Norwegian closing all of its Irish routes due to Boeing 737 MAX woes

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Norwegian is pruning routes quite heavily as part of its ‘from growth to profitability’ initiative.

In simple terms, this means getting rid of routes where it is losing money.  Gatwick to Las Vegas was given the chop recently, for example, as we covered here.

The airline has just announced that all of its long-haul Irish routes are closing.  These are:

  • Dublin to Hamilton, Newburgh and Providence
  • Cork to Providence
  • Shannon to Newburgh and Providence

The last flights will take place on 15th September.

Norwegian closing irish routes

To be fair to Norwegian, this is a decision partly forced on them by the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX.  It was used to fly these routes which meant that Norwegian had already temporarily suspended or sourced alternative aircraft for them.

If the Norwegian story does not end well, people will be debating for years whether it was actually the fault of Boeing.  Norwegian planned to offer low cost long haul flights by investing in ultra fuel efficient new aircraft which would let it undercut its rivals.  Unfortunately, it chose two complete dogs – the Boeing 787 (Rolls-Royce engine variant) and Boeing 737 MAX – which has left large parts of its fleet unable to fly.

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  1. Ref the recent AMEX BA offer of 1000 avios for £100+ spend. Is it essential to press the ‘redeem now’ button and book that way? I just bought LON to Edinburgh tickets on BA via the BA site and used my card. Will it still be tracked or am I an idiot for not doing it via the ‘redeem now’ button?

    • You’ll be fine Dawn, don’t worry.

    • Spurs Debs says:

      I did it same way as you as I had forgotten about it, and it redeemed and posted just fine.

    • Not necessary but I agree it is confusing. Amex may be looking to take a cut.

      • Since it’s August a short article on your HFP affiliate links might not be a bad idea. Some cost us nothing but it is easy to forget to use them, and newer readers may even be unaware of them.

        • memesweeper says:

          Rib, you have a page with all the affiliates listed, but not their links. If I want to (say) make a BA booking if you could make the page all consist of links I could very easily click through and pay my subs for the year. I’m not likely to spend *too* long seeking out a link to pay you, so make it easy for me!

          • The BA link – plus IHG, Hilton, Marriott, Amazon, Virgin – are in a big box in a massive font in the sidebar on EVERY page of the site on desktop and tablet 🙂

  2. Got Deliveroo offer on BAPP but not supermarket spend offer which would be much more useful – in our rural backwater supermarkets, , Royal Mail and Amazon are about all that deliver!

  3. OT – Trying to chase down some missing Avios from car hire via BA/Avis page. Booked back in March when they were doing the minimum of 1500 Avios per booking promotion. Group C Car was collected on 28th April and dropped off on 2nd May. No sign of the 250 Avios for payment w BAPP either. Anyone have any success chasing these up or a specific CS number? Have filled in the claim form on the page and heard nothing. TIA

  4. There’s a free trial of Deliveroo Plus (free delivery) and you might check your inbox for an ‘order once, get £6 off your next two orders’ promo.

    Those three stack nicely.

  5. OT: 13000 LH M&M miles for a first hotel booking over €1100 via Hotels and Cars through 31 August. 4000 miles for €300-1100 spend. 5000 miles for hire car offer is still running too.

  6. O/T if you use LNER, check your email/ account for a free e-voucher. The email that announced it is not obvious!

    “Thought your journey to YORK was good? Check this out.”

    • Did that come through today, how much was it for? Nothing for me so far, probably think I’ve got enough vouchers already but a freebie would be nice.

      • Yep. Email arrived today referencing a journey I made last Thursday.

        Only £5, valid until 28 Aug, but YMMV.

        • Thanks, only recent ‘journey’ I made was EDB-HYM for £1.25 so would have been a pleasant shock had I got it.

  7. A philosophical question is whether it’s fair to our four-legged friends to call something bad “a dog” by default…

    • …or even more worryingly a ‘b****’ … but I’m not even going to go there!

  8. Hi all … thanks for the update Rob.

    Would the timing of the BA issue imply that the earliest a strike could be announced is 2nd September for 14 clear days after ie 17th September …..

    We have flights on 16th …..

    • I think they have to put BA offer to the pilots and if they reject it that is when BALPA give BA 14 days notice of strike action

      • Thanks …. sorry …. re-reading on a larger screen. It looks like it is airport staff results of consultation will be known on 2nd September. I think that implies that 14 clear days wilol stake them – hopefully – to 17th September earliest strike. I’m hoping the 16th might be safe. Couldn’t care less about getting back … it’s getting out that matters! 🙂

      • They don’t have to, if they consider it a no go.

  9. I recent took out the free BA Amex and where the counter towards the £20k spend for the voucher is there is another counter for spending £500 within 3 months to get 1,000 avios. I won’t qualify for any sign up bonuses but I thought the free card was spend £1k to get 5000 avios

    • ” I won’t qualify for any sign up bonuses but I thought the free card was spend £1k to get 5000 avios”

      Do you not see the contradiction here? the 5,000 is the sign up bonus, which as you note, you won’t get…

  10. Shoestring says:

    Quick & dirty analysis of the DM share competition reveals you have an extremely good chance of winning just by randomly picking some penny shares. The vast majority of players don’t know what they are doing & have lost interest. There are supposedly 9000 players. But last week’s winner sort of revealed he is playing with 4 different user IDS, he said oh yeah my whole family is playing, yeah right. So basically yes he’s giving himself more chances to win but is probably using similar strategies in all 4 a/cs, so you can see 4 a/cs as 1 a/c. I reckon the truth is there are fewer than 100 people to beat each week to win the weekly £500 prize, that’s pretty good odds. Still a few weeks to go & you can still sign up. Tips: buy your shares just after 5pm Friday. Sell and buy lower if you get the chance. Buy penny shares as bigger cos are never going to jump by 50% in a week. Would be good if HfP made it to the winners’ podium again (I won week 5).

    • A little surprised our conversation last night wasn’t censured, I guess it remained just the right side of acceptable. Good luck with your picks, has anybody ever won twice?

      • Shoestring says:

        not yet but I was just off the pace last week

        the same share *has* won 2 weeks in a row (and nearly the same last week) which indicates it is much easier to win than you might think

      • I thought about commenting, but I’m in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, and using my teacher voice with the pair of you seems far too much like work!
        Sporrans indeed!

  11. O/T

    Can anyone suggest a cheap place which will check you in automatically to keep credit alive?

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