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Iberia rolls out Premium Economy seating to Havana and Johannesburg

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Iberia has announced that Havana and Johannesburg will feature its Premium Economy seating from Summer 2019.

This means a 5cm wider seat, 15cm of additional seat pitch and 40 degrees of recline.  Premium Economy IFE is via a 12 inch screen compared with the 9 inch version used in Economy.

Premium Economy is already available on Iberia flights to Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Panama City, Quito, Santiago de Chile,and São Paulo in Latin America, plus Boston, Chicago, Miami, and New York in the United States.

Iberia rolls out Premium Economy to Havana and Johannesburg

You can learn more about Iberia’s Premium Economy cabin on their website here.

In other news, Iberia has announced an additional three weekly flights to Lima for Summer 2019 taking it to 10 weekly services in July and August.

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Comments (105)

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  • Hugh says:

    tbh, i much prefer the BoB coffee to the muck they include in the price of the flight, even at £2.45 that’s a fairly reasonable price to pay imho

    • Sussex bantam says:

      I agree. Whatever the right and wrongs of BoB at least the coffee is drinkable now

  • Ben says:

    A price increase of 15p! Disgraceful! I’m surprised this isn’t front page of the Daily Mail

  • James says:

    Anyone know a route which has IB premium economy and is only a couple of hours long ?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, London to Madrid if they are running the right long-haul aircraft that day. One flight a day is always on a long haul. If they are testing an A350 it will have PE.

    • Alex Sm says:

      Does anyone know how Iberia PE compared with BA PE?

  • Shoestring says:

    Then bring your own cup and coffee sachet/ teabag on board and ask for free hot water. You get the same hot water as everybody else. I asked the cabin crew if it was better to wait until after normal service, she said: no, just ask when we come round with the M&S trolley, all too happy to help. Get some cheap disposable plastic cups here – what’s more, Halfords will give you a free MOT worth £50 with every purchase at the moment. (Just get them to input your car rego at point of purchase in store. If you order something online, you get a free MOT voucher.)

  • Paul says:

    My wife bought some eco friendly reusable coffee cups from Costco and at the time I scoffed. Now flying domestically and in ET I fill them in the lounge. Last time with glenlivet!!!
    I won’t give BA bad money but clearly there are lots of people with more cash than sense and happy to buy on board. So long as there is BA will exploit then

    • Jamesay says:

      You mention “exploit” after saying you fill a cup with Glenlivet. Low. Really low.
      Reminds me of the tow rags I used to see fill flasks in lounge at GLA with brandies Armagnac or whiskys. Low.

      • Shoestring says:

        Can’t see it’s that much different to me slipping a couple of tinnies into my backpack or my kids pinching a couple of cans of pop. I never feel bad about that – the lounge gets £15 or so each from Amex and between us we never consume food/drink worth anything like that. I guess taking the mickey is when it’s half a bottle of spirits etc but I see a couple of beers as OK.

      • Anna says:

        I think you mean “toe rag”, although whether it’s a fair comment is another matter!

      • Lady London says:


    • Craig says:

      Be careful, many airlines ban this in their T&Cs, get caught outbound and you won’t be flying the return.

      • mr dee says:

        How many people do you know this happening to IRL?

        • Craig says:

          Quite a few but I’m in the industry. More likely it will be an additional terms of carriage.

        • Mr dee says:

          You mean filling up your cup with alcohol will get you banned from a return ticket? Not sure if you meant this?

    • Catalan says:

      Lol. How ‘Chavesque’ and low class is that. Fine attitude to be teaching today’s youngsters. Pinch things and think nothing about it.

      • Shoestring says:

        All paid for by Amex./ Priority Pass

        • Catalan says:

          To be consumed on the premises. No?

        • Shoestring says:

          No difference between guzzling those extra couple of tinnies in the last 10 minutes or sticking them in your bag & taking your time – same cost to provider.

        • Chris says:

          Dude, seriously take a look at yourself.

        • john says:

          One difference is their alcohol license most likely only allows you to consume on premise

        • Simon says:

          I felt like a hardened criminal when I slipped an apple in my carry on. Not sure I’d have the nerve for anything more than that!

      • mr dee says:

        Take it you don’t save a pack of crisps for the flight then!

        • Shoestring says:

          [Dude, seriously take a look at yourself.]

          No difference at all between pinching a tinny for the journey and pinching hotel toiletries to use later. Or pinching salt & pepper pots from Virgin.

    • Evan says:

      Nothing says class like take-away whiskey in a paper cup. I bet everyone here is really impressed.

      • AeroJ says:

        Oh, puh-lease! Business/First Class = Drunk Class, or at least Very-Merry-Christmas class, a pleasure to be enjoyed. Sorry to say but too many of you on HFP are travelling on either points, or on paid-by-employer (business) flights. Pay for your (very expensive) trip out of your hard earned, 40% taxed cash, and on leisure and perhaps you’ll unclench at the thought of smuggling a few drops of booze out of the lounge to keep you sane until the on-board pre-departure drink, which with the usual delays could be a couple of hours away! All those critising Shoestring talk like a bunch of over-pivilledged, status-obsessed, snobs and many of you have been too used to getting something for nothing, or at least very little… isn’t what this site is all about… ‘Value’… value for you = cost for the airline… think about it!?!?

        Quiet lurker on here for quite some time but having paid £0,000’s full fare F/J numerous times I don’t see a problem with enjoying the perks, and if that means taking a £10 Doggy Bag out with you vs your £5,000 flight then sounds fair to me.

        Shoestring… fill your disposable plastic cup to the brim buddy, no way you’ll ever take away as much revenue from the airlines as most on here do.

        • Shoestring says:

          Get up crack of dawn, 4 hours up the motorway, always stressful – accidents/ congestion/ delays – 3 teenagers in the back who know how to argue (though not going to claim that one, they are fine these days) – sure, I need to unwind and a couple of wee tinnies after lounge & on board if I’m flying cattle on points helps.

          I think we have to draw a line between pinching a chilled bottle of Champers or bottle of Glenlivet stuffed up your trousers – and taking a couple of drinks out for your flight/ pre-flight waiting. Or an apple. IMV you’d be crazy to say it’s black & white where that line lies.

          It’s grey.

          Same as going 30 mph in a 30 mph zone is fine – so is 31 mph illegal, somehow? Is it immoral/ dangerous/ selfish/ going to kill somebody/ fine-able? Or is it OK & are you basically applying double standards to the way you drive & the way you claim you behave in a lounge?

        • Shoestring says:

          The lounges won’t be paying duty or VAT, either.

          So a single tinny – even 500ml – will be about 25p.

          Not that much more than an apple.

  • Jamesay says:

    Sometimes I’m on a club or first out of LHR but on eco connection from gla. I’d hoped BA would recognise my status and offer a free cuppa alas too mean. I refuse to give them money for a cuppa. I won’t however resort to stealing Glenlivet from the lounge as mentioned by another person here.

  • Ian M says:


    I qualified as BA Silver yesterday. The app has updated now. I went into some of my upcoming Club World/Europe bookings believing I would now be able to select a seat for free.. But it’s still only offering seat selection for a fee. I understood Silver members get free seat selection. Is this because I was bronze status when I made the bookings?

    • Julie A says:

      Yes. If you go into your booking via the Royal Jordanian or Finnair websites and remove then re-enter your BAEC number you should then be able to go back in on BA and select a seat for free.
      It worked for me anyway.

    • Stu N says:

      Takes a few days to percolate through the system. You can always phone to ask them to reserve seats if you can’t do it online.

    • Ian M says:

      Ok thanks everyone

  • Roger says:

    OT- Existing Marriott Booking

    Do I have any recourse if the Hotel (Marriott) I booked promised in an email to offer Gold Benefits but now shies away as Gold benefits on Marriott have now been enhanced away?

    The booking was made at the start of the year when Marriott offered BF to Gold. But now citing new T&Cs and states there will be no such offer made during my stay next month.

    • Tilly says:

      Had same issue this weekend just gone. Booked Marriott in Berlin before changes were announced. Am only gold through SPG status match. When I checked in at reception I told receptionist when I booked I had lounge access with breakfast and showed her the booking confirmation email. She gave me and my friend lounge access thinking I’d been transferred over to the wrong tier. It might work for you too – not guaranteed though.

      • Lady London says:

        I am a bit puzzled by this thing of Marriott not honouring status benefits which the person would have got based on the rules at the time of booking, based on what their status would have given them at the time of the stay. Surely if a booking is unchangeable and not cancelable from the customer’s side then shouldn’t the hotel also be restricted from changing the offering from what pertained when booked?

        The benefits were either in the contract or they led the guest to make the booking andcso surely if one side can’t get of what is promised (the payment) then the other side can’t get out of providing the whole thing either?

    • Doug says:

      In Preston Marriott they didn’t allow me to have free breakfast from Gold membership, also no room upgrades.

    • H says:

      Was at Amritsar Fairfield by Marriott and Delhi JW Marriott last week and both hotels honoured the old Gold benefits

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