Get Goodwood Festival of Speed tickets with your Hilton Honors points

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Waldorf Astoria is an official sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed again this year, and has made a selection of ticket packages available on the Hilton Auction site for ‘buy it now’.

These are decent value, especially for the Saturday and Sunday.  The price has been doubled from last year, however, when the tickets were an absolute steal.

For 50,000 Hilton Honors points, which I value at around £170, you get tickets for two people (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) plus a glass of champagne at the Waldorf Astoria bar.

What is not clear is if the bar is on a special viewing platform, as it was last year.  This allowed you to get a better view of the racing than would otherwise be possible.  It also isn’t clear if Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond members will be able to access the viewing platform again simply by flashing their membership card, irrespective of whether they get this special package.

Is this good value?

Saturday and Sunday tickets are sold out so this is your only chance to go!

Friday tickets would usually cost £230 for two people, so the Hilton packages are a decent – but not outstanding – use of your points, unless you put a lot of value on the Waldorf Astoria champagne bar access.

Thursday is the cheap day, with a pair of tickets only costing £98 including a grandstand pass.  I would NOT redeem 50,000 Hilton points on this basis.

The festival runs from Thursday 4th July to Sunday 7th July.  You can redeem your Hilton points via the auction site here.

You can also bid for ticket packages which include a short helicopter ride around the circuit or a ride around the circuit as the passenger in a rally car, driven by a professional!

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  1. filipino_chino says:

    I know i might not be in the same league as everyone in this group, but i use Travelodge frequently and the new version is not bad at all… They are fine if your travelling and just need to rest your head, but not to use as a base for exploring.

    TBH i only use them for an over night before a flight…. such as a cheap flight from Liverpool to Ibiza, which the flight timings are not great, when we travel from York/Harrogate a £24 room for 3 people (family room), you cannot go wrong….

    • Totally agree, we used to use Travelodge regularly before starting to collect Hilton and Marriott points. When we’ve more flexibility to travel again we’ll definitely start using them again. Great family rooms and where they have an on-site restaurant the breakfasts were decent as well.

      • David says:

        No “points” anywhere for the Travelodge though, which arguably makes it out-of-scope for this site.

        • True – actually, the reason it spiked my interest is that I booked one for Anika last week to cover a HFP meeting she is doing (at £150, shockingly, and this was a standard Travelodge – you don’t want to know what other hotels were charging) so they were on my mind!

        • They take Amex, though, so potentially can help with a sign up bonus or 2 4 1 target spend!

  2. Presumably more avios earning opportunities, as Stobart, Virgin, IAG shuffle their portfolios.

    Chances of aerclub crediting the points without tremendous hassle, not high though.

    • Interesting if these are bookable without a connecting Aer Lingus flight, but I would guess not.

  3. Simon says:

    Horrible experience with Travelodge and avoid them like the plague unless they are the only option.

    • David says:

      A Monday morning brainteaser: would you rather sleep in a tent in a car park or get the plague?

      I think I’d opt for camping, tbh…

      • Dimitri says:

        I would rather sleep like a homeless on the street than stay at a travelodge or rather not travel at all if there is no other option.

        There are so many other good budget options around like Holiday Inn Express or Premmier Inn, which is beyond my comprehension why would anyone ever stay at a travelodge.

  4. Nick_C says:

    My one and only experience with Travelodge was at LCY last month. £90 for a “super room” when The Moxy and everything else nearby was £170 (there was something on at the Excel). It was absolutely fine and I would certainly stay there again if the price was right. And until the Marriott Courtyard opens, it’s the closest major hotel to LCY.

  5. SimonW says:

    O/T – Have had to bite the bullet and book Economy seats to Dubai next Feb Half term for the family. Trying to pre-book bulkhead seats, but they are all greyed out – assuming bassinet etc held back… Is there anyway to get these opened up now? 2 adults and 2 kids if that makes a difference.

    • I feel your pain…! We are flying back from GCM in Y next Easter but did manage to get 3 bulkhead seats as booked at T-355 (better value than WTP IMO). Have all the other options gone? On our flight there were 2 sets of bulkhead seats, only one row had a bassinet. To my knowledge these are reserved for anyone with a baby until a few days before the flight. How old are the kids? Could you reserve 2 exit row seats and put the children in the row behind?

      An option I used one year before my son was old enough to have an exit row seat was to put my OH and me in the exit row middle and aisle, and put my son (who was 11 1/2 and fine) across the aisle in the middle of the plane. On our plane this was NOT the bulkhead row, it was the row behind but because of the plane layout this row was flush with the exit row. It’s worth checking seat guru to see if this option would be available to you as I think their diagrams are more realistic than BA’s. Good luck!

      • Jonathan says:

        You won’t (or shouldn’t as the block seems to be missed sometimes) be allowed to sit parents in exit row & child elsewhere as in an emergency they want you focusing on operating door not trying to locate/help child elsewhere.

        • Clearly that’s not the case as my son sat across the aisle from us on our flight. Obviously he was only inches away from us but he was not in the exit row with us. Also BA have been known to split children and parents up, which is woeful but clearly their current policy.

          • Jonathan says:

            That’s an IT failure then. The policy is clear (as per FAA/CAA regs) you cannot have children split from parents who are in exit row. It’s fine to have 1 adult with 2 children and other adult in exit row but must be 1 adult with kids. Anyone who hand on heart says they think they would be fine in exit row operating door/exiting aircraft knowing their kids were in the mêle behind is kidding themselves or knows they’d be fighting their way against the crowd to retrieve them.

          • Shoestring says:

            @Jonathan – I think you might be forgetting that a 12YO *is* an adult as per BA definition, so can sit in exit row

      • SimonW says:

        Thanks Anna. Checking on seat guru. the seatmap on BA isnt the same ! BA only showing rows 39-55, with 39 and 40 blocked out and bassinets there. Seat guru map shows economy starts at row 28, with bassinets around there… So bassinets in different places on each map…. Will give them a call. I was hoping to spend some avios on bulkhead seating rather than cash. somehow we are generating 45k avios including paying the cost of the holiday on my BAPP.

        • The extra avios are the silver lining of cash bookings with BA! We’re due 20,000 this summer for my OH’s CW seat plus car hire package.

          On the 777-200 which is the pretty mediocre plane used on the GCM route, we had 26 B & C (exit row) and our son was in 27 D. The row 26 bulkhead seats (which were unavailable) are set forward of the exit rows on this aircraft, therefore we could have 2 exit row seats and a middle row seat virtually in line with each other and solving the problem of my son being weeks off his 12th birthday and not allowed in an exit row seat. His seat was also cheaper to reserve!

          • SimonW says:

            Yeah that sounds like a decent set up. Our kids will only be 5 and 7 when we fly, so would like the 4 middle bulkead seats together….God i am going to miss the 4 centre CW seats we’ve always been able to book on redemptions.

    • Jonathan says:

      Bassinet for half of them & potentially blocked for Gold/Silver for the others. It varies from aircraft to aircraft & (I think) route to route which seats are held back for frequent fliers. Children on the booking shouldn’t block you if they’re not also emergency exits.

  6. OT but points. Just had some good news in this time of reduced collecting opportunities. We have just taken delivery of a new lease vehicle courtesy of VW finance. After a lot of badgering the CSA who brokered our deal (who kept insisting that payments could only be made by direct debit), it came to light that all payments, can in fact be made with a debit card (therefore allowing use of Curve linked to points earning Visa or MC). Even more interesting, when I called VW finance today to make the initial payment, they told me that bank transfer is also an option, so for anyone desperate to spend on Amex, Billhop might be an option.

    • AmexPlatNoMore says:

      Anna – VWFS accept credit cards also (not amex though). I paid for my entire car lease, including initial payment via my virgin atlantic credit card…

    • Memesweeper says:

      Alphera (aka BMW finance) accept Amex for settlement! Got 50% of a 2-4-1 off that 🙂

      • Thanks both – this lease if for 2 years and our next one may well be a BMW which would tie in well with our 24 month breaks from Amex!

    • PaulC says:

      Does that mean I’ve to cancel the Direct Debit and start paying with my CC. Only just learnt this trick with my council tax so another bonus when AMEX is cutting bonus sign ups.

      • I don’t think they will let you cancel the direct debit, but apparently if you make your payment early via debit/credit card, they then don’t take the direct debit. It took 20 minutes of the VW CSA “going away to check” to confirm all this, I really had to stand my ground but in the end he conceded it was possible to pay this way. I guess it creates extra work for them so they not to encourage it!

        • PaulC says:

          Thanks Anna, will try toward the end of this month, my DD date is 28th although I’ll be on holiday.

        • AmexPlatNoMore says:

          You can just cancel the direct debit (what i did). Just make sure you make the payment by the due date or you’ll get a late payment on your credit file.

  7. berneslai says:

    OT: I’m booked to fly to LAX in August. Return flight is on a 787 but morning outbound flight is a 747. I’m considering upgrading the outbound flight but want to make sure this is worthwhile. Is this a refurbished plane or will I be dealing with in-flight entertainment on a 5″ TFT screen with a remote attached by a phone cord?

    • The 747s with the smallest economy cabins have the newest interiors – layout 3 on Seatguru

      • berneslai says:

        Thanks, based on the BA “reserve seats” option under Manage My Booking, it looks like I am in a layout 3 747 in WTP. Hopefully, it will be OK – I can’t seem to upgrade using the website anyway.

        • Unsurprisingly BA uses latest refurb 747 on LAX route (indeed most 747 have now been refurb’ed and any that haven’t wont be on LAX route)

  8. BlueHorizonuk says:

    OT – Does anyone have any good Qatar discount codes (in economy if it makes a difference). Thanks

  9. O/T Couldn’t find an answer elsewhere. Just received an email from Iberia about an upcoming flight from Madrid to New York which states that I should arrive 4 hours before the flight due to new US requirements (in place since April 2018). Anyone knows if this really necessary? I am specifically asking about Iberia. Never had this kind of wording when flying from London.

    • What requirements? I would ask for documentary evidence as I don’t know why Spain would require this and nowhere else, otherwise Iberia might be using this as an excuse to wriggle out of their obligations if passengers aren’t processed swiftly enough.

      • They are citing security measures. This is directly from the email. “New US entry requirements from 24 April 2018. In view of the security measures now demanded by the USA, you must arrive at the airport four hours before the departure of your flight to allow enough time to go through the security controls and reach the boarding gate.”

        I don’t usually arrive that early at the airport, so it seems totally unnecessary. I am sure it won’t take 4 hours to clear security and immigration. But then again don’t want to miss the flight due to this. Iberia website has the same wording beneath the check in deadlines. But I am more interested in actual experience as this seems really extreme.

        • I would wasn’t to see the actual US policy on that. I have entered the US 3 times since April 2018 (admittedly not via Madrid) were the security checks any different for people going to the USA. Ditto on the way out.

          • “I would want”

          • Oh dear I have no typing skills today. The security checks were the same for everyone, regardless of where they were going!

          • Nonsense says:

            of course the security checks are the same – it’s just BS – ignore

    • At Madrid, the most severe check was someone examining my passport fully at the gate where the USA flights were departing from (he wasn’t very happy as the gold writing/image was virtually worn off my passport by this point), until this point nothing was any different than flying Spain to the UK so arriving earlier won’t make any difference as this was well after check-in and a couple of hours in the Iberia lounge

    • LoopyLou says:

      Fairly new to this site and first posting. Latter half of last year and also last month we experienced extra security checks at lhr. These are at the gate before boarding in T5 and cause delays. I travelled with my daughter last year to JFK and she was pulled over for enhanced security at the gate both for out and return journeys. Last month we went to Boston from againT5 and she was pulled over at the gate. A code (SSS?) is printed on boarding pass and anyone with this is stopped for extra checks. On each occasion she has been on a separate booking to me. She seems to fit similar profile to others – young, travelling alone.

      • Shoestring says:

        means nothing, that’s a random extra check code

        • +1 – my OH had extra checks going to IAD last year but it only took a few minutes and took place during general boarding so there would have been no reason to arrive at the airport any earlier. You may also know in advance about this as you may not be able to check in online if you’ve been selected.

  10. Totally OT but travel related, my car’s just been written off and has a private number plate. Do I have to get the old plate back on it if I want to keep the personal plate?

    • Yes you’ll need to swap it back (DVLA will advise what to do in the case of a write off) as the car will have a “scrapped” marker on it to prevent unscrupulous traders from patching it up and re-selling it.

      • That wasn’t very clear, sorry! The two number plates will be linked to each other anyway, you need to advise the DVLA the car has been scrapped, and once you transfer the plate to a new car it won’t be linked to the old car any more.

        • Thanks Anna. I wasn’t clear either as it’s a leased vehicle. It only happened today so I’m just letting interested parties know now and realized there’s a personal plate on it.

          • Ah right. In that case the car will be registered to the lease company and it will be up to them to notify the DVLA. I don’t know how you go about registering a lease car on private plates, presumably the lease company advised you on that?

  11. I stayed at Hilton Sorrento a few weeks ago for 60,000 points per night (cash rates around 250-300eur per night)
    The room at the £29 Travelodge last week (normal room, not super, new hotel) was far better. Modern, clean, comfy bed, endless hot water, USB sockets by the bed. Admittedly no free breakfast or exec lounge, but that doesn’t bridge the gap!

    Needless to say I checked out of the Hilton early and went to a nearby HIE.

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