Get up to 15,000 Heathrow Rewards points (=15,000 miles) with jewellery, watches and technology

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There is good news for Avios, Virgin Flying Club, Emirates Skywards, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Aegean Miles+Bonus, Royal Brunei Royal Skies and Lufthansa Miles & More members!

Today, 1st October, Heathrow Rewards is launching its annual bonus promotion on electronics, watches and jewellery, keen to tap into the Christmas rush.

Long-term readers of HFP will know that this promotion usually starts in November.  Heathrow Rewards has decided to trial an earlier start this year, possibly to catch the half-term traffic at the end of the month and the new iPhone launch.

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up a large pile of miles.  Dixons Travel is included so this is a good chance to cash in on a new iPhone purchase.

Here are the details of the offer, which runs from 1st October until 31st December. Remember that you can convert Heathrow Rewards points into Avios, Virgin Flying Club, Emirates Skywards, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Aegean Miles+Bonus, Royal Brunei Royal Skies and Lufthansa Miles & More miles as well as into Heathrow shopping vouchers.

Heathrow Rewards has been running regular transfer bonuses over the last couple of years.  If you don’t need the miles or shopping vouchers immediately, I recommend that you don’t transfer them into miles immediately.  You risk missing out on a potential 50% or 100% transfer bonus at some point in the future.

If you are not already a member, you can earn an additional 3,000 Heathrow Rewards points (=3,000 miles, more with a transfer bonus) when you spend £150 in one day via this promo.

Heathrow Rewards

Here are the deals for 2018:

15,000 extra points when you spend £4000 or more at Bulgari, Cartier, Dixons Travel, Harrods Fine Watch Room, Rolex, Swarovski, Tiffany, Watches of Switzerland

5,000 extra points when you spend £1500 – £3999 at Bulgari, Cartier, Dixons Travel, Harrods Fine Watch Room, Rolex, Swarovski, Tiffany, Watches of Switzerland

1,000 extra points when you spend £350 – £1499 at Dixons Travel, Swarovski, Tiffany

500 extra points when you spend £150 – £349 at Dixons Travel, Swarokski, Tiffany

The offer runs from today until 31st December.

I took advantage of this deal a few years ago when I bought my wife a watch at Watches of Switzerland. I then sat on the points – over 20,000 in total, including double base points as I was a premium member of Heathrow Rewards – and converted them to Avios when BA joined the programme. They were offering a 100% transfer bonus at the time, and I netted almost 50,000 Avios if I remember! This was a serious rebate on the price paid for the watch, which was already reduced by the equivalent of the VAT.

World Duty Free is not part of the mega bonus promotion but is instead running a double points promotion on £100+ spend.

Full details will be available on the Heathrow Rewards website from some point today.

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  1. Cuchlainn says:

    OT ( sorry ! ) :
    Aer Lingus Avios flights – do I remember reading that taxes are less if I ring BA and book through BA manually, rather than book via / online ? Thanks

    • Correct. And also make sure you aren’t charged the £25 telephone fee.

    • For long-haul, yes. Short-haul doesn’t seem to change much and I’ve seen examples where BA was higher.

      • Cuchlainn says:

        Fingers crossed DUB to FAO ( x4 ) will be a few pennies cheaper as Portugese accommodation prices have gone through the roof !!

      • dgsupersonic says:

        Tried this last week for ORK-LHR. BA phone booking charing £48 of fees vs £25.60 at

  2. Of course Rob you did pay all the duties due on your wife’s watch when you returned to the U.K. as it would have been in excess of your allowance. You should make that clear as you wouldn’t want HMRC taking an interest!

    • Only if he was on a flight to outside the EU, otherwise the store would pay the VAT on the watch, absorbing the cost in their profit and no concern over HMRC – in fact when flying inside the EU you can collect the goods on your return and no need to even take it with you on your travels. Louis Vuitton is the only store (with the exception of duty-paid goods such as tobacco and spirits) where they won’t pay the VAT on your behalf when flying within the EU.

      • Except you don’t get a duty free price on a watch when flying to the EU. Certainly in July the cost at LHR for a Rolex, Chanel or watches of Switzerland was the same as the U.K. high street unless flying outside the EU. For many years now the costs at so called duty free have been no better, and often are higher than my local supermarket for booze. The rest is for the the Chinese and Japanese and I won’t even go into Dixon’s. Just google item on sale there and there are almost always less on Amazon and delivered to you home.

        • Shoestring says:

          Many people flying intra-EU still refer to the airside shops as Duty Free. The booze brand owners are ‘desperate’ to get their high end products on display there – think: prime ABC1 captive market. So they offer rather good prices to the likes of Heinemann etc. And they (DF retailers can then pass on good savings (from time to time) to airside passengers, even with the VAT payable. In UK, it does vary product by product, promotion by promotion. It’s definitely possible to get better prices on Amazon (particularly with the likes of £15 off £25 Amex offer – still going strong!)

        • Watches of Switzerland have changed their policy in recent years. It didn’t always work that way.

        • That is certainly true for Rolex. You have to be flying outside of the EU in order to obtain that 20% discount. Fly inside the EU and you’ll pay the price on the high street.

          However for other makes, Bristling, ICE, Jaeger Le Coultre then Watches of Switzerland will effectively give you a 20% on the High St regardless of where you are flying. You effectively pay duty free prices.

        • I hate auto correct. Breitling and IWC.

          Prada will also give you an 18% discount from the retail price regardless where you are flying.

        • All of the Harrods operated shops offer tax free prices to all passengers – this includes the fine watch room and Cartier. In addition, you earn Harrods rewards points as well as Heathrow points.

        • Lady London says:

          The best I’ve seen at Dixons is about 15% off for the things I’ve looked at. Not even the VAT really. It does feel like a bit of a con. I think I’ve seen price match signs there but IIRC quite a few exclusions. And in the case of any query on their side about the price you’re matching, you only have a limited time to sort it out as presumably you’ve got a flight to catch!

        • Lady London, a 15% discount is not far off the VAT…

          £100 + VAT at 20% = £120
          £120 less 15% discount = £102

          It’s all down to marketing. 16⅔% discount doesn’t sell well.

        • Genghis says:

          Good spot @Andrew. Margin vs mark up.

    • The pitch says:

      Andrew is right most of the luxury stores like Gucci pay the vat on your behalf if you are travelling within the EU.

      In other news there are rumours on flyertalk that the Etihad lounge at Heathrow is turning into a No. 1 lounge on Friday.

    • Didn’t know that – Thanks.

      Always assumed that if i purchased before flying to say the USA there was no issue in bringing the item back in.

      After all I would assume that I had not purchased abroad. Maybe I am wrong!

  3. Are duty free prices worth paying at UK airports at the moment, given the miserable $ exchange rate which makes duty free shopping e.g. in the Caribbean unattractive just now? (For things like jewellery that it, not perfume and alcohol which are often cheaper on the high street!) I haven’t bothered looking in airport shops much since I discovered HFP and lounge access!

    • Just like normal shops, browse and you will uncover occasional gems.

      I bought some amazingly cheap Tanqueray at Girona airport last week.

  4. I’m flying out this morning and scheduled to pick up an iPhone X from Dixon’s… I have to register?

    • How much are they discounting the XS by?

      • Not sure as I’m buyin the X for 849. Will check if they have it in store?

        • Thanks. I know Dixons are a bit tight on their discounts and certainly don’t take all the VAT off. And in answer to your question – no need to register, just use your Heathrow Rewards card as normal.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          If you have a work discount scheme that sells gift cards Dixon’s take curry’s gift cards (I get a further 8% off for example)

      • Xs: 64gb = 979, 256gb =, 512gb = 1319.

        Add £100 for xs max versions.

        • @TGLoyalty, T&C say “Cards issued, as part of an insurance claim or through a benefits scheme cannot be used in Dixons Tax Free”. Can they differentiate between currys card purchased outright and ones purchased through a discount scheme?

        • Benylin says:

          I have used cards purchased from Zeek and Xexec successfully at Dixon’s at a London airport (forget which one!)

        • the_real_a says:

          Yes they can differentiate – Tesco do this for fuel purchases. They have a different design and numbering. No idea if they enforce it in practice, but other companies do.

  5. Semi-OT: I have a spend £500, get £100 back at Prada on Amex Platinum and it lists the T5 store as participating.

    • What do they sell?

      • Prada T5 is – like most Heathrow designer stores – less focused on the new season product and more on the ‘greatest hits’, shall we say. If there is a specific shirt or jumper from AW18 you want it is unlikely to be there, if you want an evergreen bag you may be OK.

  6. Brighton Belle says:

    Will we ever get Gatwick Rewards? I pass through twice a month and look in the shops but never buy. Heathrow is just too inconvenient.

  7. OT. 30 pounds off 100 with Selfridges on my Gold Card.

    • Yes, this seems quite widespread.

      • rams1981 says:

        Not on mine again. I never get any of the offers I actually want

        • Jill (Kinkell) says:

          Same here. I have 0 on SPG and 3 on BAPP. Quite a few on Plat carried over from Gold upgrade, but no new ones. And I do spend on the cards!

        • Agree and I’m not sure what I’ve done to earn 20% off Jimmy Choos.

    • Might gift cards work with this offer online/in-store as with the Harrods offer previously?

    • Optimus Prime says:

      Apologies if this’s been asked before: are these offers valid when paying by Amex through Apple Pay?

      • No

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Are you sure? Apple Pay transactions show as the actual retailer unlike PayPal. Ie boots not Apple Pay *boots

          I would’ve given it a go today at boots for my £5 of £20 but they didn’t have the thing I wanted so bought online instead.

        • This is the wording “Offer does not apply to spend on other Cards you might hold and is not valid for transactions made using third party Payment Aggregators” and I always assumed (admittedly never tried) that Apple Pay fell under this.

  8. Roger1* says:

    World Duty Free is a Dufry company. The RED by Dufry app has recently been updated and is now much more manageable. (Make that manageable, as the previous version was rubbish, for me at least.)

    Entry membership as Silver offers 5% discount on purchases at WDF as well as a number of promotions. I don’t know whether the promtions are exclusive to RED cardholders.

    When I tried to use RED (old version) at LHR T5, Helsinki and Zurich, it was worth precisely nothing. I’m hoping the new version works better.

    Rob wrote about RED by Dufry here:

  9. When I try to register with Heathrow Rewards using the link, the promo code does not appear. In fact it asks for the card number of the recommender.

    Any thoughts?

    • Type in the promo code manually. There is a BA version of the code as well if you look at

  10. Anyone know if the vouchers they send you for £5 are really tied to a particular card?

    In other words could I lump together vouchers from two cards?

    Doubt you get points when using vouchers – would be nice!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You get the points. In fact you earn the points on the value before the voucher.

      Ive only used the voucher with the card it wasn’t issued to but the voucher has the name/card number on it so if the cashier looked they’d see they were all for different people.

    • You don’t need to show your card to use them unless you get a cashier that is demanding

  11. pommy ray says:

    if you have premium status do you get double the points ?

  12. OT sorry: Amex Plat Hertz codes. Are both 633306 and 211762 OK for a UK card? I’m getting a better rate using the latter.

    • Probably. Hertz care little about the rate used. Not sure which rate I am using and it doesn’t say in the profile, so I can’t tell you. Unless there is a way to find out.

    • Must say I mainly use the latter. Often works very well, esp with the extra 4h allowance. Equally other times they’re just ludicrously overpriced and better going elsewhere. I’ve had some very keenly priced SUV rentals with them tho.

    • Jovanna says:

      Check both and scroll through all vehicles. You might find a sweet spot on what you would expect to be a higher priced car.

  13. Is there any reason to think that buying something and then returning it for a refund at a different store (ie a high street location) might allow a refund without the points being taken back? …asking for a friend 🙂

    • Highly unlikely to work, the refund will reduce your MR balanced I’d have thought?

    • Any refund to the card leads to a point reduction.

      • Genghis says:

        HR points?

      • I’m talking about the Heathrow Reward points, not the Amex Membership Reward points

        • Shoestring says:

          Worth a try, their systems are probably not that sophisticated. To lose the points, HR would have to be tracking that particular purchase (@ – say – Dixons) & get the information that it had been returned. Pretty sure Dixons shouldn’t be giving that information to 3rd parties. You might do equally well buying something airside then returning it 30 mins later – buyer’s regret.

        • MikeMcM says:

          I’m sure that info is shared between eg Dixon’s and HAL – its a basic audit requirement, and how do you think you get the points in the first place?

        • Genghis says:

          I’d suspect a one way feed from Dixon’s LHR to HR, not full access by HR to Dixon’s systems.

        • Shoestring says:

          Same suspicion here – HR card is scanned at till/ point of purchase. It collects date, time, purchase amount, location etc. No other information would pass between Dixons & HR after that.

    • The Heathrow Rewards system is separate and they use a different POS machine to allocate the points, if you have ever dealt with Dixons retail stores you will probably know their systems are not cutting edge technology….

  14. Not bits but LHR-related. Aspire Reward scheme now launched – app-based, earn 50 pts per visit per guest. 500pts for free lounge visit (although can’t just give card to someone else like before) and 700 pts for £5 gift voucher at M&S, Amazon, Debenhams, Pizza Express, John Lewis.

    Collected 50pts in EDI this morning no problem but LHR T5 then refused saying they hadn’t heard of it. Twitter team then confirmed that lounge is excluded.

    Not particularly exciting TBH. Apols if already covered but couldn’t remember seeing it mentioned.

  15. Probably can but does anyone know if flying domestic say London to Manchester will I still be allowed to purchase from Dixons Travel?

  16. I’m about £25 away from reaching Heathrow Rewards Premium and am thinking of buying a something from Tiffany and Co for around £400 that’ll take me into premium. My question is, should I wait until I hit the £750 spend before making the £400 purchase? Or would that purchase count as the Premium tier. Equally, if I spend the £25 on the same day before the £400 would that also count?

    • In the T&Cs it says that the extra points apply from the transaction after you qualify for Premium- so yes better to make a smaller one first. I think the same day won’t matter, they should be time stamped.

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