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Flybe launches flights from London City Airport to Newcastle

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Flybe, via its franchise partner Eastern Airways, has announced a new route from Newcastle to London City Airport.

Starting on 7th January, flights will leave Newcastle at 08.05 and 17.50, with return services from London City at 09.45 and 19.30.  There is no service on a Saturday and a single evening service on a Sunday.

Eastern Airways launches Newcastle to London City

You can earn Avios on these services at the standard Flybe rates.  I am not sure if, due to the franchise nature of this route, it will be available as a redemption – nothing is showing at the moment.

Flights can be booked at

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Comments (95)

  • Crafty says:

    OT: Morrisons Christmas vouchers – 11,250 More points for £150 spend in each of the next 4 weeks.

    Terms say excludes purchase of gift cards. Has there been any evidence to the contrary, e.g. in previous years?

    • KevMc says:

      Gift Cards definitely won’t work – they can see what you are buying (unlike the CC companies), so it is easy for them to exclude them.

      • Crafty says:

        Ok, thanks. Will likely bin these then, have much better inducements from their competition!

  • Terry says:

    OT – Qatar last minute sale until midnight today

  • YB says:

    I asked Amex this when I had the offer, and phone bookings won’t trigger. The offer is for online bookings. Unless the terms have changed this time around?

    • KP says:

      Nope…T&C still say online…but I was wondering if there was a loop hole and telephone bookings would still trigger it

  • Thomas Howard says:

    Curve community has a posting saying beta testing of Amex acceptance will begin on 20 November and has a BA card in the example.

    • js54156 says:

      Is the community/testing open to those who are lucky to be invited or public?

      • Thomas Howard says:

        It says there will be a link in the Curve community on 20/11. I got my invite to the community today, hadn’t heard of it before.

        • Graham Walsh says:

          Same here. Invited today and signed up to stuff. Their roadmap is public i think via the trello link.

  • Shoestring says:

    O/T stressing about MCOL (Money Collection Online) when BA fails to give EC261 compo.

    I’m not surprised people stress about this. I’ve never had to do it but yesterday I got the welcome news that Amazon Guarantee had forced a seller to refund me £20 for something not delivered, after pursuing the case for over 2 months. Basically I ordered 2 but the seller only sent me 1. They’d paid postage for the weight of 2 items (so they said) but only 1 got packed & sent to me. My case got rejected twice before I won it on my second appeal.

    Anyway, I was on the point of going down the MCOL route – but it was a bit stressful thinking of all the hassle etc & all for £20. I got to the MCOL registration stage and that was bad enough. You start thinking: is it even worth it? & you can’t bill for your time.

    Anyway, I quite understand if people get stressed up at having to issue a MCOL claim against BA to get their rightful compo. If you fall into that camp, remember Bott & Co will take on your case if it has legs and do everything for you, I think their cut of the compo is about 30%.

    • Genghis says:

      Sometimes I don’t care about the money, it’s the principle. Depends how hard done to I feel.

  • Shoestring says:

    Raffles – HfP promoted the IB 90K deal. I think you need to remind people about the 1st December deadline, it’s only a couple of weeks away.

    • Rob says:

      Already done for tomorrow 🙂

    • BJ says:

      Seriously, you think people need a reminder? Didn’t even do it and I’ve had a reminder on HFP at least twice a day since the promotion launched 🙂

      • Shoestring says:

        Maybe in comments. 1% of HfP users who comment?

        Now BJ don’t let your failure to jump on board & benefit from 180K @ 0.2p Avios prejudice you in any way 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          1-These Avios cannot be transferred or combined with Avios from other programmes or accounts, and they will expire on December 1st 2018 if not used by that date. All Avios from this promotion not redeemed by then will be withdrawn from the customer’s account on December 1st 2018.

        • BJ says:

          Ok ok. At the time I was happy with my decision, spent £200 on IHG promos instead and tripled it with 3 nights IC redemption. At the time it was a better option than doubling it on hotels with IB+ which was most peoples game plan. Of course I could have done both but didn’t. If you are looking for an admission of regret or failure, yes I admit it now, a little bit, given the way it worked out so there you have it 🙂 However, cash required in addition to avios for my zone 7 redemptions is now such that I need to rethink my whole strategy, even with a 241 exINV in CW I am no longer managing 1ppa value.

        • AndyGWP says:

          I regret ‘not’ doing the IB offer, as much as I regret ‘doing’ the Tesco Christmas saver – haha

          (If either of you have any pointers, I’d be ever so grateful if you could drop me an email – it’s my handle on here “”) 🙂

  • vlcnc says:

    easyJet used to run NCL to LGW some years ago but cancelled it as they couldn’t make it work – the fares where frequently very reasonable and much cheaper than the train.

    Flybe were the ones that did NCL to STN – flew on this once the opposite way and wasn’t impressed and STN doesn’t make sense for such a short flight.

    • Joe says:

      EasyJet flew NCL – STN after taking over GO for many years. BA flew NCL – LGW, I think EasyJet & Jet2 gave it a go, and Flybe had the route for a while too. Eastern started NCL – LCY in early 2006, I don’t think it lasted very long. It seems LHR is the only route to London that has any longevity.

  • Neil Vernon says:

    I can’t see how it is possible to complete the “Double Your Stay” challenge on the IHG Q3/Q4 Accelerate to get the bonus for completing all the challenges.

    Do I just have to wait for time to go by?

    Or do I have to actually earn the 15,000 bonus points that was the original maximum (I am almost there but would prefer to direct my remaining stays this year to Hilton)?

    Does anyone have any guidance?

    • Alan says:

      Do you have a ‘complete x of y targets for bonus’ type of challenge? I don’t, just 4 independent ones so nothing depends on how many double points I earn.