Bits: redeem your Groupon Ireland vouchers today, BA suspends Oakland and Fuerteventura, Gulf Air sale

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News in brief:

Redeem your Groupon Ireland vouchers from today

A quick reminder that if you bought any cheap Avios through the recent Groupon Ireland promotion, you can redeem your voucher from today at

In theory you can only credit these to an Aer Club account.  You might want to try crediting them to British Airways Executive Club – if it works (EDIT: it doesn’t!), it will save you the trouble of using ‘Combine My Avios’ later.

If it doesn’t, you’ll need to credit to Aer Club (you may be able to give an account number anyway, the numbering system is the same) and then use ‘Combine My Avios’ on to move them across.

British Airways cancels Oakland service

British Airways suspends Oakland and Fuerteventura

British Airways has announced a couple of additional route suspensions.

The underperforming Gatwick to Oakland route – which was only set up in the first place to annoy Norwegian – is now suspended for Summer 2019, ie from late March.  It was already suspended for the October to March Winter season so it is fair to say that this one can now be treated as permanently cancelled.

You can either rebook on a BA San Francisco service or fly British Airways to Seattle and connect to an Alaska Airways flight to Oakland.

The Gatwick to Fuerteventura route is also cancelled from 25th November.

You can choose to be rebooked on Aer Lingus, routing Heathrow to Dublin (BA only) to Fuerteventura.  Plan B is to use Brussels Airways, routing Heathrow to Brussels on BA.  Note that Aer Lingus and Brussels Airways do not have a business class cabin.

Gulf Air sale deals

Gulf Air has launched a couple of interesting business class deals from Heathrow to the Middle East and Asia.

Prices are, in theory, £1149 return to Bangkok, £1149 return to Dubai, £1279 return to Muscat and ‘from’ £1149 return to various Indian destinations.

These fares do not seem to be bookable on the Gulf Air website, so you need to use Expedia, Opodo or similar.  Expedia is pricing about £60 higher than what I quote above.  Trailfinders, if you have a branch near you, is advertising them at the exact prices I mentioned.

London to Bahrain will be on a brand new Boeing 787 with fully flat beds in Falcon Gold business class.  You should check the seating on your connecting flight.

Gulf Air is NOT in a major alliance but you can credit your miles to an American Airlines or Cathay Pacific account. (EDIT: AA just dropped Gulf Air, see the comments below)

Travel dates are 6th September to 31st December.

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  1. AndyR says:

    Sorry OT – has anyone spent £14k on the Lloyds Avios credit cards in 1 year to see if a 2nd upgrade voucher triggers? I vaguely remember someone on here saying they did get 2 in 1 year.

    • Have never heard of that – only of people receiving two vouchers in 12 months due to the anniversary date of their account (which is perfectly do-able if you trigger towards end of one year and early in the next year).

    • the_real_a says:

      Sadly i can confirm It does not trigger.

    • AndyR says:

      Oh well thanks guys 🙁

      • Bigsi says:

        I had an argument with them a few years about the different terms for the card and managed to get a second voucher out of them as I had spent over 14k.

  2. Simon says:

    I had similar IT issues as Nick’s when redeeming some Groupon codes for Iberia Plus a couple of months ago. Best to contact Groupon if the codes don’t go through as they were able to sort out, in one case by refunding the cash. Clearly I’ll be using up the IB Avios points for redemptions this week before next week’s bunfight begins…

  3. Nick M says:

    Completely OT – potentially looking at flights SEN-MAN rather than driving with the children… how long do you think we’d need to allow at the airport? Need to allow more than “normal” for contingencies and checking in carseats, but presumably considerably less than 2 hours? (Admittedly we did get a final call at T5 last weekend!)

    • It’s is a small and not very busy airport – at least 18 months ago when I was there – so 90 minutes should do it, as long as you are sure the traffic to the airport won’t whack you.

    • the real harry1 says:

      Depends if you have a connecting flight onwards from MAN…and which airport you mean by ‘how long to allow at the airport’…I have to assume you mean you are connecting onwards ie SEN-MAN, MAN-XXX (otherwise not sure why you would ask the question). In this case the usual caveats apply, ie on 1 PNR, you’re not risking anything much so 90 mins, on 2 PNRs considerably longer for peace of mind + travel insurance

    • Nick M says:

      Thanks Rob.. will allow a little extra time for the drive to the airport as will be going over the Dartford crossing, but good to know I shouldn’t have to double-count the “in case of delays” time!

      Harry – no additional flights, just SEN-MAN… didn’t want to hang around at SEN for longer than necessary but travelling with 2 children means you can’t rush quite as much, so need to allow for a bit of slippage time!

    • Lady London says:

      There is a train that stops at the airport, it goes from Liverpool St station I think.

  4. Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Aisak says:

    About the axe on LGW-FUE it’s quite weird to make passengers use LHR for rebookings and even put them on SN BRU-FUE…. IB Express LGW-MAD and MAD-FUE could have kept passengers within IAG.

    If the LGW-FUE comes with a connection from EDI GLA, NQY, JER…. Then the EI option via DUB might make more sense

    • Maybe all the MAD flights were booked up after the recent Avios promo 🙂

  6. Omair says:

    O/T: BA exec reward bookings have been a pain recently, I tried to book a reward flight on Srilankan (oneworld), it shows availability but online booking fails, on calling them they reserved it but can’t take payment for taxes over the phone, gave me 3 days to go to the airport in person and pay at ticket desk, that’s a 3 hour time waste trip to heathrow or gatwick for me, annoying in this day and age they can’t sort technology! Even taxes were £50 more than ITA matrix…. anyone else here asked to go pay in person?

  7. dicksbits says:

    Was FUE underperforming too? Answers on a postcard…

  8. davem says:

    My avios have posted and just transferred to my BAEC

  9. Clarence says:

    That’s good news except I can’t get into my account. Don’t know what’s up

  10. oliver says:

    Help, I’m totally confused. Sp my Groupon Avios have posted to Aerclub…Happy Days.
    However, how to I get them to post to Avios. My existing account is only linked to BA & Iberia. How do I link AerClub or do I need and entirely new Avios account linked to AerClub as the BA
    one is closing?


    • the real harry1 says:

      Good point, I guess a telephone call would do it if you have the patience. If your a/c is still open, you could do it on Chat, which is painless, then transfer to BAEC from there?

      Or doesn’t AerClub share the same Chat function as (I thought it was the same platform?) – as the Chat girls (& I guess the odd Jock) are really quick & efficient

      • the real harry1 says:

        Queries regarding our loyalty programme
        0333 0045777

        Gotta be faster than asking BAEC support for help

  11. Hi rob – I love this blog! Slightly unrelated question. What’s the best weekend trip May be able to secure last minute using Avila from the UK this summer. Is it best to use a partner airline compared to BA? I’m a newbie and would appreciate your help! Ideally don’t want to spend more than 25,000 points for two of us! Is points and cash combination worthwhile?

    Thanks all in advance!!!


    • Easiest way to quickly search is by using the tool and plugging in cities at random. If you want to come back on a 6pm Sunday services you are always going to struggle at such short notice on Avios but if you are flexible something will pop up. Gatwick services are more likely to be available.

  12. I cant seem to transfer my Avios from AER to my account. When I go to it will only let me transter from BA and Iberia. Any idea how I can get my Avios from AER Lingus to my BA account? TIA

    • You Aer Lingus account IS an account. Log in with your Aer Club info.

      • Thanks just noticed that, got confused as I already had a Avios account and I logged onto my original account and not the one created with AER Lingus

    • Yes, up. But …. the reason we wrote about it was that it was unreasonably cheap – and that is now corrected.

  13. Since my became an AerClub account I haven’t been able to use Combine My Avios to my Iberia account. Just throws an error saying details don’t match. Any ideas how I sort this one?

  14. same issue with combining
    the 4000 points showing on new Aer Club account, and can see them on the new Avios account that was created
    but when I click on the transfer to BAec button and enter my BAec as required, it does not recognise it

    any ideas how to get the Aer Club 400 points transferred out to my BAec ?

    • Try doing it from inside BAEC

      • ty for fast reply

        Tried to get them moved from inside my BAec, but does not recognise the Avios sign in details that I use for the Aer Club avios account created when I joined for the Groupon deal.

        So unable to get the transfer done from inside BAec, or get transfer from ‘new’ Avios account to BAec.

        any idea what I,m doing wrong ?

  15. sorted now

    it appears that your Avios account attached to your Aer Club, must have the same email address as your BAec account, or the ‘combine’ will not work.

    so just change the Avios email to match your BAec account email, and it works fine.

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