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Send your children on the British Airways work experience scheme

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If you have a child at school or sixth form college (not university), British Airways is currently accepting applications for its Summer 2019 work experience scheme.

Positions are available at Heathrow (customer facing, operations, engineering, Waterside HQ), Gatwick (customer facing and engineering), Glasgow (engineering) and Cardiff (engineering).  There is also a gliding scholarship in High Wycombe available.

British Airways work experience programme

There were 600 roles offered in 2018 and BA is promising to increase the number in 2019 as part of its 100th birthday celebrations.  Each placement lasts for five days and will require a week off school.

You can find out more on the British Airways careers website here.  The deadline to apply is Friday.

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Comments (147)

  • rob says:

    Question about the Amex Travel portal:

    I’m looking at hotels and I know some of the OTA’s from experience include all associated costs and fees for a hotel globally (not including resort fees) but I get the impression Amex travel does not include these on it’s hotel bookings. Am I correct? They allude to the fact that there may be other fees from the hotel when booking.

    Another quick question: Are we 100% sure hotel chains (specifically Hilton) will not honour status benefits when booking indirectly?


    • Stuart_f says:

      “Are we 100% sure hotel chains (specifically Hilton) will not honour status benefits when booking indirectly?”

      Booked the Hilton Vienna Plaza as part of a BA Holiday package while being HHonors Diamond. Total refusal to grant any benefits. Lovely hotel though, really enjoyed it.

    • Louise says:

      Historically Hiton Bournemouth granted me Diamond benefits (upgrade and exec lounge) when i booked via Amex

    • jc says:

      In my experience it’s worth asking the hotel to add your membership number to the booking… they often (75%?) honour some kind of upgrade if eligible; but it’s rare (30%?) that they honour breakfast; and I don’t think I’ve ever earned points on the room rate.

  • Jtz says:

    OT I am thinking to upgrade to plat sometime soon, does anyone know how long hilton gold will last if I link it on 1st Jan?
    Would love to know some specific dates to cancel, so I can do the spend asap and get the most of status.
    I also have 500MR points on 600spend , will this follow through if I upgrade to plat and include it in the 1000 spend?

    • Anna says:

      Re the first bit, just checking it’s the charge card you’re upgrading! It’s my understanding that gold status lasts until the end of the March following the first 12 months of status, so 31/3/20 for you. I upgraded at the start of the year and there was a special offer of an extra year’s status; I have an email from Hilton stating that my gold status is valid until 31/3/20 also.

    • Rob says:

      If lucky, March 2021. If not, March 2020.

      • Jtz says:

        Yep charge card
        When would the best date to cancel be to receive plat, use it and upgrade in the shortest amount of time?
        Wondering how long Amex take to send out cards

      • Adrian says:

        Rob, from what I’ve read on FT I’d expect it to be march 2020, doesn’t it flip to 2021 half way through the year, so completing a challenge in July 19 should get you status until end march 21? Let me know if I’ve got this wrong.

  • Max says:

    Can you use two credit cards with Amex Travel on the same booking?

    So £400 off £1200?

    • Jay says:

      +1 – I have an £1800 booking and would be good to know if i can use 3 cards in a single transaction without having to try and mess with booking single days here and there.

    • Ronster says:


      Good morning everyone

      I wonder if you rang them up and enquired if you could use both your cards, where the offers are on, to get £400 of £1200?

      Does anyone have any experience of this?


  • Vasco says:

    OT: Will be starting a new job in the new year where I’ll be doing a significantly larger amount of work travel. While I have checked that I would be allowed to book a hotel directly and then expense it, the preferred method is to use the work travel agent (Key Travel in this case) to book.

    Does anyone have any datapoints regarding using this or any other corporate travel agents to book hotels, in terms of elite credits, benefits, and points?

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      I’ve never had a problem getting credits, benefits or points with a work booking through our travel agent. The issue is persuading them that you REALLY need to be in a specific hotel and not the cheaper independent next door..

      • Vasco says:

        Thanks, I definitely *will* have discretion to choose where I stay as long as it’s under £150/night! That’s good to hear, as I thought it was a nogo!

  • Andrew M says:

    OT: Am I able to book an IHG reward night for a friend, and if so how? Thanks.

  • Andrew M says:

    OT. Am I able to book an IHG reward night for a friend and, if so, how? Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Usually OK – book for 2 adults, and then click the button during the confirmation process to add the name of the 2nd guest, and in the notes put ‘Reward night for Mr XXXXXX’.

      Only an issue in countries where there are laws over the guest matching the lead booker, eg some Spanish hotels can be troublesome (but I’ve also got away with this in Spain).

  • Heran says:

    Got the £50 off £200 offer on my Amex Rewards Credit Card.

    • Jamie says:

      Same here

    • Dale says:

      Word of warning – I looked at domestic flights today with BA. BA are £79 on their site – AMEX Travel are £119. Pretty much a con from Amex.

      • Thom says:

        Amex travel doesn’t offer hand baggage only fares which is why you are seeing a higher price. If you select a fare with a checked bag on the BA website the prices will match. Of course, if you don’t need the checked bag then absolutely – booking via amex wouldn’t make much sense for you!

  • Uknoobie says:

    Not seeing ANY offers recently on my Gold cards – have both the charge & the credit. Any tips on how to sort this out?

    • Peter K says:

      Recent discussion on this topic seems to be that you need to cancel cards (maybe at the next churn) and when you next get them to add them to a DIFFERENT and NEW online account (still in your name of course). This seems to have resolved it for some. Chatting to Amex does not seem to help apparently.

      • meta says:

        Yes, exactly that. I am not a churner normally for BAPP or Plat, but have decided to do it after Amex refused to look into it. I haven’t had a single offer since August. Somebody suggested to remove all cards and create separate new accounts for each of your card (main and supp), but that didn’t work for me. You might want to try that. It seems this is getting more common by the comments here, so Amex should really look into this.