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Get 25% off New York redemptions at five IHG hotels

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IHG Rewards Club, the Holiday Inn / HI Express / Crowne Plaza etc loyalty scheme, is offering discounted redemptions at five of its New York hotels.

You need to stay before 30th April to get the reduced rates.

The participating hotels are:

Hotel Indigo Lower East Side – usually 55,000 points, now 45,000 points

EVEN Times Square – usually 50,000 points, now 40,000 points

EVEN Midtown East – usually 45,000 points, now 35,000 points

EVEN Brooklyn – usually 40,000 points, now 30,000 points

Hotel Indigo Brooklyn – usually 40,000 points, now 30,000 points

Click through the links above for more information on each hotel.  Our review of EVEN Midtown East is here.

Full details of this promotion can be found on this page of

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Check your Virgin Atlantic credit card payments for errors
Marriott Bonvoy launches tomorrow - and memories of the Starwood brand
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  1. Mark Rogers says:

    I’m one of those who got caught out by the VAA card. (I thought I opted for full balance but either I didn’t get a choice and my memory is bad, or it wasn’t acted on.) Worse, it took me a few months to notice, and cost me about £70 in interest as a result.

    Obviously this is my fault for not checking, not reading things carefully enough, etc. But it’s interesting to see that several others have been caught out. When you use credit cards a lot, it’s easy to assume that a new card works the way the others do without even realising you’re doing it.

    For me the biggest pain, and the reason I’ve all but stopped using the card now, is that logging in to their website is hard work. If you have a properly secure password then selecting characters X, Y and Z from it is not trivial, it means extracting your password from your password manager, pasting it somewhere, and working through it to extract the letters. Which is why I didn’t bother very often(knowing the DD was set up), and when I did it was to check something other than a statement so I didn’t spot the interest. If (as others do) they also had an app which I could secure with my fingerprint it would also have been easier, but they don’t.

    It turns out that their policy is that they will refund the first month’s interest if asked. For me, that was one penny. (I asked them to do it on principle, and they failed to, so in the end I got a £20 goodwill gesture on top, which was a small victory.)

    But they’ve lost my non-Amex spend to Tandem and if it’s catching others out they’d be wise to fix this.

    • Shoestring says:

      They already fixed it

    • Get a better password manager. 1Password works really well, no association other than I’m a customer.

      • Mark Rogers says:

        Does 1Password handle the “characters 1, 3, 11 from your password” type of login? If so I will take a look. LastPass doesn’t, nor are they interested in fixing it because if a site is asking you that question then it means they’re storing your password in a decryptable format, which isn’t considered good practise.

    • RussellH says:

      Sounds to me as though people should be insisting on postal statements, and spending 5 minutes per month checking it carefully.
      I have always done this since I first took out a Barclaycard in the early 1970s.
      I know it is not fashionable, but whenever possible I insist on paper statements. Every credit card I have issues them on request.
      I did have a Halifax statement not turn up in time last year, and they immediately accepted that as a valid reason for my not having paid.

      • Not only is it not fashionable, it’s very wasteful! If you want to check your statements you can just read the PDF ones.

        • +1

        • RussellH says:

          True, but I was also thinking of Mark Rogers who was unhappy with the log-in process, and as a result has all but stopped using the card.
          No log-in, no PDF.
          As to being wasteful??
          I see it as supporting the postal service, something that I made enormous use of when I was working, but seems to be increasingly under threat.

        • RussellH says:

          Oh, and if I want to look back at a staement from the past, which is not unusual, it is far quicker to go to the filing cabinet and pick out the statement than to turn on a computer, log-in to a website, find where the old statements are, if they have not already been deleted, that is. Then download it and print it.
          And why should I have to pay for the paper on which the statements are printed?

          • When you have to trawl through all of your statements for VAT and tax returns, you need them on paper. PDFs don’t cut it, especially as you would be flicking from Excel to PDF every 5 seconds.

        • Agree VM website a bit annoying with the bits of a password method but once downloaded I just keep them all in the relevant Dropbox folder so easy to refer to.

          @Rob – I still use Quicken XG 2004 – dated but makes it much easier when dealing with tax returns! I reconcile each statement as it comes in too #geek

        • Mark Rogers says:

          Just to say that I do keep all statements in PDF form, but because VM is a pain to work with I was downloading them in batches and not then looking at them in depth as a result. I did switch to paper statements when this came to light, although that was very much after the horse had bolted and when I can face logging in again I’ll turn them off.

          The simple fact that so many have been caught out is an indication that VM could have done better. I freely admit that my failure to check properly is on me, but my loyalty to that brand has switched to one that doesn’t require me to give them special treatment and does what I expect.

    • RussellH says:

      As to logging in to their website, it sounds as though they have adopted a similar scheme to the Clydesdale Bank, which also asks for three characters from a maximum of 16 character password.
      FWIW I never save financial passwords, but I do keep written prompts under lock and key. I use three or four syllable words which I can easily associate a number with, and then add a couple of other symbols between syllables. I find that this makes the pw easy to remember.
      What gets me are the otherwise respected institutions that:-
      a) do not have a case sensitive pw system (Amex)
      b) do not allow non-alphanumueric sysmbols (too many to list)

    • TGLoyalty says:

      An app is on the way. Few people are beta testing. does the business from what i can see

  2. Does HH ever offers any discounted redemptions?

  3. I took out the Virgin Black card in Sept / Oct. Had the MBNA version before this. Received a 15000 sign up bonus after the first month. I’ve put £2k-£3k through each month. I’ve not had any other bonus. Received my 4th statement last week, so nothing from holding the MBNA version previously.

    I also seem to recall that there was an additional bonus if I put £1000 through the card for the first 3 months but nothing on that front either.

  4. OT – How are Creation credit cards working with Curve?
    Are curve cash withdrawals, payments to HMRC etc working OK or are they being put through as cash advances? How are people doing with their Creation Marriott/IHG credit cards?

    Thanks in advance lovely HFP people!

    • This is one of the few cards which still work perfectly with Curve – I withdraw £200-500 every month from Creation via Curve and it works good in terms of everything (treated as purchase, accrue points etc). Could change any day of course as Curve is in trouble these days but so far so good!

    • HMRC is not a financial institution so don’t get it confused with cash withdrawal charges.

  5. Just paid £80 into my NSI account using my Virgin Atlanti card via Curve to hit the £1000 spend target. Will that work or will it be coded as cash and not count towards the target?

  6. OT. I can’t see where my Lloyds Avios points are going. Could anyone share what they show up as in their BA Avios statement, please?

    Could it be related to the transition from

    • You can see it on your BA statement as “Finance Card – LLOYDS BANKING GROUP AVIOS AWARD ” it happens on credit card statement day (as long as your avios account is now closed).
      If yours aren’t going across, I would call avios to check they have the correct account details.

      • Thanks Simon. Can’t see it at all, nor in my Avios account (which seems to have merged with my AerClub account).

        I’ll give Avios a ring at some point.

        • Chris, download the ba app and login.

          In recent transactions, you should have it showing unless they just haven’t posted yet.

        • Yep, worth giving them a call – they may have set up a new BAEC account for you if they couldn’t match it to your existing one.

  7. I applied for virgin credit card and wasn’t accepted. I have never had this issue before. I love Amex as they accept an application so easily.

    I’m annoyed with Virgin. I’m not going to bother in future since I won’t be getting any bonus.

    • Very odd. You will be even more confused to know that I had an email from Virgin Money yesterday asking why the acceptance rate of HFP readers had shot up sharply in recent weeks! I said that VM must have finally sorted out their algorithm as I doubt we have suddenly been invaded by a group of (un)credit worthy readers, which is who their old algorithm wanted to attract.

    • Virgin IMO are strict and will check the amount you have been paying off other credit cards per month and if doesn’t match your salary then expect a call or a decline…

    • I’ve found Amex much more tricky recently – had to move balance from existing cards, been refused, etc. (despite income not changing!)

  8. OT – Can I use Avios to upgrade an Iberia-booked flight on a BA plane (IB flight number)? If yes, can I do this from BA or do I need to transfer the Avios to Iberia?

    • Technically you can, but you have to follow IbPlus rules, which only allows UUA on Flex Tickets.

      • Bugger – found some sub £800 PE tickets ARN-NYC ticketed by IB but on BA metal. Looks like that an avios upgrade to Club is off the table there.

  9. OT: Can you apply for an additional card for the BAPP? Also, those with an additional Platinum card, is the member since date correct? My additional card member since is 19, but original member since is before that.

    • Kayleigh says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Yes you can get an additional card for the BAPP. If you wait till after your application you will also get bonus avios for it.
      I’ve just been made a supp on my husband’s Platinum card and mine says 19. Even though another Amex card I have just applied for says 18 (which is correct). I must admit, it doesn’t bother me though, as not sure what difference it makes day to day?

  10. Thanks for the heads up on the Virgin card, I assumed the same and I caught it just in time before my next payment was due. I didn’t spend anything in the first billing period so the only charge was the £160 card fee. For that one, the minimum payment is £160, so seeing that go through did not ring alarm bells about the direct debit only taking the minimum payment.

  11. Shoestring says:

    Yep I saw this article in the Daily Mail a few days ago – a fine read in many respects, ahead of the game when it comes to personal finance.

    I recommend it as one of your primary information sources for pensions, amongst other elements of the family finance ‘mix’ 🙂

      • Shoestring says:

        …& you won’t find that info in The Times!

        I rest my case. Make the Daily Mail your daily read on personal finance 🙂

        • Not only that Harry but the reporting in the first Times article was poor did little for those featured to get my sympathy. Customers were not aware the cards were not a transfer (unsure how you can get confused if you are filling in a new application for a new provider, and get letters from the old provider explaining what they are doing) and those not keeping an eye on their finances / not noticing they did not clear the outstanding balance via Direct Debit. If the customer instruction was to clear the balance and VM reverted to minimum balance (as now seems to be the case based on the latest articles and feedback above) there is clear grounds for VM to refund all charges in full!

        • While my dislike for that vile rag has been made clear under several of your regular recommendations, I clicked on that article.

          Why exactly are these financial experts who give advice you won’t find anywhere else quoting the representative APR while talking about interest payments? Can they write anything without resorting to sensationalism?

        • Shoestring says:

          The other newspapers don’t have Steve Webb as a pensions expert

        • You could argue, Rob, that the majority of “Frequent Flyer” websites fall into this category too…

          Not yours, obviously…

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