Good new BA Amex ‘bonus Avios’ promotion – requires registration

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If you have a British Airways American Express card, an interesting new promotion should be waiting for you.  The majority of cardholders seem to have it.

Tthat said, looking at the comments below there are a large number who do not, so don’t take it personally if it isn’t there! You might another interesting offer worth registering for, so it won’t be a total waste of two minutes of your life to check.

You need to go to the American Express website here, log in, go to your BA Amex statement page and scroll down to ‘Offers’.

You will see a variant of this:

There appear to be three variants and you don’t get to choose which one you get:

Spend £3000 and get 3000 Avios, up to three times

Spend £1500 and get 1500 Avios, up to three times

Spend £750 and get 750 Avios, up to three times

British Airways American Express special offer

These are the partners who count – note the currency restrictions:

British Airways – £ only

Avis – £ only

BA Holidays – £ only

Heathrow Express – £ only

All (?) Marriott and Starwood hotel brands (check the full list online) – all currencies

You have from the date you register until 31st December to hit the spending target.

The implication – despite the wording saying “a transaction [singular] of £750+” – is that it is based on combined spend, so you can mix and match partners to hit the target.

Be very wary with the Marriott offer.  There is a 3% foreign exchange fee on your British Airways American Express card.  It MIGHT make sense to use your BA Amex when you factor in the value of the base Avios and the bonus, but it also might not.  Anyone with a different credit card with 0% FX fees may want to use that instead and forget about the bonus.

(We will be spending around €800 at a Marriott next month, for example.  With her 2-4-1 voucher already triggered for the year, it will be pointless to use my wife’s BAPP card and pay €24 in fees to trigger 750 bonus Avios and around 1100 base Avios when I have a 0% FX credit card to use instead.)

My view is that this is NOT a bonus so generous that you should chase it.  However, 31st December is a long way away.  REGISTER NOW and then, if your combined spend across these partners hits the £750 / £1500 / £3000 target, you’re sorted.

You need to register by logging in to the Amex website here or via the Amex app.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. sunguy says:

    Heres another variation….mine….

    Spend £400 & get 400 Avios up to 3x

  2. Tom K says:

    Couldn’t you buy a fully refundable BA ticket and then cancel it once you have the Avios?

  3. Carole Frost says:

    Annoyingly I don’t seem to have this. I am due to pay the balance on a BA holiday next week so this would be opportune timing but there is nothing like this in my offer section of my BA AMEX app.

  4. John Crilly says:

    Must be targeted as it doesn’t appear in my account

  5. Steve says:

    Nothing on mine either – I hit my 10k voucher theshold within a month so I guess no reason to incentivise me lol. Never seem to get any of the offers mentioned on here.

    • Just call them. They always add the offers even if not showing. I did it this morning.

      • Jonathan says:

        Interested in how you managed this as I just called & was told they don’t have the means to manually add offers to cards anymore or explain why individuals weren’t targeted. This fits with what I’ve heard recently from others. Did you escalate to supervisor?

        • Seconded. I was told the same.

        • No, it took them 5mins. He went off to speak with someone and said he’s now applied it to my card. I’ve done this kinda thing loads of times. Maybe it was on my card but I couldn’t see it. Anyway I got the £750 version.

  6. William Kerr says:

    disappointingly nothing on my BA Amex Offers… G R O A N !! Have a nice weekend Rob !

  7. not targeted and contacted amex. was not poss to add. as a signifigant BA spender i suspect that was the reason. pity as i have few flights to pay for over next few weeks!

  8. Ashic says:

    Only appears on wife’s primary BAPP, not in mine, and not in the supplementaries. The offer she got is for 1500 avios for £1500 spend up to 3 times. Holding off for some flights next year, so will definitely be used.

  9. Ruth4325 says:

    I don’t have one, in fact I’ve had hardly any offers on my BAPP lately, very disappointing. My Amex rewards Gold has had lots of good offers though. Odd.

    • Cuchlainn says:

      Snap Ruth !!

      BAPP has only had 4 max ( fingers crossed for Kaligo going through ok ) since I started again in early March 2018 for £195 p.a. – Gold Rewards has been running at 35+ Offers since it started in Dec 2017 for £0 annual fee… Just about to try my £100 off £500 spend in Naples, Florida ????

      • Exactly my situation- 4 offers on bapp, 40 on gold charge cars. Coincidence?

    • Same. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that AmEx loses money every time you use the BAPP card?

  10. dicksbits says:

    Probably a query noone can answer but if you book say a fly drive to the Canaries for next spring (worth over £750) with BA and pay the deposit of £300 now, would you need to clear the balance by Dec 31 to get your paws on the extra avios?!

  11. Billy says:

    Don’t have the offer on my BA Amex

  12. Thanks Rob – I got the £1500 offer

  13. William Kerr says:

    hadnt been using the card, and although Amex operator said it should be on my card in reality it was not …. as previous contributor said – “no card use – no offer ” – its triggered by card use – I`ve been listening to HFP too much in reports saying greater flexibility in using Membership Rewards Card ( the clear and blue one …) !

  14. My wife & I both have BA premium AmEx cards and neither of us have this offer ☹️

  15. Derek says:

    Found the £400/400 x3 offer but it was buried in the other offers. Scrolled past it the first time as it had no brand logo to make it stand out

  16. Disappointed Guy says:

    Not on my card…..why only a limited offer!

  17. Scott says:

    Not targeted for this unfortunately – they must realise I’ve already spent quite enough on BA this year!

  18. Nothing on my black card nor my wife’s blue 🙁

  19. What’s the point if i spend £750 normally i get 1 or more avois points per £ thats not a deal.

  20. rams1981 says:

    If not on your card you could call and ask to add. The £5 off £50 esso offer wasn’t on my card and I had to added and made £200+ of savings

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