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Avios from the Iberia ‘90,000 Avios’ points promotion CAN now be transferred to British Airways

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Many Head for Points readers took part in the Iberia ‘90,000 Avios for booking 10 one-way Iberia flights you didn’t have to fly’ promotion a few weeks ago.

You can read about it here, here and here.

This was a crazy offer, to put it mildly.  You could buy the cheapest 10 flights you could find, for around €250 all-in, and you’d have 90,000 Avios which – in the worse case scenario that you used them for a hotel room – would be worth £500.  Used for flights you should have been able to get £1,000 of value if used smartly.

When the Avios arrived, however, Iberia added a clause – the points could not be transferred to British Airways Executive Club.

For some people, this was OK.  For many others, who wanted to combine the 90,000 Avios with their existing BAEC balance in order to use a British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher, it was not good.

Iberia has now relented.  You will find that you can transfer out your 90,000  Iberia Plus bonus Avios into your British Airways Executive Club account.

Iberia 90,000 Avios now transferable to British Airways

This is – for clarity – exactly what Iberia promised me in writing would be possible when encouraging me to promote the offer on HFP.

However, before you do this, remember one thing.  Iberia also said that, if you do this, your Iberia account will have a negative balance of 90,000 Avios on 1st December because the promotional Avios will be treated as unspent and removed from your account.

You may not care about that.  You may care.  Either way, bear it in mind before you move your Avios into British Airways Executive Club.

The reason for this change of heart, by the way, is a full-page story on this offer which is appearing in The Mail on Sunday tomorrow.

PS.  Remember that Iberia accounts MUST be 90 days old before they can use ‘Combine My Avios’.  If you opened an account specifically for this promotion then put a note in your diary for September.  If your account IS 90 days old but ‘Combine My Avios’ is not working, try this method.

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Comments (176)

  • Tyra says:

    I can’t remember if this has been covered (there’s been a lot of Iberia threads to keep on top of) but if you redeem your 90k Avios for Iberia Business class flights, are the taxes refundable as well as the Avios? Thanks 🙂

  • Randy says:

    If I leave the Avios in Iberia Plus and book a BA award flight from Iberia Plus:

    (1) Which Avios award chart is used? The Iberia Plus chart (often lower) or the BAEC chart (often higher)?

    (2) Will I get the benefit of the lower taxes and fees Iberia Plus charges, or will I have to pay the higher BAEC charges?

    (3) Will the Iberia Plus or BAEC peak/off-peak dates apply?

    • Rob says:

      The BA chart

      Iberia’s lower taxes and charges only apply to Iberia flights (obvs, as half the saving is APD as you’re starting in Madrid)

      BA peak dates

  • Scott says:

    Am I right in saying transatlantic flights on American booked through IB avios have to be roundtrip? Thanks

    • Rob says:

      Yes, all partners must be round trip. No open jaw either. And NOT refundable or changeable.

  • Rob says:

    A ‘Trick’ to move avios points out of Iberia account that has just worked for me… I kept either receiving an error message about my account having timed out (when on mobile) or only being able to move points from avios to Iberia when trying to CMA. Out of curiosity, I sent 100 points from avios to Iberia (instant transfer) and then reloaded the CMA screen. Suddenly I was able to move avios in both directions (specifically IB->avios) and in any size chunk I wanted. Result 🙂

  • DaveP says:

    Just gone to Iberia website to transfer Avios to BAEC to find that the transfer function within the ‘Buy, Give Away or Transfer Avios’ section has been removed! only the Purchase option is visible.

    IT glitch or sneaky move by Iberia?

    • Genghis says:

      I moved some earlier. Pull from and then pull from BA (the push from wasn’t working).

    • Guesswho2000 says:

      Their site’s a nightmare, do it from the BAEC end (or if you have a BA HHA)

    • Rob says:

      Doesn’t work via IB anyway. Best to do it all from – pull from IB then push to BA.

      • the real harry1 says:

        I transferred 90K fine IB to BAEC (megoodwife). No HHA where she is concerned.

  • Paul says:

    I booked 2 economy returns on IB with the 90k miles in Blue class after transfers were stated as blocked. Can I cancel those flights, get a tax/charge/Avios refund and then transfer the miles to BAEC?

    • Rob says:

      In theory but if you want the flights I would leave them – saves cancellation fees and removes any risk of negative balances in December.

      • the real harry1 says:

        Inadvisable – in the same boat – not going to do that just to potentially save on RFS etc. T&Cs advise you’ll lose.

        • Paul says:

          Thanks both. Happyish with the bookings but that 90k with my other BAEC stash would have been a nice business treat for me and missus with 241 voucher. Wasn’t aware Ts&Cs forbade this?

  • James says:

    Rob, thank you for all the great articles; Good News – Iberia account opened on June 23rd, 10 flights purchased for Jan – Mar 2019, 90,000 Avios arrived before the end of July, but I do not seem to be able to move points from Avios or BA to Iberia – looking to get to 220,000 for 2 business class seats next April LHR-YYZ. Do I need to wait until September 23rd to move points into my Iberia account – Also is there a trick to buy BA PE tickets, all I can seem to see is Blue, Business or First.

    Thank you

    • James says:

      Rob, Found the article in the university so can answer my first question – I do need to wait 3 months.