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Good Holiday Inn London hotel deal available on Groupon

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If you are looking for a cheap London hotel deal between 15th September and 31st December, there is an interesting Holiday Inn offer on Groupon at the moment.

Via this page, you can book yourself into Holiday Inn London West, opposite North Acton tube on the Central Line, for a substantial saving on the usual rate.  Importantly, the Groupon rooms are refundable up to 7 days before arrival.

Holiday Inn London West Groupon deal

As an example of pricing, for Saturday 9th November, the Groupon rate with breakfast is £80.  This compares with £107 on, or £117 if you compare it with the flexible rate given that the Groupon price allows 7 nights advance cancellation.

The Groupon deal is here.

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Comments (103)

  • Silvio says:

    O/T – I didn’t sign up for the Virgin MasterCard during the last promotion (30k miles) but would now be much more keen. What are the chances of them running this again before the end of the year? Cheers

  • Chas says:

    OT – I have a family stay coming up tonight in an Intercontinental in California, for a “2 bed with partial ocean view” room. My reservation shows that it is for 4 people, and I’m 95% certain that I had to give the children’s ages when booking, which is that they are both teenagers.

    My guaranteed upgrade as an Ambassador is now showing in my booking, and on the positive side it shows the room as being a “junior suite with ocean view” (my wife will be thrilled as she wanted an ocean view all along….). On the negative side, the details of the room show that it is suitable for only 3 people, and that it has one bed and a sofa bed (the later being completely unsuitable for two teenagers to share…).

    Has anyone got any thoughts about what is likely to happen in this situation? Am I likely to get a further upgrade (if one is available), or will I need to stick to my original booking? What happens if they’ve already given my original room away because they are expecting me to stay in the upgraded room?

    • MattC says:

      Can’t you email and ask?
      Currently sounds like they might have to add a fold out bed – which they shouldn’t charge you for – as you booked for 4 and the room only takes 3 as is. That or argue for an upgrade to a room able to take 4

    • Anna says:

      You could email the hotel, point out that your original booking was for 4 people and ask if they can put an extra bed in the suite for one of the teenagers. I agree hotels often seem to have unrealistic expectations of the practicalities of 2 gangly teenagers sharing a bed!

      • Chas says:

        Thanks both – have e-mailed them to point out the number of people on the reservation. Fingers crossed that they have something better than a Junior Suite available for us.

        • Lady London says:

          For this kind of situation I would advise getting there relatively early in the day if you can. So, if official checkin (or your allowed checkin) is 2pm, get there 12 noon.

          Reason is you can arrange anything you like with a hotel but often Reception checking people in during the day will take an “emergency action” and grab your room without looking too closely, for someone else who’s there before you with a problem. Because hotels normally employ quite a few different staff who have the ability to do this, personally I would get there earlier in the day if I could. Arriving very late at night, regardless of what you’ve arranged, has often been a problem for me even if I’ve made specific arrangements. Same goes for rental cars – try not to be left with the only car in the lot, with no other choice.

  • Mike says:

    For “XTRA 10% off Your First Groupon on Goods, Local or Travel Deals*
    Enter code TRIPLE at checkout

  • Neil says:

    OT – I’m about to cancel all my Amex cards so as to reset the clock on the 24 month countdown. However I have a BA 2-4-1 voucher that I will hope to book in the next 12 months and know I’ll need an amex to make payment. Anyone know of any work arounds so as to not upset the clock? I was wondering about the Amex Basic card (blue)?

    • Anna says:

      Oops comment didn’t post as I used the words cash plus back! Any Amex works, so a friend or partner could pay. Or the Platinum “cash” plus “back” or SPG shouldn’t affect a later BAPP application. Rob did a good article on this when the changes were rolled out.

      • Anna says:

        If you mean the BA blue card I think that would stop the clock starting on a new BAPP though.

        • Neil says:

          No I meant the Basic Card (which is a light blue colour) – I believe it’s a chargecard, offer no rewards etc, but no annual fee.

    • Peter K says:

      Do you know someone else who trusts you to use their card and pay them back?

    • Neil says:

      Good shout, I forgot about being able to use anyones’ amex. Only problem I have is I’m one of those whose friends refuse to carry an amex, not seeing the point in what we do. I will have to persuade my parents (again) to apply for one – desperate times, odd requests!!

  • Andrew says:

    I’m not convinced about my booking working given the layering involved…

    NextJump – TripAdvisor-Agoda-Pay At Hotel in May 2020

    But if you are PAYE and your staff benefits portal is powered by Next Jump there’s probably an offer for 25% back on TripAdvisor hotel bookings for the 7 days or so.

    • EwanG says:

      I had a look at this last night Andrew after your post.
      Firstly the two NextJump powered sites I have access to only have 15%, so your 25% is better.
      Secondly it mentioned pre-pay (which will give back) and paying with a deposit (which won’t). I don’t remember seeing anything about pay later. Like you I am sceptical it would pay out!

      • Andrew says:

        Oddly I also have the 15% offer which is identical and expires on the same day as the 25% on the same site.

        The Pay in Full Now element is often just a standard disclaimer. I had a Marriott booking earlier this year where the 15% was paid back to me two months before I paid at check in on a fully cancellable booking.

        I’ve just booked a second deal which is “pay immediately”, which has gone:-

        NextJump – TripAdvisor – IHG (full prepayment).

        However as a IHG member, I got the automatic 10% discount applied so it probably cancels that one out on the basis of no other offers.

        Will see what happens.

  • GJB says:

    OT – my bonus points have still not been applied for the recent AMEX “spend x get y bonus rewards points” offer. I hit the spend target three weeks ago. I had a live chat and the AMEX figures were only based off spend on my new card, not the card I used to make payments (I swapped to metal a few weeks ago).

    They say it will take them 90 days to investigate. If you have changed cards during this offer period it looms like AMEX have an IT issue that is affecting the offer calculations. So you will need to chase them up directly.

    • AndyGWP says:

      I’d call to be honest, and ask to speak to the UK call centre 🙂

      • Spaghetti Town says:

        Where is there non UK Call center? Last few times i’ve called i’ve spoke to an American.

  • N says:

    One pound, one way car hire…. Hertz, europcar (rip?)… anyone else?

  • r* says:

    Is there an easy way to add avios number (or even check if one is on the booking) for a vueling flight? I dont have a vueling acct cos it always throws an error if I try to create one, bu tI cant find anything in manage my booking about flyer numbers.