How to earn Avios via Clubcard when filling up at Esso

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Most of our Tesco Clubcard commentary now goes on over at Shopper Points Over there we are free to discuss every single Tesco bonus points promotion and we can reach a broader audience beyond the frequent flyer community.  That said, Tesco promotions are VERY thin on the ground at the moment due to the recent closure of Tesco Direct …..

As we discuss Shell Drivers Club on Head for Points – because Shell points can be transferred into Avios – I thought it was worth looking at the Esso / Tesco relationship over here.  You may not be aware that you can indirectly earn Avios when you fill up at Esso.

(Here is our last article on Shell Drivers Club if you want to learn more about collecting Avios via that route.)

The relationship between Tesco and Esso is a complex one which has changed – improved, if I’m honest – as time has gone on.

Tesco Express is a major partner with Esso and is the main operator of forecourt convenience stores for them.  You had always been able to collect Clubcard points on purchases from the Tesco stores at Esso.

Over the last few years, the scheme has been expanded.  It initially grew to allow you to earn Clubcard points on Esso petrol purchases at garages with a Tesco shop.  It then grew again to allow you to earn points at ANY Esso filling station, irrespective of who runs the retail side.

Tesco Esso

The earning rates are a little confusing.  This is a summary of the current Tesco / Esso relationship:

At Esso stores without a Tesco store, you earn 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) per 2 litres of fuel.

At Esso stores with a Tesco store, you earn 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) per £3 spent on fuel.

If your Esso store has a shop attached which is not a Tesco, you may (or may not) receive 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £1 spent in the shop. Some garages will not offer points for shop purchases even if they offer points for fuel.  This varies by garage.

If your Esso store has a Tesco attached, you receive 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £1 spent in the shop.

If you use the car wash, you earn 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) per £1.

For full details, take a look at this special Esso / Tesco website.

Whilst it is complicated, this is a genuine additional benefit to Avios collectors who do not live near a Tesco or Shell petrol station.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    So as long as the fuel you use remains below £1.50 per litre the earning rate is better at an Esso without a Tesco store attached than one with. Not much of an incentive to seek out a Tesco “branded’ one which is a little odd.

    • Tesco petrol stations (not Esso) offer the most clubcard points – 1 per £2. Even more if you have a Tesco debit card.

  2. An Esso I stopped at last week didn’t take Amex. But it was 119.9 (was paying 125.9 at the time). The essos I drive past are usually 128.9 when sainsburys is 125.9.

    It took me a while to realise that Tesco is still worth it even if 3p more expensive due to 4.8 avios on Tesco debit; I don’t go there normally because it’s 20 mins round trip from where I usually drive, and then I figured it’s still not worth it to race lorries round roundabouts and breathe in all the extra fumes…

    Been driving London to Manchester several times over August. I discovered that I should fuel up at an ASDA near Birmingham that is close to the M6, as it’s significantly cheaper than anything else within sensible distance either end.

  3. Sean Haffey says:

    One of the best deals in past years has been buying RAC membership with Tesco points.

    • I think not when you consider top cash back

      • +1. The RAC and AA offer up to 59% back in the hope you will forget to cancel the auto-renewal. I just alternate between them to maximise the sign up deals.

  4. Roger1* says:

    I know it’s complicated, but I’m trying to see a difference between:
    ‘At Esso stores with a Tesco store, you earn 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) per £3 spent on fuel.’
    ‘If your Esso store has a Tesco attached, you receive 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £1 spent in the shop.’

    The Esso website isn’y any clearer.

    Of course, one way to find out is to try, but shopping at our local Tesco Express with fuel is such a miserable experience, I usually drive past. 1 point/£ would be an incentive to stop.

    • Peter K says:

      The first comment is how much you earn when putting fuel in your car (only 1 point per £3).
      The second is how much you earn on groceries in the tesco store attached (the usual Tesco 1 point per £1).

  5. GeoffGeoff says:

    Do any of the rates change if you use a Clubcard which is also a Tesco Bank Credit Card? At Tesco Petrol Stations, these cards earn 1 Cc point per £ instead of the usual 1 per £2.

  6. on the subject of Tesco Clubcard (not Esso) – has anybody else suffered from a lack of TescoViews points in the last quarter ?

    I submitted at least one review a month, but in the last quarter i only got 1 of my expect three lots of 25 points.

    • I rarely get the ones we do on our accounts. Every few months I email them and get them added manually.

      • how much detail do you keep / send them as to when you did the reviews ?

        • I keep a list with the date when I do them. I do them across 3 accounts – for mine, my daughters and MIL accounts so I like to keep track. More often than not they don’t post so every so often I write and complain and I get them added manually.

        • i guess i will have to be more diligent in my record keeping 🙁

  7. Is anyone else having issues with Tesco when using the Pay+ app and linked to their Tesco Debit Card. Several weeks ago I started getting asked in store and for fuel if I was a member of staff as my app throws up a check out query saying management authorisation is needed. I was told there was an issue with fraud on staff app codes. If the member of staff overrides the authorisation at the till my receipt doesn’t register my Clubcard but I still get the points for the debit card and Pay+ bonus. If they do get authorisation then the points all post correctly. I am now having to get points manually added when staff don’t bother to get the authorisation. My main store added all my missing points recently and gave me an additional 500 pts for my trouble but the problem is still happening. You need to check your receipts as many others may not be receiving the correct points. My receipts say “join Clubcard today and you would have earned…..” . Will phone Clubcard when I get home next week and see what they say again but wondered if this was happening to others.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Strangely I had a staff member mention this and thought nothing of it but looking at my points I’m missing some for instore grocery shop but fuel has posted fine.

      I’ll keep an eye on it in the future.

    • The issue is because you have the Tesco Pay + attached to a Clubcard that originates from a credit/debit card. If you add a “normal” Clubcard then the issue apparently goes away. It is an intermittent issue for me – but I prefer to keep it the way it is, as they get manually added with compensation.

  8. sometimes you get a receipt that offers double points on your next visit

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