Bits: 0.84p Avios on Groupon, new £50 Hilton cashback deal from Amex, Park Plaza £139 London deal

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News in brief:

2,000 Avios for under £17 via Groupon Spain

The Groupon ‘cheap Avios’ promotion in Spain, with Iberia Plus, relaunched last week.  Click here for details.

The cheapest – and best value – 2,000 Avios package is now back in stock.  You are only paying €19 for 2,000 points, which is 0.84p each.

Here are the other prices, which are less of a steal – especially as BA is selling Avios directly with a 50% bonus this weekend:

  • 4,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €54 (1.2p)
  • 8,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €99 (1.1p)
  • 15,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €189 (1.1p)
  • 20,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €249 (1.1p)
  • 35,000 Iberia Plus Avios for €439 (1.1p)

Whilst these deals were administratively messy when they first appeared, I haven’t heard any reader complaints for a while.  The IT seems to be working now.  Of course, all of the information is in Spanish but Chrome can translate the page for you.

The Groupon Spain page you need is here.

Groupon Avios

New Hilton ‘£50 back on £250 spend’ cashback deal with American Express

A new Hilton cashback offer has appeared on a lot of American Express accounts.  To see if you are targetted, visit the Amex website and take a look under the ‘Offers’ tab on the online statement page for each of your cards.

You will receive £50 cashback when you spend £250 or more at selected UK and European Hilton, DoubleTree, Waldorf Astoria, Hampton, Curio and Conrad hotels before 31st December.  (Hilton Paris Opera is pictured below and reviewed here.  The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which I reviewed earlier this week is also on.)

Not all hotels are participating.  Make sure that you check the list of hotels on the Amex website before booking – it is only UK and European hotels, and not all of them.  In theory you also need to book ‘pay at checkout’ rates to get this deal.  In reality, pre-paid rates will probably also trigger it.

In the past, these offers have been triggered by cumulative spend.  There is no mention of this – so you are not guaranteed to receive it if the £250 is not hit in one transaction – but I suspect you will.

Remember that you still have 11 days to benefit from Hilton’s excellent ‘2500 Miles & More miles on every stay’ promo (click) as well as the current global ‘double or triple points’ offer which runs until 3rd January.

Park Plaza Waterloo £139 deal

The Park Plaza hotel group has launched a special promotion for its new London Waterloo hotel.  We covered the opening here – it is very close to the Imperial War Museum, is basically opposite Lambeth North tube station and is a short walk from the South Bank / Waterloo.

Until Sunday night, you can book a Superior Room for £139 for Friday-Sunday nights and £159 midweek.  This includes breakfast.  Your stay can be at any point between 18th October and 31st January.

Park Plaza is part of Radisson Rewards so you will earn points in that scheme, which can be topped up by a transfer (at 1:3) of American Express Membership Rewards points.  American Express Platinum cardholders will have Radisson Rewards Gold status.

The Park Plaza home page is here.

EDIT:  Try this link if it is not pricing up via the normal site.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Cuchlainn says:

    Yesterday I saved £5 statement credit on £20 Amazon Amex offer online on both BAPP cards.

    Excellent use for Kindle books on holibobs and B** have link to free 3 month Kindle Unlimited deal, if you are a Genius customer and book 1+ nights with them – happy days.

  2. Regarding the Hilton stay would it still count if the £250 was purely F&B and spa treatments I have a prepaid room booked but reckon with 2 lots of spa treatments and dinner etc might just sneak over £250 will obviously get it all billed to the room.

    • Spurs Debs says:

      I’m hoping that’s the case. I’ve got three paid room stays coming up. If it does great if it doesn’t nothing really lost.

    • Yes it will. When you check in your stay folio will be activated – the first line item will be your pre-payment followed by the nightly room charge (as each day passes if you’re staying for more than one night) and any items that you sign for (like dinner, spa, etc) during your stay. Your folio will close when you settle the outstanding amount.

    • Won’t be an issue at all as long as you charge all that to your main hotel folio and pay at check-out (risk of paying spa directly and it going through as something else)

  3. OT: Has anyone tried converting Tesco voucher to Virgin recently and if yes, any 20% bonus?

    • OT signed up and accepted using HFP link to amazon business last Friday week. Not received an email voucher for £50 off first £100 spend. Have checked spam. Have I misunderstood any part of the offer?

      • You misunderstood the bit where I said you should email me with any issues and I would pass it to my Amazon contact to fix 🙂

    • Peter K says:

      Only a 20% bonus sometimes. It is not a permanent thing. Not had for a while.

  4. Morning all
    Anyone else experiencing delays on having their MR Amex referral points posted?(referral from Platinum)
    Applicant received card 2 days ago,no sign of my referral points!
    Although Rob confirmed that Amex can see this,Amex agents unable to confirm after several phone calls!
    Managers never available,has anyone got a contact number where a I can get someone from Amex able to see confirm points delay?(Need to reassure applicant that will get their bonus points for being referred)
    Many thanks

    • I did a referral a couple of months ago, it was about 5 days after my dad received his card that the MR points eventually hit my account

      • Thanks Nicky,I read that lately has been even longer delays

        • Did a self referral last night and was surprised to see the MR points had hit my account before even activating the card!

        • I did a referral from my Plat on Sunday 14th, and they hit my account on Thursday 18th.

          You’re surely not in a position to chase/complain though because the terms do say they can take up to 10 weeks to post (off the top of my head)?

    • I don’t think it’s a good idea to draw attention to this. In any case, I would wait a bit longer and double check that you met all the eligibility criteria for the referral (e.g. 5 referrals per 12 months etc).

      • rams1981 says:

        I made a rookie mistake and did a proper referral forgetting I’d already done 5, so no points

        • If I upgraded gold to platinum halfway through the year, do the referrals done under gold count towards the annual 5? Or do I get another 5 from when the account changes from gold to plat?

        • Genghis says:

          90k per calendar year per MR acct

        • Genghis, are you sure it is per MR account and not per card account? That is, do gold and platinum get combined into 90k max? I thought I still had 18k to go but I did a couple on gold prior to upgrade meaning I have none left if you are correct?

        • Per MR account.

        • Thanks Rob, I will just wait until January then as opposed to halving bonuses via BAPP.

    • In the same boat. Referred a friend from Plat 2 weeks ago. Friend called Amex on Thurs this week to follow up and they said he’d been approved, so if his card has now arrived and I’ve not received the 18k, I will be a little bemused. Saying that, 2 x other successful referrals from my Gold card still haven’t posted and that’s from perhaps a month ago, so I’m not sure what the issue might be still, though I noted the delay chatter on HFP from a few weeks back (though, as already mentioned, the I was also under the impression that this had been remedied).

  5. OT: I have the Amex Platinum and will be cancelling soon. Do I have to wait for 6 months before I take out the Gold Amex or is it fine to open one now and get sign up bonus? Same goes for my husband who has the Gold and want to know if he can open the Platinum and get sign up bonus.

    • You have to close and then wait 6 months to be eligible for the sign up bonus.

    • I’m afraid I don’t know the details but others here will be able to offer advice. Have you already thought about whether you could earn a referral bonus before closing? It also sounds as if there are different ways of staggering your husband’s card applications and your own to maximise sign-up bonuses and referral bonuses.

  6. Re Hilton / M&M:

    I opened a new M&M account for this promo and now have 40K miles, but whenever I try to search for award flights it just gives me an error similar to {“code”:400,”message”:”An error occurred servicing your request. “}

    Same on all browsers, app, different devices and IP addresses, so maybe it’s my account. Any ideas what is going on?

    • Hi
      I also opened a new account with this promotion
      Not enough miles for a redemption,but all was fine when trying one,more miles required,I think I got the option of buying some more

      • Don’t do LH miles and cash whatever you do. If you need more miles tgere are a lot of offers at the moment…hotels, car hire, economist.

    • Jonathan says:

      Try redeeming on the Lufthansa website instead

    • Had difficulties two days ago, I thought it was just temporary.

  7. Trystan Griffiths says:

    If I book and prepay for a stay at a participating hotel before Dec 31 but the reservation would be after 31 Dec, would I get the statement credit?

    • Trystan Griffiths says:

      Sorry guys, just saw that the offer excludes on line payments. Bit gutted as I have many prepaid rooms from now until end of year and not likely to need anymore reservations. I guess it doesn’t always pay to be so organised!!!

      • That’s what the terms say, but in practice Hiltons in Europe charge prepaid payments at their front desk in the more or less same way as you would pay on checkout. So if your stay is charged before 31 Dec Amex should not be able to know whether you actually stayed then or are going to stay later. (but of course if you don’t get the credit you can’t complain)

      • Go for it and see what happens. Historically I’ve always been able to trigger these offers on prepaid UK rates.

    • Yes as long as the hotel charges immediately.

  8. Paul Walsh says:

    Hilton’s in Bucharest excluded once again…sigh…

  9. OT – Curve…can anyone confirm if uk cash withdrawals to IHG card are still free up to £200 pm? Thanks.

  10. Quick question regarding the Iberia Groupon deal – do you specifically require a Groupon Spain account or should this work with existing UK accounts?

    • I asked this last week and was told you have to open a Groupon Spain account. I had to use Google translate to get by as my Spanish is next to nil.

    • You can login via Facebook or Google if you don’t want to fill in the sign-up form

  11. I’ve got one night booked at the Syon park on a pre paid rate and one booked on a pay on checkout rate for £178 next wekend. I assume if I add to the total bill in terms of f and b or spa etc taking it over £250 I qualify? I’ve registered for the offer!

    • Well if you need to pay over £250 at checkout it will definitely qualify.

      If not you’d only get it if the prepaid night was charged after you registered, otherwise you need to spend at another Hilton.

  12. Sorry just thinking. I prepaid one night for £126 and have a pay on checkout rate of £178 in the next week.

    So it worth risking the total is £304? Or increase the pay on checkout rate to £250 on my second stay to make sure I hit the spend?

    • I should trigger the previous version of this deal on prepay spend (or not) this week – will let you know. I did the same as you, 1 prepaid and 1 on checkout.

      • My bad just realised I used a visa debit card for the first prepay stay as I was in the process of cancelling and awaiting new gold cards????‍♂️…and they promotion wasn’t on my wife and I existing BA Amex cards….however last night did find both BA Amex now have this offer so if I hit £250 next week should trigger it!


        Out if interest were having a 2 night stay the Hilton Syon Park room only. I’ve read your review but as a family was the breakfast any good? Might trigger my spend that way!

  13. The streets says:

    OT – SPG Amex Card – I’m about to give up waiting for my sign up points to multiply. Basically if you took out the card before 01 August but hit your target spend after the merger then you lose out by 22,000 new spg points as no one wants to take responsibility in tripling them. You get 11,000 old points unconverted and so devalued by 66%. I’ve done very well out of Amex and so prepared to lose out this time!

    • On the contrary I’m about to go on the warpath but could use a reminder as it’s been so long now… could someone please remind me what the old referral bonus was? And any advice whether I need Amex to credit 3x this number or are points being trebled when swept across? Many thanks for any help.

      • The streets says:

        It was a third of what it is today so spend £1,000 in 3 month and receive 10,000 Starpoints (11,000) if referred.

        As of 1 August newly earned points are now being tripled.

        • In the same position and Amex opened a case to look into it but still refused to triple. Waiting to see if any correction made in next month or so otherwise will raise a formal complaint and see how that fares.

        • I also only got 11k but I’ve given up on chasing the remaining 22k. Managed to get £50 compensation out of them and cancelled the card.

        • I just chatted with them and it is the official list of issues that they are working on fixing that has been given to CS. I will believe it when I see it, but just with the people complaining here on this bit of the forum they must be well aware of it now.

    • I had this problem. Marriott were useless. SPG via twitter responded very quickly but after a week or so of communication put the blame firmly on Amex. I rang Amex back again this week and was put through to a manager who admitted they (Amex) were to blame for not sending the SPG points over to SPG already multiplied by three. The manager said that all SPG Amex points should have been multiplied by three after 1st August before being transferred to SPG. He will be sending the missing SPG points over to SPG on 8th November which was my statement date on the SPG Amex card which I cancelled two months. It appears points can’t be transferred over on an ad hoc basis. After a little persuasion he also transferred an additional 5000 points as a gesture of goodwill. I suggest speaking to a manager as the customer service assistants do not have the authority to transfer over points.hope this helps.

    • Richard says:

      I’ve been lucky and have had a better result. Spoke to an amex agent this week and after 5 mins in hold they said they’d post the 20,000 points to my Amex account and they’ll go over in the next sweep to SPG. Still not showing in Amex but the said they’ll go on next week.

      • Thanks Kipto and others… useful info. I was the referrer rather than being referred… i think the old bonus was 9k (so I’m chasing 27k). Can anyone confirm, please? Have spoken to amex twice in the last month. Last time they spuriously tried to claim the person applied without using the link which has spurred me on to getting a positive result or raising a formal complaint by the end of this month. Let’s see…

  14. You can click through to Groupon via the Iberia shopping portal for an extra 13 Avios per € spent at the moment

  15. Peter K says:

    I know about statistics and how they work but I’m slightly suspicious on the Marriott game how my account (with stays this year) has won 500, 500, 3000 but my wife’s identical account, apart from no stays, had only won 50, 50, 50.

    Anyone else noticed this trend?

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