Which BA Club Europe routes earn 160 tier points return?

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Which British Airways Club Europe routes offer 160 tier points for a return flight?

I often get emails from readers who say “I need XXX tier points in the next few weeks to reach British Airways Bronze / Silver / Gold status – how can I do it?”.

If you need to earn a small number of tier points – between 80 and 160 – the easiest way is a weekend break to one of the few destinations flown by British Airways which offer 160 tier points return in Club Europe.

This is twice as many tier points as the usual Club Europe return which earns 80.  On some routes, you won’t pay much more for a 160 tier point route than you would for one with 80 tier points.

New BA short haul seat 1

Two weeks ago I introduced ‘the Head for Points BA tier point calculator’ chart – click here.  That article listed every British Airways route together with the tier points it would generate in each class.

The data is also available in a spreadsheet which you can download here.  Downloading and manipulating the spreadsheet makes it easy to see which British Airways routes currently offer 160 tier points return in Club Europe.

However, to save you having to bother, I have published the full list of 160 tier point Club Europe routes below.

Remember that, as well as earning the required number of tier points, you need to have flown four segments (ie two return flights) on cash tickets on British Airways or Iberia planes to get Silver or Gold, and two segments for Bronze.  You cannot earn status purely by flying on British Airways / Iberia partner airlines.  (This is not strictly true due to rules with codeshares but, for all intents and purposes, assume that it is.)

The price next to each city was the lowest fare showing on Tuesday in the ba.com Low Fare Finder for Club Europe over the next 12 months.

  • Algiers (£557)
  • Athens (£352)
  • Bucharest (£300)
  • Catania (£230)
  • Chania (£612)
  • Corfu (£502)
  • Dalaman (£528)
  • Funchal (£280)
  • Gran Canaria (£382)
  • Helsinki (£296 – Finnair from Manchester / Edinburgh also earns 160)
  • Heraklion / Crete (£516)
  • Istanbul (£372)
  • Kalamata (£478)
  • Kefalonia (£466)
  • Kiev (£318)
  • Kos (£488)
  • Lanzarote (£350)
  • Larnaca (£402)
  • Malaga (ONLY from Manchester, London is 40 tier points each way)
  • Malta (£310)
  • Marrakech (£302)
  • Mykonos (£500)
  • Palma (ONLY from Edinburgh)
  • Paphos (£360)
  • Reykjavik (£290)
  • Rhodes (£520)
  • Santorini (£566)
  • Skiathos (£410)
  • Sofia (£298)
  • St Petersburg (£320)
  • Tenerife (£352)
  • Thessaloniki (£342)
  • Tirana (£600)
  • Zakynthos (£440)

Bucharest, Catania, Funchal / Madeira, Helsinki, Malta, Marrakech, Reykjavik and Sofia are the stand-out bargains at £300 or less return.  The Manchester to Malaga service is also under £300 at times (Summer weekends only).

This list is more about convenience than price, however.  After all, you could easily spend £400 on two return flights to Amsterdam over two different weekends which would be cheaper than many of the places above.  This list is for someone who needs up to 160 tier points and wants to achieve it in one go whilst visiting somewhere different – and, in Winter, somewhere warm!

(This article is part of our ‘BA Q&A’ series which explains how British Airways Executive Club works.  You can see all of our ‘BA Q&A’ articles here. )

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  1. BuCHaRest (rather than Budapest) is a stand-out bargain. Enjoyable place to spend the weekend – Hilton there also very good value.

  2. Paul Stubbs says:

    Your statement about “You cannot earn status purely by flying on partner airlines is completely incorrect. You need never set foot in a BA aircraft. Status can be earned by flying Iberia, Comair, Sunair or a BA codeshare on a Oneworld airline.

    • Only in their own scheme, if you want BA status you also need to have flown 4 sectors on their metal?

      • Genghis says:

        Eligible flights

        Eligible flights are defined as those flights marketed or operated by British Airways and those flights marketed and operated by Iberia.

        ‘Marketed’ means the flight will have a BA flight number (in your itinerary or on your ticket).
        ‘Operated’ means the aircraft that you travel on is a British Airways aircraft (including franchises and BACityflyer).
        ‘Marketed and operated by Iberia’ means the flight will have an IB flight number and the aircraft you travel on is an Iberia aircraft (including franchises).
        Reward bookings and agency or industry discounted bookings are not eligible.

      • Paul Stubbs says:

        Not true. You need never set foot in a BA aircraft.

        • True but the full intricacies of the rule are best left for another day.

        • About eligible flights

          Eligible flights are defined as those flights marketed or operated by British Airways and those flights marketed and operated by Iberia.

          ‘Marketed’ means the flight will have a BA flight number (in your itinerary or on your ticket).
          ‘Operated’ means the aircraft that you travel on is a British Airways aircraft (including franchises and BACityflyer).
          ‘Marketed and operated by Iberia’ means the flight will have an IB flight number and the aircraft you travel on is an Iberia aircraft (including franchises).
          Reward bookings and agency or industry discounted bookings are not eligible.

        • Comair/Sunair are arguably BA aircraft (well they look like it from the outside) and I don’t think you can book a BA codeshare without having a connecting flight on BA.

    • I know it is incorrect, it is a simplification for a general audience.

      • Are comair or kulula in SA counted as BA for this requirement ?

        This seems like a good topic to explore in the future.

  3. Louise Allen says:

    Istanbul is quite often not warm in winter!! I went there in February a few years ago. The week before I arrived, the old airport was shut due to snow. When I was there it was sub zero temperatures. 🙂 It was warmer in the UK.

    • Genghis says:

      Indeed. We woke up to snow in Cappadocia in late March a couple of years ago, which was “magical”.

      • dgsupersonic says:

        @genghis, have you been there more than once? If so, would you rate Cappadocia higher on Winter or Spring/Summer months?

        • Genghis says:

          Just been once. Would love to go back when it’s a bit warmer.

          During our time there it snowed (and that was great for the hot air balloon ride but not so good for walking around the countryside) and then got quite warm (probably around 15 degrees C) which made walking quite pleasant.

          My advice, go when it’s warm. I believe it gets ridiculously hot in summer, however.

        • I spend a lot of time in Turkey and have been to Cappodocia 4 times and love it. I suggest you go in May/June or September/October if you are worried about it being too hot. When you go into the caves/underground cities/ etc or if you stay in a Cave Hotel the ambient temperature is very cool so you will even need a sweater if you are a chilly person like me! I’ve been in July and August too, it doesn’t bother me 🙂

  4. splishy says:

    Do you achieve the same tier points if you book a BA holiday package?

  5. Rob where did you form this opinion from, be interesting to see the Ts&Cs, got a weblink?

    “Remember that, as well as earning the required number of tier points, you need to have flown four segments (ie two return flights) on cash tickets on British Airways planes. You cannot earn status purely by flying on British Airways partner airlines.”

  6. Derek Scott says:

    Bear in mind that any EDI Club flight connecting at LHR will get you 160 return too as the domestic attracts 80 return

  7. Do any of these flights use wide bodies occasionally like the Madrid route?

    Did a flight to Tenerife in economy and that was not comfortable.

    • Finnair HEL-LHR once a day

      CE seat is same as economy…

    • RAM I’d imagine when they’re fully fledged OW partners.

      Not OW but if you want wide bodies with a proper business class from UK to Spain+ area, check out Air Europa and Azores airline.

  8. Slightly OT: A380 tomorrow which is in tactical allocation with very few seats left, I’m a lowly Blue. It’s looking like row 56 or 59 at the moment for 2 together, any experience as to which would be better?

    • Genghis says:

      59AK have direct aisle access

      • Gone/blocked unfortunately.

        • Heinztein says:

          does anyone know if you can phone BA to get allocated seats which are ‘blocked’ (e.g. those next to infant cots)?

        • Only if you qualify to have them, eg you have an infant. They will open up very close to departure if nobody with a baby wants them. Although why you’d want to sit near an infant seat beats me!

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          Window seat with no need to step over someone to get to the aisle. Always try to get these seats !

  9. This would be a far more useful post if it stated which routes have CE seats and which CW. Perhaps it can be enhanced please?

    • All of them have CE

      • Although MAD and HEL have a long-haul rotation each day.

        • Just HEL has widebodies of those routes; a morning rotation (0800 ex HEL/1030 ex LHR). Looks like it is going to two widebodies a day for summer timetable – A359 morning and an A330 rotation in the afternoon. The Finnair codeshares tend to be significantly more expensive so if you want to pay <400 you’re on BA metal.

        • MAD has two widebodies a day; BA usually run a 777 (occasionally 787) and IB run an A330 or A340 but that’s only 40TPs each way.

        • For LHR-HEL the tickets are always cheaper on the airline’s own aircraft (BA don’t have cheap seats on the AY operated flights and AY don’t have cheap seats on the BA operated flights). J is not normally discounted much by AY unlike BA where they had 250e return in J a few months ago. On the shorthaul planes the economy legroom on AY is better than club europe. On the longhau planesl in economy you can get “economy comfort” for free with a BAEC gold card, and they have about six inches more legroom than club europe.

        • Having to do LHR-MAD / MAD-LHR as a positioning flight later in the year.
          Which IB flight is it which is the longhaul biz config ?

        • sedgie252 says:

          James, it was IB 3167 dep. 18:45 when I flew to Madrid in November.

  10. Last weekend I flew LHR to HEL to gain the 160 tier points to take me to Gold. The flight in BA was £296 . Fin air wanted £600 as initially I was hoping to fly on their A330 flight.
    Quick overnight at Hilton at the airport and daytrip into Helsinki on Sat.
    Back on the early flight on Sunday arriving LHR 08.45

    • Is Gold worth £296 minus what you would otherwise pay for a (colder than UK) weekend + €100 for the Hilton?

      • Most definite if you are going to use the benefits

      • TGLoyalty says:

        100% few trips in first lounges at T3 and the next year as silver too.

        • Well I was asking John W.

          For myself I did get to Gold twice on necessary flights, just dropped to Silver but soft landing was not useful as I got ~800 TPs anyway;

          I like T3 lounges and CX/QF F lounges, which I have used over 30 times, but would not pay any more than £10 to enter, so can’t justify unneeded TP runs.

  11. Philip Chandler says:

    Beware of connecting in Madrid to the Canaries though.Sometimes you can get a cheaper flight to the Canaries on Iberia connecting in Madrid, but although the Canaries are 160 points direct from London, the LON-MAD leg is 40 each way but MAD to the islands is only 20 points each way. So you only get 120 for the inconvenience of Madrid!

  12. Why Qatar doesn’t seem to be doing
    their usual annual Long Haul business sales at the moment to Asia Pacific?

    • £1300 Stockholm to Singapore still available.

      • tbh that is not really a sale, I’d be wanting to pay £1000 or less for that. 13-hour direct flight in PE vs 20+hours in J but need to recheck bags in ARN + leave buffer for separate tix… only worth it if you really want the TPs

        • I’d need a big bigger at the destination and when I got home after a 13 hour flight in PE …

        • I have no trouble sleeping in PE and have slept better on PE on LH than after being “upgraded” to their business class seat with micro sized foot cubby.

        • My back & neck would become absolute murder part way through a 13hour PE flight. I would be begging to be killed – genuinely.

          I am so annoyed as I’m by no means rich but can only really fly biz long haul now so every bargain economy or pe deal I see eats a little bit more of my wanderlust soul 🙁

    • I don’t think they did a real sale last year, neither did Emirates if I rightly recall. Maybe the way things are going to go with QR going forwards….

      • I can’t believe that QR haven’t been offering their sub £1k Asia deals for the last two years given their ME problems.
        I’d have thought they’d have a surplus of planes & thus seats to fill.

    • Because they can’t afford to keep losing money?

  13. It would be nice to see this list showing which flights depart from LHR.
    From NCL we can’t easily get to LGW.

    • For our regional BA connectors (like me) who don’t have a direct service to LGW:

      240 TP’s flying CE returns from regional UK airports connecting through LHR to:
      Gran Canaria
      Heraklion / Crete
      St Petersburg
      Tenerife South

      180 TP’s flying CE returns from UK regional airports connecting through LHR

      • If you got some nice sale pricing on some of those you could get near £1 per TP I bet.

  14. The Manchester – Malaga service only runs on Saturdays (both ways) so you’d need to stay a week rather than a weekend

  15. whiskerxx says:

    Replying to Percy Paddock-Smythe:
    But thats not what it says on the BA webpage.
    It says you do earn tier points on a BA coded flight, whether they are a partner airline, Oneworld, or indeed a non partner airline.

  16. Can someone please clarify if these tier points apply to all categories of Club Europe? I.e: including those that appear when you select a “Lower / lowest price, earning reduced tirer points” booking on the BA booking page?
    If not, how do you find out before you commit to “BOOK NOW”?

    • All CE tickets earn 40/80 TPs depending on the route only, only redemptions (and upgrades from redemptions) and things like industry discounted tickets earn nothing.

  17. Well interesting 🙂 I’ve been to HEL twice last weekend, with flights booked during the August sale. 400TPs with an AMS trip in the middle for just under 600GBP. I needed 360 for Gold (when I get back from 2 TATL trips in the spring), so all in the bag now.

    I’ll think about other destinations next time, it was cold in HEL in January!

    • I’ve booked a return to HEL with a visit to OTP in the middle. I get to spend most of a Saturday and Sunday in March surfing around the T3 lounges. Was able to use the AMEX £200 off as well!

    • it was -20 in Helsinki yesterday, something to consider with BA since their evening flight from HEL is always a bus plus stand departure. We’ve had about three feet of snow in the last week also.

    For anyone interested in the rebate issue, I have received clarification after about 6 emails that the rebate period doesn’t start until your renew date which is not when you originally signed up but will be January 1st. Seems Ambassador support is next to useless first telling me to wait 6-8 weeks, then its because I didn’t rebook the stays and now it is because it doesn’t start until the renewal date.

    Thankfully I now have 12 months to get some rebates…

    • Is that just for stays after 1st January or do you have to rebook all stays after that date too?

      Any luck getting them to give you an ex gratia credit given they didn’t make this clear?

      • I don’t know but I presume the person saying that I had booked too early was incorrect and it was the fact that my renewal hadn’t been processed and it was actually from Jan 1st, they are not helpful and each person has a different answer.

    • Genghis says:

      I saved a screen shot of the terms from my last renewal in Aug 18.
      It notes “you will receive 10% of redeemed points back on Reward Night redemptions for 12 months”. No mention of timing. Use the principle of contra proferentem in any complaint.

      • I am not hopeful to get through to anyone capable as they stop replying after I explain their terms

        • I will of course persist thanks

        • rams1981 says:

          They told me via email and phone to re-book anything after you renew.

        • Hmm – OK certainly rebooked after renewing but not sure if after new year ticked over or not. Will keep an eye out. Unfortunately can’t do so for next one as sold out now (on the upside fantastic value redemption!)

        • No mention of needing to reboot and had no reason to ask them this via email or phone, seems like just a way to get out of paying out by making up terms

      • Ooh fantastic phrase, definitely filing that away for the future! 🙂

  19. Budapest is only 80 not 160 return!

  20. OT but BAish – redemption finder seems to have been unavailable for quite a long time now!

    • Yes – worryingly long time.
      I think Rob said that Tim is now working at/for Avios – so is hopefully best placed to fix the problem!

    • Yes I noticed a week or so ago.
      Have sent a couple of messages of support to him and he took the time to reply.

      He didn’t explain what the problem was.
      Big shame…..unless BA are paying him big bucks to add the functionality to their website now !

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