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Wizz Air to launch Luton to St Petersburg and Moscow

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Wizz Air has announced that it is launching Luton to St Petersburg and Moscow.

Most people were taken by surprise when British Airways announced in May that it was dropping flights to St Petersburg.  Kiev was also closed at the same time.

As I wrote at the time, I assume that the continued economic sanctions against Russia have finally taken their toll.  Russia doesn’t help itself, however, by imposing its tough visa restrictions on St Petersburg.  This should be one of the most popular UK weekend break destinations, but in reality few people are willing to go to the trouble of arranging the necessary paperwork for the sake of a 2-3 night trip.

Wizz Air to launch St Petersburg

The good news is that Wizz Air has announced new routes to Moscow and St Petersburg from London Luton.

The services start on 1st October, just in time for the suspension of the British Airways St Petersburg flight on 4th October.  The only other direct option from the UK is the Aeroflot service from London Gatwick.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    If a traveller likes using the Oneworld group of airlines, then flying to Helsinki then a short flight from there to St. Petersburg is an option, yes it involves a connecting flight, but for a lot of people who regularly fly BA and or Virgin Luton Airport is a long way out of the way. Plus two flights means more Avios and Tier points! Or if you want to see some county side when travelling Helsinki to St. Petersburg (or vice versa), a train is an option that many travellers enjoy

    • The Original David says:

      There’s some visa dodge available with this route too. I can’t recall the details, but I think if you get a boat from HEL or TLL, you can get a few days in LED visa-free.

      • You can visit St Petersburg visa free if you get the ferry from Tallinn or Helsinki, the downside is you need to leave via the ferry, you can’t fly home or it would be a good interesting option to avoid the visa application and fees

  2. Email Amex and they can move the balance to any other Amex card you have. This is the easiest option.

    • Lev441 says:

      Or they can send you a cheque in the post or via a BACS payment if you push them.

  3. Chris L says:

    Unfortunately, the ridiculous age restrictions imposed by Clubrooms (no under 5s in Luton and no under 12s in Birmingham) means it will be several years before my family are welcome.

    • mvcvz says:

      Good. The fewer children in lounges, the better.

      • Chris L says:

        But you’ll get teenagers plus stag and hen parties 🙂

        • The Original David says:

          Let’s ban the teenagers too then!

          Although if you try to ban the stag parties, you might not have much of a business model at Luton…

      • Lady London says:


        An oasis especially at school holiday times.

        No wonder the queue for Clubrooms was out the door in LTN when I was there last week. The Aspire, on the other hand, was a much better experience and less crowded.

        i suspect Clubrooms is not the venue for stag and hen parties and that they will do everything possible to ensure that they do not become such.

      • Nothing wrong with kids in lounges.

        • Peter K says:

          Correction. Nothing wrong with well behaved children or those that parents are trying to get to behave. Poorly behaved children with parents who don’t care are a problem in most situations.

          • Alex M says:

            correction: nothing wrong with well behaved humans; poorly behaved humans are a problem in most situations.

          • Lady London says:

            Lets be honest though squeaky children who wont stop talking and squeaking, whose parents are really enjoying the opportunity to actually talk to their kids while the family is on holiday, can (depending on volume and continuity of the squeaks) get quite draining if you’re knackered or trying to concentrate. Even the nicest and best behaved kids. So I will take opportunities to avoid this if they’re there.

            As some of you may have gathered I’m not into virtue signalling. H***, I’ve already confessed to liking the Saturday edition of the Daily Mail.
            So my reputation is trashed and I might as well be truthful.

  4. Big Ernie McCracken says:

    My BA silver runs out end of February. I want to book seats to Boston for next June. If I book whilst still Silver presumably I won’t pay for requesting specific seats. Is that the case and if so what happens in March when I am no longer Silver (I won’t be!).

    Also not sure if paying cash or Avios so as a general question if I book on Avios would I need to pay for booking specific seats?


    • David says:

      Ive book like that before and booked my seats, if they change planes or anything like that, you’ll likely lose your seats, as they will pick up you aren’t silvere

    • Doug M says:

      Your seats will remain as are for a time, don’t try to change them or the system will note you’re no longer silver. But at some point they’re usually swept away by a batch process of some sort. I think you’ll be lucky to hang on to them from Feb to June.

      • Roberto says:

        Your seats will stick. If you were Gold and drop down you could be kicked out of your ecomomy extra leg room seat but thats about it.

  5. Harvey says:

    OT. I am planning next summer. A family of 6 would like to get to USA or South Africa. I have plenty of Avios/virgin points and looking to get to get return flights to one of these places for cheapest possible cash price. economy is fine. Any advice please?

    • That’s a lot of destination choice but wherever you decide to go you are likely to get the best deal via a package holiday. If you book with BA (there should be a holiday sale in the autumn soon after the summer prices are released) you’ll get a decent deal plus tier points and avios. Though if you have a load of avios, why not use these for a couple of your seats or for an upgrade?

  6. OT: Are amex still providing a bonus for adding a supp to PRG?

    • Albert says:

      yes, got 3,000 a couple of days ago. Offer was on account page after logging in.

      • Thanks Albert, I don’t have the offer but that doesn’t usually matter if I recall correctly.

  7. Shoestring says:

    decent new Laithwaites wine offer – 2000 Avios

    makes it £50 for 12 wines delivered, the cases look perfectly good for a smidge over £4/ bottle

  8. If you’ve booked one of the £1 RFS flights using more avios – could you ring BA later and tell them to change it for the more traditional £17.50 and less Avios flight?

    ie a change over the phone

    • Polly says:

      Cheaper to book new flt, then cancel other one. Lose a quid. They would charge you change fee over the phone or on line.

  9. OT: looking to buy Fast Track security for LHR T3 on Saturday morning. Is it best to just go through the Heathrow Rewards site, or are there other routes which give cheaper prices (current quote is £12.50 pp), or other benefits which I should consider?

    • SimonW says:

      Put a tenner in your passport. Always works for me

      • The Original David says:

        T3 fast-track must be one of the worst out there – it seems to disproportionately attract the clueless morons who have somehow made it through the last decade of travel without realising you’re not allowed liquids in your carry on.

  10. Robert says:


    Just recived now from BA what should i do?

    In line with all major companies which operate a financial rewards and incentives scheme, British Airways constantly reviews transactions on its Executive Club members’ database. This is to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the programme and to protect our members from any activity, which could be considered unusual.

    Our records indicate that tickets in the names of various third parties have been redeemed from your Executive Club account.

    Clause 22.2 of the Terms & Conditions states that any redemption of Avios awarded to another person will constitute a fundamental breach by the Member, a copy of which can be found on the British Airways website:

    Clause 24.1 states that British Airways reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to terminate the Membership of any Member and/or the right of any Member to use the Card if a Member commits Fraud.

    In the meantime, until we can resolve this, I have regrettably had to suspend your account which means you will not be able to redeem your Avios on flights.

    If you have any questions about any of this or require more information please do not hesitate to contact me in writing at the above address.

    Best regards

    • OUCH!

      Have you been redeeming for people in other countries?
      ie pay to play operation?

      If this is a once-off, you can get out the whole. but If its 10 redemptions to 10 different people …..

    • The only way out of this is to provide BA with details of how you know all these people, and why you would redeem Avios for them without accepting payment.

      • Robert says:

        They dont even ask me for any detail’s just that’s its suspended

        • The Original David says:

          You must know who you’ve been redeeming for though. You tell us – have you breached those T&Cs?

        • They won’t ask you. You need to approach them and show that every redemption you have done is above board, and that any large Avios deposits into your account are above board. If you stay quiet it stays suspended.

          • Robert says:

            It was a direct transfer from my amex. so im good here.
            I gave access to my girlfriend to use the avois as i didnt have any use of the,.

            She booked a gateway for her friends 6 in total under different names but she did not get paid for this.

      • I’m convinced this is normally caused by the buyer contacting BA for whatever reason… to make a change on booking etc

        It’s not some sophisticated screening software…

        • Wouldn’t be a very sophisticated bit of IT which looked for accounts with redemptions for people with different names, quickly filtering out surname matches, and prioritising those where the country of departure differs from the country of the booker.

        • Robert says:

          I can confirm this was the case.!!

    • xcalx says:

      “Clause 22.2 of the Terms & Conditions states that any redemption of Avios awarded to another person will constitute a fundamental breach by the Member,”

      Sounds a bit harsh stating ANY

      • Also completely contradicts the way HHAs work!

        • xcalx says:

          Indeed. Also I was of the understanding that NOT having a HHA meant that award flights could be booked for anyone.

        • If there is any evidence you have accepted payment for the Avios then you are in default.

    • Are you saying that you don’t know what they are referring to? Or that yes, you have committed all these breaches of Ts and Cs, and moreover are publicising on this site?!

      • Lady London says:

        Or perhaps OP’s Avios account has been hacked?

        • Which would be a reason for him not to know what they are talking about. Not enough info!

          • The Original David says:

            Let’s be honest – the fact they’ve posted the message above without any further info basically confirms they were chancing it and hoping to get away with it. If they’d redeemed a ticket for their mother-in-law who has a different surname and has never flown with them, they’d have said that.

            They played the game for a while, now they’ve lost, time to find somewhere else to play. Bad luck.

    • How many flights have you redeemed for other people? Also how many Avios have you got able to do this? And how did you ontain sufficient Avios to be able to redeem for multiple people? Sounds like you’ve either done this legitimately (In which case a call to BA with the explanation should suffice) or you’ve gamed the system and been caught. In which case you’re stuffed.

  11. Another good thing from Wizz flights to St Pete and Moscow that it would prompt BA to lower their fares which currently are RIDICULOUS! I went to Moscow last week and my return economy ticket with BA was £600! Similar to my trip to St Pete in June (when BA economy was about £600 while business on LH was £450 return). With no normal food, old planes, broken tables, frozen IFE and grumpy stuff. “To Fly.To Serve”
    When easy was flying to Moscow BA kept their prices very low too and £200 return fares were a norm not an exception. I very much hope that competition with Wizz will help to see these fares back soon.

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