You can now transfer ‘pending’ Clubcard points to Avios or Virgin – no more quarterly waits!

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Most Head for Points readers know that both Avios and Virgin Flying Club are Tesco Clubcard partners.  This allows you to transfer your Clubcard points into miles instead of using them in-store.

It is a decent deal.  £1 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers converts into 240 Avios or 250 Virgin Flying Club miles.  This is substantially better value than using your Clubcard vouchers in-store for face value.

You can convert to Avios via this page of the Tesco website and to Virgin Flying Club via this page.  The points usually arrive overnight but this is not guaranteed.

(To be honest, I prefer to take Uber credit rather than airline miles.  £1 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers gets you £3 of Uber and / or Uber Eats credit.  This is as good as cash to me which means that I am effectively ‘buying’ Avios for 1.25p if I choose them instead.  I don’t value them that highly.)

But there was always a snag …..

Tesco only issued your Clubcard points once per quarter.  This meant that, if you had a large number of Clubcard points due to you, you had to wait up to 12 weeks to get your hands on them.  This was clearly no good if you had a redemption flight to book.

Tesco has now changed its rules.  You can request your ‘pending’ Clubcard points whenever you like.  You can then transfer them to Avios or Virgin Flying Club.

This is how it works.  I used the app – I am not sure if it is possible via the website too.  Here is a screenshot I took on Thursday morning, with 257 points pending.  I would not receive these before February if I waited.

Tesco Clubcard transfers to Avios

Click on ‘Turn your points into vouchers’ and you see this.  I can convert 250 of my 257 points immediately:

Tesco Clubcard transfers to Avios

I confirm and get this message:

Tesco Clubcard transfers to Avios

On Friday morning, I went into the app and got this message:

A voucher code was showing and I was able to redeem it immediately for £7.50 of Uber credit.  The code was in my inbox within 30 seconds and I could immediately add it to my Uber account.

There are some rules ….

There are a couple of points to note about this new feature.

The key one is that it is disabled for two weeks before your February, May, August and November Clubcard points statements are generated.  This is to stop you withdrawing your points in the period that Tesco is printing and posting your statement, which might mean that you ended up with two lots of points.

Secondly, using this feature requires you to opt out of receiving paper Clubcard statements.  Future statements will be sent by email.

You need at least 150 Clubcard points to request instant vouchers, but this is the same rule that was in place for triggering paper vouchers so no-one loses out here.

This is, undoubtedly, a genuine improvement to Tesco Clubcard for miles collectors.  It is just a shame that Tesco has gutted the Clubcard scheme over the last two years, especially with the closure of Tesco Direct and Tesco Wine, making it hard to run up substantial points balances.

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  1. Lady London says:

    Hi, not sure if this posted previously.

    Would a small transfer of, say, 250 points from Tesco stop Virgin miles eexpiring? I’d ideally like to stop them expiring without having to log into Virgin account right now (long story)

    • Peter K says:

      Yes it will stop them expiring. Also an Amex transfer. Genghis replied this at 17:51 above 😊

  2. ArnoldG says:

    OT: My wife and I are trying to use Avios to book TPE > KUL on Malaysia. When I search the day in question, only 1 seat is available (business). If I change the search to Taipei to Penang, which is via KL (TPE > KUL > PEN), the availability switches to 5 business class seats. I would like to go to KUL only, do I have any options here by calling in? Or is this just the way the seat allocations are made. Seems strange though.


    • Lady London says:

      You will often find availability if the fare you seek continues past a hub on BA. Works same with Uk regional destinations. Grrrr as I usually want to stop in London too.

      I didn;t know it worked in places like Malaysia. But it makes sense that I would do.

      if it’s a one way you could dump the last flight if you’re naughty, or just do what I did and book the last flight for 11 and a half months time. Then pay £35 to move it back to a date you can use it. Unless it’s a married segment (where the 2 flights can’t be rescheduled separately) it should let you do it.

      • ArnoldG says:

        It is a one-way and I wouldn’t mind dumping the last flight, but we are flying to Asia from Canada and will have checked luggage 🙁 The luggage would checked through to Penang.

        I didn’t understand booking “last flight for 11 and a half months time and paying 35 quid to move it” I am looking to fly on a specific day, if there is no availability on that day, I am out of luck I suppose.

        Is it possible to call in after booking the trip to Penang and tell them I want to terminate at Kuala Lumpur and have them adjust the ticket? Probably not….

        • Peter K says:

          Hi ArnoldG. What is meant by “book the last flight for 11 and a half months time. Then pay £35 to move it” is that often on a flight with a connection you are asked if you want a long stop-over.
          Some people will stay in the first destination (connection airport) for few days/months then fly on. If you are able to do this then they will then unload your luggage here.
          You still have the option to fly the last leg if your want however. At some point you may want to travel KUL=>PEN, eg on a holiday. If you ask for the long stop-over to be 11.5 months then it gives you a long time to use the extra leg. If you decide you want to use it in say 8 months time instead, you can pay the £35 charge to change the date and use it then.

        • Lady London says:

          *Wordpress put my reply to this much further down…. sorry

      • ArnoldG says:

        Would I be able to “request” them that I would like to collect my bags in KUL instead of through-check to PEN?

        • ArnoldG says:

          Thanks for the replies Lady/Peter. I am not getting the stopover option when I try and make this booking online. Do you think I would be able to get it if I booked over the phone?


      • Thats relevant to cash tickets, not at all applicable to reward flights.

        Malaysian are using something called married segments (many airlines use it, including LATAM I have recently discovered much to my annoyance!). You can’t just schedule the flight for 11 months time, you either fly TPE-KUL-XXX on the immediate connection they offer, or you won’t see TPE-KUL availability at all. There’s no way around that as far as I know, unless you fly hand luggage only and pay for the connection you don’t want. You can request that they only send your luggage to KUL, but they might say no. Though in that event I assume you can just refuse to take the connection and get your bag offloaded – may have a bit of a wait however.

  3. Lady London says:

    I did my “first First” ex-SEA on BA at Christmas. After Iberia messed up my flights bought with the 90,000, it was the only way to get home.

    i have to say I was really quite impressed. The general view of posters here was compare it to QR J and you won’t be disappointed. On the physical environment and food it was close enough. I would say posters here were spot on, on that.

    But what did make the difference and make British Airways First = to “QR plus half a point” was the crew. Really really professional. Top of their game. And yet friendly. And they all seemed to manage to spend at least half the flight sleeping, including one just behind me. At least half of them were relatively young as well, the way that team of mixed ages worked in First was a credit to BA.

    Not sure where I’m going to get my next 100,000 miles from to do it again! Seriously though I think for me this will turn out to be a once in a lifetime experience.

    If anyone’s just choked on their coffee because I’ve just said something nice about BA, well I’m as surprised as you are.

    • You mean you don’t churn and refer amex? 100k avios from that is easy enough. If you are going to redeem First, particularly during high season, then paying 1p+ pa also justified, e.g. economist. I rend to think the BA bashing is just a bandwagon. Flew about 30 Airlines in Business over the years and BA not so bad. People have a tendency to magnify small differences between carriers into something huge.

    • And you can self refer to churn, if ness, so you can easily get another 100k plus by referrals and spend bonus…try pre paying those utilities, phones etc etc to hit the bonus spend too….and the store odd gift card to ensure hitting the spends. F is absolutely comparable to QR J, as we have discussed here many times. The crew are nice generally too.

    • “I did my “first First” ex-SEA on BA at Christmas. After Iberia messed up my flights bought with the 90,000, it was the only way to get home.”

      What happened with Iberia ?

      • Lady London says:

        Long story I’ve bored everyone enough here recently.

        I will report after it goes to me suing Iberia. The claim has got huge. I do hope I can arrange to give Iberia their just desserts.

        Clock ticks over to sue them in another week or two. Marked in my calendar.

        Be very wary everyone. Iberia thinks their internal procedures override European statute.

  4. OT:

    Do you no longer receive Starwood points for spend at W xyz at Aloft? Recently bought several drinks at Aloft London and while paying, the barman said that they no longer give points for spend? Find it a bit strange

    • Genghis says:

      SPG points no longer exist. However, Marriott points are available
      “ii. Charges incurred by the Member, without a stay in a guest room, for food and beverage (excluding alcoholic beverage where prohibited by law) at restaurants located within or adjacent to Participating Properties that offer this benefit if:

      A. the restaurant permits guests to charge food and beverages on their folios;

      B. the charges are greater than $10 U.S. dollars (excluding taxes, service charges, and gratuities);

      C. the food and beverages are not in connection with a banquet, meeting or other function that is excluded from Qualifying Charges as provided in Section 2.1.b. and

      provided the Member provides his/her Membership Number at the time of payment. Elite bonus Points will not be awarded on charges incurred by the Member without a stay in a guest room under Section 2.1.b(ii). Earning at restaurants without a stay is offered at all Participating Properties and Brands, except for Marriott Executive Apartments and ExecuStay, in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, as well as at the following Participating Properties and Brands in United States, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America, Middle East, and Africa: St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W, Sheraton, Le Méridien, Westin, Tribute Portfolio, Four Points, Aloft Hotels, and Element; or”

  5. On the other hand If you can find a cheap business fare it’s 160 TPs rather than the usual 140

  6. O/T:
    just received my Virgin Atlantic Cards.
    Does Virgin Money really not have an Android/iphone app??

  7. Joanie Mitchell says:

    OT: Is it (still) possible to use Amex at PayPoint (specifically at Co-Op) – wanting to pay Council Tax this way if poss?

    • Genghis says:

      Yes. If you can pay your council tax for your own council by paypoint then this is possible. For my council, they print a barcode on the bill when you cancel any DD in place. Others provide a paypoint card.

      • Joanie Mitchell says:

        Brill – thank you!

        • And Joani, you can ask for PP cards from most utilities, BT affinity etc plus prepaymobile ph bills.. my CTX absolutely refuse to accept credit cards, but curve works fine.

  8. Lady London says:

    Best way to do that is to make sure there’s an overnight stop in KUL – ideally of 8-12 hours. then they shoiuld ask you at the airport when you check in your bags (choose manual bag drop with person) if you want your luggage in KUL for your overnight stop, or if you want it checked through to Penang. Try and wait for them to ask you when you check your bags in, rather that asking for it before they ask you i f you can. If you’;re not planning on flying the last leg, the last thing you should do is tell them.

    If you phone up to delete the last leg they’ll reprice your ticket and probably not to your benefit.

  9. Melonfarmer says:

    Thanks for highlighting the Tesco-Uber benefit. Does anyone know if there’s a similar discount opportunity in the USA?

  10. unfortunately the meeting point of the cruise is not in walking distance, but can be easily accessed from Szechenyi Baths by metro M1. It takes about 25 minutes to get there.

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