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Exceptional World of Hyatt hotel points redemption in Budapest – but ending soon

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One of Hyatt’s best redemptions is increasing in price.

The Párisi Udvar Hotel in Budapest is a member of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection. 

The Unbound Collection is a group of independent hotels which use Hyatt’s ‘system’ for marketing purposes, in return for letting World of Hyatt members earn and burn points.  You can see the full portfolio here.

At present, the Párisi Udvar Hotel is just 8,000 World of Hyatt points per night.   This is exceptionally good value.

The Párisi Udvar Hotel in Budapest World of Hyatt points

I tend to value a World of Hyatt point at 1p.  However, picking a few dates in August and September shows rates of €230 to €350+ per night.  This means that you’re getting excellent value for your points.

Such good value, in fact, that it actually makes sense to BUY Hyatt points – even without a bonus offer – rather than book for cash.  As you can see here, buying 8,000 points costs just $192 ($171).

However, move quickly.  The hotel is going up to Category 5 on 30th July, which means it will be 20,000 points per night.  You can lock in bookings before 30th July for stays at any point in the next year.

The hotel website is here if you want to find out more.

World of Hyatt update – January 2023:

Get bonus points: World of Hyatt is not currently running a global promotion.

New to World of Hyatt?  Read our overview of World of Hyatt here and our article on points expiry rules here. Our article on what we think World of Hyatt points are worth is here.

Buy points: If you need additional World of Hyatt points, you can buy them here.

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from Hyatt and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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  • boi says:

    OT: does anyone know who to ask for copy of correspondence sent by BA and Amex following 2018 data breach? I got the letters but now cant find them

    • Lev441 says:

      If you search your emails, I was sent an email on 25/10/18…

  • soloflyer1977 says:

    O/T My brother and soon to be wife are getting married in New York in September. They are flying with Aer Lingus from Dublin in economy. She is taking her wedding dress onboard,. Unfortunately, the EI reservations team haven’t been helpful in terms of making sure that the dress does’t get crinkled on the fight over. They have recommended either checking the dress in as luggage, buying another seat or taking on a hand baggage. My sister in law understandably doesn’t want to fold her dress. Does anyone have recommendations on what to do? My guess is that if they finding an understand cabin crew, they can put in the wardrobe…

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Buy the dress in NYC?

    • Greg says:

      Has she thought of wearing the dress to travel?

      • soloflyer1977 says:

        She has already bought the dress and I would imagine wearing the dress for 7h+ in ecomomy would do more harm than crinkles!

        • Lady London says:

          Plus it’s bad luck for the groom to see the dress ahead of the actual wedding. Apparentlhy.

    • Michael says:

      Can it be shipped separately?

      • soloflyer1977 says:

        I guess it could be but I think for my future sister in law’s sanity, she would want to have it on the flight with her

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Unless it’s a light load flight I can’t see how it won’t be folded etc. The wardrobes are never that big in a plane

          Extra large suitcase just for the dress?

        • The Savage Squirrel says:

          At some point she’s just going to have to be realistic.

          Either she can ship it unfolded but it won’t travel with her – eminently doable.

          Or she can take it with her on the cabin unfolded. It will take up as much space as a person so eminently reasonable to expect to have to pre-arrange AND to buy an extra seat for this; Staff are not being unhelpful in refusing to magic up a free solution here; the expectation is unreasonable. Even with the world’s best cabin crewIt woulld take up an entire wardrobe with everything else removed and still have to be crushed and crumpled to be forced in. Not going to work.

          Or she can come to her senses and realise that wedding days are not about micro-crinckles on dresses and that plenty more won’t go to plan besides this – and as long as both partners turn up and everyone has a good time, none of this silly perfectionism matters! Just fold it carefully and all will be well.

    • Richard says:

      Treat it as well as possible on the flight and line up someone in NYC to remove any creases?

    • BJ says:

      Ignore all this nonsense advice. All she has to do is buy a breathable wedding dress cover, cover the dress and then roll (not fold) the dress up into a tube shape and there will be no creases.

      • EwanG says:

        I’m impressed by the knowledge on here. How *does* everyone know this stuff? Secret ‘Say Yes to The Dress’ watchers???

        • BJ says:

          Friend that worked in fashion industry told me that’s how they do it. I’ve been rolling my clothes when packing my cabin bag for years already and it definitely seems to work better lol.

      • Lady London says:

        That’s how Strictly -type ballroom dresses are carried and shipped, if necesary. The issue with those is the trimmings which are typically more fragile than a wedding dress, but it can be done.

        The upend the dress, depending on the material, somewhere warm on arrival and let it “relax”.

        sounds like an ideal case for bridal nerves though.. I could imagine a bride-to-be getting disproportionately upset about anything to do with the dress.

    • Anna says:

      “On the fight over” – crinkles might be the least of their worries 🤣

    • Spurs Debs says:

      Ask the shop where she got wedding dress from to pack it up for travelling. Then she can either all depending how big box is pack it in suitcase and check it in or get it wrapped in that wrapping stuff you see at airports and check it in. They are not going to go out their way for someone in economy and find space in cabin if there is any to start with.
      If any crinkles ask hotel for a dry cleaners or local wedding shop and they should have one of those steam irons or just hang it up in bathroom and crinkles should fall out.

      • Soloflyer1977 says:

        Thank you everyone. Some great advice

        • boi says:

          I rolled my dress nicely and carried as hand luggage-no creases whatsoever and it did a tour before I wore it. bought in new york, travelled with it to Dublin (i lived there at the time) then flight to naples and wedding in Sorrento. I used a hard shell carry on. There was no way I was checking in my wedding dress! my maid of honor lost her dress checked in on flight from dublin. Our wedding was during volcanic ash….to say travelling to Italy was stressful is an understatement. lol
          As a matter of fact I roll all clothes when packing

          • Lady London says:

            Must have gone ok because you have three children now? 🙂

  • r* says:

    With amex upcoming plat priority pass nerf, would using the 2 free passes that come with a gold card still be usable in the restaurants or would they not be usable there if the unlimited card will no longer be?

    • Anna says:

      The gold card comes with Lounge Club passes, which is a different organisation.

      • Roy says:

        Same organisation, different product.

      • Sandgrounder says:

        Same organisation, different brand. Good question, if you find out do let us know, I notice the PP non-lounge options in PDX are available through LC, for example.

  • Michael says:

    Might be answering my own question – with the Virgin Card Economy > Premium upgrade voucher, will I pay the taxes for Premium or Economy? I’m 99% sure it’s Premium but just checking.

    • Lev441 says:

      Yep – premium taxes and surcharges unfortunately.

      • Greg says:

        Same with BA. Today booked a flight with my Lloyd’s upgrade voucher and paid Economy avios but Business (£50) taxes.

        Checked the normal BA site first to check availability and it gave me a range of “taxes” starting at £1 but using upgrade voucher £50 was the only option.

        • Rob says:

          Same with a ‘double Avios’ Gold Priority Reward as I found out yesterday.

  • Gavin says:

    “Hyatt also guarantees that rooms will be available for points as long as standard rooms are available for cash.”

    Not sure if this is correct because when I search for any date in September (and try to click through), I get the message “Unfortunately, this hotel is not accepting World of Hyatt points or award during those dates. Explore our other rates or modify your search.”

    I’m able to find availability later in the year, e.g. December.

    • meta says:

      Yes. Some hotels do play with availability. So for example if you search for 2 nights it won’t show anything, but if you search for 3 nights it will. In that case, your only option is to book more nights and then call to modify to 2 nights. Usually no problem, just don’t mention your game plan to the agent. Of course, this world only if you have enough points.

    • Rob says:

      Hmmmm ….. is it different for Unbound Collection? Will check.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Minimum stay requirements etc still have to be abided by?

        • meta says:

          I would think so. I am seeing very scarce availability in September/October. First few days of September, then some in second half of October. It’s better in November & December.

  • Iain Miller says:

    Really tempted by the parisi udvar deal. Going to Bucharest with my wife next march.
    Can anyone tell me how f they would add any taxes or charges on top of the points to book?

    Just did a test cash booking and there were several add-ons to the original price.

    • Shoestring says:

      If you’re going to Bucharest, you’re in the wrong country

    • Rob says:

      Any % based extra (10% VAT, 10% service etc) won’t be paid on a redemption. Any flat charge, eg €5 tourist tax, would be payable.

      40% bonus buying Hyatt points now too.

  • Roy says:

    Possibly a slightly odd question, but:

    For Shop Small, do I need to spend the £10 in a single transaction, or can it be more than one transaction, as long as it’s the same shop? I don’t see anything in the wording of the offer to say it has to be in one transaction….

  • n_g says:

    OT – has anyone used Amex Platinum Priority Pass is any of the restaurants other that Gatwick since the announcement of the removal? Opened the Amex app in Sydney Airport and it didn’t state that the restaurants there were available to us earlier this week.

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