Which 30 airlines can I use my Avios points on?

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As we haven’t looked at this for a couple of years, I thought it was worth updating my list of all Avios airlines, ie airlines which let you redeem Avios points for their flights.

You won’t find this information in one place on any of the Avios websites – iberia.com, ba.com, aerlingus.com etc.

There are 30 airlines which let you use Avios for some or all of their flights.

Oneworld members

Remember that you can transfer Avios points between the main Avios schemes using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function in whichever programme you are using.

This article will help you move your Avios between BA and Iberia now that Avios Travel Rewards Programme accounts have been closed.

To transfer to or from an Iberia Plus account, the Iberia account must have been open for 90 days and have ‘earned’ at least 1 Avios.  The easiest way to ‘earn’ an Avios in Iberia Plus is to transfer 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards points.

Full list of airlines where you can redeem Avios:

This list is alphabetical. In brackets, I have added the programmes which let you redeem Avios for that airline – BA for British Airways Executive Club, IB for Iberia Plus and AC for avios.com / AerClub / Vueling Club.

Some partners can only be booked by telephone via the service centre of the relevant programme, eg Avianca. You cannot necessarily book all routes operated by a particular airline.

Aer Lingus (AC – online and BA – telephone)

Air Italy (IB, BA)

Air Nostrum / Iberia Regional (IB, BA)

Alaska Airlines (BA – telephone)

American Airlines (BA, IB)

Avianca (IB)

Binter Canarias (IB)

British Airways (AC, BA, IB)

Cathay Dragon (BA, IB)

Cathay Pacific (BA, IB)

Comair (BA, Southern Africa franchise)

Finnair (BA, IB)

Flybe (AC, BA)

Iberia (AC, BA, IB)

Iberia Express (AC, BA, IB)

Interjet (IB, only valid when linked to an Iberia flight to/from Mexico)

Japan Airlines (BA, IB)

Jetconnect (BA, telephone only, read here – runs Oz to NZ)



Malaysia Airlines (BA, IB)

Qantas (BA, IB)

QantasLink (BA – telephone only, read here)

Qatar Airways (BA, IB)

Royal Air Maroc (IB)

Royal Jordanian (BA, IB)

S7 Airlines (BA, IB)

SriLankan Airlines (BA, IB)

SUN-AIR of Scandinavia (BA)

Vueling (AC, IB)

Please post below if I have forgotten anyone! I have purposely excluded partners which do not allow redemption but which do let you earn Avios, such as the Bangkok Airways codeshare.  I have also excluded airline partners to the Avios South Africa and Air Italy schemes as you cannot move Avios into those programmes via ‘Combine My Avios’.

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  1. Note Air Nostrum can be booked on BAEC

  2. Does anyone know if I can transfer Alaska miles to my BA account? They are just sitting in my wifes and my account, and no doubt will expire at some point!

    • No, but you can redeem them for a BA flight. Why not do a one-way with a small amount and use Avios to come back?

    • I think Alaska miles last 2 years, and any activity, like crediting a car rental, will extend them.

      If you have enough, they are quite useful for American Airlines transatlantic flights (one-way or round-trip) because they don’t add fuel surcharges like they have to for BA flights. They also often allow a stop-over even on one-way awards, which is unusual these days..

  3. No. But you can redeem them for some BA flights.

  4. I would split out ‘Qantaslink’ which operates many regional QF-codes services as these can only be booked with Avios by telephoning BA (their sectors do not ever show up on BA.com even on routes where both Qantas mainline and Qantaslink operate (e.g.: Brisbane to Adelaide).

    Also, ‘Iberia Express’ has been listed twice with different options.

  5. Would be good to also have the airlines that allow you to earn but not redeem.

    • Problem is that there are usually complicated rules, eg Bangkok Airways lets you earn but ONLY if a BA flight number and you can only book a BA flight number if you link the flight to an inbound BA flight.

  6. Shoestring says:

    To earn just a couple of points, try logging into ebay.es thru the IB shopping portal. You can buy many items on the international program for exactly the same price as the UK ebay site, incl P&P. Lots of the bigger secondhand book sellers are there, so for £2.80 you can pick up a decent book & bank a couple of points. [Transferring points BAEC—> IB does *NOT* keep your IB a/c alive – nor does redeeming points on flights.]

  7. How do you search for availability and book on these airlines?

    • Some of the Iberia partners may need telephone booking – check the Iberia website. BA and avios.com partners can be booked online unless I say it is telephone only.

  8. Does anyone know how many days out you can book on Alaskan Airlines with Avios. Hoping to make a booking in May 2019 for 2020. Also American Airlines – I am saving enough AA miles for one island hop flight – how many days out could I book that flight.

    • Hi Liz – I used AA redemption flights from the Caribbean to the US this year, including AA First which was very pleasant (sort of halfway between CE and CW and includes food and checked bags), for $6 tax pp! They seem to release seats around T-335 but continue releasing them at intervals and often seats seem to come available quite near the time, though this might be due to cancellations (we got our First seats 3 weeks before the travel date).

      • Thanks Anna – will take note. We will be Island hopping in Economy. Saving up the points through Rewards so should be a cheap redemption.

  9. Shoestring says:

    O/T A drag queen has accused Virgin Atlantic of sex discrimination after allegedly dropping from a gay pride advert because they “discovered” she was a woman.
    Lacey McFadyen claims Richard Branson’s airline offered her work appearing in a promotional video celebrating sexual diversity but withdrew it because “they only wanted male acts”.
    The 26-year-old female drag artist, who uses the stage name Lacey Lou, was contacted by Sassy, a communications company working for Virgin, to ask her to appear in a “remake” of the airline’s famous 2009 television advert featuring glamorous air stewardesses walking through Gatwick Airport. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/09/29/virgin-drops-drag-queen-woman/ [easy to get behind the paywall]

  10. BAPP 2-for-1 voucher can only be used on BA metal right? No way to sneakily book QA flights?

  11. I thought Fiji Airways is now part of Oneworld and you can earn and redeem Avios?

  12. Nice list. It would be great to get more info on how you actually find availability for all these different airlines.

    I assume many (most) of them do not show up via an avios search on BA.com

    • They all show up via an Avios search on ba.com IF it says ‘BA’ in brackets and does not mention the phone. No problem with Qantas, Qatar, Malaysia, Finnair, RJ, S7, Cathay, JAL etc.

  13. Is Jetstar bookable via ba call centre too?

  14. Any clever things i can do with Air New Zealand dollars?

  15. The vueling web site shows you can use your avios from the vueling or aer club account to reduce the cost of your flight booking, such as saving 2 euros of your booking with 375 avios (from vueking or aer club).

    Then you can credit your flight to a vueling, aer club or iberia account.

    But you cannot use the iberia account to reduce the cost of your flight purchase.

    There is some sort of IT issue maybe.
    That’s interesting to see that.

    Although I have never used vueling and therefore see how all of this works in real life, from the deduction of avios in the vueling clib or aer aclub account to the credit of avios to the vueling club or aer club or iberia account.

    • You can however move Avios from IB to Vueling Club and then use them to save money on the flight.

      • Yes correct!

        Hopefully you are there to help us (at least me) having my brain connecting the neurons to think about all possibilities from all angles. 🙂

  16. Rob, didn’t AGL ask you to stop calling Avios ‘points’?

    • Yes they did, but for SEO reasons I drop it in occasionally 🙂

      • They can ram it, surely. Until they stop charging nearly six hundred quid for redemptions, call them whatever the hell you like – Chavios might be more fitting.

  17. OT but any advice appreciated. I have contacted BA Exec Club numerous times since last month via email re household account. After I booked RJ to Cairo all the accounts could not be accessd. Was told accounts have been closed for a longtime due to inactivity. This is a load of c..p of course as accounts only open 12 months or less. A
    After numerous emails I finally received reply from audit department stating “as you are aware your account was deleted due system error”. Also I have to rejoin and they will credit points back. I gave all Account no’s but only commented on my account. A total of 10 accounts have disappeared. 7 in household and 3 in another . Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance.

  18. It’s late and I’m tired but I’m struggling with:

    “To transfer to or from an Iberia Plus account, the Iberia account must have been open for 90 days and have ‘earned’ at least 1 Avios. The easiest way to ‘earn’ an Avios in Iberia Plus is to transfer 1,000 points”

    That just contradicts itself, no?

    • They are different transfers. You cannot transfer Avios *between Avios accounts* (an internal Avios movement) until you have had some activity on your Iberia account.

      An example of activity is to transfer MR points to your Iberia account (ie a non internal movement of Avios but rather from an outside source).

    • Turn off your ad blocker, you’ll find that HFP articles are suddenly 20% longer because all the hyperlinks reappear including the missing words which make that sentence make sense.

      Heaven knows how you actually understood the site before, unless you thought I was dyslexic.

  19. O/T – would be great to see this view for Star Alliance.

    I have a South East Asia trip planned for Xmas landing in BKK and leaving from SGN. Want to take some flights to Angkor Wat, and Phu Quoc (Vietnam), but plane tickets are quite expensive at the moment. At the risk of sounding naive is there anyway to use Star Alliance partners / avios / hotel point transfers to use them against these flights in any way?

    I have some miles inside a Turkish Airlines account. Can I use these in any way?


    • Try Air Asia, budget airline . Sale on.

    • Vietnam Airlines is SkyTeam unfortunately. Thai is in Star so that might be an option. Best bet is to search for cash flights and then identify those flown by airlines which are part of the alliances. That’s what I do anyway.

      • OttTooT says:

        Thanks, so say I’ve identified Thai Airways availability for cash routes, and I have some miles in Turkish Airlines as well as lingering Amex points (in both US and UK amex accounts).

        What would be the easiest way to use these for those routes?

        On a separate note, has anyone been to Phu Quoc? Any recommendations? We’re looking at 4 or so days of beach and are wondering if it might be better to hit some beaches in the southern coast of Cambodia or southern islands near Vietnam – any first hand feedback appreciated.

        Thanks again.

        • Get out the Turkish reward chart and check the price in miles, then look up availability (if the Turish website doesn’t have Thai online, see if Singapore or Lufty does). If they have seats, work out the process for getting Turkish to issue tickets on a partner.

  20. O/T – Companion Voucher

    I have a 2-4-1 companion voucher booked for May ’19. Sadly I may need to cancel, I understand you get the CV back if cancelling, just want to double check the avios are returned as well? Oh and is the cancellation fee around £50? Many thanks in advance.

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