Marriott opens Parklane, the first luxury branded hotel resort in Cyprus

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Marriott has just opened Parklane, billed as ‘the first luxury branded resort in Cyprus’.

Parklane is part of The Luxury Collection brand and is described as:

“Surrounded by 100,000 sqm (25 acres) of landscaped gardens, the resort welcomes guests with a picturesque lane that snakes through a verdant grove of evergreen olive, citrus and palm trees – setting the mood for the serene experience that awaits. Three outdoor and one indoor swimming pool (one filled with seawater and one for adults only) glisten in front of the main building, surrounded by cabanas, waterbeds and lounge areas for outdoor dining and drinks. The perfect seaside gateway is completed with a special all-day facility for children, a luxurious spa area, a vast ballroom, conference facilities, five restaurants, two bars and a 300 meter long sandy beach. The facilities are open throughout the year for work or pleasure to both guests and the general public.”

As a Marriott Bonvoy redemption, it costs 85,000 points per night – or 340,000 points for five nights based on ‘5 for 4’.  Given that cash rates are around €400 in August this is not the greatest deal in the world.  That said, for a 5 night stay, you are roughly at my target redemption value of 0.5p per point.

Parklane resort Cyprus

The hotel allows to you pay a cash supplement on a redemption to upgrade to a bigger or sea view room, although none can take more than three people.

The Parklane website is here if you want to find out more.

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  1. Nigel the Pensioner says:

    Limassol, luxury, hmmm……….

  2. Louise says:

    OT new Amex offer for Morrison’s. Spend £50 10% back till 8/5
    On my Platinum

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Got it on my SPG. Unfortunately not my Plat yet and that’s the card I’m likely to keep

      • Shoestring says:

        Good for 10% discount on Amazon giftcards 🙂

        • Or petrol.
          Currently 10% on Halifax too.

        • Andrew says:

          Filling Stations are usually excluded from the Halifax, BoS & Lloyds offers.

        • Haha yep, although I’ve still got a few k from the pre-Xmas offer to use up first!

        • It’s strange, because the T&Cs do exclude gift cards being purchased, but I’m guessing because they can’t see exactly what you bought that doesn’t matter?

        • When I raised question on this 2 weeks ago was that Morrison’s vouchers could be used for fuel though.

        • Jimbob says:

          It doesn’t specifically mention Morrison petrol stations are excluded. Would I be ok to fill up and get 10% back?

        • Thanks Ewan, I’ll do 3x£50 at the same time on my Halifax.

    • Nothing on any of mine. 🙁

    • Louise says:

      Yes on my charge card

    • Not on Gold or BA, but used it a lot last time (March)

    • If you know you will get more than 0.8p, whilst factoring in possible devaluations and tax hikes, clearly it works. But that is down to you.

    • Allycat says:

      Got the new one on my Pref Rewards Gold and my wife’s supplementary. Had the previous one on my supp on my son’s Pref Rewards Gold and it did payout 10% for Amazon gift card purchases.

  3. Kieran Fox says:

    I may be going mad but I can’t see any mention of the 10% discount at Brewdog in that press release?

    • Gavin T says:

      Me neither. I only get 5% discount on drinks (nothing on food) in the bars as a Brewdog shareholder!

      • IanMac says:

        Gavin – need to check on the food discount – current EFP benefits just state 5% / 10% discount in our bars. I’ve always got my 10% discount on food and beer.

      • IanMac says:

        We’ve also challenged whether the ‘BAEC discount’ will stack with existing EFP Benefit discounts – awaiting feedback.

      • Doh. BA emailed me a press release which contained this info. I linked to the online version without checking that they might not be the same.

      • Paul Stevens says:

        There are different levels of EFP benefits depending on how much you have pumped in.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      It used to when it was originally published earlier in the month! Looks like they’ve edited the press release without mentioning the update.

    • Trevor says:

      No sign of it. That was a good offer and excuse for me to pop down to my local Brewdog. Shame.

    • IanMac says:

      Message from @BrewDogCam on the EFP Forum

      Just to clarify this press release is slightly wrong and further details will be sent out to executive club members

      it will be time limited from launch until the 100 year anniversary in August

      Final details are still being worked through as the launch was brought forward but this is a partnership with BA and we are hoping there might be some benefits for our EFPs coming the other way :slight_smile:”

    • Big Dave says:

      nothing on the brewdog nor ba site about said discount at all…

  4. Crafty says:

    Strange decision from Brewdog. No brand salience there at all. It’s Virgin they should be teaming up with.

    • Shoestring says:

      BD is a small concern & would be happy to get any deal at all – they want the opportunity to get the beer sampled by people who fly & won’t be making much money out of the deal, though it should improve brewery efficiencies.

      • Gavin T says:

        I mean it’s no AB InBev but they did £171m in revenue last year. You’re correct the additional exposure is valuable but given the short-haul network in particular I also imagine BA can shift a lot more beer than Virgin too.

      • IanMac says:

        Currently estimated value GBP 1 billion +
        Not bad going in 10 years from 2 men + dog and from EFP ‘crowdfunding’ and injection from TSG a couple of years ago.
        BrewDog is a British success story if ever there was one – Breweries in UK, USA, building in Oz and soon to be Berlin, next up then is China.

    • kt1974 says:

      Annual BA passengers = 45 million
      Annual Virgin passengers = <5 million
      I wonder why BD chose to deal with BA? You think they care more about their brand or the £££s?

      • Crafty says:

        That’s exactly my concern, as a (very minor) shareholder. The Tesco deal was questioned by quite a few.

        They aren’t the only rapidly growing beer company to face such a trade off, look at Beavertown. I just have a feeling that of the two Beavertown is handling brand management slightly better.

        • kt1974 says:

          Mate, they accepted a £213m investment from the PE house that owns Pabst (as in Blue Ribbon). If you’re worried about BD selling out, they did so long, long ago… and well before Beavertown was a twinkle in Heineken’s eye

        • Lady London says:

          As have most so-called “craft beers” being marketed. They’re not craft beers at all. I was in one of the largest food & drinks manufacturers in the world when they turned their attention to buying and marketing craft beers a few years ago. The whole craft beer thing has been an excellent marketing success. But craft beer, 99% of the time, it generally ain’t.

        • @Lady London – the problem is “craft beer” has no agreed definition so anyone from a man in a shed to a multinational conglomerate can market a beer as craft, and no-one can really argue that it isn’t.

        • Crafty says:

          Not worried about selling out. Worried about brand management – customer perception.

      • IanMac says:

        Possible answers :
        – opens up a huge market of BA travellers to try BD craft beer (and get hooked)
        – opens up a huge market of BA travellers to become BD Equity Punks in Round 6 (support the fund raise, get long term / lifetime benefits and discounts)
        In the Brandz 2018 report, BA ranked 47th, BrewDog in 65th place by brand value
        Special mention of ‘1 million pint giveaway’ (…..) for innovation
        EFP6 comes with a lottery for one investor to win £1 million in BD shares

    • Punk IPA is sold onboard Easyjet flights- is it, or any other Brewdog product, available on any BA flights?

      • Not at the moment. Speedbird 100 coming on 1/5/19 and a special Overworks Brett IPA for First. We are flying F on 2 May so look forward to trying both. I’m keeping the can of the Overworks one for sure.

  5. was the Parklane not previously Le Meridien Limasol?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Yep looks to have opened following a €70m renovation. Have to say I’m not a fan of the room decor in the pics but maybe better in the flesh

  6. OT: Just booked a return flight to Greece – it’s by way of a TP run because I found myself much closer to re-qualifying for Silver than anticipated (but it’ll be a fun trip anyway as crashing other friends’ holiday so not entirely down to a TP run). After carefully checking the ticket fare class on both sectors (R and N) I was certain I would get the TPs I needed. I stupidly then added a car onto the booking for £15 – which I thought was a great deal. This had the effect of lowering the N fare to a G fare and I lost 10TPs as a result. Adding the car turned the booking into a package (and as we know from HfP this can be really effective regards price). I realised this immediately AFTER I’d done it – but at no point during the booking process was I alerted to the change in fare class of the Y sector. Called BA to cancel and was told I could not cancel “flights” within the 24 hours as per usual as I had booked a package. I did resolve the issue by paying to upgrade the G ticket to an N fare… Purpose of this post is – be careful if the TPs are an important part of a booking not to add a car or hotel.

    • Reddot says:

      Thanks for sharing these pitfalls!

      • This does happen, and it’s very hard to see what class you are booked into. It’s gone in my favour with flights going from I to J class too.

        • Alex W says:

          Wow, in which case adding a car etc could pay for itself! Definitely something to check before booking.

        • The thing is though – you have no idea with what your fare class will be after adding the car, so not something you can “check” – ok I guess if you don’t care about said fare class.

        • Lady London says:

          As I said in a post couple of days ago more fare class transparency and ability to choose desired fare class according to conditions (and now tier points) would be a good thing if BA would built into its booking systems that customers use. the OTA’s couldn’t match it as they deal with too many airlines to make the investment and the ability to choose t’s and c’s/benefits is most likely to be valuable to an airline’s existing customers. The OTA’s service those who are simply after cheapest cash fare (the majority, so not sure if it adds up for airlines to add greater fare class transparency but wish they would)..

  7. As long as the hotel was on the list you can retroclaim via Amex but they are a slow in processing them.

  8. I had that. Didn’t get an email from Amex saying I’d triggered the offer, but statement credit came through ok

    • Thanks, txns only moved from pending yesterday so maybe it will take another couple of days.

      Although mine is cumulative from 4 different stays… if it does come through, that’s 5 nights for £30 each!

      (I earned 30K points with the current promo and spent 20K for the 5th night, got free breakfast / semi-upgrades as diamond, and one of the hotels even had a lounge)

  9. BSI1978 says:

    OT but as bits…any thoughts/views on likelihood of BA running a sale anytime soon? Note that Virgin are running one at present which ends tomorrow, but don’t recall BA having done similar of late and keen to nab a few seats to Nashville in October.

    Cheers for any thoughts on this.

    • I remember some “Easter” sales in the past, and the double avios promo is book by tomorrow I think, so I reckon there could be a sale launching this weekend (after the window for double avios closes).

      Obviously just speculation though!

  10. OT Marriot Redemptions at

    Toying with the idea of cashing in all my points for a stay at the Ritz Carlton in NYC. 340,000 points for a 5 night stay seems like a decent deal when the cash rate is c. $1,000 a night.

    Do Marriot allow you to pay to upgrade redemptions stays so you can get access to Carlton Club?

    • If they do, it will show on at the time of booking and you will be shown 85,000 points + $xxxx next to a club room.

      The hotel may well do its own deal for cash at check in too.

      • Thanks – nothing being offered on the website so I guess I’d need to risk that it would be offered at check-in.

        I’m trying to balance this option against a cash stay elsewhere booked through a Virtuoso agent. The Virtuoso benefits could easily be replaced by Club access, but at what cost?!

    • Grant, I’m a bit of an R-C fanboy and in recent years have stayed at the ones in Hong Kong (old and new incarnations), Tokyo and Kyoto, returning to Kyoto in September. I did, though, take out a travel package at the NYC R-C on Central Park in Dec 2017 — phenomenally disappointing: dated, expensive, underwhelming. And I’d been looking forward to that trip for a year! 😩 The JW Marriott around the corner or the St Regis might be better bets, both offering free breakfasts if you have status. Just my two pennies…

      • Thanks Simon – first hand experiences always welcome!

      • Simon, how do you think RC Kyoto? Booked for this Christmas, looking forward to that.

        • I have reviewed RC Kyoto on here if you search. It is astonishingly good.

          • Had a look out of interest – still about £1k/night and says ‘this property is not currently taking reward reservations’ when you try to search. Settled for Crowne Plaza at 30k IHG/night instead! Obviously won’t be anywhere near as grand but good value for the points and easy underground/shuttle bus ride from the train station!

        • Thanks Rob

        • Lee, it’s utterly SUPERB and my experience chimes with Rob’s review — everything is phenomenal. Also, should you be Platinum or Titanium Elite, you WILL get free breakfast there; I know this is not an elite benefit at R-Cs, and I also know that the R-C Tokyo does NOT follow suit with this, but the R-C Kyoto does offer breakfast gratis — between myself and the missus, that saved us £560.00 during our seven night stay in September. After checking out, I’d been curious why I’d not been billed for breakfast, so I trawled through FT and found a thread which mentioned how this hotel really looked after elites like this. If you have status, Lee, then an email to the hotel in advance may yield further results, too: I did this and bagged a suite. All round, possibly the best hotel experience of my life and, rather sadly, this hotel puts its NYC cousin to shame in just about every way.

      • KBuffett says:

        I would definitely recommend JW Marriott Essex House.

    • I have a redemption coming up at the RC NYC. I emailed the concierge about club access. Was quoted $400 per night (2 people).

  11. Pussy Galore says:

    OT: I have a fully flex BA ticket to the US in PE booked through my work travel agent. Business class is only £300 more but my work policies don’t allow it. Is there any way I can call BA directly and pay the difference to book into business class instead?

    • You wouldn’t have a fully flexible business class ticket though, I imagine. What happens if you need to cancel or change your plans and your employer wants to refund the ticket? If there wasn’t some risk of this happening surely you wouldn’t have booked a fully flex in the first place?

      • Alex W says:

        Shouldn’t the underlying fare remain flexible? Even if you lose the upgrade fee I would hope the original PE fare is still refundable. If this is not the case and BA doesn’t make that clear before paying for the upgrade then that is very sneaky.

    • I think it depends on exactly the rules your employer sets. Do they say you cannot travel in the higher class (in which case you’re out of luck) or that you cannot book the higher class (in which case you could book the lower class with the travel agent and then call to pay the difference to upgrade yourself). They are 2 different things.

    • Gavin T says:

      No, if it was booked through a travel agent BA won’t modify it until 24 hours before, so the only option you’d have is to call the travel agent and get them to put the upgrade/change fee on a personal card. My employer uses CWT for most things and it’s just a non-starter. I usually try my luck asking at the check-in desk.

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