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Good new BA Amex ‘bonus Avios’ promotion – requires registration

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If you have a British Airways American Express card, an interesting new promotion could be waiting for you. 

Many, but definitely not all, cardholders seem to have it.  My wife and I do not.

You need to go to the American Express website here, log in, go to your BA Amex statement page and scroll down to ‘Offers’.

You may see a variant of this:

There are also variants offering 1,500 Avios for £1,500 spend and 3,000 Avios for £3,000 spend.

British Airways American Express special offer

These are the partners who count – note the currency restrictions:

British Airways – £ only

Avis UK (click here for participating locations) – £ only

BA Holidays – £ only

Heathrow Express – £ only

Selected Marriott hotels in Europe (click here for the list) –  spend can be in £, €, SEK or CHF

The small print – despite the wording saying “a transaction [singular] of £500+” – confirms that it is based on combined spend, so you can mix and match partners to hit the target.

Beware these two catches

Whilst the offer mentions 15th July as the closing date on a number of occasions, this is NOT true.  The small print makes it clear that only charges made to your card by 30th June will count.  15th July is the cut-off date for transactions made by 30th June to hit your card statement.

Be wary with the Marriott offer.  There is a 3% foreign exchange fee on your British Airways American Express card.  It MIGHT make sense to use your BA Amex outside the UK when you factor in the value of the base Avios and the bonus, especially if only part of your qualifying spend is in foreign currency, but it also might not.  Anyone with a different credit card with 0% FX fees may want to use that instead and forget about the bonus.

My view is that this is NOT a bonus so generous that you should chase it.  However, 30th June is a long way away.  REGISTER NOW and then, if your combined spend across these partners hits the £500 / £1500 / £3000 target, you’re sorted.

You need to register by logging in to the Amex website here or via the Amex app.

Further credit card information

Here is the legally required interest rate information on the credit cards mentioned above, together with links to our reviews:

British Airways American Express – sign-up bonus of 5,000 Avios for spending £1,000 in three months – apply hereour BA Amex review – representative APR 22.9% variable

British Airways American Express Premium Plus – sign-up bonus of 25,000 Avios for spending £3,000 in three months – apply hereour BA Premium Plus Amex review – representative APR 76.0% variable including £195 fee based on a notional £1200 credit limit, interest rate on purchases 22.9% variable

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Laurence Andrews says:

    Thanks! I have the offer in the App and have signed up. Good bonus deal!

  2. While everything is welcome let’s face it, this deal is absolutely rubbish in comparison to the generous amex offers for BA last year. Hopefully, the practice of splitting bookings for 2+ people into single per person transactions on amex statements is not suddenly going to cause problems. Thanks for highlighting 30 June cut off; I thouggt I would be getting 3×500, now I know I can only get it once so now I can use different card if I prefer.

  3. Do amex normally have closing date restriction on their offer terms?

  4. Roger* says:

    Yes, thanks for the warnings.

    I hope that this one sticks. There was a one-off 500 Avios bonus offer for £500 (?) spend a year or so. I made several qualifying purchases but received no bonus, in spite of chasing. Life’s too short to pursue 500 Avios.

    • Roger* says:

      P.S. Where’s my elephant ‘logo’ next to my nme? not showing this time.

    • Last year tgere was an offer for £200 if £1000 Or £100 off £800, I think but cannot quite remember.

      • Wasn’t that trailfinders and/or amex travel, or for a specific BA flight

        • Peter K says:

          In 2017 it was £100 off £800 spend on BA.

        • I’m sure there was a BA version too, might have been the year before…time flies when collecting avios 🙂

  5. John C says:

    Will the bonus be removed if you make the purchase a cancellable one and cancel in two months time?

    • Yes

    • Alex W says:

      Yes and what you’re proposing is tantamount to theft. It’s this kind of behaviour that leads Amex to cut sign up bonuses for everybody.

    • Brains says:

      If by chance you have to cancel its not your fault! Plenty of people will do this. I might do a couple myself.

    • The bonus can not be removed if you have already spent the AVIOS………………………

      • They could put your avois earned on the card into minus until you earn them again

        • Yes, that’s what happens.

        • Which is a really depressing situation to be in, by the way. Avois debt. Happened to me last year when I had to cancel a flight.

        • But if you cancel the card it matters not – on churning (oh those were the days) my AMEX ‘s was often in minus numbers – the highest being minus a very high 25 K – for triggering a refereed GOLD sign up bonus and then getting the item refunded after transferring the MR out to AVIOS (I needed the 25 K in order to upgrade a reward flight to first).

        • @ Tom “Which is a really depressing situation to be in, by the way. Avois debt. Happened to me last year when I had to cancel a flight.”

          Blimey not come across this before. Was this a flight you’d actually booked or was it one you’d earmarked for future booking that you had to forgo? Do they just cancel your flight if booked or do they give you notice of intent?

  6. Just signed up and used it. Thanks for the flag!

  7. Did not get on mine or my partners card, annoying considering have £4000 BA holiday to pay off in the next few weeks 😢

  8. Not on any of ours having checked the app.

    • might be worth checking the website – some people report fewer offers in the app compared to what they see when they login to the website

  9. I have it on my wife’s card but not mine. Unfortunately, I have only just started working towards a 241 whilst she has 18p to go for hers.

  10. Not a bad offer I guess – but I value 500 Avios at around £5, so let’s get this in proportion…..a £15 rebate (in Avios currency) on £1500 spend. I agree with rob that it’s worth saving but definitely not worth chasing!

    • Put £1500 in the bank and you’ll get £15 after a year

      • Thomas Howard says:

        but in 2020 your £1515 will only be worth £1487.73 in 2019 pounds,

      • Lady London says:

        Where’s the excitement in that? I’d rather earn half as much via a “gaming” method if it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. the £15 lost is my “gaming” fee.

        Convert it into another currency right now and the value of it might increase by rather more particularly in the next 6 months or so.

    • Agreed, nothing worth changing plans for to get this bonus, if this within peoples plans then a bonus it is. My offer was spend £3000 for 3000 Avios, chasing the equivalent of £30 of Avios isn’t worth it. Annoying as I just booked redemption flights, but I didn’t get the £500 offer, but for 500 Avios who really cares.

      Spend £20 on a Tesco Mobile rocket pack and get 4800 Avios.

  11. I have the £1500, 1500 Avios variant. Thought I would be able to get it as I will be booking 241s in July but if cut off is 30th June I am out of luck 🙁

    • Book the flights early then ring up and change the dates later? Depends how much you want an extra 1500 avios!

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