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Did you know Lufthansa offers a 25% miles redemption discount for children?

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We have done more than our usual amount of Lufthansa Group coverage recently thanks to the excellent business class sale which has sub-£1000 fares to Asia and the Middle East.

I therefore thought it was worth a reminder about one of the odder quirks of the Miles & More scheme, which can make their redemptions better value than you think.  They offer a 25% discount on the miles required when you redeem for a child.

This only applies to flights on Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Eurowings, Germanwings, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair and SWISS, but that is enough to be going on with!

Lufthansa A380

Whilst previously the discount was only available when you called the service centre to book, it is now automatically be applied when searching for redemptions on the Miles & More website.  Click to enlarge:

Miles & More kids 25% off redemption

As you would expect, it is only applied for participating airlines (see above). If you fly just one sector on an airline that is not listed, the discount will not be applied at all. For the booking above – London to Dubai – an alternative routing with EgyptAir did not result in the 25% savings.

For a family, this makes Miles & More redemptions more attractive. A child, by the way, is defined as someone aged 2-11.

Let’s take a Miles & More business class redemption from the UK to the Middle East:

British Airways wants 120,000 Avios return on a peak date, so 480,000 Avios for a family of four assuming no Amex 2-4-1 vouchers

Lufthansa, with a change of plane in Frankfurt, only wants 70,000 miles return – the new devalued reward chart from 9th May is here – so you are already ahead.  The discount on the two child tickets means that the total required is only 245,000 M&M miles rather than the 280,000 you might initially expect.

Just one of those little things that you might not have known, but which might come in handy.

PS.  Miles & More also offers a generous discount for its top tier Senator (Gold) and HON Circle (the equivalent of BA’s Gold Guest List) members.  These members get a 50% discount on a mileage redemption for a companion when two people travel together.  Whilst not as generous as the British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher, this 50% discount is automatic and can be used as many times as you want each year.

Comments (24)

  • C F Frost says:

    I’m guessing these child fares are applicable in M&M sales as well – eg, West coast USA business fares at 55k would be 41.25k for an ankle-biter?

  • Aliks says:

    Off Topic, but is anyone else having trouble moving points from Iberia to BA?

    The BA and Iberia webpages say they only allow BA into Iberia – possibly because I have a household BAEC account.

    Now that my Avios account is closed I can’t log in to and move the points in two hops (Iberia to then to BAEC)

    I had an Aerclub account, but this stopped working last week when they finally closed by account. I went through some rigamarole with Aer Lingus migration where they cleaned up their database to allow me to create a new Aerclub account, but this is not linked to and does not appear to offer any chance to combine avios.

    Anyone seen this/solved this?

    • Rob says:

      Open a Vueling Club account at and use that via

      • Aliks says:

        Actually I have been trying for a few days to open a Vueling account, but their server seems to get stuck during the process: “Sorry but, due to a connection error, you cannot log in to Vueling Club at this time.”

        I’ll keep trying

        • Aliks says:

          OK all sorted. A little bit of understanding goes a long way, so to help anyone else with the same issue, here is what happens.
          Firstly, avios partners like Aerclub or Vueling, were just running a web frontend against the backend database, so your login details were the same for avios, Aerclub and Vueling.
          As part of the cleanup/migration process, your old account will be closed down – so you cannot log in with your old userid and password. However, Aerclub and Vueling continue to use the avios database, so they allow you to use their websites to create a new account which can be used for to log in as before to, and use the “combine avios” facility
          The only issue is that some accounts need a bit of work by support and until they fully delete your old avios account, nothing will work. Once they email you to say its complete, everything should work fine.

          I hope that makes sense!!

  • Lost+confused says:

    Related topic. I noticed yesterday that my sign up bonus for the MM Diners has not been posted to my account and I’ve only had spend points added in January and not since. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Rob says:

      Mine are all showing ok.

      • Lost+confused says:

        Thanks Rob. I’ve emailed Diners CS so hopefully they will sort it.

        • Lost+confused says:

          Turns out that these were credited ok but not showing up in the activities screen in the android app. There are also some flights missing so I guess the app is a bit broken.

          • David says:

            Yep, there was a bug in the M&M app, discussed on FT I think. If you go to your app management for M&M and delete the data and clear cache, the recent transactions should start working again.

  • Lux says:

    Useful info. Maybe there’s a post to be had about the best and worst airlines for redeeming for children and, particularly infants. From memory BA are good – you can add the child to a booking after their birth – whereas Emirates are (were?) terrible, where an infant is charged (I think) 10% of the cash fare, which on a one way business redemption is very expensive.

    • Rob says:

      And Virgin went from a couple of thousand miles, to 10% of the cash fare and back to a couple of thousand miles …

      • Charlieface says:

        +1 Rob, you really should do this. Come to think, I don’t believe you’ve ever done such an article since the start (2012 ?)
        Flying Blue also 10% of cash fare.
        On partner redemptions in this situation it’s often possible to call up the operating airline and get it cheap or free.

        • Rob says:

          We did cover Virgin’s various changes of policy. You’re right, a broader article covering the core airlines we discuss would not be a bad idea. Leave it with us.

  • Mark says:

    Slightly related… we’ve just booked return flights to Hong Kong with Lufthansa on the 2for1 deal.

    Since the demise of BMI we rarely fly with Star Alliance airlines, and the very small number of Miles And More points we’ve amassed in the past have expired.

    With the revenue based earnings model crediting these heavily discounted (P class) flights to Miles And More results in a relatively low earnings (from memory of what flashed up during the booking process between 3000-4000 each). If we go down that route it’s quite likely they’ll end up expiring again as we won’t find anything useful to do with them over the next 3(?) years.

    Looking at it seems that there are some airlines including Singapore Airlines and United that would award 100% miles based on distance. That should be over 12,000 miles each on the return. Many though appear to offer nothing for a Lufthansa P class booking so the options are fairly limited.

    Any recommendations for those in our position? It would be a brand new account so ideally an option that would get us a decent start position and either the ability stop the miles expiring until we get the opportunity to add to the pot, or an option to do something useful with just the miles earned from this trip (even if that means a low value cash-out).

    [Not complaining of course given what we’re paying; just looking to understand if we can get any benefit anywhere.]

    • John says:

      If you get 3700 miles you can cash out to a £10 gift card…

    • Rob says:

      Singapore is not a bad option due to the ability to top up with Amex points.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Rob. Yes, that’s where my thought process was starting to go. Assuming I’m reading it correctly and SQ KrisFlyer does pay out 100% miles flown on that fare we’d have around half of what we need for a one-way business class redemption to the Middle East, albeit that we’d have to use them with 3 years. I doubt we’re likely to do any better than that.

        Might even work with our final Lloyds upgrade voucher for a direct BA flight in the other direction.

    • Pangolin says:

      The new revenue-based miles scheme from LH is the pits. I just took a flight from MUC to WAW and earned a grand total of 24 miles.

  • Kieran says:

    I just redeemed Avios on the DUB-MCO route with Aer Lingus for my wife and I as well as a seat for our 1 year old baby. Great value as always and very much needed for long haul. I was surprised to learn the taxes on the booking were identical at circa £95 each. I assumed the baby, whilst occupying a seat, should pay less tax. Anybody know if I should be challenging here or if it’s a flat rate?

  • TGLoyalty says:

    I also didn’t know you get 500 miles for downloading the app 😎