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Zipcar Flex rolls out further – join for free and drive to or from Heathrow T5 for £17

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Most readers, at least London-based ones, will know Zipcar as a ‘pound per hour’ car hire group.  They have a few hundred cars scattered across Central London and you can book them by the half-hour via their app.

If you live in the right area – there are about 10 cars within 10 minutes walk of us, the nearest around 30 seconds away – it is a fantastic service.  You are virtually guaranteed a car when you need one and the cost is a fraction of buying and running one yourself.

What is Zipcar Flex?

Zipcar Flex, which is currently being rolled out, takes the service one step furtherYou can take a car and leave it wherever you want, within a designated zone.  Park and walk away.  You don’t need to drive it back to where it came from.

The only downside with Zipcar Flex is that you can never be certain that there will be a car near you.  It obviously requires another Zipcar user to have dropped off a Flex car near you.  To make life a little easier, you can put a 15 minute ‘hold’ on a vehicle via the app, giving you time to get there before it is released for another user.

Zipcar Flex Heathrow Terminal 5

Zipcar Flex has taken time to roll out across London, because it has required separate agreements with each local authority.  Basically, Zipcar needs to persuade each council to relax its parking rules to allow a Zipcar to be dropped off in ANY on-street residents parking bay.  The good news, for me at least since I live there, is that Kensington & Chelsea has just come on stream.  This was one of the last major hold-outs.

The following boroughs now allow you to pick up or drop off a Zipcar Flex car.  It is perfectly fine to drop off the car in a different zone to the one you collected it in:

  • Hackney
  • Islington
  • Kensington & Chelsea
  • Lambeth
  • Lewisham
  • Merton
  • Southwark
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest
  • Wandsworth
  • Westminster
  • plus London Heathrow Terminal 5

What does Zipcar Flex cost?

The Zipcar Flex service is priced at 29p per minute, with a £12 per hour cap and a £72 daily cap.

How does Zipcar Flex work at Heathrow?

Zipcar Flex launched at Heathrow Terminal 5 last year.  You can jump in a Zipcar Flex car anywhere in London (well, anywhere on the list of boroughs above) and drive yourself to Terminal 5, where you must park in the Avis Budget area on Level 4 of the car park.  You can also do it in reverse – walk up to Level 4 of the car park, jump in a Zipcar Flex car, drive yourself home and leave it outside your door for the next user to pick up.

To or from Central London, Zipcar Flex will cost you £17.  This assumes that it takes you under 60 minutes to get to the terminal – longer trips will cost more.  This is far, far cheaper than even an UberX.

(£17 comprises the £12 fee for a 42-60 minute trip, plus a £5 fee charged by the airport.)

This is how it works if you want to book a Zipcar Flex car when arriving at T5:

“When landing at T5 and considering using Flex to get back to the Zipzone, here’s what to do:

    1. When you’re within 15 minutes of exiting the terminal (such as waiting for your bags), open the Zipcar app and reserve an available Flex car. They’ll appear in the app within the Short Stay Car Park directly opposite the Terminal 5 building
    2. Follow the signs within the terminal to the Avis Budget area on Level 4 of the car park
    3. Upon arriving at Level 4, you’ll see several spaces clearly marked with green Zipcar flags in the back-right hand corner- check the number plate to see which one you’ve reserved
    4. Unlock with the app as usual and set off on your journey home
    5. The exit barriers will open without a ticket as the number plate will be automatically recognised
    6. Remember, you can only drop off in the Zipzone, so double check before you drive that you will be parking in the right area (this can be seen easily in the app)”

Here is a map (click to enlarge):

Zipcar Flex zone at Heathrow Terminal 5

Full details are on the Zipcar website here.

You can now join Zipcar for free

You don’t even need to pay to join Zipcar.  There are now, in London, three pricing plans:

FREE – pay the Flex rates above, plus from £8 per hour for standard ‘return to base’ cars

£6 per month – pay the Flex rates above, plus from £6 per hour for standard ‘return to base’ cars

£15 per month – pay the Flex rates above, plus from £5 per hour for standard ‘return to base’ cars

As you can see, if your only intention is to use the Flex plan then you might as well sign up for the free scheme.

You will get £25 of free driving credit, even on the free plan (a reader tested this yesterday and it works) if you use my referral link

Remember that you need your driving licence to hand when signing up.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Do you have to provide a UK drivers license or does an international drivers license suffice?

  2. Magic Mike says:

    Watch out for double £5 charges for airport pick up/drop off appearing on your credit card. This has happened twice to me and talking to the call centre appears to be quite common.

  3. L Allen says:

    Thanks for this! I too live in RBKC and know how difficult it is to get parking in the borough

  4. pixielott46 says:

    what happens if you crash it, what is the CDW limit?

    • Lady London says:

      you can pay about £2 per day with bettersafe to cover that I think

  5. I’m glad this is finally gets rolled out (even if I still need to wait for hampstead)! In Many Italian cities there has been a really similar scheme called Enjoy, for many years and I always found it super useful! (Of course parking isn’t such an issue there)

    • abhey says:

      You could also use a drivenow car to drive to a zicparflex car, theres some overlap in the zones they cover.

  6. Imagine if they added LGW to this as well…

    • sloth says:

      the LHR T5 is ‘officially’ a trial but has been going for over a year and i have used it a number of times and works well. i think the intention is to roll it out to other terminals and Gatwick in the future. Obviously T5 is closer to the normal flex zones though so they need to get more of the southern boroughs involved for Gatwick to be viable, but i agree from SW15 it is only 45 mins for me to drive to Gatwick so would be great also

    • Ivan_vee says:

      There is Bluecity at gatwick (and Drivenow at lcy). But would be great to have zipcar there as well.

  7. Simon says:

    Damn it, Richmond-u-T is too rural 🙁

    • Lady London says:

      If RKBC has finally crumbled then there’s hope for London Borough of Richmond (Surrey) 🙂

      i agree it would make a lot of sense for Kew/Richmond/Kingston type locations.

  8. It’s great for very early flights from LHR, when the public transport isn’t running. I don’t think I’d make it to Heathrow from Tower Hamlets in under an hour during the day though

  9. Prins Polo says:

    Just to add, a non-EU driving license is good for half a year, they will suspend your account after 6 months until you get a UK or EU one.

  10. Lady London says:

    I know this might sound a disproportionate reaction but this could seriously mean I would move flights from LGW, LTN, and STN to LHR .

  11. Gavin says:

    I live in BR3 – close enough to Sydenham to benefit from this. May consider it – definitely worth a try if there’s an early morning flight. Would be good to have other terminals and Gatwick added. Plus the outer boroughs!

    • I live nearish to you. I have a car and even at 4am it takes 45 mins to drive to Heathrow (I park for free on residential streets then walk it). I would have thought you’d need to walk to the car, drive to your house, load luggage (skip steps 2 and 3 if HBO) and you’d be counting the seconds, quite easy to go over an hour especially if you hit successive red lights

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