy brand where there is something random like that on the walls. I’m not too keen on Moxy either although I dare say if it had been around fifteen to twenty years ago I would have loved it.

      • In terms of value for money I think Moxy Excel is outstanding. I will do a review at some point. I also went to a dinner at the Vienna one last year and I was probably the youngest of the group at 46. It would be a bit odd if your employer insisted you stay there if you were over, say, 35 but on my experiences so far I am pleasantly impressed.

        • Chris says:

          That was similar to my experience in Aberdeen last year. Stayed there to pick up the free night cert for mega bonus. I’m 38 and although I wasn’t the oldest there I wasn’t far off it.

          Nothing against them, if I needed to I would stay again. The bed was comfy and I slept well but it reminded me of a student union with rooms above. Great concept but sadly about fifteen years too late for me.

        • Nick_C says:

          I stayed at the Moxy Excel in Wednesday, before walking to LCY on Thursday morning to get on BA001

          I really liked the Moxy. Friendly staff. Trendy open plan multi purpose ground floor. Excellent cheap coffee (they charged me £2 for a double Nespresso).

          The rooms are like a luxury version of Holiday Inn Express.

          Super King bed, very comfortable. Heavy luxurious bath towels. Quirky decor.

          Free WiFi. Good Internet speed and they encourage you to cast your own entertainment to the 40″ TV.

          I loved it and would definitely stay again. And I’m 60, traditional, and normally unimpressed by modern gimmicky stuff.

  20. Bigjim says:

    Emirates obviously have faith in the scottish market. When i heard about this i assumed that they would pull one of the flights from glasgow and both airports would share the two flights. It will be interesting to see what unfolds. Does anyone have geographic data on how many people from the east of scotland used the glasgow service..does any exsist? I wonder if Glasgow flights will suffer? Will fares be higher at Edi than at Gla?

    • GLA resident here. I have driven to EDI for the QR flight a few times, it’s only really an hour (I live in the west end) from my house. The QR flight is being upgraded to a A350 (Think it already has been?). I wouldn’t be surprised if QR started a 788 to GLA and had a price war with EK (If they can afford it).

      I do remember back pre-2014/5/6 EK owned the entire Scottish ME3 market because QR and EY wasn’t in the market. People from all over the centre belt would use GLA was the DXB flights.

      With EY out of the game, I think we’ll have GLA with 1 or 2 dailys to DXB and 1 to DOH within a year. The EDI flight DXB flight is just gonna sap up all the people that used EY and maybe some QR pax.

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