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Good To Go Parking – the secret way to save on Official Heathrow Parking at the airport

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We covered Good To Go Parking quite a bit in 2017 as it was very active in offering discount codes.  Those dried up, and I realised recently that we haven’t mentioned Good To Go at all since last November.  Since it can offer good savings to any flying from Heathrow who also wants convenient parking, I though we’d cover it again today.

There are no shortage of third party parking companies around Heathrow, operating from sites which are generally a good distance from the airport.  Some of these are fairly sophisticated, some give the impression (which is often the fact) of sticking your car in a lightly secured field and hoping no-one steals it.

EDIT, 2022:  Heathrow has now closed down ‘Good To Go Parking’.  Be aware that any firm you may see online with a similar name is not related to the airport and you will not be parking in the official terminal car parks.

Good To Go Parking

In the past you had to make a choice – save money with a third party operator who is not based at the airport, or pay a high price for the convenience offered by Official Heathrow Parking.

Official Heathrow Parking has a wide range of options: Short Stay, Valet Parking, Pod Parking (at Terminal 5, very cool!), Business, Meet & Greet, Long Stay and Drop & Ride.  Business travellers usually choose Official Heathrow Parking, which is primarily concerned with convenience with options of parking as near as 45 metres from the terminals.

If you are a leisure traveller, on the other hand, the pricing of the official car parks may put you off.

There is now a way of using the airport-controlled car parks without paying a premium price, however …..

Good To Go Parking

Heathrow Airport Parking is not the only official Heathrow Parking solution.  A more cost efficient option especially for longer stays is the relatively new Good To Go Parking.

Good To Go Parking uses the same long term car parks as Official Heathrow Parking.  You just pay less.

(Well, most of the time you pay less.  I have seen occasional comments that you can get odd price spikes, so do check the main official car park site too just in case.)

There are three parking options to choose from: Park & Ride, Meet & Greet and Drop & Ride.

Park & Ride is the best value for long-stay parking. You park your can and take a shuttle bus to the terminal which takes approximately 3 to 15 minutes

Meet & Greet means you will meet someone from Good To Go who will park your car and you take a short 2-5 minutes walk to the Terminal.

Drop & Ride is only available at Terminal 4 and 5. You park your car and take a short shuttle ride to the terminal.

The Terminal 5 option is the standard Long Stay Car Park.  If you want convincing that you will be using the official, Heathrow controlled, car parks, take a look at the Reevoo reviews.  There is a link at the bottom of the GTG home page.  They have 97% positive feedback and the only recurring complaint is that the car parks used are not branded ‘Good To Go’ but are the ‘usual’ terminal car parks.

The only requirement for Good To Go parking is that the parking period has to include a Saturday night for ‘Park & Ride’ or ‘Meet & Greet’.  This is to attract holiday makers and deter the business market.  For some reason, there is no Saturday night requirement for ‘Drop & Ride’ at Terminal 5.

If you are currently using Purple Parking or someone similar because you don’t want to pay the price charged by Official Heathrow Parking in their long term car parks, this could be a more convenient choice for your next holiday.

The Good To Go website is here.

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  • david jones says:

    parking around heathrow has got prohibitively expensive recently. my daughter went away for a week and it cost her something like 150 pounds. sounded almost like the price of her holiday. i’m sure a few years ago it was far cheaper.

    • Paul says:

      It was much cheaper. I regularly used valet parking from purple Parking for our 3 week augustvtrip and it was consistently around £100 making it about the same as a taxi. Now it almost double and the taxi still around £100 return.
      I do use T short term for weekend trips but that around £65 as opposed to about £45 2 years ago

    • David says:

      Presumably it’s a deliberate effort to encourage people onto public transport, which HAL needs to do to address the air quality concerns around the 3rd runway.

  • Anon says:

    I have to be honest I’ve struggled to ever find a deal with this. I’ve just looked for a weekend in a couple of weeks (maybe 1 night doesn’t work?), it was £27.99 on Good to Go, and £27 on the regular Heathrow parking site.

  • Gordon says:

    Me and my wife used to use purple parking and good to go from Heathrow but they increased their prices, for the last 2 years we have used NCP yes you may be surprised we mostly travel from terminal 5 LHR, So book with NCP and drop the car at their car park located in the Hilton hotel,(15 & 20 Min free transfer to T4 & T5
    They are in some cases 50% cheaper than PP AND GTG,
    You can subscribe free and get £5 extra off per booking,
    We have booked with NCP for out trip to Dubai in October and Jamaica Xmas cheapest hands down, don’t take my word for it check out their web site and compare.
    NOTE we mostly travel from T5 so we can’t say about T2 & T3 But you can be sneaky and park at Hilton and get the bus to T5 then get the free Bus or Terminal train to T3 as we are doing in December as our AA (operated by BA) flight departs from T3 and the return flight arrives at T5.
    Good Luck.

    • Roger says:

      Good shout on NCP Hilton.
      I checked my existing good to go booking which is Drop n Ride (you cant keep your keys) against the Hilton Car Park for T4/T5 and NCP is more than £10 cheaper for 8 days parking.

      • Roger says:


        As above you need to mention about Drop n Ride that it is not at the same as main car park
        It seems to be operated differently, with Drop n Ride you lose your keys, so cant self park in the main terminal car park.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        You are at the mercy of the buses though.

        One perticular evening there was no hoppa bus to Hilton T5 for well over an hour and the card machine wouldn’t work on the normal bus (it’s outside the free bus area) with no change for a £20. Luckily someone waiting for another bus did otherwise it would’ve been an expensive uber ride instead, more than wiping out a £10 save.

        I only used it becuase I was staying the night but if I wasn’t I would rather pay £10-20 more and be far closer to the terminal.

        • John says:

          You can’t pay cash on London buses now and if the machine is broken the driver just lets you on for free though.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Have to say I’m not a user of London buses and this is going back to Feb now so memory maybe hazy on who operated the bus that turned up after an hour or so wait but cash was accepted.

          My point is in the future it would have to be a significant cash saving to park anywhere but the terminal for me or not use one of the valet services.

        • callum says:

          London buses stopped accepting cash 4 years ago, maybe it was the Hotel Hoppa? The London buses seem to go past the Hilton every 10/20 minutes so I wouldn’t be too concerned about experiencing a one hour wait for one. Unless it’s the middle of the night, the odds are so low it’s easily worth the gamble of possibly having to take a short taxi ride.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks, will take a look at this.

    • the_real_a says:

      NCP / Hilton is great for weekends or long weekends – especially as you get free hoppa tickets included.

    • Craig says:

      +1 for the Hilton NCP, I’ve been using it for years. Sometimes we stay at the Hilton, sometimes I’ve booked the dreadful HI T5 as part of an accelerate push.

  • George Budd says:

    I used their drop a ride service over the summer – you get one of the little business buses to T5 and ring them when you want picking up. It’s a great service and was a £55 for a week vs £80 for the long stay with its huge bus (was tracking prices for a bit). Would 100% recommend.

    • Nigel S says:

      I agree. We paid £40 for a week over Easter and with the helpful staff and immediate transfer in their posh minibus it seemed like we were using a much more expensive service. We had to park near T4 for our flight from T5 which added a bit to the transfer time but I would highly recommend.

  • Paul says:

    Parking costs at Heatrow, even with park and go have become utterly ludicrous. It’s now cheaper to get a cab.

    I have also found a way of getting uber or friends and family to collect me without paying the pick up fees at T5. Having paid LHR huge sums to use the airport in the first instance it is infuriating that they the charge for someone to pick you up. Given how inefficient the airport is these parking fees can be very large indeed.

  • Discount Mike says:

    There are parking lots a couple tube stops or a bus ride to Heathrow that cost a fraction of official airport parking. Often these are quicker than getting to the airport than a shuttle.

  • FlyUpTop says:

    Paid £46 park & ride for a week stay recently, it is 10 Months in advance though.

  • filipino_chino says:

    I used the links on Money Saving Expert and i thought i got a good deal at around £50 for 2 weeks:

    Car Park: Heathrow AirParker Play & Fly Terminal 2, 3 & 5 – Park & Ride

    Original Price: £61.95
    Discount Saving: £15.49
    Parking Price: £46.46
    Booking Fee: £1.00
    Overall Cost: £47.46

    Your Journey:

    Location: Heathrow
    Drop Off Date: 27 Sep 2018 19:00
    Return Date: 11 Oct 2018 20:30

    • filipino_chino says:

      booked last week for a trip in Sept (normally book well in advance, but forgotten to book this one :/ )

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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