LAST CHANCE to book Lufthansa and SWISS 2-4-1 deals in Business and First Class

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This weekend is your last chance to take advantage of a very strong 2-4-1 offer.   Apologies to regular readers for covering this again but it is a good deal, with airlines I respect, and a rare opportunity (as it can’t be booked on miles) to try SWISS First Class.  Normal service resumes next week when I’m back in London!

(You can also now compare the prices with the new British Airways Club World and First Class sale deals which we covered yesterday.)

SWISS and Lufthansa are currently running some EXCELLENT First Class and Business Class ‘2-4-1’ deals.  Unlike some fare deals we write about, these are for departures from the UK so you don’t need to position yourself somewhere in Europe first.

Even better for those who live outside London, you can also book these deals from UK regional airports served by SWISS or Lufthansa.

But some people have had trouble booking them ….

I will run over the deals again in a second.  However, I need to explain the rather stupid way that the Lufthansa and SWISS booking engines work in relation to this offer.

The special booking link is VERY badly designed.  If there are no 241 seats available on the date you input, you are taken back to the booking page.  No explanation, nothing.

You probably think that the booking site is broken.  It isn’t.  It simply means that seats are not available.

How can I find dates where seats are available?

If you’re having trouble finding dates (and some destinations are worse than others – Buenos Aires is virtually impossible in First Class) then this is what you need to do.

Use the main Lufthansa or SWISS booking page (ie here for Lufthansa and here for SWISS) and search for two seats at FULL price.

You are looking for dates where the cost per seat is TWICE the price I quote below, because that is the 241 price, but no higher.

For Lufthansa First Class from London to Buenos Aires, for example, you need to find date pairs where the main booking home page quotes you (£2498 x 2) £4999 per seat.  This is very tough – on most dates, Lufthansa wants a whopping £9,000 for a First Class seat from London to Buenos Aires.

When you have found a date pair that works at full price, go back to the 241 link I give you below.  Type in the date there and – voila – it will work properly and it will show you the 241 price.

(For those who understand these things, in First Class it only works when Lufthansa has filed two ‘A’ class seats for both the outbound and return legs between the UK and your destination.)

Business Class deals

Here are the Business Class deals.  These are return prices per person from London BUT based on two people travelling.

Lufthansa A350 business class

With Lufthansa, you can depart from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Manchester.  You can book these deals here.

  • Abuja £1,250
  • Almaty £999
  • Astana £999
  • Bangkok £1,250
  • Beijing £1,500
  • Bengaluru £999
  • Bogota £1,500
  • Chengdu £1,350
  • Chennai £999
  • Dar es Salaam £999
  • Delhi £999
  • Guangzhou £1,350
  • Hong Kong £1,250
  • Lagos £999
  • Luanda £999
  • Mumbai £999
  • Nairobi £999
  • Port Harcourt £999
  • Rio de Janeiro £1,500
  • Sao Paulo £1,500
  • Shanghai £1,350

Lufthansa is 100% fully flat in business class, although not everyone is a fan of the current seat layout which means that both of you are sharing a footrest, albeit with a divider.  The A350 cabin is pictured above.  SWISS is better in this regard as the seats are not angled towards your neighbour.

That said …. as these are 2-4-1 deals it is highly likely that your neighbour will be your companion!

Swiss business class

Here are your options flying in SWISS Business Class, photo above.  You can see an availability calendar here from London on the SWISS website:

  • Bangkok £1,250
  • Beijing £1,500
  • Dar es Salaam £999
  • Delhi £999
  • Hong Kong £1,250
  • Mumbai £999
  • Nairobi £999
  • Rio de Janeiro £1,499
  • Sao Paulo £1,499
  • Shanghai £1,350

Swiss business class

First Class deals

Lufthansa’s First Class seat may not look so special, but it is a genuinely special experience, especially for lovers of premium lounges, chauffeur driven plane transfers and caviar:

These are the Lufthansa First Class deals per person, based on two travelling – you can check availability online here:

  • Beijing £1,999
  • Bogota £1,999
  • Buenos Aires £2,499
  • Bengalaru £1,499
  • Chengdu £1,750
  • Delhi £1,499
  • Guangzhou £1,750
  • Hong Kong £1,999
  • Johannesburg £2,499
  • Mumbai £1,499
  • Nairobi £1,499
  • Sao Paulo £1,999
  • Shanghai £1,749

Here are the SWISS First Class deals – see London departures on the SWISS website here:

  • Beijing £1,999
  • Dar es Salaam £1,499
  • Delhi £1,499
  • Hong Kong £1,999
  • Johannesburg £2,499
  • Mumbai £1,499
  • Nairobi £1,499
  • Sao Paulo £1,999
  • Shanghai £1,749

Swiss First Class

Here are the rules:

  • Book by Monday 3rd September via the special links
  • Two people must travel together
  • Travel at ANY point – subject to availability – until 31st July 2019 (until 30th June 2019 for China)
  • Must stay a Saturday night and the maximum stay is three months

Lufthansa is, perhaps, the most civilised First Class experience there is.   Here is the review of my Lufthansa First Class flight last year.  And, of course, the First Class Terminal – yes, a whole terminal – in Frankfurt where you get driven to the steps of your plane is something everyone should try once.

SWISS offers an excellent First Class and Business Class service.   We are NOT talking Emirates or Etihad style private suites, by any means, but you get a good quality seat, good food and drink and a very attentive crew.  It is a very civilised experience.

I flew SWISS First Class earlier this year, although I didn’t review it for the site, and it was as impressive as usual, albeit I put it a notch below Lufthansa First Class as the food is not as outstanding.  I also have a SWISS Business Class flight booked for October for me and my family.  Here is an older review of SWISS First Class I did.

SWISS and Lufthansa are both part of Lufthansa’s Miles & More loyalty scheme, although you can of course credit your flight to any other Star Alliance programme.

How to book

For SWISS, here are the special booking pages where you can also see availability calendars:

Heathrow – Business Class – click here

Birmingham – Business Class – click here

Manchester – Business Class – click here

Edinburgh – Business Class – click here

Heathrow – First Class – click here

Birmingham – First Class – click here

Manchester – First Class – click here

Edinburgh – First Class – click here

For Lufthansa:

all of the Business Class deals for London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester can be found here

and all of the First Class deals are here

There are some genuinely excellent deals here especially if you live outside London and especially because of the long travel period.  Take a serious look.  If you have had trouble booking so far, try again using my tips above.

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  1. We booked Swiss First to Dar Es Salam. I found the website very easy to use and very clear with regards to available dates. Also, it works if you book for 3 people in that all three people get it for half the 2 for 1 price, each. It doesn’t have to be a multiple of 2.

  2. Easy online booking with LH… able to combine F outbound with J inbound as a cost compromise whilst retaining the deal prices (e.g. £1999 for J return, £2999 for F return, £2499 for F/J mixed). Also was able to request limo service for the F journey and was sent a Tristar confirmation on the same day.

    • Ooh, I didn’t know limo services to the airport were included with Lufthansa! Does this apply if you’re starting your journey in Zurich?

  3. No need to apologise for drawing attention to this again – indeed thanks for doing so, I have jumped in! A great deal, particularly for those outside London.

  4. Heathrow to HKG is now showing as from £3999 on the sale page. Have the prices shot up in the closing hours of the sale?

    • Those prices are for two people (or, to be precise, for one person and you then get a 2nd ticket for free). The prices I quote in our article are the average price per person, so £4000 becomes £2000.

  5. Really pissed off. Book by 3rd September means NOT INCLUDING 3rd September itself. Spent ages deciding on travel dates and it was working this morning but then suddenly disappeared as I was trying to book. Rand Miles & More and they had no clue about the promotion!

  6. Sheila Breeds says:

    Just for your info as I appreciate this is not your fault ……
    The offer states “book by Monday 3rd September” – which is today.
    We have just tried to book tickets and were actually in the process of choosing the travel dates and flights which – as of 10.00am the offer prices were still showing on the website – when the offer suddenly disappeared. We called Lufthansa customer services and It seems that the offer actually expired today, not up to and including today – very unclear wording by Lufthansa – and extremely frustrating!
    This is a lesson for people trying to take up future offers – check exactly what they mean by “book by”

    • Sorry about that. It does clearly say “to 3rd September”. Poor show – I would have expected it to be pulled at 11pm (ie midnight German time) but not 10am.

      • Mark Mathieson says:

        Thanks for the “EDIT: This offer has been pulled early” info anyway. I was wondering about booking HKG on spec, and kept getting ‘page not found’. I might have spent hours otherwise…

        • Sheila Breeds says:

          After sending my earlier email we waited a couple of hours and just out of curiosity checked the website again – and surprisingly the offer had returned with the page slightly updated stating flights had to be booked today – so we have now booked them!
          so to anyone who read my earlier message – please check again as the offer has now been reinstated for today!
          sorry for confusion – but not really my fault!

        • Mark. have another go now. It came back and we booked MAN-BKK no probs in biz . Definitely needs Rob’s link though. If you go the normal route you just get normal proce. HKG in F very tempting at half price . Good luck

      • After sending my earlier email we waited a couple of hours and just out of curiosity checked the website again – and surprisingly the offer had returned with the page slightly updated stating flights had to be booked today – so we have now booked them!
        so to anyone who read my earlier message – please check again as the offer has now been reinstated for today!
        sorry for confusion – but not really my fault!

  7. Just booked for 5 pax and the system worked out the same price each paying half of the double rate including the 5th person.
    Also, as long as outbound was upto 31 July, it allows inbound to be booked upto 19 August
    Excellent value deal for First and Business

  8. I flew on this deal last year. I missed the deadline (long story) but in fact the deals were still there the next day and some of the prices were even better than before. Obviously they may not do this this time but just saying they seem a bit flexible with their deadlines.

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