Norwegian closing all of its Irish routes due to Boeing 737 MAX woes

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Norwegian is pruning routes quite heavily as part of its ‘from growth to profitability’ initiative.

In simple terms, this means getting rid of routes where it is losing money.  Gatwick to Las Vegas was given the chop recently, for example, as we covered here.

The airline has just announced that all of its long-haul Irish routes are closing.  These are:

  • Dublin to Hamilton, Newburgh and Providence
  • Cork to Providence
  • Shannon to Newburgh and Providence

The last flights will take place on 15th September.

Norwegian closing irish routes

To be fair to Norwegian, this is a decision partly forced on them by the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX.  It was used to fly these routes which meant that Norwegian had already temporarily suspended or sourced alternative aircraft for them.

If the Norwegian story does not end well, people will be debating for years whether it was actually the fault of Boeing.  Norwegian planned to offer low cost long haul flights by investing in ultra fuel efficient new aircraft which would let it undercut its rivals.  Unfortunately, it chose two complete dogs – the Boeing 787 (Rolls-Royce engine variant) and Boeing 737 MAX – which has left large parts of its fleet unable to fly.

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  1. My offer wasn’t so generous: 5% back on £30+ spend at Morrison’s. But 5% is better than nothing. 🙂

    • That’s a different offer, used to be 10% though. You can get gift vouchers from the kiosk and then use at PFS.

      • The Streets says:

        One of my local Morrisons would only sell max £50 in gift cards because of ‘fraud’. They claimed that the transaction would go through but then later the credit card company wouldn’t give them the money leaving them out of pocket

        • Ask them to get a manager to authorise it.

          • The Streets says:

            It was the store manager I was speaking to. It was in a dodgy part of London so just went to the self service tills and bought them there instead

        • Were you buying gift cards (I.e. Curry’s, amazon etc), or the paper Morrison’s gift vouchers?
          Had the same problem as you for gift cards (just went back multiple times) but never had a problem buying paper gift vouchers from customer services which you can then use for purchases under £30, and also use them for fuel

          • How are refunds from paper vouchers processed?

          • RussellH says:

            Our Morrisons only seel paper vouchers at the tills, not at the kiosk.

          • Shoestring says:

            just ask the kiosk staff to bring over the Morrisons vouchers from the safe

            a till station is only going to have a small £ amount of Morrisons vouchers

          • @nick m. Never done it, but I assume cash.
            Just like when you use a £10 paper voucher to buy a £1 item you get the change in cash.

        • in another dodgy part (Wimbledon store), £50 is also the max. But they are happy to do consecutive transactions.

        • My partner was trying to buy a few £100s the other day and was asked “Are you doing a fraud with the IRA?”

          Unless she misheard, some of the fears of these store managers beggar belief.

          • Shoestring says:

            my store middle mgr gave me the thumbs up when I bought £1000 and said ‘great way to pay your staff without any NICs or income tax, good onya mate!’

            for the record, no I wasn’t doing that

  2. Aren’t Norwegian keeping their services from Ireland to Scandanavie, just cancelling all transatlantic flights?

  3. I don’t have it yet again across 6 cards all with different spending levels 🙁

    • Have you got 6 cards in your own name or are some of them sipps? I’ve got 4 and wondering if I can apply for a 5th. Got it on my PRG .

  4. Data point on a related promotion; two large Morrisons purchases of gift cards a week ago have not triggered the 10% back. Has anyone else found the same? Has Amex finally found a way to actually implement the term that excludes “gift card purchases”?

    • I doubt it, some statement credits have taken over a week to post in the past few months. I even had one that didn’t post until after the offer expired so be patient a while longer.

      • Update, they’ve credited now! Both in one chunk despite being separate transactions.

  5. Haven’t got it on my BA AmexCard, my wife’s BA Blue Amex or my Platinum.
    Not the end of the world although I do remember when I phoned up to cancel my Amex platinum after the price increase they convinced me to stay as “we’re going to be offering better and better spend offers”. Since then i e had nothing on my platinum that is worth it!
    They better dig out an Amex travel one soon!

  6. ThinkSquare says:

    I have the offer on my little-used BA (non-premium) Amex. Thanks!

  7. Am beginning to wonder what I need to do to get one of these offers from Amex. I have around 45 offers ranging from Hard Rock Cafe to a cruise offer from Avios and a range of restaurant offers which, in my experience generally mean the eatery is about yo go bust.

    No travel offers of any use in almost a year!

    If it weren’t for the travel insurance (2 claims in last two weeks) I wouldn’t be holding the platinum card for long

  8. Got a bonus refer a friend offer on my Blue BA Amex,(8000 avios instead of 4000) the offer first says boosted bonus for them when apply for a BA Amex card,then terms say any card except the basic Amex card.Friend wants to apply for a non BA Amex,not sure if I get the extra bonus.I think has been discussed here when Amex launched this offer about 3 weeks ago,any experiences anyone,had the bonus avios posted if referree took a non BA card?

    • Charlieface says:

      Basic card is a specific charge card which offers no rewards. It doesn’t exclude the normal referrable cards.

  9. Nothing on platinum or ba premium for me or OH. Never mind currently sitting in galleries lounge terminal 5 waiting for my complementary back massage. First time club world and loving it so far.

  10. Not got the supermarket offer on any of my 3 cards. I did get one Deliveroo offer but they don’t operate around here, so that’s worthless.

  11. Not on any of our 6 cards.

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