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The winter ski season is now in full swing, so we wanted to remind everyone that the ski holiday company SNO continues to offer their exclusive 5% discount code for Head for Points readers.

With schools going back after the Christmas break, a lot of parents are turning their thoughts to the next school holiday in the middle of February. SNO have thousands of child-friendly ski holidays, including chalets with childcare and hotels with swimming pools and on-site ski schools (like the one in Valmorel, pictured above).

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Head for Points readers are able to claim 5% off the brochure price of SNO holidays with the code SNOHFP.

You can find all SNO family deals here and the phone number to book and claim your 5% discount is 020 7770 6888.

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  1. The sloping seats on AF versus full flat on KLM is a bit of a dilemma. If you get downgraded on AF you are going to be in arguably the best PE product in the market. If downgraded on KLM then it is Y, and very likely a bad seat in basic Y without the extra pitch at that. Might just be my imagination but I get the feeling reports of downgrades on KLM are high compared to other airlines so there may be issues with overbooking. Also a lot of horror stories with poor treatment of top tier pax, and issues getting EU261. My partner got involuntary downgrade J to Y in February last year, took 9 months and a lot of effort to get them to compensate in full.

    • Not sure I agree, I’ve taken c.20 flights in J with KLM during the last 3 years and never been downgraded. I certainly wouldn’t be choosing a slanted J product because of the potential consequences of being downgraded from it.

      The KLM hard product is a bit unexciting, but fairly functional and comfortable.

      • Chances of a downgrade on any airline are small. Personally, I have never been downgrade in over 38 years of flying. Your comments are encouraging but my partner is one downgrade on 4 trips with KLM. My comments are likely coloured by my seeking out reports on KLM downgrades.

  2. OT _ Amex Travel

    I need to spend £25 or so to reach my £600 Amex Platinum cashbacj offer target.
    Any easy booking or activity I can do as to use my offer.

    • Depending on where you’re going Viator have loads of excursions and activites which you can filter by price. I’ve never had a problem with them and they seem to let you even cancel without quibble if you need to.

    • I’d definitely look at the excursions. I needed about £20 to trigger on one of my cards – booked tickets for Gardens by the Bay and Wings of Time, costs were same (or even a fraction cheaper!) than going direct to buy them. Remember you could book something for during an upcoming trip or for something locally at home. Only issue I had was having to chase to get sent the proper voucher as the first one they send you is just a temporary one.

      • Indeed, I booked Universal Sudios Sentosa last year and it was more than 6 months in advance.

        I had to wait for almost 45 minutes and many phone calls for my tickets before it got sorted out!

        It is difficult to plan third trip, all booked for my next two trips.
        Wish it offered some parking/public transport ticket on Amex Travel

        • Yeah it looks like Amex Travel book with Viator who then get a local travel agent to do the final step. Next time I won’t bother holding and just get them to call me back, although glad I did this time as at first all they did was resend the Viator confirmation!

    • Lady London says:

      That is close enough to what a pass bought via Expedia to Plaza Premium lounge at T5 – which unlike all other Plaza Premium lounges at LHR does not accept Priority Pass – would cost you.

      Alternatively any gift card at LHR (not sure if would count) or a prepay for something with an airline?

  3. OT_ For Eurotunnel check-in can you use a cancelled card for booking verification?
    Looking at FAQ it does say the card is required for identification purpose.

    • Never had to show the original credit card, but I usually check in online and either print out the ticket or use the mobile app. Might be best to do either one of these rather than use the machines at the station if you are worried

  4. Another OT. Does anybody know if the current Marriott offer on Amex(£100 when you spend £500) has to spent in one stay or will work across multiple stays?

  5. OT – Amex. Twice in the past few weeks Amex have decided that a transaction is suspect, even though we’ve provided verification codes, and suspended 2 of our cards. They haven’t informed us about this so we only find out when the card is subsequently declined (obviously highly inconvenient and embarrassing). We’ve then had to contact them in business hours to get the account re-activated and on one occasion had to wait for a new card to arrive.

    It’s infuriating that they do this and don’t even send a text or email about it but seem to think it’s not a problem!

    • Unfortunately that’s Amex for you, very bad at communication C+ 😄

      • I find them very good in all other respects though. However, I won’t be leaving it till the last minute to trigger any sign up bonus or 2 4 1 in case this happens!

    • Mine (plat) was locked because of an ‘unusually high’ balance – they gave me a figure to.oay off.mid month which I did and it was then immediately activated again.

      Perhaps they’re a bit twitchy at the mo?

      • How much more than your usual monthly spend are we taking here?

        • A fair bit, at least double – and I don’t have any issue with their being protective, I should add..

      • I don’t mind them being security conscious, it’s just that they can’t be bothered to configure their systems to send you a text or email to let you know your card won’t be working!

        • Yes that was my greivance – my blocked transaction was a £2 lottery ticket at an Esso garage!

          When I went on live chat they said call. When I called they asked if I was returning a call or text – I replied I’d had neither, and he didn’t sound especially surprised at that..

      • Not sure of the plat but there are limits for the charge cards if you spend over a certain amount they get blocked until a payment is made and the amount is the same regardless of previous spending habits.

    • Sussex bantam says:

      I had a new card and on the day of activation they blocked my 70 spend at Tesco. On the same day – and without any further verification – they let me spend 1500 on an easyJet transaction !

  6. OT – booking CP Newcastle on the IHG app and it shows every rate as non refundable. Including award nights and even best flex?!

    I assume this is a glitch in the app not a significant redefinition of the word flex – though it is for dates when there’s a big event. Anyone seen this before?

    • Peter K says:

      Have you tried or even the dedicated CP site? It certainly sounds like a glitch.

    • Not sure, but if you’ve found redemption availability for the great North run I’d grab it.

      • I have and I’ve booked the CP because, well, even if I can’t cancell I still want it!

        but, app, main site and CP site all the same in terms of not being cancellable, though email worded slightly differently:

        “Cancellation Policy: A deposit for the entire stay is due at time of booking.Canceling your reservation or failing to arrive will result in forfeiture of your deposit. Booking requires full prepayment for the entire stay, charged to your credit card between time of booking and day of arrival. Taxes may apply. Failing to call or show before check-out time after the first night of a reservation will result in cancellation of the remainder of your reservation. Points + Cash bookings are charged immediately in USD, and cancellations are refunded in points only.

        Rate Description: Use IHG® Rewards Club Points to pay for your stay. Points will automatically be deducted at the time of booking.”

        Now, seeing as it’s the CP at the station, I’ve no intention of cancelling (and indeed can now cancel my diamond guarantee booking at the hampton) but still this seems unusual?

        • Have seen it occasionally with Hilton too, eg NYC at New Year.

        • Some chains, including IHG, make all bookings non-refundable for special events. IHG did it to me during Edinburgh festival.

          It seems totally unfair to me – because there is a high likelihood the room will still get sold to someone else if you cancel. Very greedy policy if you ask me.

        • I still can’t understand how best flex – £60 dearer – can possibly have the same cancellation policy as AP?

          Anyone experience actually cancelling? I also have a night at the IC O2 for the marathon weekend to but my brother’s now not running and looking at it the confirmation also says no cancellation…

        • Dunno but there is probably some small print that says if you don’t turn up they can also charge you a no-show fee on top.

    • The Hilton is non-refundable for even award stays too when it’s the Great North Run. So not unusual for any hotels there if it’s that weekend.

    • I’ve seen this on a busy week in Paris yes, even my corporate rate which is usually refundable until last minute had to be pre-paid and not refundable. Very rare though.

      • I meant cancellable until last minute, corporate rate obviously usually not pre-paid!

    • Same for the IC Singapore for the F1, but the points for one night was much much less than the cost for a room!

    • Lady London says:

      Yes – have seen hotels make the only bookings they will offer nonrefundable when there is a big event. It’s really annoying as if I need any flexibility I’m often happy to pay a considerably higher rate for it. But have seen flexibility simply not offered for certain dates. New Year’s Eve in some places would be a case in point.

  7. OT: Amex 6 month rule, is this from the cancellation date or the date of the final statement? Also, how long after receiving a card can I expect the progress to bonus box appear? Thanks.

    • cancellation date, as a rule of thumb I would give an extra couple of days just in case.

    • Cancellation date, as per the date on your cancellation letter

    • It depends on the card, on a BAPP it tends to be once you start spending, on the Platinum upgrade I’ve had it never appear, the points just landed after the £1k spend. On all of them though, the spend bar can come and go which I assume corresponds to when they’re doing account or IT updates.

    • Thanks all, I left it about a month after the cancellation to be safe. I did start to get worried because it took over a week for approval.

  8. Mikeact says:

    Why would Flybe slots be sold to Vueling of all people ?

  9. I referred my mum to Amex gold, she’s been declined because of a mistake on the application, should she just reapply with my link or call them?

    Also anyone know how long hilton take to update status?

    • Get her to write to them explaining what happened and asking them to reconsider the application.

      DO NOT put in new application with different information. Could trigger something called National Hunter, or Cifas strike on credit files.

  10. Mikeact says:

    So they would be no use within the new Virgin partnership…assuming it will be a done deal ?
    I guess Newquay will be shortly withdrawn from the route network.

    • No need to guess- the short article explicitly mentions that Newquay is moving to LHR and the end of March…

    • Flybe is operating the Newquay service to Heathrow, isn’t it?

      • flyforfun says:

        My preference for a London Newquay service is

        1) LCY

        The reason is that LCY is the quickest to enter/exit from. Going to LGW/LHR means being there an hour or so before at least. It eats into the time you could be driving there by.

  11. Milo2001 says:

    O/T – few question on forthcoming trip to US. I am BA Gold, flying solo on a AA ticket to US. Transatlantic legs are on BA operated A/C. Internal flights are American Eagle. I an PE (W) for transatlantic legs and Y for internal legs. Trip booked through corporate Travel Agent. Not been into US for some time. My questions:
    Do you have any tips for smoothing initial entry into US? arriving at JFK.
    Anyone know how the shutdown is affecting travel? scare stories starting to appear in press.
    I need some more tier points this year, would consider upgrading for a reasonable price. Not able to via web as refers me to travel agent and that is a no no. What are my best options?
    Will my BA Gold status give me lounge access on stopovers on internal legs, will be travelling through CLT and IAD on the trip? Any views on lounges at those locations?
    Thank you.

    • Have you entered US previously on your current ESTA? That lets you use a machine that speeds things up. I suspect not as you say not been for some time. If not I believe the only speed up is Global Entry, which is great if you’re happy to pay the fees and do the interview. It also provides TSA Precheck which can make security for flights departing US a dream, depends on airport. If you check luggage you have to collect it at your arrival airport, and then reclear security for domestics. There is no transiting in the US, with very limited exception.
      Different types of upgrade, but not all/any result in the additional tier points.
      I think in regard to uogrades and lounges you’d be better on FT. As a Gold I’ve no problem accessing AA lounges on domestics flights, but travel has been first not Y, not sure if that’s a factor. AA equivs to Gold do not get lounge access on domestics in Y.

      • Yes to lounge access on US domestics via BA status (AA status flyers don’t get this but other Oneworld FFs do). If flying Y you should be able to select Main Cabin Extra seats for free if available and free drinks and snacks in flight as well.

        • Milo2001 says:

          Doug/Stu, thank you. it was almost two years ago that I last went, same ESTA still valid so will try electronic access. Lounge access will be good and have managed to select decent seats

    • Gin and Tonic Please says:

      BA Gold (ie. Oneworld Emerald) will get you AA lounge access. You should also get drinks voucher(s) for premium drinks at the bar. I’ve been to the CLT lounge several times. It’s huge and has lots of windows overlooking the apron, but otherwise uninspiring. AA domestic lounges generally have minimal facilities – snacks rather than meals (though CLT has a decent ‘guacamole bar’ from 4pm), limited choice of drinks unless you’re willing to pay for the premium ones, possibly a shower or two if you’re lucky (not at CLT). The exceptions are their Flagship lounges, which are only in JFK, LAX, MIA and ORD.

      • Milo2001 says:

        Thank you. Info on CLT useful. I would have liked to try a flagship lounge, but, will not be able to, whilst entering via JFK, I am leaving via BOS. I believe the best option there to be the new BA lounge.

        • Hi Milo (please tell me 2001 isn’t your year of birth!!), the Boston lounge is very nice indeed, if you’re on a late flight home you can sit in the main bar area and watch the sunset over the harbour with your cocktail (if you are, in fact, over 21 lol). The food is a nice change from the usual BA fayre, e.g. Korean beef with noodles. If you want a shower, put your name down early, I registered with the reception desk but after 2 hours still hadn’t been called even though the lounge wasn’t busy. Also we didn’t get to board directly from the lounge, we had to go back downstairs to the gate and it was a total shambles so be prepared for that!

    • Down the Back says:

      Hi Milo2001,

      Pretty sure you will not get any extra TPs if you AUP on an AA ticket. In the BA Tier point thread on FT there is an excellent Wiki from Karfa which shows which OW carriers you do get extra TPs with and which you don’t.



    • Flew in and out of Newark over the Christmas and New Year period during the shutdown and US immigration and customs seemed about the same as usual i.e. slow and surly, but had no issues.

      A lot of New York services still seem to be running, as the city is paying for them to keep going

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