How to get a good Heathrow parking deal via the NCP at Hilton T5

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Good To Go Parking, which is a clever parking tip at Heathrow Airport.  You can read that here.  Good To Go is a ‘secret’ leisure-focused parking brand owned by the airport and using the official Heathrow car parks.  It often sells space more cheaply than Official Heathrow Parking as long as you stay a Saturday night – for using the same car park.

In the comments to that article, a couple of readers shared another good tip.

The Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 hotel has its own NCP car park.  You can park here for far less than using the official Heathrow car parks. Even better, your parking price includes a free ticket from hotel reception for the Hotel Hoppa bus service which will take you to the airport.

Details are on the NCP airports website here.  Search for ‘Heathrow’ in the top-right box and select the Hilton option.

NCP car park at Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5

This is how it is described:

“This NCP Heathrow Airport car park offers:

  • A convenient location near Heathrow terminals 4 and 5.
  • A shuttle bus service that’s included in the cost of your parking and runs regularly between the car park and the main terminal buildings.
  • A staffed car park 24hrs a day and located within the grounds of the 4 star Heathrow Hilton Hotel.
  • The ability to pre-book your Heathrow parking using our great value saver rates.
  • One of the cheapest Terminal 4 and 5 parking options available.”

One thing to note is that the Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 – and therefore the NCP car park – is NOT in the airport.  The only hotel directly linked to Terminal 5 is the Sofitel.  The Hilton is a five minute drive from Junction 14 of the M25, to the west of Terminal 5.  The Holiday Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5 is also a short walk away if you need a hotel and find the Hilton too expensive.

I did a price comparison with Good To Go for a week in late September:

NCP @ Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 – £49.29 (£52.19 for a refundable rate)

Good To Go Parking T5 – £57.99 Drop & Ride (long-term car park, needs shuttle bus, non-refundable)

Good To Go Parking T5 – £80.55 Park & Ride (nearest long-term car park to the terminal, non-refundable, needs shuttle bus)

Good To Go Parking T5 – £84.99 Meet & Greet (drop the car directly at T5, it is parked for you, non-refundable)

As you can, the NCP Hilton Terminal 5 option is particularly attractive if you may need to cancel your booking.

I never drive myself to Heathrow so I have no personal experience of any of these options.  The NCP option did get a lot of unsolicited positive reader feedback after our last article, however.  You can get a quote via the NCP airport site here.

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  1. If anyone needs the CTA from here, take the 81 bus from outside the Holiday Inn to the Compass Centre and change for the U3. Total cost (with Contactless) just £1.50, and quicker than HEx via T5. The same bus (other direction, same price) goes to Slough if anyone wants an evening at the cinema or a connection to the GWR.

    For the cheapskates among you, there’s plenty of unrestricted parking in the Harmondsworth, West Drayton and Yiewsley areas which are a 10-min bus ride from Heathrow.

    • From what I have seen those are only free on weekends, or involve parking right in front of someone’s house which is only a good idea for a day trip.

      As I see it the only reason to drive to Heathrow (if you live in London) is when you have a very early flight and public transport is not convenient. At other times of the day there is too much traffic and the free parking spots are usually taken by 6am

  2. We use the Thistle hotel and stay a night then get parking for a week or so as a package and use the automated Pod to get from their car park to T5 which takes 5 minutes. It is a very leisurely way to get to T5 and whilst you pay a fiver each way for a pod the fact you can be in T5 in under 10 minutes is fantastic.

  3. Shoestring says:

    Cheaper options available on MSE airport parking discount L4P, 7 days end Sept. Ignoring the cheapest & dodgiest, I see £49.12 + £7.60 airport fee for Meet & Greet service Parking Force [Serving all LHR terminals. Perfect for Business and Leisure travelers. Cars are parked in a nearby storage unit, on the airport boundary Police Awarded Park Mark approved Car Park with CCTV]

    and £42.39 DriveFly Park & Ride [carpark 4 miles away].

    Does the article Meet & Greet figure include £7.60? (The airport levy fee of £7.60 covers the cost of charges now being levied by Heathrow Airport to all Meet & Greet operators. This is for the use of the forecourts at drop-off and new designated collection areas within the short term car parks.)

    • Shoestring says:

      DriveFly Meet & Greet T3 has now moved to level 4 in the T3 short stay carpark, I think other Meet & Greet services moved, too (there was more than 1 desk) – though maybe not all. Worth checking next time you use your M&G service.

  4. I use the Hilton 6-8 times a year and always park. The service is excellent, the hotel is good and booked far enough in advance works out at about £4 a day plus the hoopla tickets ….seems very good to me 😉

  5. Chris Cannon says:

    So here’s a harder question on car parking.. next year I am due to travel out of T5 but back into T3. What are the parking options? Thanks

    • I think it depends on which leg you have more spare time. If it’s the outbound I’d park at T3 to make it easier on the return, there is a free train between T5 and T2/3

      • Shoestring says:

        Easy with DriveFly to have different terminals outward/ inward – just phone them once you’ve booked, no change fee

    • berneslai says:

      Meet and greet. Drop off at T5 and get them to pick you up at T3

    • Book T5 long stay, which is right next to T3 business. Take the T5 long stay shuttle bus. When you come back take the T3 business shuttle bus and walk through the fence gap into the T5 long stay car park.

  6. ankomonkey says:

    I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with NCP Hilton T5. First time used they gave us insufficient Hoppa tickets for the whole family. I even confirmed I could get enough tickets by phone beforehand. Took me about 8 months and many calls/e-mails to get a refund of the cash Hoppa tickets I ended up buying Abysmal customer service. Last time I used there was no space left in the car park despite the booking saying I had a guaranteed space. Had to leave my car on a bend in the car park for over 2 weeks. Finally, the Hoppa bus is slow and infrequent (every 30 mins?). It took over 40 minutes from T5 pick-up to car park.

    • Agree, this car park isn’t really big enough for the volume of business going through it these days. I did a Hilton park and fly booking there last year and think I must have got the last space in the car park… and found a scratch on my 6 month old car when I got back. For the price difference, I think I’d go with Good to Go…

    • Last time I parked at Hilton T5, the Hoppa was incredibly late on the return trip. I’m off to Greece from T5 next month and as I don’t land until after 10pm, I’m not inclined to hang around waiting for a Hoppa when I can get a M&G for a similar price and be half way home up the M40 before I’m likely to get back to the car park.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Exactly my experience with the hoopa.

  7. Horatio Turner says:

    I’ve been super impressed with good go to meet and greet at T5 over the last year. The staff are fantastic, they even helped me change a flat tyre at 5am one time!

  8. I think it’s just too far and I would never bother with it. It would take the same time to get from this car par to Heathrow, than driving from my home to other car parks closer to terminals (no public transport option for me). It could work for someone coming from far away, as 30-40 minutes for transfer won’t be that bad. Thistle also can be very busy and extremely difficult to park. It also may happen that some idiots will park outside of parking spaces blocking other cars. Hotel doesn’t seem to check it or remove these cars.

  9. Anyone know the best options for parking when picking someone up that don’t cost a fortune? Collecting him from terminal 5 next week, he’s had a fabulous summer working at summer camp and travelling!

    I’m aware you get 2 hours in the long stay carpark for free, last time we did that we actually ended up going over the 2 hours due to slight delay in getting luggage back. Just wondered if there were any other tricks?

    • Thank you!

      I didn’t know that, and it’s confirmed on the Heathrow Parking website too.

      I take it you just take the ticket and exit on same ticket.

    • Don’t arrive so early? 🙂

      • Thanks! If you know of somewhere I could park up, maybe go for a coffee that was free and not a million miles away to enable me to get to the carpark a bit later, that would be great!

        Travelling from Northamptonshire, and I always set off early for things “just in case”. Son’s flight lands at 9.35am, so am going to be doing the dreaded rush hour traffic drive down the M1/M25.

        • Plaza Premium has excellent Priority Pass arrivals lounges in T4 and, smaller, in T2. At busy times they want to see a boarding pass but not always. Personally I would head over to the Sofitel hotel at T5 and sit in one of the public spaces there which will be quieter than the airport.

        • Feltham Tesco

        • Felix Flyer says:

          McDonald’s on Bath Road I think will give you a certain amount of free parking (Just check the signs!) with a chance to get a coffee too.

        • thehornets says:

          The joint KFC and Starbucks on Bath Road give you 90 mins free I think.

        • Go down the A43/M40 and stop for coffee at the services at M40 J2. It’s only a 15 minute drive to the airport from there. And it saves having to go down the M1.

  10. Gordon Chalker says:

    Me and my wife used to use purple parking and good to go from Heathrow but they increased their prices, for the last 2 years we have used NCP yes you may be surprised we mostly travel from terminal 5 LHR, So book with NCP and drop the car at their car park located in the Hilton hotel,(15 & 20 Min free transfer to T4 & T5
    They are in some cases 50% cheaper than PP AND GTG,
    You can subscribe free and get £5 extra off per booking,
    We have booked with NCP for out trip to Dubai in October and Jamaica Xmas cheapest hands down, don’t take my word for it check out their web site and compare.
    NOTE we mostly travel from T5 so we can’t say about T2 & T3 But you can be sneaky and park at Hilton and get the bus to T5 then get the free Bus or Terminal train to T3 as we are doing in December as our AA (operated by BA) flight departs from T3 and the return flight arrives at T5.
    Good Luck.

  11. I considered the Hilton/T5 NCP before but this bit put me off:

    “The bus is numbered H57 or H57X and runs approximately every 30 minutes between the car park and the main terminal buildings. ”

    Particularly when you have a late arrival, back, the last thing you want to do is be waiting around half an hour for the bus!

    I have used the NCP ‘flightpath’ for T3 before as the bus is a bit more acceptable at every 20mins..

  12. I stayed here on an overnight including parking booked through holiday extras. We booked the ‘Mystery Hotel’. It is very easy to work out which hotel you are getting from the description and it worked out about £50 cheaper for us. You probably need to book a while in advance to take advantage of this though.

  13. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap Stanstead parking?

    The onsite is wanting a laughable £69 for 32 hours parking. Used to use justpark to find hotel car parks (novotel for stanstead), but since they updated their site its basically useless, plus the novotel seems to no longer be listed on there (I dont want to park on anyones drive or have to leave keys anywhere)

  14. Chris Wigglesworth says:

    We stayed a night at the Hilton last week and paid £162. The main reason for staying there was because the room rate included 15 days free parking. The rate also included breakfast and free use of their executive lounge (free food and drinks). All in all, we thought it was a pretty good deal as we’d have spent not much less just to leave our car in the long term car park. The only irritation was having to pay for the Hoppa service to take us to T5.

    • Do you get HH points for the car parking? Just wondering whether it’s worth using the same facility at MAN. Our usual parking company now isn’t allowed to collect from T3 so we need an alternative that isn’t going to break the bank or involve an extra journey!

      • Just avoid MAN Airport. Must be the worst manged UK airport. Abysmal in every aspect.
        Oh back to your question Anna, if your parking is added to your invoice and paid at check out then yes you get points.(Don’t pay at the ticket machine)
        I have had airport taxis charge to my room in Hilton Tel Aviv and also had points for that. Nice extra bonus.

        • So must be the cost of the room at the Hilton TLV(a good bonus) ….at $500/night its just not worth it – the Carlton next door is much nicer at < $300/night including breakfast! (Ok, so no HHonors points, etc, but you can add points to KLM).

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Counted as part of the room rate when I used it in the past so earned points

  15. When it comes to parking at Heathrow, I find the meet and greet options to be best as you just drive to the terminal and someone takes the car. I found this service particualrly helpful when doing a out T3, return T5 as it meant I did not have to deal with getting from one terminal to another. Additionally, my one experience of parking off-site involved me having to wait 30 minutes for the hoppa and then the journey taking 25 minutes when it was stated as 5-10 minutes.

    • Shoe string says:

      Just be careful who you use. DriveFly are fine, so are L4P, MBW, Maple Manor.

      • I have the NCP booked for a trip next month but am thinking of changing. Most of the cheaper Meet and Greet operations (including Drive Fly) have quite a few bad reviews though. Can’t get a decent price for Good to Go.

      • Has anyone tried the Good to Go Drop and Park service?

  16. Sanjay Merchant says:

    I used look for parking, which gave me heathrow airparker play and fly for terminal 5 in August. With a MSE discount, I paid £33.21 for a week. You basically drive to a golf club 15 mins from the terminals park in the car park and they transport you to your required terminal. If you are a golfer they also offer you a free round of golf. On the way back, we where greeted in good time at 10pm outside terminal 3. Very good prompt service, and considering it was peak season very good price.

    • Shoe string says:

      I learned how to play golf properly on the second oldest course in the world. Anybody care to name the city?

  17. Essexgeeza says:

    Be careful with Hilton T5 car park – they often have functions in the hotel meaning that it is very difficult to find a car park space. This is especially the case in the evening. Our experience in August this year – we arrived about 9.00pm for a departure from T5 the following morning and there were cars parked on kerbs, double parked and on corners. We were very lucky to find a regular space – there are no reserved spaces for prebookers.

  18. I used GoodToGo parking at the beginning of 2017, based on reviews I’d heard (both here and elsewhere).
    They returned my car with the electric wing mirror damaged, and then flatly denied it was their fault at all. Management wasn’t interested in dealing with the situation, and told me that it was previous damage that was marked on the start sheet (which it wasn’t – the marked damage was to a windscreen pillar). Tried chasing it, but to no avail.
    Could probably have gone to Small Claims, but didn’t do that.

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