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The winter ski season is now in full swing, so we wanted to remind everyone that the ski holiday company SNO continues to offer their exclusive 5% discount code for Head for Points readers.

With schools going back after the Christmas break, a lot of parents are turning their thoughts to the next school holiday in the middle of February. SNO have thousands of child-friendly ski holidays, including chalets with childcare and hotels with swimming pools and on-site ski schools (like the one in Valmorel, pictured above).

Ski Holidays SNO

Head for Points readers are able to claim 5% off the brochure price of SNO holidays with the code SNOHFP.

You can find all SNO family deals here and the phone number to book and claim your 5% discount is 020 7770 6888.

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  1. OT- Can anyone recommend a break-away excursion or experience on my way from Calaise to Amsterdam – driving?

    • Also is it worth seeing Tulips in Keukenhof gardens?
      Some online posts suggest you do not need to get this tickets, instead drive around in adjacent area for even better views.

      Any recommendation is very helpful

      • Genghis says:

        Brugge and Gent are nice. Sombat in Antwerp for food. Baarle-Nassau was interesting for the weird borders and good chips and mayo.

        • RussellH says:

          Basicly agree.
          Brugge has the more compact, interesting town centre, but parking is a nightmare. Gent is bigger and sights are more spread out.
          Veurne is just off the motorway and across the border from Dunkerque, small, but still has real, dramatic Flemish Grote Maarkt.
          Genghis: did you ever have the ‘fun of driving through Baarle -Nassau / -Hertog pre Schengen? The borders are not exactly obvious these days.

        • Genghis says:

          @RusselH. I’m too young! Schengen signed before I was even born. The borders are still painted on the pavements – the bits of the Netherlands inside Belgium inside the Netherlands are just weird.

        • RussellH says:

          Genghis: AFAIR it was pre-€ when I lasy stopped – driving across northern Belgium, but needing a Dutch supermarket.. But I do not remember any customs controls. My father once described passing a string of tiny customs sheds with sleepy officials in them during the late 1960s.
          I do wonder what it was like there in the late 1950s / early 1960s when butter smuggling from NL->B was big business??

      • flyforfun says:

        What time of year are you going? Check to see the growing schedule at Keukenhof as there may only be limited amount depending on when you go.

        But, yes, when I went I thought it was pretty good. Worth going in to wander around up close. I’d only do the cheapskate option if you didn’t have time to stop.

      • We did Keukenhof but stayed in Haarlem which I much preferred over Amsterdam. We borrowed ‘bone-shakers’ from the hotel and cycled there and back, it was slightly heavy going into wind but very much doable. Kuekenhof was definitely worth the visit, we went right at the end of the season and bought tickets in advance online.

    • Lady London says:

      My geography is rubbish but if on the way, I found Rotterdam and The Hague to have far more interesting sights and museums than Amsterdam.

      Watch your speed the Dutch do enforce speed limits and a speeding ticket can easily be sent by them to you in England.

    • Delbert says:

      Utrecht is nice particularly when the sun is shining.

  2. I’m amazed at the *flood* of OT posts (nevermind on a Sunday morning). Time for a “proper forum” and keep article comments on topic…? I’m confident Rob has considered it; are past reasons not to do it still true for 2019? Surely we could raise an army of volunteer moderators to keep spam at bay

    • Please no – that would then just mean having to check another forum rather than just enjoy the spontaneity of the comments here. Some of the OT stuff is there best! Curve used to have a Slack community, was really easy to keep track of all the convos, now it’s a forum you have to keep checking different threads.

    • Happy to see all but one of the OT comments today (so far) are in the Bits thread though. It really does help! I wouldn’t want to see the OTs go but it’s sensible to have some pattern to where they go IMHO.

      • Agree, having them concentrated in bits each day is really helpful. Could even add a little sentence at the comment box saying please add off-topic discussions to Bits to try and help new visitors!

    • The only option I would consider is a Q&A set up where you can post specific questions and answers can be voted up or down. I am not against this apart from the implementation issues.

      Something like this:

      • Graham Walsh says:

        I like this. This could be a good option that fixes the issue of no notifications on posts you’ve made too as usually you post a question and this is a good way to segment it.

      • We have just done that for BA – Rhys wrote it when he was here. Just needs some tidying up from me. If it works we may repeat for other schemes.

        In general regularly asked questions which are 100% legit (which cannot, for eg, include the Plat upgrade link because you need to be targeted and some who are not targeted do not get the bonus) do get an article, if only because it lets me email a link to the next person to email me about it.

    • I’m happy for the OT’s to be in the bits section – and surely Sunday is when a lot of people will actually have the time to post?!

    • Hmnnn…not sure trying to moderate business leaders is the right tack to take. We are too independent and well versed in seeking information from multiple sources without being loyal to any.

    • the_real_a says:

      I really dont share the OCD outrage of others concerning the OT posts. My only wish would be to edit comments and to receive notification of new posts to “threads” you have already commented on.

    • Leaving aside the fact that your own post is OT (arguably it’s O-OT) – was there a particular question about the topics in the article that you’d wanted to ask but haven’t been able to because of the ‘flood’?

      Like an empty garage, the comments section isn’t exactly brimming with value if it doesn’t contain comments and I struggle to see any problem with the current state of affairs, unless or until the signal/noise ratio becomes an issue which is nowhere near the case right now

  3. Iain cameron says:

    Its becoming apparent to me that as the pound dies against the euro..that alot of these great ex eu fare we used to take advantage of are becoming less good value…when u factor in hotels and relocating for the outbound flight..ur almost better to just fly from here…

    • Lady London says:

      So it sounds like even if Qatar comes up with another good sale next week, as ex-EU tickets are priced in…. er…. EUR…. we who are paying in GBP won’t notice how good the next Qatar sale is?Because we now have to pay so much more GBP this year to get same number of EUR as last year?

  4. The OT comments are (almost) the best part of the site for me. I couldn’t count how many deals / tips etc, I’ve picked up that way,

    Not sure I agree with the forum idea, although I do think the way the site is structured makes it unlikely that many people go digging through comments on articles that are more than 1-2 days old, even if info would be more relevant there, which probably adds to the amount of OT.

    • Response to Geoff. One thing I would really value is the ability to edit / delete posts!

  5. Milo2001 says:

    Doug/Stu, thank you. it was almost two years ago that I last went, same ESTA still valid so will try electronic access. Lounge access will be good and have managed to select decent seats

  6. Looks like routing on Korean airlines to Seoul is possible via their codeshares for no extra cost , at least on an Air France ticket coming back via Paris, not seen anything out of Amsterdam though

  7. I was quietly hoping Virgin Atlantic might bring back a NCL-LGW service after the acquisition of Flybe. I guess this is off the cards now. Perhaps we might get a OW service instead with these slots. I miss the ability to connect to LGW holidays flights from NCL – getting to Orlando is a pig.

    • Phil, considered getting the train to Manchester and going from there?

      • Genghis says:

        Difference of only around 45 mins between MAN and LGW, with not much more effort going to LGW (the walk between Kings X and St Pancras). I’d go on price.

        • Lady London says:

          And from all the comments on here (eg.from @Anna) LGW is a nicer airport to go through these days than MAN? Whilst it’s not up to LHR T3 or T2 standards, LGW certainly seems to have a nicer choice of lounges! So you’d be in more comfort if you arrived early due to allowing not much longer for the journey.

      • It’s £1000 in economy from MAN in the school hols 😱

    • Not sure it is a do e eal because I see Tinkler bought 10% of Flybe shares on Friday. He was the former Stobart CEO and was interested in buying Flybe when in that role. Is close to several if the big fund managers so you never know he might be positioning himself for some sort of bid.

  8. Cuchlainn says:

    OT ( Tesco Prem CC ) :
    Just finished 1st year ( 11th Jan ) and by my count ( 12 online statements ) I have qualified for 5,000 Clubcard points / 12,000 Avios. That doesn’t include 4 x £200pm Curve ATM Tesco withdrawals before Tesco stopped it.
    Couple of queries please as neither Tesco Bank nor Tesco Clubcard can tell me :
    1. When do 5,000 Cc bonus points for Tesco Premium CC post ?
    2. Has anyone received same / noted them on their online Cc account ?
    Lastly, 3. Has anybody “negotiated a reduced renewal fee, other than the currently notified £150pa ?
    ( Expecting £150 fee to be charged but have note on file with CS for full fee refund )

    • TGLoyalty says:

      The £5k is for spend directly at tesco stores/online.

      Cash withdrawals at tesco cash machines wouldn’t have qualified as spend for the £5k under any circumstances.

  9. OT, I have the £200 off £600 on both the main and supplementary Amex plat cards. Can I spend £600+ on each card and benefit from 2 x £200 off?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. OT_ Paypal refund

    How does Paypal refund work, if the card used is now cancelled?
    Can I get refund on current linked card or retain as credit balance on my account?

    • Peter K says:

      I’ve had a refunded to a cancelled card (amex). I had to live chat them asking it to be credited to a card I currently had at that point.

    • I’ve given up on ever receiving this one. I’ve chased it a few times without luck and really can’t be bothered anymore. Neither myself nor my wife ever received it. As I was spending on Paypal anyway its no big issue but it is disappointing.

      • Are you referring to the Amex £10 off offer Alan? If so I think Roger’s post is about a refund

      • If this refers to the Amex offer on PayPal then likewise not received it. Did a chat and confirmed I’d qualified for offer. Said it could take up to 90 days as per t&c’s. Said that was a poor response and customer service wasnt great, offers always near immediate or few days at worse. Bland rubbish response, along robotic lines. I’ve made a calander note and will chase again as I get very annoyed with these sorts of failure.
        I assume these are often funded by the company the offer is on rather than Amex. Otherwise why the difference in offers, and why ridiculous hoops to jump through like that awful BP app.
        I wonder if they properly assess the downside of these things. BP definitely soured for me, and PayPal was never my friend, just suits small businesses in taking credit cards, and slightly moody businesses in taking free payments by pretending they’re friends.

      • Simonmuhws mykd says:


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