InterContinental San Diego hotel opens this week

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If you’re planning a trip to California in the near future, you might want to take a look at the brand new InterContinental San Diego which opened this week. Details are here.

A new 400 room hotel overlooking the bayfront, it is described as “the first luxury product in the market”. The hotel includes a rooftop pool, sundeck and pool bar.

InterContinental San Diego now open

Cash rates are around $250 plus tax. Alternatively, it is a 50,000 IHG Rewards Club points redemption. Given my usual minimum target of 0.4p per IHG point, this is OK.

If you are there over a weekend, remember that IHG’s Ambassador scheme comes with a ‘buy one night get one free’ weekend stay voucher. You can buy Ambassador here.

The InterContinental San Diego website is here.

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  1. OT – Curve
    Has anyone applied recently and received Curve front clear card.
    I have this card and it says “Commercial Debit”.
    Is that the reason it is being declined at HMRC at every instance?
    Or is it some block imposed by the Curve?

  2. OT – SPG Amex

    Has anyone received their missing points from the last couple of months yet? Someone posted saying they were told they would get them on their next monthly points transfer date which was due a day or two ago.

    Amex told me yesterday I will receive them on 6th October, which is my normal monthly date they transfer over. They had previously told me I would receive them 20-22nd Sept!

    • No, Amex blaming Marriott and vice versa.

      So annoying and not getting anywhere with this.

    • Mine still missing. Haven’t phoned owing to having been busy. Had been promised them on a specific date in Sept too, so quite annoyed

      • It’s starting to become problematic for me (and for many, no doubt). I had points due to hit in Aug for a Marriott reservation in just a couple of weeks’ time… if the points don’t transfer soon i’ll have to pay cold hard cash (worrrying thought!)

        Only other option would be an Amex MR 2:3 point transfer – though I presume they are also delayed. Can anyone confirm?

        • Amex MR points transfer works fine, I’ve done twice since the merge.

          I’m waiting for the SPG amex transfer as well since Aug, was hoping to book a week for Maldives this Christmas, now just booked 5 days without 2 month points. That’s really annoying.

        • Agreed. No problem transferring MR points to Marriott. Took about a week for an initial transfer IIRC.

        • Mine transfered this morning but was throwing an error earlier in the week.
          Still to see the pta hitting my SPG/Marriot account but the transfer is accepted

        • My MR account is linked to my old SPG number and I can’t change this online – anyone reporting successful transfers in this situation?

    • I rang last weekend.
      Spg said Amex need the new number.
      Amex took the new number and said the backroom team will action in 7-10 days!?

      • Yeah that’s what they told me on 10th September, I gave Amex the new number and they opened a case and said it would be sorted within 7-10 days. After 8 days I spoke to Amex chat online, and they promised me the points 20th-22nd September. But when I spoke to Amex on the phone again yesterday they said the points would be sent over on the next points transfer date which is 5th October. I’ve got a huge amount of points due to me, I spent very heavily on the card and was on double points for 3 months! I’m itching to book a lot of stays at the cat 7 properties for 2019

        • I chased my missing SPG points yesterday. They looked into the matter and found Marriott had rejected the transfer. The back office are contacting them to ask why and resolve the matter within 5 x working days.
          They stated that since late Aug they had my new Marriott account number registered to my amex account also.

      • How would I find out my “new number”? I’ve not had one communicated by Marriott.

        • Yorkieflyer says:

          Is the new SPG number the same as the Marriot number? Also do you need to merge the accounts and why? The whole transition from beginning to end is a mess in my view

        • Just phoned today, told my Aug points had been sent and Amex didn’t need any new account details, SPG would map them across. I’ll phone back if/when my Sept transfer fails.

  3. OT but Slightly related -IC Phu Quoc (Vietnam) is currently running a soft Opening. 35k points or $125 per night. Family focused with a free kids club, 3 pools, cinema and various other entertainment bits.

    • I’m interested, but the website tells me the rate (INSIDER LEISURE 1) is unavailable on all dates I’ve tried. Before I continue trial and error, do you have any information on how long the rate is valid for?

  4. The No1 Lounges at LGW are now buffet. They got rid of their menu and one dish per person rule.

    • When? I went through on Monday and ordered 1 dish (penang curry) a la carte.

      • Well in that case, it´s not buffet all day then. Went Tuesday morning and they had a very nice breakfast buffet set up.

        • swhostring says:

          I caught the breakfast buffet flying out to our place in the sun in July (No1 T3) – yes, very good selection of fruits & cereals etc plus ham & cheese & breads for the continentals. Then at 11am we all ordered a hot plate.

        • So I tell you my experience at Gatwick North No1. Full English breakfast buffet + continental (bread, cheese, cut meats,… cereals, yogurt…) at 4.15 am.

  5. As it’s bits, I’ll post here but might be one for FT:

    I had a flight over four weeks ago with Norwegian, which (to cut a long story short) resulted in my wife and I getting back to London from NYC around 12 hours after we were scheduled to.

    I submitted an EU261 claim promptly via their website and haven’t heard back. I emailed them around 2 weeks ago to follow up and still nothing.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can get this resolved as Norwegian don’t seem to want to play ball.

    • I think they have up to 8 weeks to respond. Chase them again and after 8 weeks submit an online claim with small claim court (very easy to do) – that will make them interested.

      • swhostring says:

        Yep, ultimately force their hand with MCOL. Shame you don’t know the cause of the delay, as if it was genuine extraordinary circs, you’ll be wasting your time & money. General advice is to give them a chance to agree you’re at deadlock, in which case you can go straight to MCOL (Norwegian are not signed up to CEDR).

        • swhostring says:

          Sorry, meant to add: next time, remember you have just 48 hrs to easily find out the official cause of the delay, after that the info gets wiped (for public viewing)

      • Harry, where do you find that info on the delay cause?

        • swhostring says:

          I find it on the FT EC261 thread! 🙂

          scroll thru and all will be revealed, as somebody asks every few pages. Is it expertflier?

  6. The new San Diego IC looks a bit pokey tbh. We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn next door (the hotel on the right in the main picture on their site) last year and the corner suite we had looks a bigger room than the IC room for probably a fraction of the price.

  7. OT Amex and BA accounts. My partner had her Amex account in her maiden name and BA account was still in her married (due to passport) and I noticed that she never got her companion voucher. Complained to BA (as Amex said it was transferred) and BA said they rejected it as the names didn’t match. Since back from holiday, new passport arrived and name changed on BA. I also noticed that no Avios were posting either yesterday. Onto BA again, blames Amex, Amex said yes now that the names match, 120k points and companion voucher will be posted (accumulated in 4 months).

    What a PITA. Just wondering how many miles / vouchers disappear into thin air if you are not on top of it.

  8. On Curve you would probably get 0% and standard points although it is possible you got the Hilton bonus if, for example, Barclaycard simply looks for certain key words like Hilton on your starement or if Hilton has a dedicatedMCC code which Curve now passes through.

  9. OT but at least IHG, just in case it is useful for anyone. I was looking for IHG hotels in Paris using HfP’s link for the Mastercard European 30% off weekend rate and noticed this also applied to Thursday Nov 1 (a public holiday in France) as well as the day before. It is a very useful link, but I hadn’t realised until now that it is also worth checking that rate for holidays (and the “eve” of the holidays).

  10. OT:
    Revolut & using Tesco MC to top up. I’ve seen I have been charged 40p cash advance fee for £10 top up. Is this the only CC that charges cash advance fees for topping up?

    • Yes so far though I thought they reversed it. You earned 2.4 avios for that, what’s the point? Tandem will give you 5p (which can be thought of as giving you a better exchange rate or defeating revolut’s weekend markup)

    • I’m sure creation charges a cash advance fee too for Revolut top ups.

      • james wright says:

        that’s correct, they all are now, this door was closed long ago, don’t push your luck with Tesco as they always have their fair use policy to fall back so looks like you are out of pocket 40p!

    • No charge on Virgin Atlantic (Virgin Money) Mastercard when I topped-up a couple of days ago.

  11. O/t can someone advise referral points for ba free to bapp please?

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