Get 2,000 Avios points with a new British Airways wine deal from Laithwaites

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If you’ve been reading Head for Points for a while you’ll know that points-earning wine deals seem to be very popular with readers, for some odd reason …..

With Virgin Wines teaming up with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways’ long-standing partnership with Laithwaites, it was often a quick and easy way to top up your Flying Club or Avios balance, and you could score some cheap bottles in the process.  Let’s not forget some of the great deals that used to be available via Tesco Wine too (RIP).

During 2017/8, British Airways and Laithwaites had been running a program called ‘BA Wine Explorer’.  During their regular promotions you could easily get 12 mixed bottles, 1000 Avios, two Dartington Crystal wine tumblers and two bonus bottles for £50-£60, which was pretty decent for what you were getting.

For some months now the ‘Wine Explorer’ program has been on hold.  It now appears to have been replaced with a similar (but not identical) new scheme, called ‘Wine Flyer’.

British Airways Wine Flyer

This is what you get with the introductory offer that has just launched:

A 12 bottle case for £69.99 (white, red or mixed; RRP £127.88)

FREE delivery

2,000 Avios

2 FREE wine glasses (EDIT: comments below suggest these are Dartington Crystal stemless tumblers rather than the glasses advertised in the image)

This offer is more expensive than previous ‘Wine Explorer’ offers, although you do get double the usual number of Avios.  Importantly, unlike previous offers ‘Wine Flyer’ does not involve subscribing to any recurring payment and delivery plans, so you won’t have to faff about with unsubscribing from ongoing offers …..

The offer ends on the 30th September and is available to new Laithwaites customers only.  Existing customers receive 250 Avios.   You can order here.

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  1. chris1922 says:

    I wondered about the ongoing subscription issue, but couldnt see one way or another if it applied or not.
    Seems decent, some hopefully drinkable wine and 2000 Avios, what’s not to like ?

  2. Just gone to place an order and nowhere does it ask for your BAEC number??

  3. Paul G says:

    I went to the offer via the link and only offered 250 points. When I went via BA executive club it offered 1000 points. Could not find the 2000 point option

  4. Mr Jones says:

    Do you think with a new email address it will think I am a new customer ?

    • Scott says:

      I’m also wondering what exactly they mean by new customer. I’ve purchased from them in the past (almost two years ago) but am not currently a customer. As you suggest, I could try a different email address, but I’d need to use the same BA Exec club number I used when I signed up for the BA Wine Club, so would they then consider me not a new customer?

  5. Tracy says:

    Make sure it has BA wine flyer in the address bar, this allows you to add your BAEC number.

  6. Alex W says:

    I have £20 back on £100 spend at Laithwaites on my BAPP if that would stack? Expires tomorrow.

    • PaulW says:

      Can’t see why not. I have changed it. Shame you can’t top up the offer to £100+ had to make another small order and pay p&p ;(

    • Scott says:

      If you’d spend £100 anyway, then worth a shot, but I notice the Amex Laithwaites offer says: “available…online at”, whereas the page for this offer is which gives me some doubt as to whether this would qualify.

  7. Don’t do it!! Ordered 12 bottles of Beaujolais from laithwaites last year (all around the £13-£16 mark), tried two and they tasted foul. Great customer service though refunded full order but never again will I order from them. I should’ve know it’s dodgy when you can’t find the wines anywhere other than laithwaites.

    • Dave_2307 says:

      What a stupid comment.

      You had two bottles you didn’t like. And got your money back.

      And if you’d bothered to read about Laithwaites, you’d know that they’ve been around since the seventies, are re well respected and are still run by their founder.

      Oh – and deal with many of the winemakers directly – which might explain why you couldn’t find it in Tesco.

      Grow up.

      • Sweetheart I shop in Waitrose not Tesco

        • Miaow…😈

        • PlaneSpeaking says:

          To be fair to Matt, I’ve tried Laithwaites in the past and found the quality left a lot to be desired so I don’t think he should be treated quite so harshly. Many things have been around for many years but it doesn’t mean they’re fabulous – take BA for example! Seriously though and as another similar example, the Wine Society has been going since 1874 and I had membership bought for me as a gift many years ago. I used to order from them now and then but was consistently disappointed with the quality, whether it was old or new world, including from Lebanon where there are a limited number of wineries and where the quality is usually superb but sadly not through the Wine Society. So, like Matt, I just don’t buy from them (or Laithwaites) anymore. My guess is (and it’s just a guess so please don’t attack me) is that these “Clubs” which have case offers concentrate on profit rather than quality and it’s the consumer who suffers in the end. And I do agree with Matt that the case contents are often difficult to find elsewhere, whether in Waitrose (or Tesco!) or even specialists which I use now and then and we can all speculate on the reasons for this. Of course, the enjoyment is also down to personal taste and what might be great for one may not be so great for another so let’s just have a little more respect for the personal and subjective opinions of others please before this superb site from Rob starts looking like an anarchic offshoot of FT!

          • Sorry PS that’s a ridiculous comment about the Wine Society, which tells me you know haven’t got a clue about wine! All wine is personal taste of course, but the Wine Society are exemplars in the field of wine merchants, and nothing like Laithwaites, Virgin wine club etc. The entire point of the WS is that they are a mutual society owned by members so not driven by profit, unlike all the others who are simply out to buy some as cheaply as possible and sell it for a much as they can. Their wine buyers are extremely knowledgeable MWs. Never had a bad bottle from the Wine Society, and their tastings and events are superb. They just won Wine Club of the year at the prestigious IWC awards for the third time running, so clearly there are a few other people who think you’re talking nonsense as well.

            Laithwaites on the other hand…

        • You think Matt woke up today and re read this and realised he can’t unpost it?

      • Shoestring says:

        +1 in that Laithwaites are a great company that take pride in delivery good quality wines for a fair price – their customer service team are amongst the best in the business

        no problem with people saying they didn’t like a wine – but surely a good company distinguishes itself by sorting out the problem calmly – Laithwaites do this & leave you smiling, eg I’ve had cause to ask where my 1000 Avios were in the past and the delightful Laithwaites girls just sort it out on the spot

    • laithwaites couldn’t have done much more for you there to be fair.

      That’s like saying, “I ordered a shirt online, when it came I didn’t like the style, I got a full refund no questions asked but I wouldn’t use them again”

      And exclusivity for a supplier isn’t really a bad thing, there’s enough wine experts out there to stop them overcharging

    • Lady London says:

      Wow. That’s expensive for Beaujolais. I can understand why you were disappointed.

      To me these offers look fine if you would be using that amount of wine anyway. I can also echo the comments about Laithwaites being very respected and long established with many repeat customers.

    • ChrisC says:

      so you never shop anywhere ever again if you’ve had an issue with the vendor?

      Even if the vendor gave you an apology a refund. Ridiculous.

      Most people are more then likely use them again.

      Few years ago I had a bad experience with Virgin Wines which they apologised for and rectified and more than adequately compensated me for. I always give them a good review when people ask me about them.

      And I like how Laithwaites sells wines that aren’t on offer at Waitrose or Tesco etc if you want mass produced wines they are the places to go. Want small batch wines then use Laithwaites

  8. Paul G says:

    Ian. Many thanks. That link works. Amazing the main link in BA’s earn Avios takes you to another page which is only 1000!!!

  9. Thanks, changed over.

  10. Jim ware says:

    thank you

  11. ThinkSquare says:

    Having just placed an order, the glasses appear to be “TL Signature Series Tumbler”'s-Signature-Series-Wine-Tumblers/95513 – rather better than those pictured in the front page IMO. Is everyone getting the same,or is that because I ordered the 12 reds case?

    • Allan says:

      I ordered mixed case and my receipt also says TL Signature Series Tumbler (2 glasses)

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