Marriott Bonvoy announces a Manchester United partnership – bid for amazing experiences at Old Trafford

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Here is one I didn’t see coming.  Marriott Bonvoy, the loyalty scheme for Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, W, St Regis, Renaissance, The Ritz-Carlton etc, has just announced a new partnership with Manchester United.

Etihad is, of course, the core sponsor of Manchester City.  In London, Emirates is the core sponsor of Arsenal and makes seats, including VIP box seats, available for Skywards miles redemptionsMalaysia Airlines sponsors Liverpool.

Marriott Bonvoy and Manchester United

What will Marriott Bonvoy offer with Manchester United?

Details are on the Manchester United website here.

It will offer “exclusive opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime Manchester United football experiences, including the chance to become the club’s Stadium Announcer or Kit Manager for the day”.

These are examples of what you will be able to bid for:

‘Stadium Announcer’ Experience – Marriott Bonvoy members will have the chance to go behind the scenes at the iconic ‘Theatre of Dreams,’ shadowing the stadium announcer with their pre-match preparations. Prior to the game, the member and a guest will soak up the atmosphere pitch side, before enjoying VIP hospitality, including match tickets and a meet and greet with a former player.

Welcome the Team on arrival at Old Trafford – Members and their guest arriving at Old Trafford on matchday will head pitch side to meet a Manchester United legend before making their way to the player’s tunnel to be in prime position to welcome the team as they step off the coach and head into the dressing room to prepare for the game.

‘Kit Manager’ Experience – Members will be able to add a final finesse to the home dressing room at Old Trafford pre-game as they shadow the first team Kit Manager. The member and a guest will help prepare the match kit ahead of the players’ arrival before heading pitchside to be met by a Manchester United Legend. After the hard work is done, the member will be able to sit back and relax whilst enjoying pre and post-match VIP hospitality.

The first packages are now available to bid for:

VIP hospitality and seats for Manchester Utd v Southampton 

VIP box seats with hospitality for Manchester Utd v Southampton 

“Kit manager” including VIP hospitality for Manchester Utd v Watford 

Your child is the Manchester Utd mascot for the game v Watford 

VIP box seats with hospitality for Manchester Utd v Watford

Shadow the stadium announcer plus VIP seats for Manchester Utd v Watford 

VIP box seats with hospitality for Manchester Utd v West Ham 

It is a shame that these are all auction items because it makes it difficult to plan too far in advance – hopefully a few direct ticket redemptions will be available in the future.  Given the global fan reach of Manchester United it seems a smart move by Marriott.

If you want to learn more, there is a promo video too!  If the number of views shown is accurate then Marriott is getting good value:

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  1. Travelnotfootball says:

    Can’t decide if this or Emirates football tickets are the less exciting option – really did not need a whole urgent article for these sort of dreadful redemptions!

    • We gave away Man City (thanks Etihad) and Liverpool (thanks Malaysia) tickets at the HFP Christmas party last year.

      • Gave away being the key for me. Sorry but I’d never pay, again, for such an, unfortunately these days, anodyne ‘experience’. The last match I went to was Dulwich Hamlet at home, had a cracking time. By the by, I’ve been in a few boxes in my time and my winner is … Sunderland. Excellent catering 👍

  2. Sussex Bantam says:

    I’m sort of surprised by the vitriolic response received to this article. The big Premier League teams are almost all a “tourist” experience now (except maybe Anfield) – this is just another way to buy into that. I actually think some of the behind the scenes options are quite interesting.

    You’re not going to get the “proper football” experience in the Premier League. If that is what you want then you should find a game in the Championship, League 1, League 2 or below…

    • Or go to the Continent – Dortmund games are supposed to be good.

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Dortmund games are indeed very good !

        • Spurs Debs says:

          Yep the last Dortmund game I watched was excellent 3-0 to Spurs.

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          Indeed Spurs Debs – that was very good. Going to the second leg ?

        • +1 The bars lining the walk to the stadium are something else and then you have the actual atmosphere in the ground itself!
          An amazing experience.

      • Spurs Debs says:

        No I can’t I’m off to NY in couple of weeks, I have been to rest of away CL games this season but just can’t do this one.

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          Hopefully its all over anyway and you can save your cash for the next round !

  3. Shoestring says:

    Time to fess up – I’m *not* a so-called real supporter and perfectly proud of it. I don’t get to waste huge amounts of money following ‘my’ team – which seems a random choice usually based irrationally on historic family affiliations or geography of birth. Think about it – anybody born in the South West or Wales doesn’t even have a decent team to choose from, even if they wanted to. Perhaps they should have blended Bristol Rovers & City to form a proper side in the only large town down here, nobody had the sense to see the commercial opportunity so far. I could yet make my fortune.

    So instead of your blood sweat & tears, every week I get to watch my top 6 teams that I support – plus every now & then I get a Leicester to support as well when we won the league in 2016. Think about it – one of my teams wins the league every year, you can’t boast that with your ‘real’ support for a ‘real’ team. I watch them on TV with a great live commentary that sure beats your atmosphere. Atmosphere = you’ll get beaten up, heckled rudely or jostled by rival fans who can’t take getting beat, mature or what?

    I’ve been to a few live matches in my time, we had an Exec box at Aston Villa for a few years when they were a force. Boy, those prawn sandwiches were tasty, I’d do that again in a flash if I got it for free.

  4. Sussex Bantam says:

    “doesn’t have a decent team to choose from”….

    Bristol Rovers and Bristol City and both decent teams. Hundreds of years of history between them, some great players and great games in their past, loyal and strong support.

    A team doesn’t have to win the Premier League to be decent !

    (And now I’m kicking myself for rising to the bait)

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      And Wales have a Premier League side in Cardiff and one who very recently won a major honour in Swansea plus Newport who have had a fantastic FA Cup run this year.

    • You have to allow Harry to have those rants without responding. You should have stopped reading at “I’m *not* a so-called real supporter…” the rest of the three paragraph rant is just to bait you into a response 🙂

      • Flashman says:

        Harry/ Shoestring,

        The speccy kid at school who didn’t like sport, and got sand kicked in his face!!!!!

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        I know I know….you would think I’d have been around here long enough not to fall for such an obvious trick…

  5. ken tinsley says:

    The “its not proper football” has been done to death.
    The game is a world away from when I started going in the 1970’s and you could rock up and pay on the gate for almost every league match. Stadiums were literally crumbling and there was the threat of violence at many matches.
    I’m not sure I’d want my lad to ‘enjoy’ the same experiences as I had, despite some great memories.

    Liverpool were getting only 30k for some home matches while winning the league.
    The age profile of match going supporters is probably in the mid 50’s compared with mid 20’s some 30 years ago.
    The closest I got to luxury was hiring a cushion for 20p at Goodison, which then rained on to the pitch after a dismal match.
    Let’s face it – ‘we’ are never getting ‘our’ game back. It’s going to follow the money and be closer to an NFL ‘experience’ with most supporters attending a couple of matches (bar say Green Bay Packers) a season.
    The only comparable experience these days is to get the coach and go to an away match with ale smuggled on to the coach. Perhaps the only difference will be the smell of weed and pairs of blokes sharing a toilet cubicle to powder their nose.
    Face facts. Murdoch won, the people lost.

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