New British Airways sale now on!

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British Airways has launched its Winter sale, following a slight delay caused by drone-gate.  You can take a look at what is available via this special page of

I will do a full analysis in a couple of days when I’ve been able to take a full look at pricing.

For now, I just want to flag up a few of the top deals in Club World.

British Airways Winter sale

Nashville, pictured above, is the star deal, with Club World return seats available for £1,377 in March.

New Orleans is also looking attractive, with Club World fares as low as £1,551.

New York is as low as £1,476 in October and around £1,500-£1,600 for much of the rest of 2019.

(These fares are all from BA’s Low Fare Finder tool which you can find here and are a little lower than the headline prices that BA itself if quoting on the sale website.)

Don’t forget BA Holidays

As usual, don’t book a Club World flight before pricing it up via BA Holidays – see here.  Adding a hotel or car can often cost little more, and sometimes less, than the flight itself.  BA Holidays also lets you lock in your trip now by only paying a small deposit, with the balance only due five weeks before travel.

And don’t forget ‘part pay with Avios’

Sale flights are still valid for ‘part pay with Avios’.  How much you save now varies by route and by class, and the value per point tends to get worse the more you try to discount, but it is always worth taking a look at what is on offer for your particular ticket.

A Nashville Club World booking offered me:

  • £50 off for 6,250 Avios (0.80p per Avios)
  • £110 off for 16,000 Avios (0.69p)
  • £150 off for 24,750 Avios (0.61p)
  • £190 off for 34,000 Avios (0.56p)
  • £280 off for 55,000 Avios (0.51p)

Travel dates

There are also deals in Economy and short-haul Club Europe, include short break deals via BA Holidays.

As usual, travel dates are all over the place depending on whether you are travelling short haul or long haul, whether you are flying from Gatwick, City or Heathrow, and what travel class you are flying in.  In general you’ll find you can book from early January to either May / June 2019 or mid December 2019.

Look out for a longer article in a day or so when I’ve had time to digest the details.  The BA sale website is here if you want to take a closer look.

To maximise your miles when paying, your best bet is the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card which earns double Avios (3 per £1) when you book at or via BA Holidays.  You do not get double Avios if you book with the free British Airways American Express card.  Another option is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold which offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. combatjohnny says:

    some good prices, Singapore for 416 return is excellent value direct

  2. NickAnon says:

    Was holding out for this, looking at LHR – BKK…. Its gone up!
    So much for the ‘sale’..!
    Thanks, but no thanks BA

    • If it was a price you were happy to pay then you should’ve locked it in! Can’t complain for prospectively waiting for a sale and losing.

  3. OT: I applied and got rejected for BA classic card despite having a BAPP card and earned a 241 voucher via it. No one at Amex – surpsingly since i really rate their customer service – could tell me if I would lose the 241 voucher if I cancel the BAPP without having the classic card I’ve somehow been rejected for. I also have a rewards gold so wouldnt be without any amex card if I cancelled BAPP.

    Anyone any knowledge of this? I did look for terms but could only find terms for US version of companion voucher. They were not clear in my view that you had to have a current BA card to use it, tho I do think that is what they intened the meaning to be.

    Also, if a current BA card is required, the terms do not seem to rule out me closing the BAPP i currently have and then reapplying for a BA classic when I want to book my companion voucher flight at a later date. Really don’t want to risk closing my BAPP until I know my voucher would not be lost.


    • Chris Jones says:

      When I used to cancel my bapp they always asked me I wanted to down graded to standard. I always agreed to 2-4-1. This has no check as not a new card.

      Just phone and downgrade rather than apply for a extra card

    • Do you mean the blue BA card? An application should just be processed as a downgrade if you already hold a BAPP so if so this is really odd. As Chris says, this won’t affect your companion voucher as it is already in your BAEC account.

      • Thanks for replies Chris and Anna.

        I stupidly did the application for the BA classic online. I assumed they’d be able to fix this error manually but they say that once the machine rejects you that’s that. Despite me having the paid for card.

        I called them again and they insist I will lose companion voucher if I closae BAPP. They refer to this condition:

        British Airways American Express Premium Plus Cardmembers
        The Companion Voucher allows the main British Airways American Express account holder, when making a flight booking using Avios, to book another seat on the journey for a Companion without having to pay the Avios flight price for that Companion.

        It’s a quandry because I found a previous thread where Rob insists that cancelling a BAPP without downgrading will not result in losing the voucher. I trust Rob’s advice more than an Amex call centre rep but i’d still prefer them to say the same before I cancel the BAPP.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          You won’t lose the voucher. Ive churned 4 times and never lost a voucher. I know others have done many more times and never lost one.

        • Just ask to be downgraded to the free card. It’s virtually instantaneous and you get a pro-rata refund of the BAPP fee. I can’t remember if I did it via chat, but have a vague memory that they said I would have to do it over the phone. It was really easy anyway. I am wondering if the system is now just set up to refuse an application simply because you already have the BA card, not because you didn’t meet the criteria or anything.

        • The whole thing is really odd. They mostly don’t do an external credit check to process this change.
          Have you done something to really piss off Amex? Like not pay a bill on time or something?
          Or did you fill in the application with incorrect data – so got rejected because they searched for someone with a slightly different name to yours? (did you put in your existing card details when you applied?)

          As far as everyone else says they are correct that you will not lose your BA voucher if you cancel your card.
          You do however need to use an amex card, any amex card, to use the voucher. So if you do not have another Amex, and they are going to reject you from all Amex cards, then you might not want to cancel.

        • just cancel the card, you wont lose the voucher. Yes you need an amex card but it does not need to be your card. You can use an amex card from someone else in you house as amex do not name check.

  4. As Rob says, it’s absolutely worth tackling the “custom trip” facility (it takes a few goes to get your head around it an can be glitchy on occasion” to get a good price on a package deal in addition to the sale flight prices. Getting what is effectively interest free credit on a holiday which might easily cost several thousand pounds is also a major benefit (and doesn’t affect any card applications!). Moreover, if you pay with BAPP you get 3 avios per £ and a chunk of base and bonus avios on top. In the last sale I booked a flight and car package for my OH to go with the 2 4 1 CW flights my son and I are travelling on; in total we will get nearly 25,000 avios for booking via BA and paying with BAPP, plus it’s a decent amount of spend towards the next voucher!

  5. Ty TGLoyalty. Problem solved.

    I just called Amex again and found a very comptent agent who was able to downgrade me to free card, despite me being told twice today by 2 differernt agents that was now impossible due to my rejected application.

    It is definitely a worthwhile strategy when dealing with call centres to call a few times to try and get a highlky competent agent. They really do make so much difference.

  6. Andy Green says:

    Feeling very underwhelmed with the BA sale in Business Class…. none of the fares come close to the 2016 and prior deals that were available. Personally, I will keep my money in the bank and wait to see if Qatar release anything decent in January (although I am not overly optimistic). I am looking for some decenly priced business class flights to either South America or Asia for April 2019 (14-16 days)… Here’s hoping 2019 offers a few more business class bargains! Merry Christmas all

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Average price of crude oil in 2016 was $43
      Average price of crude oil in 2018 is $65

      And if you happen to get most of your revenue from £’s you are hurting even more.

      Always spend based on today. Yesterday isnt coming back and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  7. yesterday BA managed to send me an alert on the app for the sale yet coundn’t manage to show my flights in MMB yet advising me to use MMB to accept or decline my rebooked flight …

    • Because the company that provides these systems for BA (and many other airlines) had a system outage.

  8. O/T I have received my virgin credit card, (£160 version) I applied BEFORE cut off date, and whilst activating card, I asked about 10k bonus… was put on hold for 5 minutes…. surprise surprise the record of any bonus to be applied after £1500 spend was not “on their records”, and was asked to email customer relations with the details of where I saw it. Virgin money not to be trusted!

    • I don’t think it was possible not to apply without getting the higher bonus (it wasn’t a special link) so I think it will be fine.

    • Persevere and if youre in the right you will get your bonus. I did get mine (eventually) for the two cards I and her indoors took out during the promo periods. Took 4 or 5 goes round the block to sort but the miles kicked in.

      And in a little Karma moment VS mistakenly gave us both 5k+ miles on a recent award flight so it all evens out over the long run.

      • Jonathan says:

        Don’t count your chickens, VS are renowned for clawing back miles down the line.

  9. off topic but do you bet referral points for a self referral?

  10. BA holidays with flight + hotel is so cheap + all the extra avios and I am struggling to book directly with IHG…

    There is not a single destination or dates that booking directly is cheaper. It’s always 10%-20% more expensive. The most outrageous case I found is at the IC Hong Kong where there is an extra offer of free breakfast and room upgrade for booking with BA!

    This is basically a middle finger towards loyal IHG members who if they booked directly not only they wouldn’t be getting any free breakfast or even upgrade (unless ambassador) but would even pay more. Speechless.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      12% back in rewards points on a recent IC stay

      And far more important than cash becuase I’ve used points when the rate is sky high and that’s where I needed to be.

  11. If you part pay with avios do you still earn the full amount of avois?

    • Yes, you do. But beware – as I can testify, with Part Pay with Avios, the original terms and conditions of the base ticket will apply in the event of having to cancel the flight, and, depending on the Selling Class of the ticket, you could end up losing your Avios.

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