Bits: 5 week HFP intern role available – starts Monday!, redeem IHG points for a West End night out

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News in brief:

HFP intern opportunity – 5 weeks, £2500, start on Monday!

(EDIT: role is filled, thanks to everyone who applied)

Whilst I work through the applications for the new HFP full time writing role, I am looking for someone to help out at Head for Points for the 5 weeks between now and Christmas.

This is primarily to help with putting the Christmas Party together because, frankly, with Anika now out of London it won’t be happening otherwise.

Because I need you to start on Monday and jump straight in, the criteria are fairly strict:

You need to be available to start on Monday 12th November, with a targeted end date of Friday 14th December (5 weeks)

You MUST have WordPress experience – this is not primarily an article-writing role but you will be doing stuff on the site

You must have decent knowledge of how British Airways Executive Club works, but you don’t need to know much about any other schemes

Experience in organising any sort of large event is welcome

And, ahem, you’ll need to bring your own laptop, as we don’t have a spare in the office at the moment …… 🙂

Payment is £500 per week, so £2500 for the full five weeks.  (We’re not in the business of exploiting interns for zero or little money.)  You will be working immediately behind Moorgate station in our ‘free beer, free coffee, table tennis table etc’ WeWork office.  Standard office hours apply although there will be a few evening events to attend.

There is the potential for extending the role for a couple of weeks in January if we both mutually agree.  It will depend on when the new full-time employee can start.

In the spirit of a proper internship, I will try to get you exposure to as many interesting people as I can depending on my meeting schedule, even when there is no business reason for you to be there.  Subject to BA approval, you will even get to meet Alex Cruz. You will also be able to attend the full range of WeWork talks and events held nightly in the building.

This is not a ‘dogsbody’ role – although, of course, there are some day-to-day admin tasks that will fall on your shoulders.  You will, for example, be responsible for visiting potential venues for the Christmas party, negotiating the contract and finalising the sponsorship deal.  Anika will offer guidance but you will be taking all the meetings yourself.

I am assuming that this will appeal to an unemployed graduate or someone on a gap year but I’m open to all options. Drop me an email TODAY (by midnight on Thursday) at rob [at] if you’re interested, and include your mobile number.  To the extent you can, please include internet links to validate your relevant experience.  I will make a decision on Friday.  There will be no interviews.

Please do NOT apply if you applied for the full-time job we advertised recently, as part of your work will involve helping me manage that process.

IHG Rewards Club Access auctions

Redeem IHG Rewards Club points for a night in the West End

We cover Marriott Moments and Hilton Auctions regularly on Head for Points.  These sites allow you to redeem your points for unique experiences via an auction or outright purchase.  We also cover Emirates sports tickets as they offer seats for Arsenal games – you will find me and my son in the Emirates Box for the Wolves game this Sunday.

IHG Rewards Club has a similar scheme called IHG Rewards Club AccessThe website is here.

We have never mentioned it before because I have never seen anything on it for the UK.  This has now changed and there are some good options for theatre fans.

Here is what you can bid on or buy:

Two premium tickets to see Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo in Antony & Cleopatra at the National Theatre on 30th November (no bids so far)

Same as above, but for 8th December with a ‘buy it now’ price of 35,000 IHG points

Two VIP packages for 17th January, one with two tickets and one with four tickets, to include dinner and a Q&A with the cast after the show (auction)

Two tickets for Harry Potter & The Cursed Child on 8th December, for both Part 1 (afternoon) and Part 2 (evening) (auction, highest bid so far is 26,000 points)

If you’re interested you can bid or buy by clicking here.  Hopefully we will see more interesting IHG Rewards Club Access events in the UK in 2019.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Rob, well done on offering fair pay to interns – I hope more companies follow.

  2. O/T upgrading with avios. I’m looking to book a little trip for 2 to New York in early spring. I’m torn between either…

    Booking premium economy on AA outwards and CW on the return

    Booking WT+ both ways and upgrading both ways with avios

    Booking WT+ outwards and upgrading with avios, and booking CW cash return

    So questions are…

    What is the difference in cost of fees, taxes etc is between WT+ and CW (I’m addtion to extra avios) when I upgrade?

    Whether AA PE is a decent product and whether it beats WT+.

    If I book AA PE whether I can upgrade later.

    Any thoughts welcome!

    • You need to do some dummy bookings to get an idea of prices. As I recall, only BA certain fares can be upgraded with avios so you can end up paying nearly as much for WT+ seats as for CW, so you would be effectively wasting your avios. The tax difference between WT+ and CW is minimal, however.

      You need to book any of these options as a return, though, as one way fares are extortionate.

      • Genghis says:

        All W fares are upgradeable

        • That’s what I thought! Too many different ways of doing it, and I’m relatively cash poor for this trip but hoping not to completely deplete my avios pile either!

        • Genghis says:

          Too many factors as to which is “best” as depends on your circs. I suggest doing some dummy bookings and then comparing the numbers. Remember this, however:

        • Are WT+ booked through Amex travel upgradeable? Getting mixed messages, thanks

        • I thought you got charged pretty much the flexible fare though? I once priced up a WT+ fare to the Caribbean using the “upgrade with avios facility” and was quoted £2200 return to the Caribbean, which was only a couple of hundred quid less than the CW fare! Not worth using 50,000 avios pp to upgrade.

        • Lady London says:

          The only Y fares which are upgradeable, are so expensive you’d likely not want to buy them in the first place. Currently ALL WT+ fares can be upgraded subject to availability of J award seat.

    • I think you might be barking up the wrong tree here David because WT+/Pe are rarely sensible options if relatively cash-poor.. If there is no urgency to book it soon I think you would be better to hold off on a Black Friday or New Year flight/holidays sale deal. You might get a good offer to part pay witb avios too or may still have options to UUA.

      • Hi BJ. I suppose I’m after a halfway house! I don’t want to pay full whack for CW (and WT+ looking reasonable for my dates) and don’t want to do full whack avios. Also, dates are well and truly fixed! I suspect I’ve backed myself into a corner and will have to make do with a decent if not spectacular value deal 🙂

        Thanks all for your thoughts!

        • Lady London says:

          If you can find a cash fare for WT+ that you;re happy with, especially if it has some flexibility at a cost you could live with, personally I’d look to nail one of those by about first week of December or so when the current cycle of offers is likely to end. Unless you want to hold out for the next cycle which might produce something amazing around Christmas/early January.

          For NY it’s so competitive most of the year price-wise especially ex-EU, I wouldn;t use avios.

          You might also want to start thinking about hotel if your dates are fixed – NYC can be very very expensive so you’ll want a deal too. This is where it makes sense to check BA Holidays – a different part of the site where you may find including a hotel doesn;t cost you much more than the flight if there are two of you..

    • Tom Cook says:

      Not sure if you have a companion voucher to use but we have just booked NYC, CW out, F back, using a voucher and 140k avios, and circa £600 in taxes per person.

      • I could trigger a voucher now, but hoping to use it for something more worthwhile in 2020 (currently using a voucher for LHR-EZE-SCL-LHR in May/June 2019) 🙂

    • Lady London says:

      How avios-rich vs cash-rich are you? do you generally find any avios you spend, are easy for you to replace?

    • Lady London says:

      You should be paying cash for that if you’ve got dates you can fix. There are some stunning offers around for NY ATM. the ones I;m seeing require ex-EU positioning, which would be a good use of your avios. For the rest I’;d frankly pay cash with what I’m seeing.

      • Thanks LadyLondon, you’re right and I’ve considered all of the above. It’s a tricky one as I’m changing jobs and don’t have the luxury of much leave. All a bit of a perfect storm really, but fortunately the current prices on WT+ are decent and have enough avios for upgrade so may well just do that. It’s a spontaneous trip which wasn’t in the avios or cash budget ????

        • Lady London says:

          Basically given overall competitiveness of NYC pricing (most completitive longhaul destination in the world for cash, I think) I would probably be willing to use Avios for ex-EU positioning. that is, if I couldn’t find a cheap cash flight to get to EU starting point.

          Yes David I agree. For NYC, I’d not be willing to use avios to pay for ticket in WT nor in WT+. Cash prices are competitive most of the year for NYC. All WT+ fares can be upgraded with avios. So check if J is available for avios at the time you book, pay cash for WT+ then scoot quickly and upgrade immediately with avios. If you can make the cash fare cancelable or changeable without huge charges, do that. Then you can take a better offer if it comes along.

          I hope you have something sorted for your hotel because the odds are that will cost a lot more than flights.

          The other destination where the same factors seem to come into play is SFO – very similar, very competitive market for airlines so same opportunities. In the past year LAS has shown signs of the same.

          If you were going anywhere by paying avios-only then I;m sure you;ve read Rob’s several articles about IB being lots less tax and sometimes less avios than BA for same route. If you stick to BA and AA flights you can cancel or change if you book via IB avios. Otherwise, no cancel no change. So be careful which airlines you pick if you via IB.

  3. Dan from London says:

    O/T Managed to secure some of avios tickets to Kos for next October half term (thanks HFP!). I can’t find hotels from any of the large hotel groups on the island to redeem some points, so looking for recommendations from anyone who has been. My children will be 6 and 3 by then.

    • Check out the new IKOS there. Not on points but an amazing all inclusive hotel chain

  4. Ot-offer on Amex plat, spend £1300 anywhere in the next month for 500 bonus mr points.

    • Andrew S says:

      I got spend £200 get 500 bonus MR

    • Got spend £1600 for extra 2k

    • C F Frost says:

      4000 for spending £1700.

      • 2000 MR for £1500 spend on mine.

        It’s good to see some great offers on the cards again after a long period of rubbish offers

    • Mine is spend £3,700 get 4,000 points.

      • Andrew S says:

        Might be worth noting the terms state spend from 15/11 through to 15/12.

        • Tnx for that, hadn’t quite got that part. Plenty of Tesco and John Lewis gift cards coming up then, plus as many utilities l can push…

      • Anthony says:

        Spend £3900 for 4000 points. I think I will pass!

        • @ Andrew (too many nested comments to reply directly) I was going to use this link, but I checked the T&Cs before I paid- season tickets are excluded.

    • Got spend £2100 for extra 2k.

    • Anyone else got zilch on a plat (or indeed anything else)? Not a happy bunny now 🙁

      • Spend £1500 for 500MRs. Borderline insulting :-(.

      • roberto says:

        bugger all here too….

      • Yes, I haven’t had a single offer on any of my Amex cards since August. I am calling them today to complain and ask them to add all the offers that have been mentioned here.

        • They won’t add them these days. Tried recently for oh plat to get the 200 credit on amex travel 600 spend which we needed to do. But no joy…

        • @ Polly I’ll give it a go though, as I am also not getting any marketing emails even though I am signed up. It is ridiculous that I have had no offers whatsoever, not even the crappy ones. My accounts have 0 offers across all cards (Plat, BA, SPG). My OH has one crappy offer on Gold which is there since August and zero on BA.

        • A data point for the few of us who haven’t been receiving any Amex offers. I’ve just been told by a manager at Amex that apparently when GDPR came in place in May, I had to opt in again as I was automatically opted out. She said that I should have received an email to opt-in. I checked and I didn’t receive any such email. She now said that within 24-48 hours offers should start appearing on my account. She wouldn’t add them manually. Fingers crossed.

        • Meta, just did the same as OH hadn’t a single offer on his plat. V annoying. Checked all our cards for that data point. Only his needed updating. But they hadn’t told me 1st time. Just Implied it was luck of the draw.. good luck then.

      • Chuckstar says:

        Nowt for me … will be carefully targeted I’m sure.

      • Same here. I do get lots of offers but unfortunately not this one.

    • Leafwarbler says:

      1000 for £600 spend

    • Got spend £700 for 500MRs – might try and use in conjunction with the £200 off £600 spend if it’ll work as bonus MR for booking anyhow.

    • 500 MR points for 1.1K spend on Amex Rewards Gold

    • Spend £100 for 500MRs, i’ll take that. It’s almost like they knew I was about to cancel it..

    • Scrooge-like amex, cancelled my platinum yesterday. It was a difficult choice to hold or churn due to 90k referral bonus.

      • Voltron says:

        Before I had the plat charge, i thought £450 fee was insane, however, after getting the cards and using the perks (PP, car rental insurance, 90k referrals, 40+ offers) I wouldn’t even think of cancelling it.

        However everyone should see if it works for them, alot of the info on HFP is very based on the individual i.e. I never do BA 241 as only put approx £12-15k a year on amex, and I rather put them on cards for the welcome bonus. Plus I rather spend points on hilton redemption rather than avios

        • If you do get 40+ offers. Some of us haven’t had a single offer for several months now and Amex won’t add them manually any more. It will be sad, but if I don’t get some offers soon, I’ll be cancelling Plat and just keep BA card. I’ll be switching to HSBC card as the source of flexible airline points. Amex acceptance is very good these days, but there are still lots of places that don’t. There are certainly other options there.

    • Spend £1000 for 1000 points

    • £5k spend for 6k points on gold charge card. I’m guessing the offer is based on something like 25% more than your regular monthly spend to try and encourage you upwards a bit? Paying some suppliers after 15th one month then before 15th the next should do the job nicely, so pure 6k bonus for me 🙂

    • I got spend £5k get 4k MR…..

    • I have just had a conversation online regarding the Spend £5 anywhere by 30/11 and get 500 Avios which was offered last month. I spent later the same day after saving (and several times since) and it still hadn’t triggered the bonus by today. I got the the usual ‘it can take 90 days from 30/11 to show’ but then the agent came back to me with this:
      Please allow me a moment to sent an email regarding this as many card member’s account has not issued the Avios
      Daniel at 15:23, Nov 8:
      SO we have raised this issue so they have asked for the merchant locations so they can fix it
      Daniel at 15:23, Nov 8:
      And it will take 3-5 working days

      So anyone still waiting should contact Amex and ignore the usual spiel, they appear to have a problem with some, maybe not all, transactions not linking to it.

      • I also rang today about this and was told to wait 90 days after 30/11. Said it’s a bit unfair to ask you to wait 4.5 mths after the spend for what is a small reward. She wouldn’t budge. I also didn’t get the WH Smith offer even though I was emailed to say I had it. Due to some technical glitch it won’t add so she gave me the £5 credit and asked me to do the £15 spend before the offer date expires!

        • Shoestring says:

          I get fed up with that 90 day BS. Basically means go away, I can’t be bothered to deal with this failure in Amex Marketing, not my problem, I hope you forget about ringing back in 3 months. Very poor. And the shame is: they used to be so good, not that long ago.

          Amex CS now worse than the old Tesco trouts?

  5. At least this advert doesn’t say we don’t want your ideas????

    Good luck to those that apply….great opportunity and good pay

    • +1

    • Perplexed says:

      £100 a day (in central London) is good pay?
      Life certainly has changed.

      • Most pay £100 per week if that, with no exposure to top decision makers, eg

        This is also more, per week, than 95% of entry level media jobs pay for a full time role.

      • Most pay nothing, maybe lunch and travel, max. My daughter was one of these kids.

      • That’s a good rate for an intern! Gf interns in the fashion industry currently, and is getting diddly squat. It is really depressing.

        • Perplexed says:

          Of course it’s depressing. That’s my point. But it appears people just accept it. Or at least I’m not aware of pushback. It’s clearly deemed the new norm. Would any of us have accepted it (in our day) ? I know I wouldn’t have. Just because others take advantage, does that mean Rob or indeed any other employer should? Rob’s answer appears to be yes.

          Let’s be open and honest. It’s simply an exploitive practice.

        • I’m confused. What is exploitive about offering a 5-week job which pays MORE than the going rate for full-time entry-level media jobs?

          Let’s be quite clear. I could have offered no money except expenses, kept the £2500 for myself, and would still have easily filled the role by 10am this morning. But I am a better person than that. Feel free to give us an example of how you personally gave up £2,500 recently which you could have pocketed in order to ‘do the right thing’.

        • A round of applause to Rob. Good karma is important! (To balance up the dents caused by mattress runs and high-brow looks at Ethiopia)

        • I am a great believer that just because you would be able to screw someone into working for minimum wage, or even for nothing doesn’t mean you should – or that it’s the most beneficial way for yourself in the long term (and hopefully ultimately both me and my employees benefit from this). Well done to Rob for thinking the same way. A bit confused by Perplexed’s comments – appears to blame Rob for exploitative intern practices even though he’s paying a fair rate. Or does Perplexed live in a world where anybody on a salary under £50k is on a pittance???

        • Lady London says:

          fashion’s probably about the worst.
          media nearly as bad.

      • Do you live in the real world???

        • Perplexed says:

          Fortunately for me, I don’t live in your world Leo.

        • As per Jon above I have no idea what “perplexed” is actually saying – there are a lot of people highly educated and motivated who get paid much less than £100 per day in London. Rob’s offer is a good one for someone at the beginning of their career! Not everyone one who reads this blog is a “money person”. And you have no idea about my world….very odd comments.

      • There is probably an enormous amount of people, even in central London, who would love to earn £100/d.

      • You serious? When I first started out in London 12 years ago, I was on £18k a year.

        £500 a week for an intern is fantastic pay. I’d be interested to know what you would consider as ‘good pay’ for a short-term intern placement?!

      • Yep sounds like a bloody generous deal to me and above the London Living Wage.

        • Peter K says:

          I remember when I did my pre-reg year for my job I was effectively paid under the legal minimum wage. However, that was the rate set by the regulatory body so it’s what almost everyone got and there was no other way to fully qualify without doubt the pre-reg year so I had to do it.
          That wage was about 20% of what I earned as soon as fully registered. I think this level of pay is good, plus vital experience gained as well.

      • Should change your name to clueless

      • Lady London says:

        Large company interns I’ve seen over past few years £1000-£1500 per month.

        I really hope Rob gets the support he needs. Be especially careful on dealing with party venues. They can be slippery. Get everything put in writing. (Loads of event management, unfortunately can;t do the rest!)

        • Lady London says:

          Oh, and I think the new apprenticeship schemes subsidised by the government basically pay an apprentice’s wages up to… not sure but think £1k/month? Others who know more than me may clarify.

  6. 54k current bid for Harry Potter tickets. I’d bid but tickets just say dress circle. You seats could presumably be terrible.

    • joe green says:

      Hi Matt please feel free to drop me an email if your looking for excellent stalls tickets for May/June time as I have a few were not using although you won’t be able to pay with points 🙂
      nepweno at gmail com

  7. She is, but the party needs someone on the ground as well. The sponsorship deal is sort-of-agreed but obviously subject to satisfaction with date and venue.

  8. OT: how long does it usually take for the Hilton £50 off £250 Amex offer to show as redeemed after spending the money…?

    • Peter K says:

      About a week from the point the charge hit the card.

      • Mine was two weeks and still nothing so I think they just don’t pick it up unless you ring and complain

        • Sididdly says:

          I got email confirmation four days after payment and statement credit a couple of days after that.

    • I checked out Sunday morning and the cumulative spend Amex mail came on Tuesday.
      My stays still haven’t updated on the website ????

    • Forget it…I have given up with Amex recently they’re shocking so last week I rang and complained….got my wife and my 500 Avios for the spend and the £50 credit has just gone on. Had to complain, get through to someone who spoke English then complain again then have it manually applied….my advice don’t wait ring Amex

      • Yes I too have noticed a deterioration in recent Amex customer service, and a tightening up of what I considered to be a generous “never say no” attitude. They just seem so inflexible now.

        • RakishDriver says:

          Depends on who you speak to; out of hours, speaking to someone in the Philippines – don’t expect much competence and/or authority. You need to speak to someone in Brighton to JFDI.

  9. Are you only applying on the condition you get to meet her?

  10. Charlie says:

    Sorry for the O/T (I just know the advice here is generally very sound).

    I have one Lloyd’s Avios voucher and should hopefully get a second in the next week. I would like to get three adults and a baby away using Avios and the voucher.

    Q1. If my wife and I use the voucher(s) for a CE return do I need another Avios seat to be available for the baby (will be three months old)?
    Q2. Dependent on Q1 will I be able to book three adults and a baby on the same Avios booking and does that require three or four Avios seats in CE?

    Thank you.

    • Under 2 infants are free, and you get free seat selection

      • Not free sorry you need 10% Avios for them and 10% tax (I think!)

        • Charlie says:

          Thanks. I think that should mean I need 3 Avios seats available? Then I can use full Avios for one adult return (assuming dad wants to come back – haven’t asked him) and two Lloyd’s vouchers for me and the wife.

    • Lap infants under 2 years old don’t need a redemption seat. You pay 10% of the Avios and fees. Not sure if it can all be done in one booking but even if not you should be able to get the bookings linked.

      • Charlie says:

        Thank you.

      • It used to really annoy me that they charge anything at all for an infant which doesn’t get a seat, baggage allowance or food!

        • I think infants get normal baggage allowance + hand luggage + 2 items of specialist equipment (buggy, carseat, etc)

        • Fact check: They get one checked bag plus car seat & pushchair. Also there’s the cost of fuel to you know actually get them from A to B.

        • Shoestring says:

          Just checked the APD rules: Children under 2 years old without a seat are exempt from Air Passenger Duty, it does not matter what class they travel in. However, if a seat is purchased for an infant, they will only by exempt from Air Passenger Duty if they’re in the lowest class of travel.

          Children under 16 years old on the date of the flight, and in the lowest class of travel, are exempt. If children under 16 years old are travelling in any other class or in business jets, they are not exempt.

        • BA are very generous with infants , we return after my daughter is 2 , BA have provided a seat for her at no extra cost or miles in First from Singapore , all airlines charge 10% for infants BTW

  11. OT – does anyone know of an Avios-earning code/link for a Sunday Times Travel Magazine subscription?

    • I don’t think they’re doing it at the moment or it would have been featured here more recently!

      • When The Sunday Times did that article recently on easy ways to earn Avios, I wanted them to include the story of how their own travel magazine gave away 4,500 points for £30 in a badly thought through offer, but oddly it never made it into the final version 🙂

      • I assumed as much, but thought there might be something offering a handful. Oh well.

        Sounds like there won’t be another offer soon then, Rob!

  12. OT Marriott promo/

    Won 2,000 points today!

    Upto 3,750 now…. not too bad!

    • A new low – “An Error Occurred” followed by “You already played today”. So I have now managed to not even win an entry into the prize draw.

      • My partner had this message once but then he received an email informing him that he had won 50p

        • Only 50pts for me but can’t complain as we’ve done better than with the NFL promotion. Interestingly two of the Sheratons were properties we’d previously booked then later cancelled.

      • Log out. Clear cookies. Try again.

    • Lucky you. I played both for wife and myself, never won more than 50 points.

  13. OT: Launch event Radisson Collection Royal Mile 22 November 6-9pm; any other Edinburgh/Scotland based readers got an invitation to this? Perhaps some of us could troop along to this in lieu of HFP Christmas party, probably free drinks and snacks of some description on offer.

    • Oooh good plan – yes I got an invite. Am hoping to attend. I checked and they said a guest was allowed too if I wanted, have offered it to a colleague but they might not be able to make it so could potentially take another HfPer if they wanted. Definitely meant to have free drinks and snacks according to their advert!

  14. Off-topic, recently there was an Amex offer to earn 1000MR for an online spend with Curry’s, boots and some other retailers. We purchased something from Curry’s online, but we were not given any opportunity to pay online, being instructed to pick up and pay for the reserved product at a local Curry’s store, which we did. I assumed this would trigger the awarded points, but a week later, still nothing.

    I contacted Amex last night who said the purchase didn’t qualify because it was paid by chip and pin and not online. While I understand that is correct, I feel a little cheated that they have not awarded the points when I had no other online payment option offered on the site. In peoples’ experience, is this fair or am I able to present an argument that may get Amex to award the points. The web chat representative and their supervisor were adamant that they could not give me the points. Any advice appreciated.

    • the_real_a says:

      I think AMEX is right here I’m afraid. The offer was to incentivise people to buy online at the retailer. You bought a product that was not available for an online purchase so didn’t meet the criteria. Saying that, I would have thought AMEX would have bunged you 1000 as its not worth the hassle, did you try calling Brighton?

    • seems fair to me.

    • matt340 says:

      Currys/ PC World offer a “collect in store” option, so if the item is not available to buy online and be delivered (i.e. they don’t have any stock in their online warehouse, but they do have stock in their stores), the website will only offer the “collect in store”, which is what happened in your case. Therefore you’re technically not buying online, which is what the promo was for, you’re reserving an item to buy in store.

      • Lady London says:

        The problem seems to arise because the online sales arm is usually a different business unit with its own targets measured separately for so many business. It does not make sense but so many organise that way. Leading to situations like this where you were given no choice to take the only channel that was paying the incentive.

  15. O/T has anyone had their £30 credit posted following £100 spend at Selfridges, on gift cards? Its been 7 working days for me, I know it can take up to 90 days to post. I had an email to say “You have used your Selfridges offer…..If your transaction meets the offer terms, your credit should appear on your statement within 5 business days (however it can take up to 90 days from the offer end date).“

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