Save 25% on Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy tickets when two or more travel

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Starting today and running until Thursday, Virgin Atlantic will be running a ‘two together’ discount as it winds up its January sale.

You can save 25% on group bookings of two or more passengers, in Premium Economy only, on the following routes:

    • London Gatwick to Barbados
    • London Heathrow to Barbados
    • London Gatwick to Jamaica
    • London Gatwick to Antigua
    • Manchester to Boston
    • Manchester to New York
    • Manchester to Las Vegas
    • Manchester to Orlando
    • Manchester to Los Angeles

Take a look at the Virgin Atlantic website here for details.

To maximise your miles when paying, your best bet is one of the two Virgin Atlantic Reward credit cards.  These earn double miles (3 per £1 on the paid card or 1.5 per £1 on the free card) when you book at or via Virgin Holidays.  Another option is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold which offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.

PS. Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Virgin Flying Club miles.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. HannahLucy says:

    Will Virgin / BA extend their sale for a week as per usual?

  2. Rob

    Curve article at 10 AM?

    • Fingers crossed – it’s my day off so I’m hoping to be able to play with this!

    • Might be ….

      • Given that all of us legacy black card users appear to have been auto enrolled in trial of the new black I’m hoping Rob is able to provide some detail on grandfathering and whether we need to opt out of the new black at the end of the trial and how long the trial is.

        As several people have already said, this update hasn’t been handled particularly well by Curve. Aside from the communication issues, auto enrolling legacy users in the new subscription model just seems wrong.

    • Will hit the 50k limit so need to know if I will get an increased limit if it can be upgrading if I pay for the upgraded cards, I suppose I will have to ask them (I know you said not card dependant).

      Important one, Is the new card still a debit card as it doesn’t say on the pictures?

      • Official website is live now …

        Scroll to bottom at “Welcome to financial freedom”, you’ll see “debit” printed at the back of the card, read something new today (at least for me) … save £29.88 on subscription fee (£150 if paid annually in advance) instead of £179.88 (£14.99/month).

      • Limits aren’t linked to card type (for now at least) so just a case of pushing spend through and asking for increase.

    • I got an invitation to join the BETA version last week. I’ve downloaded the latest version but apart from that nothing has changed – I was expecting info around AMEX use or what was different. Am I missing something?

      • Delete the app, re-install and log in to your account. You should be able to add Amex now. Oh, happy day!

  3. OT: I will ring Qatar once UK call centre open but just wanted some advice first. I’ve a flight five weeks away and noticed yesterday that the first flight to Doha has ‘flight status:Not confirmed’ the second flight from Doha to Penang is fine. Has anyone seen this before?

    (I booked the flight lst July and have e-ticket numbers….)

  4. Anthony says:

    OT: I’m planning on booking a 2-4-1 Oz flight T-355, any advice on what call centre to ring and at what time? Do I just say I’ll call back in two weeks to book the return? Thanks

    • If you are booking the outbound leg tonight you can do it online, then call when you want the return flights added.

    • I called the US call centre the other night at midnight to add some return flights. Worked fine. Did cost £24 on my mobile though, so you may want to find a more cost effective method to make the call than I did! They won’t care about you calling up in 2 weeks time when you’re booking the outbound, so no need to mention it.

  5. OT, gold supp card does that come with the 2 X lounge passes as well? Thanks

  6. Chrisasaurus says:

    Voco: is it meant as a stepping stone towards full conversion into a brand?

    Ie is the implication that there is an agreement to make those changes and become a proper ihg hotel?

    • No. A ‘conversion’ brand like DoubleTree or voco has no brand standards. You can close one night as a Marriott and reopen next day as a voco with no capex needed. All other brands have rules over everything down to hairdryer power.

      (For eg, Kimpton Fitzroy told me during my recent tour that Kimpton standards meant the gym now had to have flavoured water in it as well as standard water.)

      This is why conversion brands are attractive. Less so with guests as you literally don’t know what you will get.

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Interesting, thanks

        DoubleTree seem to be consistently decent in the UK and from my limited experience in the US, but I don’t see the full value that IHG obviously do in the unknown (new) but still IHG brand that conveys no guarantee of standards..

        It’s a bit Best Western, I guess is my point. (When is a brand not a brand.) – what will be next, VocoPlus to highlight the non-terrible ones and guarantee the rest nothing but coach parties for eternity?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Voco is meant to be their upscale leisure equivalent of CP though

        St Johns has just been through a full refurbishment so I imagine there are some standards it’s just not uniform in terms of design etc

        • Chrisasaurus says:

          I might give it a go, have a couple of nights booked at the CP Solihull next month but might be fun to change it up a bit and see what Voco is going to do for us..

  7. OT – Does anyone know any good tier point runs from BKK please?

    • Check online travel agents for cheap exThailand (Bangkok, Phuket and maybe still Krabi) business class flights on MAS. They come and go, Loyaltylobby usually flags them. If Sri Lankan still have their 5th freedom flight to HKG that might be a good option. I think they might still have one to someplace in China too. Finally, I’m not remember for sure but I think there was a 5th freedom CX flight from BKK-SIN at one time so worth a quick look.

      • As you need to fly over 2000 miles to get 140 tier points in Business your options will be slim.

        • Not sure how many TP he needs but in Las sale Bangkok to Beijing was just over £500return in Business with MAS.

        • I picked up recently that Dubai to Jakarta with Sri Lankan picks up 560 Tier Points and is only £674 return. I appreciate that is entirely unhelpful as it’s not BKK but still very good value.

          Flight times are horrendous though.

        • Appreciate all the replies, thanks. I ended up going for GCK – CMB – DXB return for £628. Costing me £60 to get to GCK – Easy 560 Tier points

    • Roberto says:

      40TP each way to Langkawi or Penang on MAS. I paid less than $100us return. Its not a lot of points but easy to do a few over a few days

  8. My curve app on iPhone is still the previous version and I’m not being prompted to upload the new Amex version. Others seem to have uploaded. Is there a way to force the update or do I need to delete and re install?

    • Go to the App Store > updates > refresh (pull down on the screen), and it should pop up.

    • I’ve updated mine but still getting a message saying that Amex is not yet available.

      • Check what version of the app you are running – Settings > About. Mine shows v3.0.1.1556 and I added my Amex Gold without a problem

        • Mine says and it was updated yesterday. If I delete and re-install it will I lose my card info?

        • Assuming you’re running iOS, I’d try forcing the update first (as per my post above) and then, if that doesn’t work, delete and reinstall. No idea if your card details are held in the app or against your account – if its the latter I would have thought they would reappear once you’ve logged in again on the app.

        • Disaster. I’ve re-installed it but it will only let me apply for a new card, not access my old one, seemingly. And even when I do that it keeps saying there’s a connection problem. I am desolate!

        • Re-installed it yet again and it seems to have come back. Thank goodness I’ve got the whole day to play with it!

    • Curve Metal, I am wondering what fair use free Amex spend will be as also limited by any spending cap, if its fee free this will be the game changer and all spend going to Curve.

      Personally I think they need to remove the spending limit if they want Curve metal to be taken seriously…

      • I have Amex and top up facility, yay! Better than Christmas.

        • Yes – any idea if the Amex top-up and spend from this counts as part of the annual spend cap or not? Or is it separate like cash withdrawals are?

        • MMA, are you on the original black card ? Are you now going to pay per month for having Amex.

        • Sorry that was meant for Anna

        • Hi Liz – I have the free card (blue, but’s it’s actually black lol). It suits me better to pay the 0.65% fee as I go along as I don’t need any of the other benefits. I’ll probably use it every few months when I have a significant spend where the retailer won’t take Amex (e.g. got a down payment on a new lease car in May), hopefully in conjunction with sign up bonuses or to trigger the 2 4 1.

        • Ok Anna thanks. I have the original black card but don’t want to pay out for more fees. I like to have non Amex spend on my IHG card and don’t have HMRC bills.

      • Yes you have two limits – one if fee-free top-up (for Black) then other is spend limits (all card types). You are able to top-up your Amex wallet as much as you like (generating spend on the Amex card) – either for fee or free depending on your Curve card type. However if you have wallet balance left but no remaining spend limit then you can’t spend it. You need to either wait for limits to reset (as old transactions move off) or ask support for a limits increase.

  9. Greenpen says:

    LH business fares with the big discounts are in P booking category. Points may be limited and will not credit to some *A partners. I got caught by this when booking a very cheap flight from HEL to DXB. If I had flown TK at a slightly less convenient time but a few pounds cheaper then I would have received points into my A3 account!

    • Yes, this is common knowledge for A3 users… HFP doesn’t cover it much or at all. Be wary of booking SAS months ahead hoping you will get 100% miles

  10. And still no kews re QR sale?

  11. ankomonkey says:

    OT as Bits: My Creation Marriott credit card points from my January statement still haven’t hit my Marriott Rewards account. I’ve just called Creation and they said the issue is with Marriott as they’re “changing their rewards system” – presumably as part of the Bonvoy migration – and that there is currently no estimated date for a fix. The Creation guy told me it was a known issue affecting all Creation Marriott card holders, so presumably I’m not the only HfP reader experiencing this.

    I hope to complain to Marriott and receive some additional points as compensation 😉

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Here’s the thing I wouldn’t trust creation either lots of the Marriott IT work happened last and I’ve not heard any Amex point issues yet this month.

      There have been a couple instances where IHG points haven’t posted on time and I’m sure it’s becuase creation sent the notice to IHG late.

      I’d probably give it a few more days to see if there are more reports elsewhere and chase creation again.

      • RussellH says:

        This Marriott issue is the only time I have found Creation to be involved in a problem. By contrast I can quote some good service on ny Creation IHG card. I recently stayed, advance purchase rate, at a Holiday Inn that, for reasons best known to itself, does not produce the words “Holiday Inn” on its credit card system. (It prints instead the name of the company that used to own the hotel, but sold it it in 2016, and this is also the name that appears on card statements.)
        I sent Creation a secure message about this, hoping to avoid a fight over the double points. They e-mailed back to say that a note had been put on the account to say that this transaction was an IHG one.
        This worked. Double points credited automatically.
        Personally, I suspect Marriott. Perhaps they have ‘forgotten’ that they have a MasterCard in the UK and someone in their IT Dept has blocked off the channel.

    • RussellH says:


      I have not (yet) been in touch with Creation over this, as the card statement always states 6 to 8 weeks, even if, in practice, it has just been a couple of days normally.

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