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Hilton Honors quietly DOUBLES the price of many of its cheapest redemptions

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Hilton Honors has, with no announcement, made substantial increases to the points required to stay at many of its cheapest hotels.

These have been slipped through over the last 48 hours.

As of last week, there were seven UK hotels – I think – which cost 10,000 Hilton Honors points per night:

  • Hampton by Hilton Liverpool / John Lennon Airport
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Newcastle International Airport
  • Hampton by Hilton Newcastle
  • Hampton by Hilton Newport
  • Hampton by Hilton Corby / Kettering
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Sheffield Park
  • Hampton by Hilton Sheffield (photo below)

Hilton doubles cost of 10,000 point hotels

SIX OF THEM now have a maximum price of 20,000 Hilton Honors points per night.  They will be cheaper than 20,000 points on nights when the room rate is under circa £65.  Newport is the only one still showing at 10,000 points.

It isn’t clear how many of the 150 x 10,000 point hotels globally have been raised to 20,000 points, although I have found other examples such as the Hilton Salalah Resort in Oman.  This used to be 5,000 points per night until recently, but jumped to 10,000 points.  It is now 20,000 points.

I randomly checked the six hotels in Malaysia which used to be 10,000 points.   Two are now showing as 20,000 points whilst four remain at 10,000 points.

Some (many?) of the 5,000 point per night hotels globally have also been raised to 10,000 points.

Many of these hotels were, of course, disproportionately cheap at 5,000 or 10,000 points per night.  With the main Hilton in Sheffield costing 30,000 points, having the new Hampton at 10,000 points made little sense as the cash difference was certainly not 3x.  That said, keeping a few bargains in the portfolio does no harm in keeping people interested in the programme.  Giving no notice just continues to undermine trust in the programme.

How to earn Hilton Honors points via UK credit cards

As a reminder, there are various ways of earning Hilton Honors points from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses!

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Hilton Honors points.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I suspect they didn’t announce it as they know it will annoy people to say the least…..I’ve used the Sheffield and Liverpool airport for 10k points only a few months ago. I give up on status and loyalty now, hence I’ve got small numbers of points in various hotel chains. I used to only ever use Accor now I’m classic again but I’ll stay if the price and location is right. I think people will be less loyal and it’s about time hotels realise this

    • I’ve not booked directly with Hilton since 2012. I always check their Web site, and always find it’s better to use for reward nights and cash back or avios.

      Until now I’ve collected Hhonors points from other sources, but I don’t think I’ll bother any more. Strangely, I also have Silver status with Hilton, as Barclays seem to think I have a Hilton Credit Card, even though I don’t!

    • Yes. I don’t care about loyalty anymore. Many hotels don’t care about honouring status either. is also a good way of getting something back

  2. Any comment from Hilton, Rob?

  3. Although I don’t like these increases, isn’t the idea behind the ‘new’ Hilton system that these are caps and the number of points will change depending on how much the cash rates are? When other hotel schemes change their points prices for hotels it typically changes the rate on every night, but with Hilton it should only change it for nights where the cash fees are high. This means you should normally be able to get ~0.3p per point as a minimum, because on nights with cheaper cash rates the number of points drops to match this (and this is how the points are valued on cash+points nights, where you can pick the mix of points/cash you want to use).

    I try to hold out for redemptions that are worth more than ~0.3p per point, which only happens when the points rates hit the cap, and these changes make that likely to happen less often, but at least there is still a floor to the value of a point, which I don’t think IHG/Marriott/Hyatt have (since if they doubled the points price, it would pretty much double every night, regardless of the cash rate).

    • Yes but for hotels capped at 10k points the paid rate would have to be around £35 before you start to see the points required drop. And the paid rates at these hotels can sometimes be over £100 so you see why they don’t like people arbitraging on points

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Then at your value 20k is £70 and if the cash rate is £100+ it’s still a good deal? Even if you wouldn’t pay £100+ if it’s where you need to be the market says that’s what you have to pay.

        Personally I tend to treat points as a way to get value when cash rates are high. I wouldn’t use 20k points for a room costing £85 for example. Ofcourse everyones strategy/view is different.

        • No you’ve completely misunderstood or I’m not good at expressing myself. I was not commenting on what I would pay or how I would personally decide between paying or redeeming.

          Firstly, reread the top-level comment by Joe.

          A hotel in the old Category 2 was always 10000 points, a hotel in the old Category 3 was always 20000 points, regardless of the paid rates.

          The new points system means that the old category amounts are now just maximum prices. So theoretically hotels in the old Cat 2 can now charge less than 10K if their paid rates are low, and hotels in the old Cat 3 can now charge less than 20K if their paid rates are low.

          Hilton’s valuation of their own points is around 0.45 US cents. So in practice, old Cat 2 hotels will always be 10K unless the paid rate is less than US$45; and old Cat 3, US$90.

          As seen in this devaluation, most of the old Cat 2 UK hotels were moved to Cat 3. (Obviously, the categories still exist in Hilton’s backend).

          The cheapest I’ve ever seen a UK Hilton/Hampton in the past 5 years is £37. So no UK hotel is ever going to be less than 10K points, regardless of Hilton’s spiel about cheaper redemptions at off-peak times. If the pound miraculously improves to US$1.50 then perhaps 9K very occasionally.

          However, the hotels that have now jumped to Cat 3 sometimes charge £50 and sometimes £100 or more. When they are less than around £70, then the points required might be lower i.e. 15K to 19K.

          I don’t know how Hilton pays hotels for redemptions but based on an old Loyalty Lobby post, it is possible that they get about £35 for a 10K redemption. When 10K was available as an alternative to a £100 paid rate, the hotel’s rev man would not have been very happy, so moving to 20K is reasonable from their POV.

  4. Travel Strong says:

    The Newport Hampton Inn also has a terrible problem, which they know about, and which means I could not be paid to stay there.

    The AC is incapable of keeping rooms cool, and the windows do not open. It is a new “highly efficient” building, which is so insulated that you will roast inside even in winter.

    The room temp will climb and climb no matter what.

    Staff are met every night by weary travellers who cannot sleep in the heat, they are well versed in it, handing out fans and promising they will look in to it.

    But the entire AC system is completely incapable, and there is nothing desk staff or maintenance can actually do.

    • The HIE at Chester Racecourse has the same issue (except that it doesn’t even have AC), the rooms get unbearably hot in the summer so you might as well sit in the car park all night, might get a better night’s sleep there!

    • OT but similar….

      The Queen Mary (ship on Long Beach, CA), has about 60 rooms that the A/C does not work in…..they just cant be bothered fixing it……….

  5. Glad I didn’t buy any points in the promotion now, especially with the awful exchange rate. The Hilton Manchester airport is a good deal for us at (currently!) 30,000 points as we usually need a family room the night before a long haul flight. Otherwise I’ll put any points earned towards my stash that I’m hoping to use for a 5 for 4 redemption – while it lasts!

    • Good on getting a family room, for a double I find Manchester Airport for 30k is pricey compared to a cash rate of £80ish

  6. I still think that Hilton points are a good deal, just at the right properties. I think Ghengis’ plan of earn and burn is the way to go though.
    I agree that putting them up without notice is a poor show but value can still be had.

  7. Hilton used to be the brand I’d always try first.
    Great recognition of status, lots of hotels, generous points offers and some really seeet redemptions (esp cash and points).

    Not gone out of my way to do so but I’ve found myself at Marriott/SPG and IHG more of ten than not over the last couple of years. Ocassionally there will be a sweet spot in a Hilton redemption but they are few and far between.
    I’m actively trying to run down my Hilton points, spent quite a few on their experiences auctions which I’ve enjoyed and represented good value.

  8. Doubletree Newcastle Airport was already 20,000 points by 30 August at least.

  9. Any idea if there was Hilton/iHG global sales would start any time soon as trying to book some stays in Bangkok.

    • Hilton has an Asia promo running next week, we will cover it and they’ve booked some ads.

      • Hilton promos in Asia are typically fake, if this one bucks the trend it will be the first.

      • InsideFlyerUK has run with it today, same old Hilton nonsale. Doubt the added dining discount willpersyade many regular Asia travelker to eat at their hotel.

        • Noticed the Bangkok properties recently hiked their prices perhaps in anticipation of the “sale”. Been checking fortnightly to see if my flexible rates for October, booked months ago, have dropped.

        • Chris Palmer says:

          Yes, I agree with John. I’ve been looking at Bangkok recently, and the prices jumped. Automatically assumed a “sale” was on the way!

      • It will have to be pretty fantastic to tempt me. Looking at a month in Thailand in December.

  10. OT but Hilton. Which hotel in London would you recommend for a birthday treat on points? Lounge not that important but central location (within 30 mins tube from Westminster) and a larger modern room are important. As the rooms in London tend to be so small :(. Gold member if it matters.

    • I would say the Conrad

      • I’d go Bankside. Much more interesting area, fewer points/pounds and a great restaurant and lounge.

        • +1 Bankside, great property. Conrad nice but not big rooms.

          Both locations quiet at weekends.

          The Trafalgar very nice too…

      • Doubletree Westminster.

      • Conrad St James is a nice hotel. It’s easily walkable from Victoria or Westminster but it depends what you want to be close to as other options might be better

        • Conrad is the nicest Hilton in London if you’re Diamond due to the lounge. Bit of a building site for 2-3 years as Scotland Yard was literally next door which has just been demolished and will be replaced with flats. Location OK but feels odd. Bankside possibly better all-rounder and best trade-off between location and quality, but never seen the rooms there.

    • Thank you for the insights!

  11. Totally OT, any asked before many times.
    Just want to confirm if you can cancel the BA Amex, the vouchers stay with BA not with Amex right? So I don’t lose the voucher right.

    • In 99.9% of cases once the voucher is in your BAEC account you don’t lose it.

    • Yes. They say otherwise but the should be no issue as long as you have a Amex to pay the taxes/fees.

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