Aspire Lounges launches its new Aspire Rewards scheme – and Priority Pass / Lounge Club visits count!

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This is our review of the new Aspire Rewards loyalty scheme.

For a number of years, Aspire and Servisair airport lounges ran a loyalty scheme called LoungeMiles.  It was card based, like a coffee store loyalty scheme, and allowed you to redeem your accumulated points for free lounge visits or shopping vouchers.

The scheme hit problems in mid 2016 when the company supplying the shopping vouchers went out of business.  LoungeMiles was closed soon afterwards but with a promise that it would reappear.

Two years later ….. say hello to Aspire Rewards.

What’s changed?  Very little, at least if you get access via a lounge club card.

Aspire Rewards loyalty scheme review

The big difference is that Aspire Rewards is now app based.  I don’t think there is any opportunity to take part if you do not have a smartphone.

You need to download the Aspire Rewards app, create an account and then scan the QR code in the app each time you enter an Aspire lounge.

As far as I can see, there is no ability to drop the membership card into Apple Wallet which is frustrating, as it means you need to keep the app installed.

(EDIT:  a reader who signed up today said that until the end of the month there is a free glass of Prosecco for signing up.  You need to scan reward coupon when checking in to the lounge. )

How do you earn Aspire Rewards points?

The scheme is simplicity itself:

You earn 4 points per £1 if you book via or pay on the door

You earn 50 points per lounge visit (25 points for a child) if you enter via a Priority Pass, Lounge Club or other lounge scheme card

Importantly, “multiple visitors within one transaction can be added to one loyalty account

You can only earn points at UK Aspire lounges and, importantly, the Club Aspire lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5 is not participating.

How do you spend Aspire Rewards points?

There are two sorts of rewards:

500 points gets you a free lounge visit – this does NOT seem to be transferable because you redeem by scanning your phone, which is a downside from the old LoungeMiles scheme where you could pass the free visit to a friend

700 points gets you a £5 shopping voucher for:

John Lewis

Pizza Express



Marks & Spencer

You are basically getting 35p per lounge visit, assuming you get in via a Priority Pass or Lounge Club card, as the only redemption worth getting if you have such a card is the shopping voucher.

It is a lot more generous if you are paying cash for your visits.  At an average of £25 per visit, you’d be getting a free pass after every five paid visits.

How does Aspire Rewards work?

Which lounges are taking part?

Here are the participating lounges, according to the app.  I have linked to our reviews:

Belfast City (Aspire) – review here 

Birmingham North (Aspire) – review here 

Birmigham South (Aspire) – review here 

Bristol (Aspire) – review here 

Bristol (Aspire Plus) – review here 

Edinburgh (Aspire) – review here 

Humberside (Aspire) – review here 

Inverness (Aspire) – review here 

London Gatwick North (Club Aspire) – review here 

London Heathrow Terminal 3 (Club Aspire) – review here 

London Luton (Aspire) – review here 

Liverpool (Aspire) – review here 

Manchester Terminal 1 (Aspire) – review here 

Manchester Terminal 2 (Aspire) – review still required if you’re visiting!

Newcastle (Aspire) – review here 

Newcastle (Aspire Plus) – review here 

We understand that a brand new Club Aspire lounge is opening in the British Airways terminal (South) at London Gatwick this Autumn.

You can find out more about Aspire’s lounges on their website here.  There is no information on Aspire Rewards on the site yet.

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  1. Lounger lad says:

    This is bad news but I am confused… Prior to this, when using Priority Pass I was already getting my card stamped on each visit. 5 visits got me a free lounge pass. On this new scheme, that doubles to 10 visits!

  2. Any info on how it works for when you get access through your flight ticket? e.g. Flybe ‘All-In’ bookings?

  3. Richard says:

    Sightly OT question
    I have two trips coming up to Frankfurt and Amsterdam flying to both from Birmingham. Which is the best lounge in each to use the lounge club pass on? (the free passes via Amex gold)

    Frankfurt I’m flying out Terminal 1 in the evening, the options is: LuxxLounge (I’m not sure if you can access Terminal 3 where the other three lounges are: Premium Traveller Lounge, Primeclass Lounge, and Sky Lounge)
    Amsterdam I’m flying out hall 3 in the evening, the options are: Aspire lounge No. 26 and Aspire Lounge No. 41.
    … And I guess Birmingham: Aspire Lounge, Aspire Lounge (South), and No1 Lounge.

    I’ve never actually ended up using the passes in the past. Seems a shame to waste them as I have the option of getting to the airport early if it’s worth visiting the lounge.
    Any advice appreciated, Thanks

    • The Lord says:

      You might be lucky getting in. Last time I tried at BHX we were turned away from No1 as it was full and were lucky to get into Aspire. Once in it was pretty average to be honest, we were grateful for the table and comfy seats but it was like feeding time at the zoo in there. People were very aggressive getting their free bacon rolls and 6.30am whiskeys and gin!

    • Chris L says:

      No1 is the best at BHX if on LH as it’s nicer, better food and closer to the right gates. However if you like plane spotting then the main Aspire has better views. You can reserve online for £5 and this also gives you fast track security so it’s not a bad deal. I did this recently.

    • Just been in the aspire lounge in AMS 41. It’s ok. Nothing special. A drink and crusty roll.

  4. Brighton Belle says:

    O/T for all the West Country flyers
    Source: Travel Mole

    Scandinavian airline SAS will launch flights from Copenhagen to Newquay in Cornwall next summer.

    Flight will operate twice a week from June 28 on a 90-seat CRJ 900 aircraft.

    SAS said the flights would not only provide the first direct link between Cornwall and Denmark, but they will also allow passengers to connect to a network of more than 70 onwards destinations in Europe, Asia and North America.

    Al Titterington, Cornwall Airport Newquay MD, said: “This is brilliant news not just for the airport, but the local region of Cornwall and beyond. Adding to our confirmed direct European services to Alicante, Cork, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Faro and Stuttgart next summer, we’re sure that Copenhagen will prove just as popular.

    “This is a route not only for the many Scandinavians wanting to explore Cornwall and the South West of the UK, but also for our local catchment, which now have flights designed perfectly for an extended weekend break in one of Europe’s coolest capital cities.”

    SAS will be the sixth airline to offer flights from Newquay, joining Aer Lingus, Eurowings, Flybe, Isle of Scilly Skybus and Ryanair.

    • Good timing for our upcoming review of the Newquay lounge!

      • Shoestring says:

        Won’t be that many years until I can turn 4 hrs up the motorway into 20 mins popping over to Newquay & out to place in sun?

      • Review won’t take long Rob – was there recently and the staff had problems locating it, there was a key lock to get in as it is unmanned and there were some crisps, chocolate bars and a fridge with beers and cold soft drinks, and some wine on the counter. I’ve been in bigger front rooms! Don’t get me wrong, always better to be in a ‘lounge’ than in a crowded departure room, but if there is a more basic airport lounge I’d be surprised!

        Only myself and my brother in there, but a few more would have been a squeeze!

  5. What would stop your good friend installing the app with your credentials and using free lounge voucher? Or, better still, you could make a screenshot of the voucher so that smb else could show it on their smartphone?

    • Your name would be on the app – which may (or may not) be alterable. Almost certainly can be done if necessary.

      • Just installed the app on my way to Lhr- no name on the home page – only qr code and membership number. Looks promising..

    • TBH I wouldn’t be surprised if that worked, unless the QR code changes over time. The screen with the code doesn’t show your name.

  6. Haha cheers for the HT 😉

    I was shorted a voucher when their previous scheme went bust, but for the minimal effort of keeping the app installed I’ll keep collecting under this one. It is good that you gain credit for visitors too, seems reasonable given they get an extra entry fee!

  7. Dominic says:

    O/T (Priority Pass related); is there a list of lounges that are removed from Priority Pass?

    I noticed that La Guardia (LGA) in NYC has lost the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge (and another, I think??). This was appearing in my app only a few weeks back and has now gone. Also note that FLL has no priority pass lounges (I thought that they had at least one, but may be mistaken on the latter).

    • Presumably PP don’t keep a list as it’s not in their interests to publicise lost lounges? The LGA Maple Leaf was listed on Friday so it’s a very recent loss. Still appears on DragonPass though.

      • The monthly update email does include removals as well as gains I think.

        • Kevin C says:

          I don’t think closures are listed on the email (at least not the one I get) but if you have the patience to click through the 13 pages of Lounge Updates on the website, it does tell you which lounges are no longer part of the program. It gives you alternatives as well.

        • Yes, that’s what I meant – it’s the link to opening and closings they send you.

      • Dominic says:

        Well, that is disappointing! I thought it was very recent; I flew from LGA on Monday, and realised it was missing on my way to the airport.

    • FLL didn’t have one in August 2017. So if if did have a lounge it was quite a long time ago.

  8. OT/ Curve

    I had a card when they first launched a couple of years back, cancelled after a few months.
    However I’m now interested again… I’ve downloaded the app added a Credit Card to the app, however how do I get a physical card to use in the shops etc? – I can see nowhere on the app or online where I can see my address or order a card etc?

    When I click on view my limits etc there are details mentioning this, and on the insights is mentions no transactions as in I’ve signed up?

    • I’m guessing they have matched up your old card with your mobile number. Will need to contact them delete your account and setup again.

  9. So you get 35p per visit if you redeem via the voucher at 700 points
    But if you redeem with a free visit, which at luton airport is £25 and you get 96 points per booking you have to go 5 times to get a free visit, which means each visit is worth £5 if you intend to redeem via a free pass.

  10. Colin JE says:

    Wonder why Stanstead is missing off the list? Maybe they feel they don’t need to bother, as the only lounge at Stanstead.

  11. O/T just had a Curve notification pop up on my fb with a cut scene of various customer tweets asking if and when Amex will make a return followed by the words SOON!!!!

    Anyone know about this?

    • rumours kicking about in the comments here a few months back seemed to suggest a monthly fee option where you can charge to amex. rumours only. fingers crossed.

    • Yes ….

      • BlueHorizonUK says:

        They’ve retweeted InsideFlyer saying the partnership is back. But no other details.

        • I know the details. It is not as straightforward as you might think – there are complex fees and limits involved and only specific Amex cards can be used, not all of them.

        • rams1981 says:

          That doesn’t sound too appealing unless desperate to make a spend bonus or annual spend in a certain time frame

  12. How many points do you get if the lounge visit is paid by the airline ?

  13. I have existing LoungeMiles Reward cards (fully stamped) for free lounge visits. Are these still being accepted?

  14. When will we know more on the amex curve tie up

  15. The article says “What’s changed? Very little.” I wouldn’t agree. What actually seems to have changed is:
    * The rate at which you earn free lounge visits has halved – previously 1 per 5 visits, now 1 per 10 visits. For me, this is probably a difference of about 6 vouchers per year.
    * It appears you can’t give these to family/friends, so if you have unlimited access via PP or similar, the they’re now effectively worthless anyway.

    • Loungerlad says:

      I said this at the start and everybody seems to have ignored me. This is definitely a major downgrade.of the scheme!

  16. Bouncingkiwi says:

    Fly mainly from Manchester.

    Been successful getting into T1 Aspire once from four attempts (PPass) in last 6months. Escape lounge to the rescue on all these occasions.

    Yes, I know t+c talk about capacity and being bumped but at this rate it will take a while to get a visit, and then I assume u will have the same issue trying to use that,lol!

  17. “You are basically getting 35p per lounge visit”

    Does that not assume that the lounge is worth £3.50 a visit or less? If you will have an unlimited PP etc forever then I guess a free lounge entrance is worth nothing, but if you don’t I’d say you’d be getting at least 3 or 4x that validation.

  18. Just trying to understand this. If I use my PP via Amex card tonight I will get myself and gf into the lounge. Can get her to download the app too and she will get points as well (and a glass of bubbly)?

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